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Authors: Ashley Nemer

Tags: #Vampires

Blood Purple (3 page)

Zayn stopped writing and set his pen down, looking at her as he felt his anger flaring inside. She noticed his eyes start to shine as they usually did when he was mad. “If you leave me, I will send everyone after you. You won't get far no matter how many of my men you take down. You stay away from him, Nikole. That's final. He took our family from us; I will not let him take you too!” Pushing his chair from the desk, Zayn stood and came toward her. She could smell the anger on him. Most people were scared when his eyes started to glow like they did now, the yellow shade his eyes portrayed being so rare.

She stuck her chest out toward him, refusing to back down. “One day you are going to regret not having faith in me. Wait till that day comes, because the ‘I told you so’ will be one hell of a pill for you to swallow. I am going out. DO NOT come after me, Zayn!” Storming out of his office and down the hall, her fire dancing agitatedly along her arms, she could hear him cursing. Slamming the front door behind her, she slipped out into the night.

Moments later, she felt her phone vibrating in her pocket, distracting her from the road. She looked at it, noticing a text from Adara that read she would be at the club. Relief flooded her; at least she’d have company tonight. She let herself smile as she ran her hand over the dash of the Mustang, feeling it purr under her touch as she revved the engine. She was a beauty, shiny yellow with black pinstripes down the side of it. She went 0-60 in 5 seconds flat. Nikole dropped it into 5
gear and flew down the highway. It was time for her to drink off this fight and ignore her overbearing akh. Taking the road that passed Nasir's house, she looked at it, remembering how he bested her earlier. Punching the gas pedal down, she made her way out of the city limits and out from under her akhs thumb.

he club was packed, hardly an open spot to be seen from the road. Luckily there was valet parking at this club. She pulled up to the front and tossed her keys to the main attendant, smiling at the bouncer as he let her pass the long line and cut in front to enter the club. Her eyes took a second to adjust to the lighting, smiling as she passed the different bartenders she knew. They motioned to her, trying to signal her over to them. Stupid humans, thinking fang banging was the cool thing nowadays. She made her way upstairs to where the elite members spent their time, finding a seat before signaling the owner her way. He would make a delicious snack if there were not so many people, maybe later she would corner him.

“Hey Nikole, you’re here early tonight. Want the usual?”

Nodding at him, she grinned. “Thanks Kevin, and go ahead and keep them coming. I think it will be a long one tonight. I'm meeting Adara here, so send her my way when you see her.”

“Yes ma'am. Let me get your rum and coke right away. Did the test not go well? What did your akh have to say?”

“Well, it’s crap, Kev. I’m really pissed off. I swear that akh of mine tricked me; I’m not sure how, but I know I had them! I don’t want to talk about this now; it’s too upsetting. Maybe later we can meet up and well...” She smirked at him. “Just send Adara my way when you see here, will ya?” She got up and moved to a booth, located in the sectioned off area and away from the crowd. Most of the people up there were from the upper society families and were good about minding their own business. Occasionally a straggler would make their way up and Zeus, the upstairs bouncer, had to escort them out. She thought about Zeus, laughing inside. He got his name because he had a lightning bolt tattooed on his arm and liked to act like he was God. His bark was far worse than his bite though.

Nikole turned her head toward the familiar voice that was coming from the top of the stairs. Adara! She always liked to make an entrance. Kevin met her at the stairs and escorted her to the booth while dropping off Nikole's drink. Adara looked to Nikole then down at her drink. She turned to Kevin, placing her own drink order before looking back to Nikole. “Did it again, didn't you, fight with your akh?”

Nikole nodded, taking a long drink.

“When are you going to learn you are never going to get him to agree to let you help? You are just going to have to beat him at his game, show him who is in charge. Just because he is the oldest doesn't mean he gets to rule you. It’s the 21
century, and if the humans have equal rights, so should the Algula.”

Nikole let out a laugh when she heard Adara’s bluntness… that was why they got along so well; Adara never sugar coated shit.

