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Authors: Nicole Ryan

Belle (Doxy Parcel) (3 page)

“And?” Belle asked as she leaned up to press her lips to his. She didn’t really want him to tell her.

“And…” He began, swallowing as Belle locked her eyes with his and wrapped her arms around his thick neck. He brought his hands to her hips. “I want
to pour hot wax on you.”

“That’s not so bad.” She said, smiling at him.

“You are okay with it?”

Belle nodded slowly before she kissed him
again, sliding her hand around to the back of his neck and holding him while she sucked his tongue. Anthony lifted her effortlessly from the ground, crushing her against him with his arms as he carried her to the center of the room. Without breaking their kiss Anthony placed each of her hands outstretched to her sides, on the wrought iron pole that came up to Belle’s breasts and felt cold against her back.

With his foot, he spread her legs wide, finally breaking away from her mouth to crouch down and fasten the shackles around her ankles, before he placed a kiss below her navel. Belle gripped the iron bar in her
hands; he obviously didn’t want to be touched even if he hadn’t restrained her yet, and Belle was
careful to please her clients. Anthony placed his hands on her hips, and slid his thumbs over her hips as he circled her clit with his tongue.

Belle gazed down at the huge man before her, and the strange white scars along his back. She had to give him credit, they were wonderfully hidden by the soft candle light, but Belle knew that trick from her own experience. The first several parties Belle had done were done with delicate care on her part, with huge help from Lenora. There was always a way for Belle’s shoulders to be covered, always a sash or a fishnet shrug, but they had been raised, and she’d been questioned about them on her first parties. After Belle had done seven parties, she’d had the money saved up to have them removed, sand blasted away… she didn’t know why this man with all his money didn’t do the same.

Slowly Belle ran her fingers along the ridges of the thick white lines and Anthony stilled his tongue. Belle faltered for a moment, as he stood he lifted her hands with his, and secured them to the leather belts on either side of her.

“I’m sorry.” She said quietly, looking up into his face.

“Don’t be.” He said, turning gleaming eyes to her.

Belle knew that smile, that fake smile that beamed at you but wasn’t real, it wasn’t from the soul, it was forced. Her heart began to pound, and she closed her eyes. Anthony placed his fingers under her chin and lifted her head up to peer down at her.

“Don’t close your eyes.” His profound voice sent chills over her skin.

“Okay.” She breathed, and watched Anthony step away.

Belle’s eyes followed him as he left her in the room, and she reminded herself that Daniel was right outside, and would be in to retrieve her in three hours or so. But before she could think anymore about it, Anthony returned, with a plate of four candles; purple, green, a tall black one and a deep red one. They all looked as if they’d been burning for a while, and when he placed the tray on the floor beside her feet, she could see the deep pools of wax that had collected there.

eyes widened as she remembered the bottle of baby oil that had been sitting in the cabinet. She’d completely forgotten to rub it on.

hat is it?” He asked, looking down into her worried face.

“I forgot to put the oil on in the car.” She said softly.

“Really?” He lifted an eyebrow at her playfully as he produced a small bottle from behind the four large candles. He winked at her as he began to open it.

Belle smiled, releasing a breath she hadn’t realized she was holding, and Anthony poured oil into his large palm
. He began at her ankles, spreading the oil in a sparse layer along her calves. He kneaded his large fingers up her thighs, slipping his thumb between her lips and stroking her clit gently before spreading more oil along her belly. Anthony stood as he worked over her breasts carefully, and Belle gazed up into his hazy eyes as he twisted her nipples, bringing them to a point.

Slowly, Anthony worked his hands back over her body, working the oil in carefully over her breasts and stomach. Belle moaned as he slid two of his thick fingers inside of her, his thumb moving from side to side over her swollen clit. Belle started to quiver around his fingers and he looked up into her face, her brows were drawn together and her mouth was parted beautifully.

As Belle came around his fingers, she felt burning hot liquid fall over her left breast, and she screamed as her body clenched and he worked his fingers faster, a second orgasm ripping through her before she could recover from the first. She gasped and looked down at her heaving chest; her left breast was covered in green wax, her eyes widened as he began to drizzle little purple lines over her right.

“Is that too hot?” He asked as he ran his fingers over the hardened green wax.

“No.” Belle sighed as he spilled a stream of red between her breasts; it slid down like oozing blood, and coated her belly button and the neatly trimmed landing strip between her thighs.

“Good.” Anthony said walking behind her.

He slid her wavy dark hair over her shoulder, and pressed her forward. Belle bent at the waist as she closed her eyes as he slid his fingers across her shoulders, as if sensing her scars, even if she knew they were no longer visible. She swallowed hard, not welcoming the growing sensation in her chest; she moaned low as the wax began to flow down her spine and over her ass.

Anthony slid his palm down her side gently trailing his fingers across her skin before the hot wax coated her again. When he returned in front of her, Belle fixed her gaze on his pants, and he grinned at her.

“I want your dick, Anthony. Now.” She said without wavering.

He smiled wider at the sight of her restrained an
d demanding things from him. It was plain as day, and like a mord-sith capturing magic, Belle snatched the kink she’d been waiting to find. She pulled harder on the leather bands around her wrist, leaning toward him, and he stepped closer, his eyes twinkling. Belle kissed his chest, and ran her tongue into the nest of curls, grazing her teeth along his nipple.

Anthony pulled her hair back again, and as Belle worked over him, he poured more wax down her back, she moaned loudly, her lips still trailing over his chest, and yanked on the restraints, snap
ping her head up to him.

Take your pants off.” Belle said, tossing her thick mane over her shoulders and sticking her chin up while leaning back against the cold bar. She pulled against the ankle restraints slowly, jutting her hips toward him and eyeing him up and down.

