Belize: Bad Boys on the Beach Book Two (16 page)

“God, you smell good,” he says in a deep, raspy voice as he gets closer to my tingling pussy. “I can taste you already.”

My breath catches in my throat as he reaches under my skirt and hooks his fingers into my panties. I close my eyes as he slides them down my legs with his firm hands and pulls my feet out of them. I feel strong hands on my knees and I open my eyes just in time to see his hungry eyes light up in lust as he looks down at my exposed pussy.

“Fuck, that’s beautiful,” he says, never taking his eyes off my sex. I open my legs a bit further and feel a heat rush down and settle in my clit as I see the arousal in his face.

“I’ve been thinking of you all day,” he says, breathing heavily. “I’ve been dreaming of what those tits look like.” He reaches forward and grabs them over my shirt. I place my hand on his and squeeze as my hips start to sway.

Suddenly it feels like there are way too many clothes on this bed. I look down at his stomach and bite my lip. I want to see his beautiful abs.

He releases me and starts unbuttoning his shirt slowly. His muscular chest comes into view first, followed by his chiseled abs. I moan as he pulls the shirt off, revealing his sexy tattoos plastered down his hard arms.

Chase is the hottest guy I’ve ever seen naked and probably the hottest guy I’ve ever seen period. I’d insist on turning all the lights on full blast if it didn’t mean that I would be fully exposed as well.

“Now it’s your turn,” he says, tossing his shirt on the floor and staring at my breasts. “Let’s see those spectacular tits.”

I climb up to a sitting position and pull my shirt over my head. It doesn’t even get past my forehead before his hands are reaching around to my back and unclasping my bra. I toss my tank top over his shoulder to meet his shirt on the floor as he pulls my bra off.

“Fuck,” he says staring at my hard nipples. He cups my breasts softly and grazes his thumb over my buds.

“Look how hard you have me,” he says, taking my hand and placing it on the bulge sticking through his pants. I rub his hard thick shaft, drawing moans from him. “Look what you do to me.”

My hands slide up to his belt buckle and he kisses me with a deep penetrating kiss as my fingers fumble around blindly.

A light whine escapes my throat as he pulls away and steps off the bed. I gulp as he stands in front of me like a God. He unravels his belt and drops it on the floor with a clang. I wiggle out of my tight skirt as I watch him. His abs and arms are flexed as he unbuttons his pants and pulls them down along with his underwear.

His cock springs out, hard and beautiful. I’ve seen it before but never hard. He wasn’t lying that first night on the beach. It was only half the size.

He grips his hard shaft and strokes himself as he climbs back on the bed between my legs. “Lie down,” he orders. “Let’s see if that sweet little pussy of yours tastes as good as it smells.”

I drop my head on the pillow, who am I too argue?, as he spreads my legs and dips his head down. I take a deep, lung-exploding breath as his silky tongue glides up my trembling pussy.

“Mmmm,” is all he says. He moves his tongue in ways that I didn’t think were possible. It feels like it’s everywhere at once, on my folds, against my clit, in my hole. Before long I’m grinding my hips against his mouth and breathing like I just ran a marathon.

“Chase,” I moan as I run my fingers through his smooth hair. “Oh fuck,” I whisper. My back is arched off the bed as he plunges his tongue into my hole.

He reaches up, grabbing a breast as he rubs hard tiny circles on my clit with his other hand. “You’re going to come on my mouth,” he says looking at me with intense dark eyes as he rubs me. “You’re mine tonight and you’re going to do as I say.”

I swallow hard and nod. I’m his forever if he wants me.

“This tight little pussy is going to explode on my tongue, then I’m going to slide inside you and fuck you until you come on my dick.”

I try to answer but I can’t talk. Whines and moans come instead of words and sentences. I can only speak in vowels.

My heart is racing and I’m flooded with a glorious warmth. This guy is doing things to me that I didn’t think were possible. I’ve always had trouble reaching orgasm but we’re just getting started and he already has me on the verge of release.

His words are as good as his foreplay and they’re bringing me to another level. No one has ever talked dirty to me like this before and it’s making me crazy.

“Ready to come on my mouth?” he asks, sliding another finger inside me, making me lightheaded. The words get stuck in my throat and I nod. “Answer me,” he orders in a calm, controlled voice. “Are. You. Ready. To come on my mouth?”

