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Authors: Kitty Hunter

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Bound (Hidden Pleasures, #4)


Hidden Pleasures Book Four


Kitty Hunter

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First A Tale of Two Kitties Press publication February 2014

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

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Chapter One

oft silk sheets cushioned her on the mattress, tangled around her legs and made it hard to move. Ronnie shifted around, trying to roll over. She’d drooled into the pillow and wanted to get her face out of the wet spot.

Panic overtook her when she realized she couldn’t move her arms. Or her legs.

She was strapped down, bound to the bed. The beat of her heart increased to something rivaling an Olympic runner’s and she yanked at the restraints on her wrists and ankles.

The large king size mattress was empty to either side of her. She’d gone to sleep last night cuddled between her lovers Gavin and Luis.

After the spanking on the patio, their dicks plowing into her ass so hard she couldn’t breathe, and enough orgasms to make her knees weak, they’d taken her to the shower, cleaned her up, and she’d passed out on the bed naked. Luis, the gorgeous Latino, had spooned her from behind, and Gavin, the tanned, sandy haired landscaper scooted up to her front until her tits were smooshed to his back.

She’d been hoping to wake up with both of them, have breakfast, and then maybe Gavin would lick her pussy until she creamed all over him.

God, she’d turned into such a horny slut since they’d started dating.

“Hello?” She tugged on the restraints and twisted her wrists, trying to move her head around to check out the room.

Neither man had offered up any info about whose bedroom this was the night before, but the lack of clutter on the dresser top and black, simple furniture suggested Gavin. After watching him cook the night before, and how he’d cleaned up as he went, she bet he was the neater of the two.

Plus, over the weeks as they’d spoken on the phone and texted each other, he complained now and then about Luis being a slob.

“Hey! Where are you guys?” The yell went unanswered once again, and fear wormed its way into her belly.

Usually when they were going to have sex, she was prepared for it. For the game of it, the dominance and submission. Submitting to her Doms was the best thing ever. Before the night Luis met her in the hallway outside her room, she’d never had sex that was so good. So fulfilling as being their willing sub, taking their cocks in her mouth...her pussy...her ass...fucking both of them at the same time.

They’d only done the double penetration where one fucked her pussy while the other fucked her ass once. She really wanted to do that again, but was embarrassed to ask.

“Gavin? Luis? Guys? Why am I tied to the bed?” A thump sounded in the hall and she craned her neck to see...nothing. The door was closed. Frightened and upset, tears leaked from the corners of her eyes and she yanked on the bindings hard. This wasn’t funny; she’d never said that waking up tied to the bed was okay.

Yelling her safe word wouldn’t do her crap if no one was around to help get her out of here.

She squirmed around, trying to free her legs to no avail. Each move across the sheets was a slice of hell, as the material rubbed on her nipples and exposed clit. Being spread eagle on the bed, both legs stretched wide, left her pussy lips parted, her inner flesh exposed to the room.

What if they had a housekeeper and the woman walked in and saw her?

“Let me out of here!” She screamed as loud as she could, and another thump came through the wall. The door swung open to reveal Gavin, nude, his erect dick bobbing in the air. Normally she’d be salivating, waiting to suck his hard length down her throat, but now she was just pissed.

A couple of things dangled from his left hand, but she didn’t bother to focus on that. No. The look on his face captured her.

He looked furious. Feral. Hard. Not at all like the sweet guy who reassured her with his warmth and cuddles when she was unsure.

“Gavin...” She swallowed hard past the lump in her throat and cringed away from him.

He stalked into the room, slow, predatory, the thick carpet absorbing the sound of his footsteps. “Shhh...”

When he reached the side of the bed he traced his fingers across her sore cheeks. Bruises dotted her flesh from the spanking Luis had given her. Remembering him bending her over the massage table, and later the patio table and spanking her ass, then fucking her hard sent a gush of juices to her pussy. The cum trickled out, down her slit and wet the sheet.

Gavin reached between her thighs and pinched her pussy lips. He dropped the items on the bed next to her face, too close for her to focus. The broad span of his hand rested on her lower back, and he slapped her ass cheek just hard enough to sting and bring the bruises to throbbing life again. He clambered up onto the bed and knelt next to her.

His touch centered her, helped her settle down and forget her fear. Safe. She was safe with him. Strong, capable hands, rough with calluses grazed her hot, prickly skin. She groaned and squirmed on the mattress, trying to stroke her engorged clit. God, he knew just what she wanted. The pain and the pleasure of the strikes and the rough sex. But she had to know why they’d bound her. “Gavin, why am I tied down?”

“New game. Neither of us can seem to get enough of you Ronnie. I took the day off, and Luis doesn’t have to be in until later in the evening, so we’re going to spend our morning fucking you.” He leaned over and bit her ass, licked his way up to her shoulder, and nipped the back of her neck. “Plus, we were supposed to have dinner last night and didn’t. And I’m really hungry.”

“Oh.” A bone deep shudder wracked her, the lust and anger in his eyes scaring her. “Do I...  You look kinda...not like yourself.”

He shook his head, blinked, and took a deep breath. “No. I’m...I’m sorry. You’re fine. Safe. Had a bad phone call.”

