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Bad Boys, Bad Boys
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This book contains sexually explicit content which is only suitable for mature readers. This story has been rated
Mia Watts
To my editor Michele. Who accepts my sucking up because she deserves it after the roller coaster I put her through.
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Toyota: Toyota Motor Corporation Killian’s: Premium Beverages International
Chapter One

Mack hooked the heel of his boot on the barstool rung across the room and wrapped his long fingers around the thick shaft of his beer bottle. Geo shivered with hungry appreciation. He watched the supple stretch of buttery black leather pull taut across Mack’s shoulder blades and the lift of the bottle rim to his lips. The bottle paused midway and Mack threw back his head on a bone-vibrating laugh.

“There he is,” Will yelled, knocking his shoulder against Mack’s.
“Hey,” Mack yelled over the din of sports commentary. He lifted his bottle in the air. His coat swung open, flashing the gold-on-leather detective’s badge of the Maple Grove police department. “We were wondering where you were. What took so long?”
Geo’s lips pulled into an obligatory smile. It was nearly impossible to look Mack in the eye after the graphic sex dreams he’d been having about him for the last week. One had brought him to full wakefulness, belting out Mack’s name as his body convulsed in orgasm.
Crap of it was, he couldn’t exactly avoid him. Geo fingered his own badge, looped through his belt. Finding another man attractive made Geo gay, he supposed. Finding his fellow detective attractive, made it complicated. Gay partners. Sounded like a redundancy, but Geo didn’t think Mack or the other detectives would find it as amusing. Hell,
didn’t find it amusing, just incredibly erotic.
Pulling himself together, Geo pasted a smile on his face and ploughed through the bar’s smoky dimness as though he walked against a stiff wind.
“Covey case,” he said when he reached Mack and Will.
Mack shot him an asking look. “What could have happened in the twenty minutes since I left the office?”
He did lift the bottle to his lips this time, and Geo stole a glance at the hard amber glass pressing his partner’s mouldable lips. The rolled rim of the bottle resembled the flared head of a thick cock. Unavoidably, he imagined the firm, full lips pressed to the tip of his dick, sipping the mushroom head as he came in ball-wrenching spurts.
His gut clenched on the image. His brain desperately wanted to return everything to normal. The way it was
he grew sexually aware of his partner.
Geo slid his hands into his pockets to cover his physical reaction but couldn’t tear his eyes off Mack’s throat. It worked over each swallow, his Adam’s apple bobbing beneath silky tanned skin. Geo broke into a cold sweat.
“Chief wants a ’round the clock stakeout with Douglas and Nix.” Hours of sitting, alone, with Mack in a dark car. Not touching but wanting to and not really wishing to explore
touching Mack was fast becoming an obsession.
Fucking torture.
Mack lowered his bottle and licked the moisture on his upper lip with the tip of his tongue. Black hair fell over his forehead, partially obscuring one light green eye. Geo had never thought of his partner as sexy, but something in the dreams had shifted his perspective. Mack made his balls tight, and one crooked grin, one rumbling laugh, coiled anticipation in his groin so tightly Geo thought he’d bust.
Confused the hell out of him.
Why after three years did he get a hard-on for his partner? And what the hell was he supposed to do with that info now? Guys like Geo and Mack, they didn’t
other guys. They made light cracks about men who did, secure in the knowledge that they weren’t among them. Not that Geo cared about sexuality one way or the other. You loved whom you loved. But Mack was different. A man who fucked women and slapped other guys on the back.
“Dude, I have to go on a drive-along with you one of these days.” Will wrapped his lips around his bottle, too, but it didn’t leave Geo with the same effect. “Ever get drunk during one of those things?”
“Hell, no. I drink as little as possible so I don’t have to whiz,” Mack said. “Fucking miserable to sit on your ass for hours with a full bladder.”
“Ever bring a lady on a stakeout?” Will asked, nudging Mack with his elbow.
“I have to listen to Geo whine as it is. Why would I bring along someone who’ll just whine in a higher pitch?”
“It’s called singing, and my sister thinks I have a great voice,” Geo said.
“Your sister thinks I have a great voice too—when I’m humming her clit,” Mack teased.
“My sister wouldn’t come near your hairy ass,” Geo argued.