“Yes,” I spit out in a desperate moan.

“Louder,” he says.

“YES!” I cry out. “I want to come on you.”

“Good,” he whispers before dipping his head back down. He groans as his tongue and lips get back to work. All my nerves and self-conscious thoughts float away with his touch. I can’t think of anything besides the warm sensation of his silky tongue on my throbbing pussy as he devours me.

Chase grabs my hips and pulls me hard against his mouth and I’m so close. “Fuck,” I moan, grabbing my breasts and rolling my fingers over my hard nipples. I’m in heaven.

He pulls away for a second and takes a breath as he looks at me with his chin covered in my juices. “You taste even better than you smell,” he says in a growl. “Come on my mouth and let me drink you in.”

When he touches his lips to me this time, my head shoots back, feeling like my neck is going to snap. He grips me harder, coaxing the orgasm out of me. It’s coming. It feels like a tight ball inside me waiting to unravel. He lets out a primal growl as he eats me and the feral sound is enough to yank me over the edge.

I come and it’s blinding. The tight ball unravels in a flood of warmth and shivers, and when my hearing comes back I hear myself screaming Chase’s name. My fingers are curled around his hair in a vicious fist as I gasp for air that won’t seem to come into my heaving lungs.

The pleasure comes in waves, crashing through me with varying intensity as Chase drinks it all up. The conflicted emotions of wanting him all week but not wanting to get hurt, the frustration, the desire, the hunger all wash away with the intense waves.

The orgasm is still flowing through me when he postures up and climbs on top of me with his cock in his hand.

He kisses my neck as he glides the head of his cock up my throbbing pussy lips and traces the entrance of my hole before gently pushing inside me. I’m already so wet and he still feels enormous.

Chase grunts in my ear as he pushes in, filling me completely.

“Fuck, your pussy is tight,” he whispers into my ear. “How does my big cock feel in your little pussy?”

“So good,” I whisper between gasps. But it’s better than good.

He thrusts all the way inside me as my breasts press against his hard chest. His hands are dug deep in my thick curly hair as he pushes his cock in and out with his strong hips.

The orgasm finally fades as he lowers his mouth to my breasts and takes a nipple into his mouth.

I thought this vacation was going to be lonely but this is fucking amazing. It can’t get better than this with Chase’s perfect cock in me, his tongue on my breasts and his rugged intoxicating smell making me lightheaded.

He postures up on jacked arms as he smiles that sexy smile of his. “Alright little doggy,” he says, pulling out of me and making me whine. “Stick that ass in the air for me.”

I’m panting hard as I climb onto my hands and knees and thrust my ass in the air, doing as I’m told. He slides his hands over my cheeks and spreads them. I gasp, sudden and unexpected as he leans down and gives my pussy a long lick. I’m way too sensitive for that and I jerk my hips away. He laughs as he postures up with his dick in his hand and slides it back in me where it belongs.

“God, you’re hot,” he says as he grabs my ass cheeks with a hard grip. “Look at that fine ass in the air with your gorgeous cheeks spread. I can fuck you all night.”

I drop my head to the pillow and whine into it as he pounds me from behind. My mouth opens as my face twists into a grimace but no sound comes out. My voice feels like it’s stuck in my chest.

“You’re driving me fucking crazy,” he says, his thrusts coming harder and harder. His thighs smack against mine with every drive of his hips.

“You wanted to fuck me under that waterfall today, didn’t you?” he asks.

“Yes,” I admit.

“You wanted to fuck me on the beach that first night when you saw my cock, didn’t you?”

“Yes,” I moan.

“You wanted to suck it.”

I close my eyes as my pussy tightens around his cock. I’m going to come again. “I did.”

I gasp in shock as he pulls out of me. My head whips over my shoulder in frustration. He’s holding his wet cock and grinning. “Than suck it,” he commands. “Lick your pussy juices off my dick.”

I turn and take his dick in my mouth, opening my throat as far as it will go. I lap up my juices with a greedy tongue as he moans above me. He’s so hard and so big.

“How do you taste?” he asks with a voice that sounds like thunder.

“Mmmm,” I moan as I trace my tongue up his shaft.

“I can’t hear you,” he says in a stern voice.

