Zombie Elementary Kaelor's Perspective




Volume1:  Kaelor’s perspective


By: Olivia Dunkelly


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All characters in this book are fictitious characters made up in Olivia’s imagination, and in no way represent any real people.

Please enjoy.









This Book is dedicated to:

My closest friends and famil












Table of contents


Chapter1: The beginning

Chapter 2: The walk

Chapter 3: When we arrived at the prison

Chapter 4: Well, hello there!

Chapter 5: Um hello?


A caramel skinned girl with black hair, and a little bit of brown highlights streaming from the roots of her head, to the split ends of her hair opened the door.  I think I’ve seen her before. 

I had a best friend who looked somewhat the same as her.  Plus, she also looked like the girl
that at the school gate. 

We stared at each other for a split second, until I broke the silence and said “Finally, we had been waiting for someone to open the door.


“Hi my name is Kaelor.  I turned around and pointed to Paige and everyone else behind me as I introduced them saying, “This is Paige, Kaelinda, Edmund, Aoi, and Hana-yon.  You can just call us the beat yo’ butt up crew.”

She laughed and said “beat yo’ butt up crew?  That name is hilarious!”

I made a face at her, so did everyone else.

She replied, “Sorry, I just really needed that laugh.”………






…… If you want to know the rest of that you have to read from the beginning.

















Chapter1: The B

That is totally ignorant
.  Just the way he said it was dumb.

Edmund said, “Kaelor, are you

I rolled my eyes and replied
, “Well I guess I am. I am ri-dic-u-lous.”

Edmund laughed hysterically, “You said ridiculous.”



“What’s so funny about that?”

He looked at me and said “ri-
-u-lous.” Then he continued with his riotous laughter. 

Edmund has
short black hair, dark tan skin, and brown eyes.  He’s short and lean, with a fake, purple tattoo of a microphone that read ‘Wiz Khalifa is off the hook and in the hizzay’ horizontally across his left arm.

I looked at him with disgust.
“You think like a kindergartener with a dirty mind. 



“You will never make it anywhere in life if you keep behaving like that.”

Edmund stopped his laughing, and gave me a plain expression.

“You don’t have to lay it out like that just because I have a tattoo, or because I rejected you when you asked me out.”

I looked at him, and began to bow my head.  “I’m sorry Edmund, that I just had to lie that out to you like that.”

A fiendish smile crept over his face.
  “That’s more like it.  If you want me to say


yes to you the next time you ask me out, you’d better be nicer to me.”

, Edmund’s so cute, and he knows I still have a crush on him.  So, he keeps holding it over my head, but it’s starting to get annoying. Maybe I should start chasing after that Elmo guy.  He’s pretty cute, funny, and attractive.  As a matter of fact, didn’t I give him my number last year?  Now that I think about it, I recall giving it to Taylor, Roxanna, and Gianna also.  So far, the only one out of those four that have called me, is



  Not to mention the fact that I haven’t seen her around school anymore.  Did she leave?  She told me she wasn’t leaving.  I guess I’ll ask her about that when we talk on the phone tonight. 

I came back to reality.

“Hey, Kealor?” Edmund said while staring at the ceiling with a serious face. He was blushing too.

wonder what he’s going to say. Excited, I quickly answered, “Yes?”



He looked at me, flustered.  “Do
you watch that American show ‘The walking dead’?”

My excitem
ent turned into disappointment just that fast. “No, why?”

“Cause, I do” he replied.

I nodded and then said “Wait, you watch American shows?”

He looked at me and nodded.




“I remember you saying that
American shows are overrated and Shima-Ostrov-Isla shows are better.  Not to mention, you insulted some American celebrities once before.”

Edmund looked at me and said
, “Well yeah, some of the stuff that happens in American shows are very overrated and dumb, but they have really good plots.  Just like some Japanese anime’s. Besides, I’m mixed with Shima-Ostrov, Japanese, African American, and Puerto Rican.  But,I just like Shima-Ostrov shows better.” 


“So which parent was which?”

“My dad is Shima-Ostrov and Japanese, while my mom is Puerto Rican and Af
rican American.”

I nodded and then sat in my chair
, thinking that you can’t judge a book by its cover.  I share a table desk with Edmund, Kaelinda, and Paige. It’s a table desk that is rectangular, and has areas that hold books underneath. It’s meant for four people to use.  We only use actual desks in the testing rooms. 


I began staring at my name written in permanent marker.  It was written in Shima-Ostrov.  It read

. I struggled reading the first time I saw Shima- yazyk-gengo.  Shima-yazyk-gengo, is the language of Shim-Ostrov.

I’m mixed American and Shima-Ostrov.  I spent up until the third grade in the United States, and I started fourth grade here, in Shima -Ostrov. Since my parents divorced during the summer, the judge told me I had to spend the school year with my mom and a half of the summer with my dad.


My older brother, lives with my dad all of the time.  My parents told me that they just didn’t love each other anymore.  That really hurt to hear them say that, but I still love them both.

Since the divorce, a lot of things have changed.  We even had to move out of our house.
So, mom brought me with her to Shima-Ostrov-Isla, to live with her and my grandmother so we could start over.  I looked up to see Edmund staring out of the window in confusion.



“Hey Kaelor!” yelled Paige and Kaelinda, as they walked into the classroom.

I looked up at them.  Paige has brownish, blonde hair.  She’s short and lean, with tan skin, and a baby face. Her eyes are a pretty blue. Kaelinda has black hair, caramel skin, hazel eyes, freckles, and is tall and lean. 