“From who?” Two thick fingers thrust into her pussy without warning and she gasped.

“Later.” The dark light in his eyes came back, turned the green into something else. “Now, you’re mine. I need this. I need you.”

She wet her lips. “Okay.”

With his free hand he gripped his cock and stroked the length with hard pulls until pre-cum glistened in the slit. A third finger joined the first two, stretched her pussy as he finger fucked her. “Suck me. Now.”

Pain prickled across her scalp, her tangled red hair wrapped around his fist. He controlled her head, held her still to shove his cock between her lips and fuck her mouth.

The head of his thick, hard length banged into the back of her throat and she gagged. He withdrew only long enough for her to catch her breath before cramming in again. The tight sack of his balls slapped her chin. Saliva slid out of the corners of her mouth and over her lower lip. The ridge around the head of his dick bumped over her tongue and lips, almost all the way out.

He thrust in again, grunting. “Fuck. Fuck. Suck me. Suck my cock. Take it all. Suck it.” The grip in her hair tightened and she whimpered, trying to keep up. He speared her pussy with his fingers and popped his thumb into her tight asshole. She fought the restraints, tried to move her hips, but could only squirm.

The head of his dick banged into her throat again and she fought him when he held there, trying to pull back. She couldn’t breathe, couldn’t think, with his big fingers in her pussy and thumb in her ass, his cock shoved down her throat. More than anything right then she wanted him out of her mouth.

He canted back and forward, over and over, fucking her mouth hard until her jaws ached and tears ran down her cheeks.

“Take it. Take my dick. Suck on it. You like being stuffed full of cock. I’ll give you what you want. You’ll take it. All of it.”

Whatever anger had overtaken him, he kept fucking her mouth, long after she’d thought he would have come. She prayed for his cum to empty into her throat so that he would withdraw. She could safe word and make him stop, but on some level she wanted to take his pain, absorb it from him.

He retreated a little from her mouth, shook and trembled all over, and then pulled out all the way. Without a word, he loosened the restraints on her legs so she had more freedom of movement.

The extra length in the straps went to quick use. He grabbed two pillows from next to her head, clambered up between her thighs, and stuffed them under her belly. With her ass and pussy up in the air, she felt totally exposed and vulnerable.

The long length of his muscled torso covered her from behind, and his cock jabbed at her pussy. He grabbed one of the items next to her head and clasped her fingers around it. A small rubber ball. Warm breath feathered across her ear, and he slid something around her face, parted her lips with a hard ball on a strap.


She thrashed and wriggled, but he buckled the straps behind her head.

“Drop the ball if you need me to stop.” He sounded harsh, ragged, still on edge. The wet heat of his tongue slid over her spine to her crack. He licked her ass, got it good and wet, and plunged two fingers inside. “I know how much you like that. Being ass fucked.”

She moaned, the restraints holding her still, biting into her ankles with just the right amount of pain. Unable to help her reaction, she bit and licked the gag, burrowed her head into the pillow. He delved lower, lapping at her pussy. He sucked her clit into his mouth and bit down on it, moved higher and tongue fucked her. Pleasure spiraled through her from the bundle of nerves, her nipples hard and tingling against the silk. She canted back, pushing her pussy tight to his face, rocking on his tongue. A sharp crack sounded in the room and bright spots of new pain blossomed in her ass. He smacked her again with the flat of his palm, and an orgasm rippled though her.

“That’s right. Come on my face.” He delved between her lips deeper, with more aggression, his tongue spearing her, sucking at her clit and labia. It was too much of everything. Too much pleasure, too much pain, and she couldn’t catch her breath. Her hips bucked and spasmed, she yanked and struggled against the bindings, but could not get away from him.

“Fight all you want. You’re mine.”

Oh God, she was, she was his. Trapped here, unable to get away, the pleasure an overwhelming tide she couldn’t escape. Each time he licked her with the flat of his tongue or flicked the tip over her clit, she jerked and cried out. Her tits were heavy and full, the nipples so rigid they burned. The fingers of his free hand slid into her cunt and moved in time with the ones in her ass. He rubbed her clit with his thumb. “I’m going to fuck you. Hard.”

Yes, please yes.
The fullness of his cock would ease the burning; give her a deep orgasm that took her over the edge to oblivion. The tip of his dick teased her pussy, dipped into her and out again. Fuck she wanted it so bad. She wriggled her ass from one side to the other, hoping to entice him more. He exhaled hard, paused behind her, and slammed his cock into her. She screamed behind the gag. The restraints on her ankles bit in. Again, hard, his balls colliding with her clit. A third finger plundered her ass hole.

She took everything he had to give, the rough fucking hurt her pussy, spikes of pain radiating from the stretched hole. He slapped her ass, the bruises a steady, throbbing ache. The thrusts punished her, pushed her to a place she hadn’t known she could go. In this position, she was powerless to do anything but take what he gave, to accept his hard, thick dick wherever he chose to put it. The weight and strength of his body overpowered her, and she closed her eyes, scratched at the sheets beneath her.

Gasps escaped her each time he plowed to a stop inside her, and she knew even without the gag in her mouth, nothing but nonsense would escape her lips. A litany of gibberish, comprised of

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