“Regardless of the humans, you know he is our king and we are all sworn to obey, as much as you and I think it is ridiculous. Besides, I don't want to talk about him, not right now. He has my blood boiling so hot that I am going to need to feed tonight to maintain my calm.”

Kevin brought Adara her drink while Nikole signaled for another one. “Nikole, that's why you need a steady guy, so you don't have to hunt. We have been over this; there is a benefit to having someone reliable when you need nourishment.”

Nikole’s fangs start to salivate. “Adara, we have also discussed the joys of the hunt and the adrenaline rush not knowing the outcome. Besides, Kevin’s busy tonight or I would just ask him. It’s been a few weeks since I fed and I need to tonight anyway. I think I need the thrill of the chase to burn off this excess energy.” She finished off her first drink as Kevin came back with a second round for them both.

Adara looked at Nikole giving her a small frown. “And why are you even drinking? I thought you gave that up, said it was a filthy human habit.”

Nikole ignored her and took her straw, swirling it in the fresh rum and coke before her. “Did you come tonight just to bust me up, or are we going to have some fun?” Nikole heard Adara sigh as she took a drink.

“Do you have someone in mind already, or are we just going to play it by ear like always? I saw some humans downstairs at the bar; a couple of them were pretty hot.

A wide grin covered Nikole’s face, her tongue running over her teeth as she looked in the direction of the bar. “I think the fellows at the bar will be sufficient for helping us on our quest tonight. I have not had a good hunt in weeks. Besides, that one in the blue was here last night, offered me a drink. Might as well take him up on it.”

Taking her cue from Adara, they sauntered over to the edge of the bar, eying the two males sitting on the other side. Adara smiled at them, while Nikole casually ignored the attention it was drawing; they pretended to laugh to each other while showing off their fangs. Their pheromones were seeping out, causing more of the men to notice them. Nikole took a strand of her hair, twirling it around her finger and staring off at the wall, keeping an eye on the males out of her peripherals. She noticed them stand and start to come towards them. Nikole tapped Adara's hand, indicating that the two men were taking the bait. Leaning over, Nikole whispered, “Don't look now, but tall dark and yummy are walking this way; hunting should be this easy every night.”

The two girls laughed together as the tall one smiled at them. Nikole batted her eyes and turned toward him while his friend spoke. “Hello Ladies, I am Dominic and this is Derrik. We couldn't help noticing you two beauties sitting here without the company of a male. Mind if we join you?”

Nikole smiled at Derrik and motioned her hand to the chair beside her. Adara stood to shake Dominic's hand. “Aren't you a cute one?” Nikole heard her say and laughed inwardly before focusing on Derrik and continuing to play with her hair, twirling it around her fingers smiling at him.

He looked down at the beautiful woman and smiled, “You nervous, Precious, or do you always eye the men with desire?” He said while ordering another drink.

“Have we met before? Do I know you?” Her curiosity was piqued by the title he just used. “You do not look familiar.”

He shook his head, taking her hand and kissing it before placing his other hand around it. “I offered to buy you a drink last night and you blew me off. Other than that, no my lady, I have not had the pleasure of your company before.”

She ran her tongue across her teeth as his words dance in her mind. “My name is Nikole, and do they usually work on girls, those lines of yours?”

He let out a small laugh as he took a sip from his drink. “I am not in the habit of coming onto women, but you were eying me from across the bar, and I felt I owed it to you to show you what those eyes can do to a man.”

Holding back a laugh, she slowly brought her drink to her lips and took a sip, thinking about what he said. Looking at the mirror behind the bar, she saw Adara and Dominic hitting it off and moving to one of the back rooms. Thinking to herself that this was just getting easier and easier, she turned back to Derrik. “Would you like to go for a walk outside?”

He stood, leaving her hand in his. “I have the perfect spot, Precious. Come, follow me.” Walking out of the bar Nikole sent a smile to the bouncers as they headed toward the tree lines.