“Oh yeah, that was your mom.” Mack laughed, lifting his bottle to drain the dregs and calling the bartender over for another two. He motioned that Geo should get one of them.
Geo straddled a stool on the other side of Will. No sense getting closer to Mack than he had to. How would he explain a hard-on for his partner? Mack could break his face a hundred different ways for looking at him sideways?
Hell, Geo didn’t understand it himself. “Just fucking dreams,” he muttered under his breath.
“What dreams?” Will probed.
“That guy,” Mack said pointing at Geo. “That guy has some freaky-ass dreams. Tell Will about the one with the playground equipment grabbing at your fly.”
“I’ll pass.” Geo fisted the beer bottle the minute it hit the counter. Tossing back, he downed it while Will jeered and Mack ordered him a second one. As he drained it, he flicked his tongue over the bottom rim, thinking about cock heads. Mack’s in particular. Geo’s balls throbbed.
“When’s the stakeout?” Will asked.
“Fuck that,” Mack growled.
A cell phone buzzed. All three of them reached for their belts.
Will lifted his. “It’s mine. Shit, it’s Cheryl.” He lifted the phone and plastered a phony smile on his face. “Hey baby, what’s up?”
Geo tuned him out, pushing back a second empty beer bottle and reaching for a third.
“I gotta go. Cheryl’s PMS-ing or some shit,” Will said. He shrugged and dropped a couple of bills on the counter. “See ya, Monday. Unless, of course, you’re still staked.”
“Yeah, yeah.” Geo waved him off.
Mack scooted over a stool. “Thirsty, huh?”
Geo didn’t answer. With his partner even closer now, Geo thought several more beers might be in order. Hands on the bottle meant no hands on Mack. Yeah, good idea.
Mack slapped him on the back. “Drink up then. I’ll getcha home.” Mack’s slap became a shoulder squeeze before he dropped his arm and leaned on the bar. “So what’s eatin’ you?”
Perfect choice of words. If only Mack knew.
“Got a lot on my mind.”
“Women?” Mack asked.
“Maddie will be disappointed,” Mack teased.
It wasn’t Mack’s little sister he worried about disappointing with his redirected lust. They drank in silence for several minutes. Mack switched to cola. Geo tried to figure out what he felt and why his dick insisted on pointing skyward whenever Mack was around.
It hadn’t been unruly before last week. At least, he didn’t remember it being so. There were moments on the job where he’d been at half-mast, but that had been adrenaline. The rush of the chase, right?
“I need to get you home, buddy. You drink another, and you’ll pass out like you did last time you got deep and ponderous.” Mack stood.
Geo stood too although the room tilted. He felt the solid comfort of Mack’s arm around his back. Geo leaned in. Mack smelled good. Damn him. Fuckin’ A. Geo stumbled, his feet feeling like bricks though he didn’t think he’d had that much to drink.
“Only had four beers,” Geo grumbled.
“Six. And no food.”
“Fuck that. I can drink twice as many and still walk a straight line,” Geo argued.
“Yeah, that’s why I’m driving you home. ’Cause you’re sober and steady as a surgeon.”
“S’right. I love you, man.”
“Yep. Totally sober.” Mack grinned.
The cool air hit Geo square in the chest. He sucked in sharply and blinked when his eyes suddenly watered in the brisk November wind. He turned his face into Mack, bumping his nose against Mack’s temple.
Mack eased him into the passenger seat and fastened him in. His fingers grazed Geo’s hip, and it was everything Geo could do to keep from shifting his pelvis to force an ‘accidental’ touch to his cock when Mack withdrew.
Geo unfastened the belt.
“C’mon, man, I just got you in.”
Mack leaned over and re-belted him. Geo inhaled traces of piny scent at the juncture of his neck and shoulder. Without thinking too much about it, Geo slipped a free hand around Mack’s far shoulder and tugged.
Mack looked at him, instinctively.
It didn’t take more than a subtle lift of Geo’s chin to make contact. His mouth moved over Mack’s. Mack remained motionless, in retrospect, stunned. Geo sank into him, parting and capturing lips as buttery soft as the coat Mack wore.
He tasted the brine of beer and sweet cola. Something salty, too, like peanuts filtering through the dark erotic depths of his hot, sensual mouth.
Mack shoved Geo’s shoulder, knocking him against the seat. “What the fuck, Wilson? What the—Shit! What kind of fucking—Dude, you are fucked up!” Mack retreated, slamming the car door. Mack muttered and paced, hands on his lean hips. He shot accusatory looks at Geo and ran his hands through his hair a few times. Long sexy fingers, dark satiny strands of hair. Fine ass.
Geo leaned back. Yeah, he’d totally fucked up all right, but damn if it hadn’t been amazing.

