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Bred By The Vampire

Bred by the Vampire


Emma Rose

2012 by Emma Rose


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Late August,1622 Near Jamestown Settlement, Colony of Virginia

Victor Slate crept through the brush towards the cornfield the Powhatans were camped by.  They had cultivated the cornfield the spring after the massacre of three hundred forty seven colonists of the Jamestown settlement back in March, believing that the white man would now leave them in peace to live as they always had.  The settlers had reorganized and consolidated, and after receiving manpower and supplies from England had vowed to have their revenge.  This was not the first act of retribution, but it would be the largest so far.  Over a hundred and fifty Indians were gathered here to collect a bountiful harvest of corn.  The main attack was over and the women and children were being herded towards a large fieldstone barn that had been built by the original settlers.  The great structure was framed with huge live oak timbers and the roof was of slate, a community barn meant to withstand the test of time.

“Slate!” Captain Tucker called to him.  Slate came running towards the attack commander.  “We canna’ feed the useless mouths of heathen bairns through the’ winter,” Tucker said, “th’ women be useful as slaves an’ to help our women in th’ settlement.”  Tucker pointed to the bayonet on the end of Slate’s musket.   “You knows what needs to be done.” The children were being herded into the barn while the women were tied together outside, and Slate, his head down, trudged slowly towards the stone structure.

Captain Tucker and most of the others were still sweeping the brush for stragglers and Slate closed the barn door behind him.  Will Stringer was inside as well, and a look of hate suffused his features.  Will’s wife and two sons had been killed in the massacre.  “Will, wait!” Slate called out to his friend, but it was too late.  With a maniacal glint in his eyes he had already bayoneted several small children and Slate leaped to stop him.  When he was in mid-leap Will turned and ran his bayonet through Victor’s stomach.  He stood and looked down at his once friend. 

“Nobody be stoppin’ me from my vengeance for my Mattie and the boys,” he said through angry tears,”else they be deaded like thee Victor Slate!” As Victor lay dying in the mud and blood that was the barn floor, a pair of red eyes watched from the dark rafters.

It was silent in the barn, the torn and bleeding bodies of the children silent…Will had taken his hunting knife and slit the throats of every one of them before he left.  He spoke no more to Victor, not even looking as he left the barn.  Moments into the silence a figure fluttered from the rafters to kneel beside the dying Victor Slate. “Such valor should not go unrewarded,” a woman’s voice breathed into his ear. He felt his head lifted and a glimpse of the pale face and black hair of an incredibly beautiful woman passed before his eyes before he felt the momentary sting of something sharp at his neck.  He felt an extraordinary thrill, almost like the thrill he felt before he sent his seed into some tavern wench with loose thighs, and then Victor knew no more.

Present day, Grove,Virginia

Clothilde was wracked with guilt, a guilt the counselors had persuaded her was founded on absolute nonsense, but nevertheless returned to her when she was alone with her thoughts too long.  Adam had been a domineering bastard, and the relationship had turned from cruel to dangerous…she had no choice but to leave him.  It had been an ugly separation, but a necessary one.  Her guilt came from the feeling that she could have somehow changed him. A year’s counseling and a move back to Grove, Virginia, the town she grew up in, had helped tremendously.

She sighed.  Days like today were unavoidable, and the counselor’s recommendation had been to surround herself with sights and scenes that brought back good memories. Chloe, as her friends had called her in her childhood, remembered an ancient fieldstone building she had played near and around as a child.  Grownups had shunned the area, but it was a popular place for small children to play when she had been in grade school. She felt a desire to return to simpler times so strong that she couldn’t resist its pull.  Glancing at the sun, she was sure she could get there before sunset, her favorite time of day as a child.  Grabbing her purse, she ran for her car.

The sunset was as gorgeous as she remembered, though she shivered as the late August day turned off cooler than she had expected.  Her nipples poked through the thin fabric of her sundress and she hadn’t thought to bring a sweater. The moon had come up and it seemed suddenly that the chill was more than just a taste of fall coming.  Chloe felt a darkness come over her that had nothing to do with the time of day.  A thin sliver of moon peeked out from behind the clouds and Chloe heard the mournful howl of a wolf close by.  Wolf?  She never remembered any wolves being in this part of Virginia…what the hell was this?

The pack surrounded her without warning, without a sound.  They were huge, larger than any wolves she had ever seen, and they were sniffing and pawing at the grass.  Chloe was certain that she would die here, the wolves looked hungry.  She looked around for a stick, or some rocks to defend herself with, but there was nothing.  She knew she should be still, any quick motion on her part could provoke the initial attack, and she knew that once it started, it would only end with her grisly and painful death.  Tears of fear, and of anger as well, formed in her eyes.

