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Authors: Nicole Ryan

Belle (Doxy Parcel) (2 page)

“I hope so.” Belle re
turned his grin before he offered her his arm.

“I thought this was a masquerade?” Belle asked
, slipping her hand over the thick material of his sharp black tuxedo.

“It is. The m
asks are provided.” He said as they reached the top of the concrete steps.

Belle peered in through the glass doors, the warm ballroom was glowing in rich colors, and there were women in fine dresses, men in tuxedos twirling along the floor, Belle felt a twinge of embarrassment wash over her. She had no idea how to ballroom dance.

“Before we go in,” Anthony began, “I need you to know that, this is a company gathering for me. I need you to be discreet with our… arrangement.” He was nervous, and flushed at the mention of her line of work. It was endearing and Belle smiled warmly as she reached up to caress the side of his face.

Bestia, I am very discreet.” She leaned up on tip toes, and placed a kiss on the corner of his mouth.

“Very good.”
He said as he gazed down into her face. “Please, call me Anthony.”

Anthony reached for the door and opened it before walking Belle over to a table where two blonde, slender women sat chatting. They turned their green and blue peacock faces to them and smiled up at Belle merrily.

“So, you are the last golden mask!” One of the girls claimed as she let her eyes rove over Belle’s gown appreciatively.

The other wo
man handed her a thin mask. It covered only her eyes and was a shimmering gold with white airbrushed designs swirling around the eyes, and white and yellow plumes at the corner. Belle slipped it over her head and turned to face Anthony, who wore something that looked like it was from The Phantom of the Opera.

“Shall we?” He asked, holding his large arm out to her, she thought that his bicep might be the size of her thigh, and she was not a slim girl
, she lifted weights at her gym four times a week.

“I don’t know how to dance.” Belle replied even as she slid her arm into his.

“I do.” He said and twirled her across the room, there were couples dancing around them, women in long flowing gowns, and masks. Everyone looked so elegant and refined; Belle couldn’t help but wonder what they were here for, though she would never ask.

As the night went on
Belle had another glass of champagne, and Anthony had encouraged her to bid on two items on his behalf. One being a tiny silver tea set that looked like one she’d been given by her grandmother when she was young, the other was for a large yacht, and a prime spot on the marina. Anthony had mentioned something to one of his colleges about wanting it badly, and Belle hoped that he would win, especially at the very large sum of money he placed.

“Well, if you are the highest bidder, you and your lovely lady will have to take Becky and
I on a cruise sometime.” The man winked before sipping his champagne, Becky rolling her large brown eyes playfully.

“I’d like that.” Anthony replied.

Dinner was the loveliest meal she’d eaten in months; salmon drizzled with a lemon pepper sauce and served with Brussels sprouts and white wine. Belle ate slowly while a band played a jazzy tune, and Anthony asked her about her life. She made up great stories about a small home with no siblings and a dog named Bart. The same normal story she told everyone.

spoke eloquently, and had a way with words that seemed to flow like poetry, from his sensual lips. In hushed, sultry tones he spoke of trips to France, and Ireland… properties that he owned though inheritance and some that he’d purchased on his own. He seemed to have a sort of carnality inside of him that simmered just below the surface, glimmering in his eyes like an unspoken promise as he held a forkful of chocolate soufflé to her lips.

She grinned as the warm chocolate slid down her throat, and Anthony leaned toward her, cradling her jaw in his hand before he kissed her deeply. His other hand was under the table, and slowly slid up her leg, caressing her pussy over the thick material. Belle gasped at the unexpected contact, but she loved it, part of her wanted to sneak away into the nearest bathroom, but she knew it was against the rules.

Before Belle knew it the evening was over, she almost felt disappointed as Anthony was walking her to the car. It had been so long since she’d gone on a date; it was more fun than she’d had in several months, even if it was all a part of the job. The night was still very nice, and there was no wind to chill her bare shoulders, she wrapped her arms around herself out of sheer habit.

“I’m very glad you were kind enough to be my date this evening.” He said, his voice trailing along her skin like the warm caress of a lover.

“Thank you for inviting me.” Belle said, her voice breathy as she leaned her head back, and pursed her lips slightly.

The gentleman did not disappoint, as he slowly descended to press his thick lips to hers, his hand sliding down her exposed spine sent tingles over her breasts.
A low rumble bubbled up in his chest, and Belle’s breath caught as he pulled away from her, she stared into his steely eyes, they gleamed with knowledge and promise, and Belle’s insides clenched in response.

Mmm.” She practically purred up at him. “Anthony, if you continue to kiss me that way, we might not leave the street.”

Anthony grinned down at her elegant features and kissed the tip of her nose before opening the door and helping her in. When she was carefully tucked in, her dress safely about her ankles, Anthony leaned down and whispered to her.

“Do you have any qualms about hot wax?” His words curled the hairs on the back of her neck and she looked at him with a grin.

“None at all.”


As the limo pulled away from the curb, Belle opened the cabinet and pulled out the tiny tin, opening it and checking her makeup and hair quickly. She glanced down
at the chocolate rose that sat in the center. Lenora knew that Belle never took the chocolates; but she put them in anyway. Belle knew that there was Peyote in it, and while she wasn’t against any such thing, it had never really interested her. Every party she’d been on before had been in one location… and certainly did not have a precursor of a four hour time frame where she was able to get to know the man.

Why Lenora insisted on providing them to her anyway Belle would never know, but n
ow as she sat, feeling wined and dined, and actually aroused before a party, she was grateful. Grateful because, along with the fuzzy feeling she also felt the flutter of nerves in her belly, nerves that hadn’t been there before. The tiny rose gleamed at her and she lifted it.