They walked along the edge of the building and then turned in the direction of the trees. She could smell the animals, the life, and the excitement. “Do you enjoy nature, Derrik?” Walking into the tree line and hearing him follow behind her; she paused to smell the different scents in the air from the array of animals around.

“I do enjoy hunting wolves; I like the chase. Would you care to join me?” Derrik approached slowly, taking his jacket off and hanging it on a branch. “I think hunting sounds like a great idea, Precious, and maybe later we can find something tastier to hunt together.”

She turned her head back, eying him over her shoulder. He seemed safe, so she dropped her guard. “Maybe, if you’re lucky.” She took off into the forest, running against the wind, catching the scent of a few deer and some bears off in the distance. She felt Derrik come up from behind, his presence overpowering against hers. He suddenly shifted directions and started heading east. She adjusted her pace and followed him, catching the scent that he was following. It was definitely a human; she could smell the evil on him.

Their running came to a slow jog as the scent of the humans overwhelmed Nikole’s mind. She could hear their hearts beating fast. “Derrik, do you smell that? There are some men causing trouble. What do you say we go and teach them a lesson?”

He looks over his shoulder at her. “Tell you what, Precious, why don't you let me handle them and bring your dinner to you.”

Nikole shook her head listening to his cockiness. Maybe she should tell him how unattractive it was. “Derrik, I am capable of taking down a human man. I am not a weak girl. You don’t know what kind of woman you’re dealing with.”

He started to laugh, taking his hand and grasping her shoulder lightly. “Precious, you misunderstand me. I just want to give you something nice, not make it seem like you can't do it. I have faith that you are one powerful Algula.”

Moving in front of him, she flashed a fanged smile. “Tell you what; if you can catch me, you can see just how powerful I am.” She rushed away and into the back alley where three men were attacking someone at knifepoint. Walking down the side of a building and seeing one of the men pull out a gun and aim at the victim, she could feel her hands get hot, the tips of her fingers igniting. She felt the fire start to rise up her hand.

“Precious, you can't burn them.”

Jumping at the sound of Derrik's voice, she said, “Oh no? Watch me.”

She stepped out into the light. “Let the man go.” Walking up to the criminals smiling, her fangs dropped and the fire on her arm accelerated. Seeing them backing up letting the victim go and beginning to run, she rushed to the leader and picked him up by his neck; the fire from her hands burned his skin, the smell permeating the air. She threw him against the wall, grinning as she heard his bones crack.

“Nikole!” Derrik shouted as he ran up to one of the other men, sinking his fangs into him and ripping out the man’s throat. Nikole laughed while walking up to the leader who was scrambling against the wall. His eyes dilated with fear; she could smell it pouring off him. Growling, she approached him, then sank her fangs in his neck and started to feed on him. The blood flowed from his vein into her mouth, the sweet metallic taste of it filling her senses with the smell of rust. She could hear Derrik behind her, attacking the third guy and smelled his arousal from the fight. The adrenalin from taking a life was a natural aphrodisiac to them. Her food went limp in her arms and started to feel cooler as she drained the last few drops from his veins. Tossing the remains onto the concrete she went and grabbed Derrik's first victim and put him on top of the leader. Derrik tossed the third body into the pile while Nikole concentrated on the bodies.  She ignited the bodies with a flick of her wrist.

“Now, what were you saying about me catching you?” Derrik said as he wrapped his arms around her waist.

Laughing, Nikole flashed back to the woods, the sound lingering in Derrik’s mind. She rubbed her scent along the trees as she walked by so he could track her later.

Derrik walked along the forest. He thought it was a myth, the royal family being in the States, let alone Colorado, but she had the eyes, the violet eyes, and she teleported. He shook his head at the realization running through his mind. He was with
Princess, not just a typical woman but his cousin. What was he going to do? He walked down a trail, a smile touching his lips as he caught her scent on every tree. Traveling down the path she took, he vowed to find her again.

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