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Wings of Retribution

Sara King



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Sara King


Guardians of the First Realm: Alaskan Fire

Guardians of the First Realm: Alaskan Fury


Millennium Potion: Wings of Retribution





Terms of Mercy: To the Princess Bound


Guardians of the First Realm: Alaskan Fang


Outer Bounds: Tides of Fortune


(a.k.a. If You Don’t Realize This Is A Work Of Fiction, Please Go Find Something Else To Do)


So you’re about to read about spaceships and aliens and laser pistols and faster-than-light space travel.  In case you’re still confused, yes, this book is a complete work of fiction.  Nobody contained within these pages actually exists.  If there are any similarities between the people or places of
Millennium Potion
and the people and places of Good Ol’ Planet Earth, you’ve just gotta trust me.  I
t’s not real, people.  Really.


This one is for Chancey, Logan, and Kyle. 

You know who you are.  You are awesome. 

‘Nuff said.


Also, props to Amy Breshears, Nitpicker Galore.

(In a good way!)


Oh, and thank you Tucker,

who conceived the perfect word:  Knucker. 




Welcome to one of the many fictional worlds of Sara King!  You’re in for a wild ride—I’m one of those freaks of nature who not only write fast (6-8 books a year if I’m not distracted), but can produce quality material the first time, every time.  (Well, not
time, but those projects get trashed and I shoot anyone who talks about them…)  I blow a lot of people’s minds with how quickly I can whip out quality work.  My final drafts are basically my first drafts with a little word tweaking here and there.  Because of that, I had a
backlog of novels that built up during the time I was agented by one of the biggest names in NYC, and the system just couldn’t keep up.  I’ve got 15 novels finished and 42 others in various stages of completion, at last count, and each one of those novels has hundreds of screaming fans vying for me to finish them first.  So, after great debate, I’m finally giving them what they’ve been asking for.  Over the next 6 years, each one of those books is going to be published here on Amazon at the pace of about one every six weeks. 

On that same note, I stepped out of the traditional publishing ring over a year ago, when I decided that the glacially slow pace of the current publishing system (only a single book submitted in four years, anyone???) is obsolete, archaic, and on its way out of style, and that, due to the miracle of the internet, there is a Better Way. 

You, dear reader, are even now playing a part in this Better Way.  Instead of having ten different middle-men between me and you, for better or worse, it’s a straight-shot from my brain to yours.  Sputch.  Unfortunately for you, this means that you’ve gotta dig through a lot of self-published crap to find the gems.  Fortunately for me, if you’re reading this, there’s a damn good chance that you’re realizing you’re holding one of the gems. 

Wings of Retribution
is the first of the
Millennium Potion
adventure series, so if you enjoy the antics of Dallas, Athenais, Ragnar, Rabbit, and Stuart, keep an eye open for their further exploits as my project list gets whittled back down to manageable proportions.  In the meantime, I have two Alaskan Paranormal novels,
Alaskan Fire
Alaskan Fury
, that might interest you, and will be continuously publishing projects until I get enough of these babies off my hard-drive that it stops overheating at night.  Look for
Outer Bounds
Alaskan Fang
, and
To The Princess Bound
to be hitting Kindle within the next few months.  So far, I write thrillers, adventure, paranormal, romance, science fiction, and epic fantasy, but my writing horizons are continually expanding as more projects are added to my list.  Basically, I really need some clones.

If you’re interested in staying up-to-date with my current novel endeavors, friend me on Facebook at or shoot me an email at [email protected] or check me out at  If you like
Wings of Retribution
, stay tuned—more great stories are continuously forthcoming!


-Sara King

April 16
, 2012





Chapter 1:  A Cure for Immortality

Chapter 2:  Shifters

Chapter 3:  A Really Big Reward

Chapter 4:  Space Rats

Chapter 5:  Simple Stuart

Chapter 6:  A Fairy’s Busted Wings

Chapter 7:  Worms in the System

Chapter 8:  Dallas’s New Ride

Chapter 9:  Friends in Sticky Places

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