Slowly his hands went to his pants, and he did away with them
in one fluid motion. Belle grinned nervously at the sight of his heavy cock hanging between his muscular legs. It brought the phrase hung like a horse to mind, and she yanked again on the restraints.

“Come here.”
She demanded.

Her grin widened when
he listened. He slowly came toward her, his abs flexing with each stop, and flowing into a powerful V that tapered down to his thick cock.

Stroke it for me.” She ordered, her eyes filled with glee when he began to fist his thick shaft, his gray eyes sparkling with mischief, deep dimples playing at his cheeks.

Anthony stepped closer before squatting down and unbinding her right ankle. When he stood, he lifted the leg with hi
m, hooking it over his hip. As he pressed the head of his cock against her Belle was suddenly aware of why this gorgeous man needed to call an escort service to get laid. His cock was without a doubt, the largest she’d ever seen. When he rested it on her clit, it covered her entire pussy from her view. She wriggled her hips and he began to rim her lips, spreading the silky wetness of her arousal along his head.

Belle moaned before thrusting her hips toward him and pulling on the wrist restraints again, Anthony looked down into her face, a small flush had crept into his cheeks, and his lips were warm and inviting.

“Do it.” She whispered, pressing her aching pussy against him, his size no longer a concern in her state of arousal.

“Do what?” He asked, leaning down to nuzzle her shoulder and sliding his cock back, his shaft slithering along her pussy and across her asshole.

He held her ass firmly in his large hand and she moaned again and pulled on the restraints, twisting her hips as much as she could, desperately seeking more friction.

“I want you inside of me.” She said, but it sounded more like a demand than a plea.

Anthony pressed his head against her opening, and Belle cried out against his chest as he pressed inside of her, stretching her beyond belief. She hooked her free leg around his hip, gripping him with all of her strength and urging him to go as deep as he could. It took every ounce of willpower she had to not bounce up and down on him like a giant fucking pogo stick.

His deep growl vibrated her spine as he closed more of the distance between them, and Belle felt a slight urge to vomit, he was so deep inside
of her. When he started to move, the tiny hairs on Belle’s body rose to attention, and she sunk her teeth into his skin, biting down as he rode her carefully, hooking his giant arm around her hips and lifting her from the ground.

“Are you okay?” He asked, and she nodded frantically into his chest, her moans
whooshing out of her uncontrollably with each powerful thrust of his hips, as if he were depressing her diaphragm.

“Fuck, fuck,
!” She cried and contracted around his cock, her nails biting into the leather restraints.

Belle moaned in protest as he removed
himself from her and bent down on one knee to release her other ankle. wrapping his hands around her ribs as he closed his mouth over her right breast and pulled her toward him. He bit her nipple before grasping her other tit, pulling her closer to his face and sucking on it too. When he stood, he walked behind her.

Belle was still straining forward, but it was much easier with her feet free to brace herself with, she felt the head of his thick dick before he even pressed against her. Belle spread her legs more as Anthony’s hands circled her hips
, dragging his cock along her wet folds. He pressed inside of her and she let her head fall forward, her arms held up behind her by the restraints, moaning as he slid slowly in and out of her.

“Oh my fucking, shit.”
She hissed as his head scraped that delicate spot inside of her.

“Are you okay?” He asked softly behind her, his hands movin
g over her hips, and up her ribs to cover her breasts.

“Yes!” She cried, and suddenly came again
, gasping as her juices trickled out around him.

“God damn it
, you are so beautiful Belle.” He panted and leaned forward to kiss her shoulders as he caressed her tits and thrust into her.

Belle’s nose began to tingle as he removed his hands from her breasts and she felt her left wrist fall loose. She grasped the bar beside her
for support and Anthony slipped out of her, the motion tugging her backward slightly before her other arm was freed.

Anthony began to rub the wax away from her body
gently; it fell in little bits to the floor around her feet. When he finished he scooped her up into his arms and carried her into the room she’d arrived in, down a small corridor, and into a dark room. He deposited Belle onto a thick mattress with silk black sheets, and she felt his weight depress on the mattress as he crawled between her legs, kissing her thigh gently before sliding his tongue down and over her labia.

moaned softly and briefly rested her hands on his shoulders before yanking them away, and grabbing her breasts, not sure where to put them. Anthony took her hands and placed them back where they were, staring up at her from between her quivering thighs. He tongued her clit quickly, and then sucked on it hard while pressing a finger inside of her. He began to swiftly stroke his fingers in the opposite direction of his tongue and Belle arched up from the bed as she came again, and moaned something incoherent.

Anthony lifted her hips and turned her over, her wavy hair splashed across his sheets beautifully, and he licked his lips bef
ore pressing them to her spine. He straddled her outstretched legs, and massaged her ass gently spreading her cheeks, sliding his fingers along the apex of her thighs, the tips of his thumbs barely grazing her labia.

Belle moaned and pressed her ass up, inviting him, begging him to enter her again. She tossed her hair back as she turned her large eyes to him and his intense eyes met hers, she reached back and grasped his cock, her hand dwarfed by its size. She slowly pulled the thick skin over his head, and when he didn’t move closer, she pulled harder
, tugging him nearer. Anthony grinned down at her and inched his knees forward, pressing his head against her.

Belle rele
ased him and threw her arms across the bed, burying her face into them and writhing between his powerful thighs. He pressed inside of her tight pussy, and started to thrust into her. Belle moaned into his thick pillow, her back expanding as she drew in a deep breath and raised her hips slightly from the bed. He slid his hands down her back, and snaked his hand around her stomach, sliding it down to massage her clit.

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