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Authors: Cleo Peitsche

Careless (2 page)

But she deserved better, a man who would be satisfied with her. A man who wouldn’t ask her to point out the hot guys on the beach so they could check them out together. He could be monogamous with a woman or a man, but something would be missing.

A lot of his friends said he was gay and in denial, but he wasn’t. He thought about Kimberly too often when he jerked off, and it always ended the same way: with another man also in the bed. And always, right after he came, fantasy Kimberly spat at him in disgust.

Kimberly kicked him under the table, and he jumped. She and Nelson were both looking at him. Samuel smiled. “Sorry. I was trying to decide what I want. What did you say?”

“Nelson was asking what we did for our first date, and I thought you’d want to tell the story.”

Oh. That was easy. “Kimberly and I were both recruited during the same campus sweep a year ago. We were new hires together. The company forced all the newbies to do team-building exercises, and she used to slack.”

“I did not.”

“Maybe I’m exaggerating.” He leaned closer to Nelson and said in a stage whisper, “No, I’m not. She’s a slacker.” Samuel got a whiff of the man’s woodsy cologne and felt warmth spreading through his cock and balls. Now that was distracting. It took him a moment to find the thread of conversation again. “One Friday I told her that if she helped me pick out houseplants for my place, I wouldn’t sell her out.”

Nelson laughed. “You’re evil.”

“Look at her. All’s fair in love and war. Can you blame me? She’s amazing.”

And she was giving him a strange look.

“Nope. I definitely can’t blame you.” Nelson looked away and signaled the waitress, and Samuel fanned himself and pretended to swoon. Kimberly rolled her eyes.

That was close,
he thought. He needed to be more careful or Kimberly would start to suspect how badly he wanted her.

The waitress brought the round of drinks that Nelson asked for, and Samuel watched as Kimberly accepted hers with uncharacteristic gusto. She wasn’t a big drinker, and he’d have to make sure she didn’t have a third until some time passed.

“Excuse me,” she said, sliding out of the booth. Her mouth was pressed into a firm little line. Not good. He watched as she crossed the restaurant. The slightly unsteady way she walked, her shoulders tense, only reinforced his conclusion that she was tipsy. And upset at having lost the bet.

“Hey, can I ask you a question?” Nelson asked. “And I don’t mean any disrespect, but I can’t figure something out.”

“You can ask me anything,” he said. Nelson had the most beautiful green eyes. Samuel could have stared into them for days.

“Really? Anything?”

“Doesn’t mean I’ll answer.” He cockily took a swig of beer because
how it was done. Do it right or go home. He smiled. “Shoot.”

“Does Kimberly have any friends you could set me up with?”

Samuel coughed and took a gulp of water. If he wanted to know about Kimberly’s friends, that meant… “You’re straight?”

Nelson stared at him, eyes calculating, and Samuel felt the tips of his ears were aflame. “None of my business,” Samuel said quickly.

“I’m bisexual,” Nelson said. “Polyamorous.”


“I prefer to date couples.” Nelson took a sip of his beer.



“What about dating? Relationships?”


“But a couple implies two,” Samuel pointed out. “So you’re like a perpetual third wheel.”

Nelson poked at his plate. “Yeah,” he sighed. “One day I’ll find my matches, but until then… it’s lonely sometimes.”

Samuel wanted to comfort him. And why not? “Somehow I doubt a guy like you has trouble finding willing partners.” Samuel draped an arm around Nelson and gave him a little squeeze. Nelson was every bit as firm as he looked, and Samuel’s cock sprang to attention.

“I’m picky,” Nelson said.

Kimberly slid into the booth with a forced smile. “I guess he knows we’re not a couple,” she said.

Samuel guiltily reclaimed his arm.

“Not a couple?” Nelson asked.

“Oh, shit,” Kimberly said, sarcasm dripping from her voice. “I mean, you guys are ready to go home together, so there’s no point pretending any more.”

“Nelson is bisexual,” Samuel said. “Like me.”

“You, honey, are gay.” She drained her glass.

“And you, sweetie, are drunk.”

Nelson cleared his throat. “Maybe I should go.”

“No.” Kimberly stood, her lips pressed together. “I’ll leave. Thanks for dinner.” She practically ran out of the restaurant.