The barn!  Looking over her shoulder, she could see it twenty yards away, and she wondered if she could make it before the alpha wolf caught her.  Her purse was in her car, so she couldn’t throw it to distract them, and her shoes were too small.  Grimly, she slowly eased her sundress over her head.  Standing in the clearing in only the half bra and her panties, great goosebumps arose on her skin.  It was a desperate act, but the only one left to her.  Silently she hurled the light dress high above the head of the alpha wolf and the dress opened and fluttered.  All the wolves leaped at it.

It wasn’t much, but it was all the lead she was going to get.  Dropping her head she ran for the barn reaching the doorway just as the alpha wolf’s powerful jaws closed on her heel. She fell just inside the doorway, sliding in the dirt and dislodging the delicate half bra. Chloe screamed.

The shadowy form dropped from the rafters and landed beside the alpha wolf.  In absolute silence he lifted the wolf by the throat and held it suspended high his head.  In the pale moonlight streaming through the doorway, Chloe caught a glimpse of her rescuer…and decided that somehow she had passed into the world of the insane, or the incredibly strong man who had dropped from the rafters of a dark, deserted barn was ready for Halloween a month or so early.

The other wolves were through the door and on them, circling the almost nude woman and the creature that held their leader’s heavy body high in the air.  Their snarls reverberated in the dark recesses of the barn.  The pale man snarled back, a deep, animal sound that gave the advancing wolves pause.  The man opened his mouth and glittering fangs appeared with an audible click.  With a primal roar he lowered the alpha wolf’s dangling body to his mouth and ripped out its throat with his fangs, tossing the lifeless body to the earth in front of them as a last warning.

The wolves and the body of their leader vanished in an inexplicable puff of foul smelling smoke and she was alone with what she is very much afraid is a vampire, as ridiculous as it sounded.

“Are you a …?”  her voice trailed off into silence as his beauty struck her full force.  His pale skin was topped with a magnificent head of dark wavy hair, and his eyes were magnetic.  They seemed to be blue, but when he had been dealing with the wolves they had appeared to be glowing red.

He stared at her quietly and his long fangs slipped back into place with an audible click. Her delicate half bra was twisted around her belly and other than that she only wore a wispy pair of bikini panties.  Her willowy figure was more than pleasant to look at, and her proud breasts thrust out before her, the nipples hard. Her hair and eyes were dark, but seductive rather than sinister. His cock stood erect, it had been a long time since he had been with a woman. His eyes glittered with unadulterated lust.

Chloe had run the gamut of emotions, from awe, to fear, to admiration, and finally, to lust for this gorgeous man, whatever the hell he was.  She had at first made an effort to cover her breasts when she saw him staring at her.  The heat of his gaze had driven modesty far from her mind and she was actually
for him.  She had one leg thrust forward, the foot turned out and her breasts pointing boldly at him.  She could feel the caress of his eyes as an almost physical thing.  She dropped to her knees in the dirt of the floor, her eyes locked on the swollen bulge at his crotch, her lips parted, and her breath coming heavily.

“Not…here,” he croaked, his voice literally dripping with lust.  He bent and lifted her as easily as he might have picked up a paper clip, and strode from the dark barn out into the now clear moonlight.  Chloe no longer felt the cold, just an unbelievable heat from the contact of their bodies.  He lay her down in the sweet grass beneath an ancient live oak tree, the remnant of an old growth forest that had once covered most of North America.  He spread the elegant evening cape he wore on the grass beside her, its red silk lining shining in the thin moonlight. She noticed for the first time that he was dressed as if to go to an opera, and wondered what he was doing out here in Grove…the nearest opera house was in Williamsburg.

He lifted her from the sweet smelling grass, and laid her down on the rich silk lining.  He removed his coat and tie, and unbuttoned his brilliant white shirt.  Chloe climbed to her knees and reached behind him to unfasten his cummerbund. It fell to the grass and they both fumbled with the buttons of his trousers.  His erection sprang free as his trousers fell to his ankles, and Chloe gave him no options as she attacked the angry red penis.

For Chloe, nothing else existed any more…just her and the fascinating thick cock wagging in her face.  Her parted lips went straight for the swollen glans, and the beautiful man shivered as she enveloped the head with her hot moist mouth.  The feeling of it inside her mouth was electric, exciting, and she pushed forward, worrying the thick shaft with her lips.  She wanted it inside her mouth, needed to feel the thick ropy spurts of hot semen in her throat…nothing else in the Universe seemed to matter.  His hands were at her head, pushing her away, but she steadfastly refused to surrender the rigid penis.  She needed it, and she sensed he needed the release as well.

Victor tried to let her know that he couldn’t last long like this, that he was already perilously close to erupting inside her mouth.  It was a sensation he adored, but it usually took several shattering orgasms before a woman was willing to perform this service for him…it was for this sole reason that he usually sought out women who made their living servicing men.  For him, the feeling of a woman accepting his semen into her mouth, and into her stomach, was akin to the feeling he got when he drank the life giving blood of his victims.  He opened up, emptying both his cum and his soul into this succubus of a human.

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