It was no bigger than the pad of her finger, the intricate rose petals clung to one another and curled into a heart at the center.
There were tiny specs of sugar that gleamed on the petals like little droplets of dew. Before Belle could let her analytical mind talk her out of it, she popped her finger into her mouth, and sucked the chocolate from her finger.

“Going for it tonight are we?” Daniel said, his eyebrows nearly touching his hairline as he looked at Belle through the mirror.

“I’m nervous about this one Danny, keep a good ear out tonight would you?” She asked, straightening her dress.

“Sure, there’s something more in the cabinet for you, just leave the dress in there.” He said.

“I don’t get to keep this one?” Belle asked in mock shock.

This dress was surely one of Lenora’s favorites. She had clients around the world that showered her with gifts and tokens of their gratitude for her charity work and other business ventures.
Belle opened the cabinet and folded neatly on the second shelf was a black lace thong, and a long red hooded cape. On the top shelf, was a bottle of baby oil, and Belle gasped as she pulled the shoes out.

“Oh my God Jimmy
Choo’s!” Belle said holding the black suede, Amos courts with clear pumps wrapped in gold and black to her breasts, hugging them lovingly.

“Do you get to keep them?” Daniel asked with a grin.

“Note says yes!” Belle cried and bit back her smile as she slipped them on.

Belle pulled on the thong, and the cape, and sat back to close her eyes. The drive was nearly thirty minutes, and Belle woke as the car pulled over a gravel driveway, the headlights spilling over thick overgrown brush. She blinked her eyes hard and tri
ed to focus them, it couldn’t be. Every fower on the rows of rose bushes lining the driveway seemed to glow and the stars above them were brilliant as she rolled the window down and gazed up at them.

Belle let out a shriek of laughter as her hair fell out of the careful bun. She crawled up onto her knees, forgetting about her bare breasts as she twisted to gaze at the sky.

“The stars! They’re so bright!” She cried as she slid back into the car, and Daniel turned onto an even smaller drive.

“It’s easier to see them out here. But you’ve also eaten the chocolate.” His eyes crinkled with laughter and Belle joined him.

Daniel parked and came around to open the door for her, reaching over and pulling the hood of the cape over her head, it hung so low that all she could see, were her feet… agreeably clad in new Jimmy Choo’s. They walked up several stone steps before reaching a platform, and turning to go up several more.

Daniel released her hands, and knocked a few times on the door. It sounded large as it opened and groaned from its hinges.
As Belle stepped over the threshold her heels clicked loudly, and echoed off of the walls around her. Daniel slowed and turned her around by her hips, urging her to sit.

“I’ll be back in three and a half hours.” He said softly, and she heard his footfalls as he left her in the quiet place.

Belle thought it smelled strange, like somewhere she’d been before, but she couldn’t place it. Under the hood, Belle stared at her fingers, and examined the red velvet chase she was sitting on, running her fingers in one direction, and then tracing little circles in another. A door opened to her right moments later, and Belle stilled as footfalls approached.

Anthony’s warm voice called to her as his bare feet appeared in her vision, he lifted the hood from her head and lifted her hands to his lips.

took in the beautiful sight of his chiseled body, his bare chest was splashed with hair and she longed to reach up and scratch her nails through it. She looked around the darkened room, which looked more like a museum than a home.

“Wow.” She said, and her eyes were attracted to a bright glow coming from a room to her left.

“This isn’t my usual home,” He began, running a hand through his thick dark hair, “But I wasn’t sure where-“ He quieted when Belle placed her finger on his lips with a shake of her head.

“I don’t need to know any details. This is lovely.” She smiled.

Finally, Anthony let his eyes trail down Belle’s body. The cloak covered her breasts, revealing only cleavage and taunt abs above wide, buxom hips. Slowly he reached up to take her breasts into his hands, sliding his thumbs over her nipples before slipping his fingers over her shoulder, sending the cloak to the floor.

“Do you like the shoes?” He asked, glancing down at her feet.

“Very much. Thank you.” Belle replied.

“Then you’d better leave them here too.” He winked, and Belle bent to remove them quickly.

Belle followed Anthony into the room she’d seen before, and realized that the glow was from the many candles burning, some in holders and others so large that they sat right on the floor. Belle’s eyes took in the room immediately; four large windows were high up on the wall, thick red curtains hung from them, and the drapery continued along the ceiling of the large room. In the center was what looked like a bed frame, only it was standing up on its side, and as Belle had expected, there were restraints attached to it.

Anthony watched her features carefully as her eyes roved over the room, her delicate features seemed so hard, so… cautious. When her eyes landed on the shackles, Anthony held his breath, but she didn’t run, or scream, she didn’t even blink. Anthony’s heart pounded madly in his chest.

Slowly, Belle turned her eyes up to his, and as he prepared his apology in his head, she flipped her hair over her shoulder and sunk to her knees, fixing her eyes on the ground. Anthony stared at her for a second, his brows drawn together in confusion, before it dawned on him.

“Oh no,
Miss Belle, you misunderstand.” He said, and his deep laughter trickled down as he gently stood her up.

She placed h
er hands on his rippled chest and looked up into his eyes questioningly before they flitted back to the steel bars and restraints.

“But I thought…”

“No.” Anthony shook his head. “I’m not looking for a submissive. I quite enjoy you as you are Belle. That is part of what turns me on.”

“Well, I pray you tell Mr.
Bestia, what it is you have in store for me this evening.” Belle said, stepping closer to him and pressing her breasts against his knotted stomach, the light dusting of hair scratching on her nipples.

“I’d like you to be restrained.” He said, slipping a finger into the waistband of her thong.

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