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Authors: Sophia Kenzie

Blood of Cupids

The Blood of Cupids MC
By Sophia Kenzie
A Hearts
Collective Production


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I'd like to dedicate this book to all the awesome readers :)


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Blood of

The Blood
of Cupids MC



By Sophia





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Chapter Forty-Seven

Chapter Forty-Eight



June 9, 1990



My Dearest J,


Nothing pains me more than to leave this letter in place
of myself. I know it is the coward’s way, but in my current state, it will have
to suffice. My heart aches as my pen touches this paper, but the words must be
written. We cannot continue this passion. I cannot see you any longer. You know
you are my world, the greatest love I have ever known, but the secret I have
been holding from you is too much to bear. My secret is real, and I must now
face its consequences. I pray that you don’t feel hatred toward me as I confess
that I am pregnant with my husband’s child. This knowledge makes my body fall
limp under its weight. What should be such a joyous time in my life is plagued
by the reminder that our perfect love must end, and that I am stuck in this
world forever. And it must be so. There is no mistaking this path.

I beg of you: please do not fight me on this matter, or
we both know my family will see to it we end up in early graves. I will ask of
you to forget me, to find your place in this world without the warmth of my
touch, but I know that will be an impossible task for myself, and I cannot
expect you to wipe your memories of the time we have spent together. So keep
the memories, as I will never let them go, but live your life. For me, J, live
your life. I will love you today, tomorrow, and past the light.


Deep Breaths,


Grace – Present Day



I’ve always hated motorcycles - the sound, the smell, the
riders. And yes, I’ll admit that I’ve had a few of those daydreams, the ones
every girl has at some point in her life, but when you’ve been surrounded by
bad boy bikers since your birth, they tend to lose their appeal. You’re privy
to the hatred, violence, and grime that are a part of their everyday. It’s
almost unbearable.


Behind the dirt and the oil and the blood, there’s a family.
It’s a family unlike any you could ever imagine. You hear other people casually
say that they are willing to die for someone else, but are they serious? If the
situation stood in front of them, would they take action? I know my family is
willing to die for me.

I know firsthand.

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