Aunt Bessie Joins (An Isle of Man Cozy Mystery Book 10) (31 page)



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Janice, Ruth and Margaret.

My photographer for cover
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Coming October 14, 2016


Aunt Bessie Knows


An Isle of Man Cozy Mystery


By Diana


Aunt Bessie knows she’s in for a long evening when she joins her friends
to celebrate New Year’s Eve.

In Elizabeth
experience, New Year’s
Eve parties are never as fun as they ought to be.
When she’s invited to share the night
with her new
, she reluctantly
agrees, in spite of her misgivings.

Aunt Bessie knows that gorgeous redhead,
Carter-Maxwell is drunk and slightly out of control.

But when
starts flirting with Hugh
Watterson, the young police constable who is Bessie’s friend,
manages to upset Hugh’s girlfriend, Grace.
By the time midnight arrives, Bessie is
more than ready to head for home, but first she agrees to join in the search
for the now missing

Aunt Bessie knows that Hugh Watterson didn’t kill anyone.

And she’s certain that his supervisor, John Rockwell, knows it too.
Unfortunately, it’s Inspector Anna
Lambert heading up this particular investigation.
As evidence against Hugh seems to be
piling up fast, Bessie knows she’s going to have to do some of her own detective

This is book eleven in the Isle of Man Cozy Mystery Series.


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Aunt Bessie Knows (release
October 14, 2016)


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About the Author

up in Erie, Pennsylvania, earned a BA in history from Allegheny College and
eventually ended up in Silver Spring, Maryland.
There she met her husband, who swept her
off her feet and moved her to Derbyshire for a short while.
Eventually, the couple relocated to the
Isle of Man.

The Isle of Man was home for Diana and her
family for over ten years.
their time there, Diana completed an MA in Manx Studies through the University
of Liverpool.
The family is now
living near Buffalo, New York, where Diana enjoys writing about the island that
she loves.

Diana also writes mystery/thrillers set in
the not-too-distant future under the pen name “Diana X. Dunn” and
fantasy/adventure books for middle grade readers under the pen name “D.X.

She would be delighted to know what you
think of her work and can be contacted through snail mail at:


PO Box 72

Clarence, NY


Or find her on Facebook,
or on her website at

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