Chapter Two

Mack gripped the steering wheel. His jaw ached from clamping his teeth together, but what the hell else was he supposed to do? His partner had fucking kissed him. What kind of shitty thing to do was that?

He darted a look at Geo. The man’s head lolled back on the seat. Thick, black lashes brushed the top of his cheeks before curling up. He knew for a fact they covered silver eyes because his little sister couldn’t quit talking about them, writing poetry about them and Geo’s coal black hair.

Mack’s lips tingled, and as much as he didn’t want to remember the taste of Killian’s on his tongue, he couldn’t ignore it either. Girls he’d kissed drank wine or diet soda.
kiss had been—fucking hot, he admitted after a moment.

They’d look back on this and laugh one day. The way they laughed about Geo passing out, not able to hold his liquor. Or the time one of the beat cops had pulled over Geo for speeding and then let him finger her to satisfaction in payment for ripping up the ticket. Total sham pull-over but fucking hysterical at two in the morning.

He returned his glare to the road. “If you fucking kiss me again, Wilson, I’ll fucking castrate you. Got it?”
Geo mumbled unintelligibly.
“Just don’t remember it. Don’t ever bring it up.” He slapped the wheel. “What the fuck were you thinking? You like girls, don’tcha? I’ve seen you with a hundred different girls. And that beat cop.”
He was talking to himself.
He stopped at a red and spared another look at Geo. The prominent Italian features set in golden complexion could have been carved from granite. Wasn’t anything sissy about him.
Mack relented.
“It was the beer. That’s all it was. It’s the beer acting on you. I’m not letting you touch another drop of the stuff if it makes you do crazy-assed shit like kissing people you shouldn’t be kissing. What the fuck?” Except it didn’t explain his own reaction to the kiss, which still pressed his fly insistently.
He pulled up in front of Geo’s apartment building and swore under his breath. No way could Geo make it up there without help. It wouldn’t have bothered Mack if there had never been that kiss. Would Geo try again?
Mack’s lips tingled anew. If his partner had been a girl, it would have been a different scenario. He might have enjoyed the kiss from a woman.
A woman, I’d take upstairs and fuck senseless for a kiss like that.
The surprise of it, the foreignness of Geo’s firm mouth and beer-stained breath, the sandy feel of their cheeks catching on each other’s had been kind of erotic. That’s why his pecker had stiffened. The surprise of it all. Kinda hot being caught off guard.
Nah. Not hot. Hot was reserved for women.
Grunting with annoyance, Mack got out of the car and came around to the other side. He nudged Geo through the open door just to make sure he wouldn’t attack him with warm lips and thick fingers sifting through his hair again. And damn if it hadn’t been at the bar a block from work. Someone could’ve seen.
He unbuckled his partner and dragged him out of the car. Geo looped one arm about Mack’s neck. Mack’s arm wrapped his around Geo’s torso. Geo stumbled against him, bumping his groin against Mack’s hip and leaning heavily on him.
“Fuckin’ wake up, Geo. I’m not carrying you over the threshold or some shit like that. You aren’t my date.”
“Wouldn’t date you if you were the last asshole on Earth,” Geo slurred.
“Let’s keep it that way.”
Mack half-dragged, half-carried Geo to the elevator. It would have been easier if Geo had kept his feet, but the man was out of it, face buried in Mack’s neck and snoring. The short hairs along that side of Mack’s body rose as Geo’s snuffling became a wet, mouthy exploration of his neck.
“Keys,” Mack growled.
“Front pocket.”
“I’m not goin’ in after them. Gimme your keys.”
Geo dug around and lifted the jingling clutch before Mack’s face. Mack pushed him against the wall, shivering as cooler air touched the moisture on his neck. His hand shook when he placed the key in the lock. Mack swore.
Needing to hit something, he shoved his shoulder against the door and reached for Geo again. He kicked it closed behind them.
“Gotta get your ass in bed, buddy. You way overdid the booze tonight.”
It took just a few quick jerks to rid Geo of his coat, shirt, and belt. Mack carefully laid the holstered gun and badge across the room. If Geo could kiss another guy in his drunken state, he could easily shoot someone. When Mack got back to bedside, Geo barely sat upright. His slacks loosely circled his hips, and Mack had to admit his partner deserved every line of poetry his little sister had written.
Fuckin’ great kisser
. His cock twitched. Not that he’d ever share that with little Maddie. Would break her sixteen year old heart.
