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Berlin at War (94 page)

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Berlin at War
is a well-researched and beautifully composed account, vividly recreating those years of Nazi R


Berlin was the city at the very center of

the Second World War. It was the launching

pad for Hitler’s empire, the embodiment of

his vision of a “world metropolis,” and the place where

arrogance, oppression, and corruption, which ended in such terrible destruction and civilian suffering.”


the Nazi Reich would ultimately fall.

— A N t o N y B e e v o r ,
author of
The Fall of Berlin 1945


Judith Schm©

r o g e r M o o r h o u s e

From hosting the most lavish Nazi ceremonies,


“A well-researched, fluently-written and utterly absorbing account of what life (and, so very often) death I

r o g e r M o o r h o u s e
is a historian


was like for ordinary Germans in the capital of Hitler’s Reich during the Second World War. The Berliners’


and author specializing in modern German history. He

is the author of
Kil ing Hitler: The Plots, the Assassins and the

capacity for suffering, for sacrifice, for self-delusion, but also astonishingly for love—and even on occasion
Dictator Who Cheated Death
, and is a regular contributor

humour—is superbly evoked by Moorhouse’s cornucopia of new information.”
— A N d r e w r o B e r t s ,
BBC History Magazine
. He lives in Buckinghamshire,

author of
Masters and Commanders: How Four Titans Won the War in the West, 1941–1945

BERLIN to its incessant aerial bombardment and final siege by

the Soviets, Berlin was the stage upon which the rise

and fall of the Third Reich was most visibly played

out. Though it was the political center of the Nazi

Reich, Berlin maintained its strong socialist and non-

conformist traditions through the war. Alongside the


“A superb addition to the social history of Nazi Germany. . . . Using interviews, letters, journals, memoirs A T W A R

privations of totalitarian racism, some defiant Berliners

resisted the Nazis’ intolerance and provided succour for

6.25 x 9.5

the city’s remaining Jews. In fact, more Jews survived

Spine: 1-7/16”

and archives, the author provides an absorbing account of daily life, as Berliners were less concerned about the Holocaust underground in Berlin than anywhere

Bulk: 1-1/8”

the Reich’s glories than the fate of their men at the front and preoccupied by shortages of fuel, food, and else in Hitler’s Reich.


clothes. . . . An august contribution to the city-during-a-war genre, worthy to sit alongside such classics as Basic Books

Berlin at War,
historian Roger Moorhouse uses

Margaret Leech’s
Reveille in Washington
(1941) and Ernest Furguson’s
Ashes of Glory

diaries, memoirs, and interviews to provide a searing

4/color process

— K i r K u s
(starred review)

first-hand account of life, death, and chaos in the Nazi

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capital. Combining comprehensive research with a

on title

gripping narrative,
Berlin at War
is the incredible story of


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the city—and people—that saw the whole of the Second

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World War.

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Prologue: ‘Führerweather’

1 Faith in the Führer

2 A Deadly Necessity

3 A Guarded Optimism

4 Marching on their Stomachs

5 Brutality Made Stone

6 Unwelcome Strangers

7 A Taste of Things to Come

8 Into Oblivion

9 An Evil Cradling

10 The People’s Friend

11 The Watchers and the Watched

12 The Persistent Shadow

13 Enemies of the State

14 Against All Odds

15 Reaping the Whirlwind

16 To Unreason and Beyond

17 Ghost Town

Epilogue: Hope


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