“Good,” I say, sucking him harder.

“No,” he says, threading his fingers through my hair and pulling it away from my face so that he can get a better view of my mouth on him. “You taste fucking amazing. I want some more.”

He lies down on the bed and grabs my hips. He lifts me up easily and pulls me down over his mouth. I’m still gripping his cock as my spread pussy is only inches from his face.

“What a view,” he says as I use my saliva to jerk him off. “I’ll take this over an ocean view any day.”

His tongue is back on me and it’s even more intense than before. His tongue is so fast and wet that I can’t breathe. I just hold his cock in my hand and grimace as his mouth works.
Shit, it feels so good.

“What feels better?” he asks after he’s got me dripping wet again. “My tongue or my cock?”

Talk about an impossible question. They both feel amazing.

“Which one?” he asks before dragging his silky tongue up my folds, sending warm shivers into my stomach. His tongue feels heavenly but his cock is magical.

“Your cock,” I moan as he licks me again. There’s just nothing that can compare to getting fully stuffed.

He lifts me off and pushes himself up. “Then on your knees and let me give you what you want. Let me fill up that hot wet pussy of yours.”

I get back on my knees and grab the headboard for support. I’m going to need it.

“I’m going to stuff that cunt and pound you until you come all over my cock,” he says, kneeling behind me.

My body goes tense as I prepare for it. I’m so wet that he glides it in easily and my body relaxes back down.

He grabs a fistful of my hair and yanks it back like he’s riding a horse.

“You like getting fucked by a SEAL?” he asks as he thrusts harder and faster. The heat and stimulation are so intense that it’s almost painful.

“I love it,” I say gripping the headboard with white knuckles. “It’s the best.”

“You want my cum in you?”

“Yes,” I moan as I feel an orgasm rushing forward to drown me again.

“Say it louder,” he commands.

“YES!” I scream.

“Yes, what?”

“Yes, I want you to fill me with your cum,” I holler as the unstoppable orgasm surges forward, fast and uncontrollable. I grit my teeth as it hits and lights every nerve in my body on fire. The headboard feels like it’s going to snap in my hand as I scream out until my lungs burn. My back arches and my body shakes in convulsions as Chase thrusts deep inside me one last time and fills me with his cum.

He grunts and falls off me, collapsing on the bed with glazed over eyes.

My legs are trembling under me and my heart is pounding like an out of control jackhammer. I drop to the soft sheets and groan. I’m exhausted.

“How was that?” he asks after we both float down from our incredible highs.

I roll onto my side and trace my finger down the deep ridges of his abs. “Mediocre,” I say with a playful grin.

He looks down at me and smile. “I’ll do better next time.”

“I think my heart will explode if you do any better than that,” I say, putting my hand on my chest. It’s still pounding away.

He grins. “Then you better put a cardiologist on hold because we’re going again in a few minutes.”

I laugh thinking he’s joking but he looks completely serious.

I’m in for a wild night.






Chapter Twelve


Day Four



I admire Chase’s hard ass as he walks to the bathroom. The sun is rising over the spectacular ocean through the window with the palm trees swaying lazily in the breeze and the pelicans diving for fish. And I don’t give a shit. No view is better than Chase’s bare ass.

“Get ready,” he calls out from the bathroom. “Round five is coming in a minute.”

Oh God. I could barely handle round four. He’s fucked my pussy raw.

I stretch out in the soft bed feeling the soreness in between my legs from when he spread my legs farther apart than they are used to spreading. This man is an animal in bed and if we keep going at this pace for the rest of the week I’ll be rolling onto the plane in a wheelchair.

I close my legs tightly and moan as I feel his warm seed leak down the inside of my thigh. “Can you bring back some Kleenex?” I ask.

“Beside the night table,” he answers.

“What is Kleenex doing beside the bed?” I ask with a laugh as I reach down looking for them. “You don’t have a runny nose.”

“I had to do something after seeing you in that yellow dress, and black dress, and bikini,” he says as the toilet flushes.

“You remember every outfit?” I ask pulling up the duffel bag and looking underneath.

“It’s in the spank bank. For good.”

The Kleenex box is under a Ziploc bag. I gasp when I pull it up. There are a ton of syringes and bottles of pills stuffed inside.

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