Samuel pushed Nelson out of the booth and ran after her. She was half a block away, her arms wrapped around herself. She looked so forlorn that his heart broke. Hurting her was exactly what he didn’t want to do. “Kimberly!”

She ducked her head and sped up. “Fuck,” Samuel mumbled. He went after her. She might have been walking fast, but his legs were longer, and he easily caught up.

“What do you want, Samuel?” She refused to look at him.

“Come on.”

She stopped walking and fixed him with a lethal glare. “I’m so tired of you playing games with me. You act like we’re a couple when it’s convenient, then you act like I don’t exist. You’re the biggest cock tease in the history of the world.”

“You don’t even have a cock.”

“Oh, you’re so funny. Samuel, with a joke for everything.” She pushed past him. Samuel caught her arm.

Kimberly stared at his hand, her expression cold, and Samuel released her. Hurried footsteps came up behind him.

“Everything ok?” Nelson’s voice was full of concern.

Kimberly tucked her
hair behind her ear and tried to smile. It wasn’t Nelson’s fault that Samuel drove her crazy. “I had fun. Really. Thanks again for dinner,” she said. Nelson seemed skeptical. “And, uh, have a nice night,” she added.

“Wait.” Nelson’s voice commanded so much respect that Kimberly obeyed. “I won’t allow you to go home alone. It’s dangerous.”

“I’ll get a cab.”

“Crash at my place tonight. Both of you. I’m only a few minutes away. Please.”

Guilt washed over Kimberly. Nelson was so sweet, trying not to make her feel unwanted, but it only made her loneliness that much more acute. “I’m fine,” she said as brightly as she could. “I’m so happy that this is going to work out. Samuel is amazing, and you seem great—”

Nelson was giving her a peculiar look, his expression intent. If she didn’t know better, she’d think he was about to kiss her…

He pulled her close, his eyes searching hers, and Kimberly froze in shock. Then his lips pressed against hers, and her eyelids fluttered closed. He gently nibbled on her lower lip before slipping his tongue between her teeth.

Some part of her confused brain struggled to understand why he was kissing her and not Samuel. Pity. Had to be.

He pulled her closer, and when their bodies touched she felt undeniable proof that Nelson wanted her. She moaned a little. She wanted him, too, so very badly. It had been too long since she’d been touched.

But Samuel.


She pushed Nelson away. “I’m so sorry, Samuel,” she stuttered. But he didn’t look the least bit upset. “I’m not trying to steal your man…”

Nelson took Kimberly’s hand and led her the few steps to Samuel. “Kiss her, you idiot,” Nelson murmured. “She’s waited long enough.”

“But—” Samuel shook his head and ran his fingers through his hair. “I can’t.”

,” Kimberly said. “Don’t let his claims of bisexuality fool you.” Her heart was pounding so hard in her chest that she thought it was going to explode—and probably take the men out when it did. “We’re friends and that’s it.”

“It’s true,” Samuel said.

Nelson gave Samuel a hard look that Kimberly couldn’t decipher. She needed to leave, but she didn’t though, because Nelson still held his hand in hers, his fingers clamped tightly so that she couldn’t go anywhere. And she didn’t want to walk away. It really wasn’t her fault, but damn, she liked Nelson’s firm touch. When they shook hands for the first time, her knees had threatened to give out on her. Something about an unapologetic, strong male made her stomach flutter.

And that kiss. He hadn’t asked permission. He looked into her eyes, saw that she was attracted to him, and acted.

“Both of you are coming to my place,” Nelson said firmly. He reached an arm around Kimberly and pulled her close.

His body was so hard. She looked up at him, but he was watching Samuel.

This was… interesting. She wondered what Nelson had in store.

“Come here, Samuel,” Nelson said. His deep voice sent a shiver through Kimberly. Samuel stepped closer, and Nelson put his other hand on Samuel’s shoulder.

And they started walking.

Kimberly tentatively wrapped her arm around Nelson’s waist. It made it easier to match the rhythm of his long legs. She squeezed a little. He was in incredible shape. Probably all he did was work out, and it showed.

And she’d thought Samuel had a perfect body.

“What happens at your place?” she murmured.

“What would you like to happen?” Nelson asked. Next to him, Samuel slowed, but Nelson squeezed his large hand around Samuel’s shoulder.