“Hey, Kaelor
?” said Edmund nervously, as he put his hand on my shoulder.

I looked at him, my eyes meeting his.

“Look out the window.”

I stood up out
of my chair, and looked out of the window. I saw a girl. She had black hair with brown highlights.  I think her skin was caramel colored.  She was doing something to the lock on the school gate.  I think she was decoding it. Why would she want to leave school ten minutes before it started?  I stared out of the window, analyzing the front school yard.  My gaze was quickly followed by Paige and Kaelinda’s gaze.  We stared for a good minute, and then we saw Mr. Keyatoe, Mrs. Marilyn, Mr. Argoli, and Ms. Agi walking


behind each other toward the gate, talking. 

Why were they in the Elementary school yard? I understand why Ms. Agi, Mrs. Marilyn and Mr.Keyatoe would be there, but why Mr. Argoli?  He’s the middle school rocket ball coach.
Then we saw Mr. Keyatoe grab that caramel skinned girl. He was yelling at her with an extremely red face.  Then Mrs. Marilyn cut in and started yelling. 

Edmund tapped me and said
, “Look at the door of the gate.”


I took my gaze off of that girl, and looked up at the gate.  There was someone standing there.  He looked like a zombie from the movies. He walked in through the gate.

The girl looked, and then ran out of sight.
The teachers were staring.  Mr. Keyatoe was bitten first.  It was a zombie!  Mrs. Marilyn put her hand over her mouth, as if to shield herself from screaming.  Then, Mr. Keyatoe bit Mrs. Marilyn and so on.

I twisted my head away from the window and turned it back.  By now, almost


was in the classroom. When my gaze hit the window, all I saw was a group of walking corpses. I looked at the ceiling and shook my head rapidly in disbelief.  “No, this can’t be true!  It just can’t.  Not now, no.  I need to become a movie director and a fashion designer.  No, no!”  I brought my gaze from the ceiling.

My teacher, Ms. Mellow, or as we call her ‘snake face’ gave me a rude look.  Ms. Mellow has short, black hair.  She is fair skinned, tall, and has snake shaped eyes and



nose.  “What are you acting like a character from a tragic movie for?” she snapped.

I gave a very, very rude look.  A look that a child should never give an elder.  “Why don’t you take a look out the window, snake face!”

She gave me a very disgusted and very angry look, and got up from her teachers desk and stormed to the window.  She yanked my head back by my hair, and looked out the window.  After a minute, she looked at me and yanked my head back even harder until my chin was in the air. She then


moved her head closer to mine and whispered in my ear, “So what is it that I am supposed to be looking at, demon child?”

I struggled to get out of her grasp.  Her grip was very strong. I replied in a very defiant tone “You can’t beat me, or treat me like this
it’s against the law.”  Yes we have separate states like America with laws in them.  Just because Shima-Ostrov-Isla is a big island in the middle of the Ring Of Fire, doesn’t mean that we are that different from some of the other countries.



Although we aren’t a part of any other country, we are our own country.  We just decide to have three states in total.  Shima-Ostrov-Isla is really similar to the USA.

Snake face gave me a disgusted glare and replied “I know, but sometimes I wish I could, with how ignorant and defiant some of you children are.” 

en we heard some yelling in Ms.Chuchia’s classroom. I think I could make out a little bit of what was said.


This is what I heard: “Get out of your seats! Zombies!  It’s a zombie apocalypse! It’s happening now, gather weapons!”

Then I heard another yell.  I couldn’t really hear what was said.
Then it got silent. They probably started speaking at an indoor volume.  Then, we heard another yell, followed by a loud
!  It sounded like metal hitting metal.  I then heard a low moan, like a sound the walking dead would make.  It sounded fairly close to the classroom door. By then, “Snake face” took her grasp off my hair.  So I got out of my


seat and grabbed a ruler.  It was more like a yard stick.  Then I was followed by Paige, Edmund, and Kaelinda. They grabbed one too.  Edmund had a purple one, Kaelinda had a blue one, and Paige had a pink one.  The snake face had at least one for everyone in the class, and they were all assorted colors.  Two of them were decorated with homemade stickers of  k-pop stars like Teen Top or Girls Generation or Bigbang.

After we all turned around
, my other friends Leeyanah, and Aoi followed us and grabbed one too. 


Aoi has naturally blue hair.  She’s short, and she has the face of an angel, and she has white, soft skin, and narrow brown eyes. 

Leeyanah and Aoi were soon
followed by my other best friend, Hana-yon.  Hana-yon has black long hair.  She’s tall and she has narrow black eyes. 

Then they were followed by my secret admirer Malachi, and othe
r boys.  Soon, everyone except Snake face grabbed a ruler.  Leeyanah grabbed an actual ruler.  Kind of dumb, but okay.


Edmund gave a smirk and said “Who watches the walking dead in here!?”

ost everyone except for 3 people raised their hand or said “Heck yeah.” 

Then, Malachi said “Who doesn’t?  It’s the most epic zombie show
ever!  It’s a show with a good storyline. You hardly ever find those. Plus, even though the show “The Adventure of lark Monroe” is way more epic, it was discontinued because of funding and casting issues.”



Edmund grabbed my hand as he walked toward the door.

I followed obediently
, and looked behind us.  Kaelinda and Paige smirked, looked at each other, and laughed. Then they followed behind us.

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