“You gonna be sick? You need help before I go?” Mack asked. He didn’t feel like leaving despite the weird night it had turned out to be. He’d known Geo for three years, ever since they’d been assigned together. It wasn’t like he could back out on the guy for making some bad choices.
Geo groaned and dropped his forehead on Mack’s stomach. “Room’s spinning,” he muttered. “Just stand still a minute.”
His breath heated the front of Mack’s pants. Mack’s pecker twitched with interest and he thought of that beat cop breathing on him there. The image slipped, and with queasy dread, the reality of Geo’s face that close to his dick made Mack harder.
“Don’t puke on me. I’ve had enough surprises tonight.” And fleetingly, he wondered if Geo was so far out of it that Mack could experimentally kiss him back without his partner remembering it the next day. The last one had shot straight to his cock. Getting another kiss could help Mack put his doubts to rest. He wasn’t gay or anything, but curiosity was a cold, fucking bitch with her hand on his hard-on.
Geo groaned again. It pleasantly vibrated Mack’s abdomen. Geo held onto Mack’s waist for support.
“Dude, I’m serious. If you’re gonna puke, lemme know.”
Geo pulled at Mack’s waistband. His pants tugged sharply. He’d barely registered the clack of his belt buckle when wet heat engulfed his dick.
Mack didn’t think, couldn’t think, just scrambled backward, tripping on his dropped pants. His ass hit the floor first, and he stared down at his exposed hard cock, in confusion. Geo crawled across the floor towards him. Geo halfway up his legs spurred Mack to crabcrawl backwards.
“What the fu—” his words broke off in a strangled moan.
Geo’s lips closed over the mushroomed head of Mack’s cock. He flicked at the underside with his tongue then swallowed him suddenly. Mack rocked sharply to one side, but the surprisingly agile Geo, covered him.
Mack could immediately think of a handful of ways to dislodge Geo, but the sucking heat, Geo’s squeezing throat and the slick pumping of his fist at the base made every one of them seem like a dumb idea.
Disbelief, gnawing erotic hunger and shock tore Mack in three different directions, stunting his ability to settle on one and act. His mind clouded over with blinding heat which had everything to do with the milking of his cock onto the sublime precipice of orgasm. He knew he should pull away, but he no longer knew why.
His heels dug into the floor, and he unconsciously pushed away. Geo pinned him down to the carpet sucking him off like his life depended on it. Mack’s fingers curled sharply into the carpet’s pile, his eyes rolled back and his mouth opened on sharp, stunned gasps. His whole universe centred on his dick and the slick friction of Geo’s appetite.
Mack’s body twisted, curled in on itself. A tickle of sweat tracking down the centre of his chest towards the liquid pleasure of Geo’s mouth served to underscore the necessity that he come and come now by whatever means.
The knee Geo wasn’t pinning down came up in a protective move, canting his hip at an angle while still leaning into the sensations at his groin. His chest flexed, and his abdomen clenched hard as breathing became increasingly difficult. His lungs burned for more oxygen. Stupid, lingering reason insisted Mack get Geo off him, knock free. His seduced other half was afraid to move and dislodge the exquisite pleasure to his cock.
“Oh shit,” Mack muttered, as he felt the inevitable thrill tighten his balls. “Shit. What the—shit. Oh, shit.” His moans grew more frenzied. No way in hell was he pulling away from the best head he’d ever gotten. His brain went blank and dropped all other thoughts about who, how, or why. His balls ached and his ass muscles clenched as though they could hold his climax at bay.
He forgot everything. Forgot his partner was sucking him off. Forgot the heady sweep of Geo’s lips over his in the car. Forgot the unexplainable curiosity of finding out if his erection because of that kiss had been a one-time fluke. Nothing existed but this second and the next.
Something tickled over his hole. Sensation leaped inside him, sending him down that dark spiral until suddenly he was pumping his hips up in mindless, guttural shouts. Cum streaked up his cock, spurted in thick jets, emptying him into orgasm.
“Fuckin’ taste great, man,” Geo said. His head dropped to Mack’s hip, and his breathing evened out.
Mack stared at him. Panic welled up in his chest and something like dread scraped at his lungs with each residual gasp. He blinked, dropped back on his elbows and tried to catch his breath.
Geo slept soundly, his nose inches from Mack’s reddened shaft.
Cock still wet, Mack grew flaccid as cool air hit his heated skin. “What the
just happened?”
Only silence answered him.

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