“Watch you two make out,” Kimberly joked.

“That’s an excellent start,” Nelson said confidently.

“You’re so funny.” But if he was kidding, how come he wasn’t laughing? Adrenaline shot through Kimberly’s veins. She swallowed and tried not to panic.

Nelson’s doorman hurried
to let them in the moment they appeared. He was worth every penny of his salary because he didn’t blink at Nelson showing up with his arms around these two… he pretended not to notice at all.

“Have a good night, sir.”

Nelson nodded in response. No one knew that he’d bought the building, but some of the employees probably suspected given the sudden policy changes and salary increases when Nelson moved in. So far they’d all been discreet, and Nelson expected that to continue.

Samuel and Kimberly were silent until he let them into his unit. The shades were open, and the city spread out before them like a sea of lights.

“Fuck me. This place is
,” Samuel said.

Nelson thought.
Since you insist, I’ll fuck you all night.

Kimberly seemed likewise impressed, her chocolate brown eyes taking in his apartment with humble wonder. He could see she was bursting with questions, but he didn’t feel like explaining why a part-time yoga instructor had a multimillion dollar view in one of the city’s premier buildings.

“I need to use your bathroom,” Kimberly said.

“This way.” Rather than give her directions, he escorted her. Once they were out of Samuel’s earshot, he cleared his throat. “Do you love him?”

She looked away and licked her lips. “Oh. Um. He’s not even my type. I like more, um…” she trailed off. “Forceful men. But I do have feelings.”

“I bet he’s forceful when it comes down to it,” Nelson said, remembering how Samuel had touched him in the restaurant. “Why is he resisting you?”

“Um, hello, he’s gay! I’m so tired of people insisting that he has a thing for me.”

Nelson smiled at her frustration. “He’s so in love with you that it hurts to watch. What happened?”

She shook her head. “Absolutely nothing. He flirts and he leads me on. I don’t think he realizes what he’s doing.”

“Don’t tell me you’re clueless about men.”

Her face turned an attractive shade of red. He wanted to kiss her again, but he needed to get answers out of Samuel. He turned the bathroom light on for her, fought a smile when her eyes nearly popped out of her head when she saw how huge it was, then went to find Samuel.

Samuel was playing with his collection of sixties-era Christmas tree ornaments. They were the only things in his condo that weren’t insanely expensive, but they brought him more joy than everything else put together.

He took a wooden sleigh out of Samuel’s hand and set it carefully down, then caught Samuel’s head in his hands. “You will tell her how you feel,” he said. “And you’ll tell her soon.” He kissed Samuel, not bothering to start gently like he had with Kimberly.

Samuel made a little moaning noise, quiet, like he was trying to hide his excitement, and Nelson kissed him harder, backing him into the wall. Samuel tasted like beer and man, which happened to be one of Nelson’s favorite combinations.

He grabbed the back of Samuel’s neck and shoved his tongue into his mouth, dominating him, claiming him. In his experience, the first kiss set the tone for the entire relationship. And whether it would be emotional or just sexual, Nelson was sure he wanted a relationship with Samuel and Kimberly. Assuming he could fuck some sense into Samuel.

He grabbed Samuel’s warm bulge.
Nice and big. Perfect.
He squeezed, and Samuel groaned and dug his fingers into Nelson’s shoulders. Nelson ignored his distress, thrusting his tongue into Samuel’s mouth and giving him a warning of what to expect later.

A noise alerted him to Kimberly’s return. Nelson squeezed one last time, then released Samuel, who took a deep, shuddering breath.

“Both of you on the white sofa,” Nelson ordered. “I’m going to make some drinks to sober us all up.”

He saw Samuel shoot Kimberly a guilty look, then they both went to the sofa.

Nelson found a pitcher of lemonade that his cook must have made that afternoon. He filled three glasses and set them on a tray, then poured a bowlful of fancy rosemary and olive crackers that Grace had gotten him hooked on. He ate one and tried to figure out what the hell was going on with Samuel.

Kimberly’s love for the man was like an open wound, and it pained Nelson to look at it. He’d never been so loved by anyone, and he’d certainly never had anyone put up with the torture that Samuel inflicted on her.

No, she wasn’t the problem. Samuel was.

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