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Without Pity: Ann Rule's Most Dangerous Killers

Praise for Ann Rule’s Brilliant
New York Times
Every Breath you Take

“Affecting, tense, and smart true-crime…. Rule digs up details…that form a case study of the classic American con man crossed with the more exotic strains of the sociopath.”

—Washington Post Book World

“Ann Rule has outdone herself….”

—The Orlando Sentinel

“Rule, in classic form, meticulously re-creates the…lives of her characters.”

—Publishers Weekly

“Troubling but absolutely riveting…. A sober, nonsensational account of Sheila’s murder, the mind-boggling series of events preceding it, and the nail-biting sequence of twists and turns in the investigation of the crime…. As usual, Rule excels at painting psychologically perceptive portraits of all the characters in this stranger-than-fiction but nevertheless real-life drama.”


…And Never Let Her Go

“Most people like to think they recognize evil when they see it. But as this gripping story makes clear, most people are wrong. Much more than the profile of a handsome, insidious killer and the young woman he murdered,…
And Never Let Her Go
is also the story of three close-knit families and how 30-year-old Anne Marie Fahey’s death strengthened or destroyed them…. In Rule’s capable hands, [this is] the raw material for a modern-day tragedy.”

—Publishers Weekly
(starred review)

“[A] truly creepy true-crime story…. This portrait of an evil prince needs no embellishment.”


“In her selection and treatment of the Fahey murder, [Rule] might have created her masterpiece.”

—The Plain Dealer

“Even crime buffs who followed the case closely are bound to gain new insights…. The courtroom scenes of Capano are especially compelling.”

—The Orlando Sentinel

“[Rule] tell[s] the sad story with authority, flair, and pace.”

—The Washington Post

“[A] compassionate portrayal of the victim and a chilling portrayal of her killer…. This is a true page-turner.”


Bitter Harvest

“A must-read story of the ’90s American dream turned, tragically, to self-absorbed ashes.”


“Impossible to put down…. A tour de force from America’s best true-crime writer.”

—Kirkus Reviews

“[A] tension-filled, page-turning chronology and analysis of a psychopath in action…. It is Rule’s expert attention to detail that makes this Medea-incarnate story so compelling…. [A] gripping saga of sin and murder most foul.”

—Publishers Weekly
(starred review)

Empty Promises
And Other True Cases
Ann Rule’s Crime Files: Vol. 7

“Fascinating, unsettling tales…. The shortest article here is deeper, and tells us more about the nature of crime, than a whole stack of full-length books written by less talented competitors. Among the very small group of top-notch true-crime writers, Rule just may be the best of the bunch.”


A Rage To Kill
And Other True Cases
Ann Rule’s Crime Files: Vol. 6

“Her telling of the [Seattle] bus-crash saga is filled with those trademark touches that make Rule’s readers feel like they were there.”

—The Seattle Times

“Gripping tales…. Fans of true crime know they can rely on Ann Rule to deliver the dead-level best.”

—The Hartford Courant

The End of the Dream
And Other True Cases
Ann Rule’s Crime Files: Vol. 5

“[The] stories take on a poignancy that goes far beyond mere cops-’n’-robbers stuff. Without resorting to psycho-babble, Rule tells us—through exhaustively detailed interviews with lovers, friends, and families—what led three such talented men to such tragic ends.”

—Seattle Post-Intelligencer

“Rule’s true-life crime stories read better than most fiction murder plots.”

—St. Petersburg Times

Books by Ann Rule

Without Pity: Ann Rule’s Most Dangerous Killers

Heart Full of Lies

Every Breath You Take

…And Never Let Her Go

Bitter Harvest

Dead by Sunset

Everything She Ever Wanted

If You Really Loved Me

The Stranger Beside Me


Small Sacrifices

Ann Rule’s Crime Files:

Vol. 8: Last Dance, Last Chance and Other True Cases

Vol. 7: Empty Promises and Other True Cases

Vol. 6: A Rage to Kill and Other True Cases

Vol. 5: The End of the Dream and Other True Cases

Vol. 4: In the Name of Love and Other True Cases

Vol. 3: A Fever in the Heart and Other True Cases

Vol. 2: You Belong to Me and Other True Cases

Vol. 1: A Rose for Her Grave and Other True Cases

The I-5 Killer

The Want-Ad Killer

Lust Killer

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To my friends, a thousand homicide detectives from at least a hundred different departments around America. For almost thirty years, I have watched them work under circumstances that most people could never imagine. When the rest of us are enjoying holidays, spending time with our families and sleeping, they are often out in the field, slogging through rain, mud, snow, and sometimes blood. They are coping with the devastation that violence can do to the human body. They come to know and care for the victims they never met in life, and they strive to find who took their lives away even if it means working twenty-four to thirty-six hours without sleep. They are skilled, dedicated, dogged, tough, perceptive, tender, inquisitive, compassionate, hard-nosed, meticulous, and sometimes even clairvoyant. We all hope we will never need their services, but if we should they will do their best to deliver justice. Yes, the homicide guys are sometimes full of black humor—but I have also seen most of them cry.

And a salute to Detective Sergeant Don Cameron, thirty years with the Seattle Police Department’s Homicide Unit, on his retirement. A better homicide detective never served. And to Chuck Wright, who retired in 1999 after three decades with the Washington State Department of Corrections. Chuck has helped rehabilitate the thousands of people who have been assigned to his case-load, and he has also worked tirelessly for victims’ rights.

And, finally, to the memory of Seattle Police Homicide investigators Detective Sergeant Ivan Beeson, Detective Dick Reed and Detective Don Strunk.

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