When Sparks Ignite: Leather and Pleasure 2


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Leather and Pleasure

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When Sparks Ignite


Leather and Pleasure 2







Jennifer Labelle




His private club was packed and he was exactly where he wanted to be in life, so why didn’t any of it satisfy him anymore? He was bored, and nobody had held his interest in months. It was starting to get lonely. A good sub was a dime a dozen, especially when you owned such a fine establishment as
Leather and Pleasure.

Rhys Evans was proud of his fetish club. It had satisfied him for the first little while, but he lost his spark somewhere along the way, and needed to find it again. Hell, what he needed was someone to fuel it again, so as he sat at a far booth in the corner near the bar, he knew the time had finally come to change his luck as he spotted her for the first time sitting at his bar.

She was angelic with her long blond hair, large glossy blue eyes, and succulent pouty lips made for tasting. She stood out, clearly a first timer as she sat there in shock, yet mesmerized by her surroundings, and it made him itch to introduce her to the world around her. He sat back and took another swig of his beer, observing, and just then she turned to meet his gaze dead on. Color raised from her chest to her cheeks as she smiled and then shyly looked away. Oh yeah, it was going to be a hell of a lot of fun getting her to open up to him, to trust him, and to grant him the honour of witnessing her pleasure, of giving it to her. Now it was just a matter of getting her to accept.
Well, my new little sub, I think it’s time I made my presence better known.




Eden Mayer sat at the bar feeling completely out of place, and wondered what possessed her roommate and long time best friend, Rachel, to not warn her about what she was walking into. She’d been lonely, and bored, lately. Dumped by her cheating ex-boyfriend six months before, she barely had a social life anymore. So, when Rachel mentioned being member to an exclusive club it had peeked her curiosity. What she failed to mention was the type of place it was.
Well Eden, you had a hell of a time actually getting into this place, and you’re here now so you might as well have a drink and check out the show.

Completely shocked, yet too fascinated to look away, the show was nothing like she’d ever seen before, or like anything she’d ever experienced. There was a room that occupied an entire side of the club, with a glass window being the only thing separating the rest of the club from it. Three people occupied it. A man was strapped to some sort of table with leather cuffs. Face down his ass stuck out purposely, as the woman instructed the other man to strike him. She watched them with curiosity and wonderment.  They seemed to be enjoying themselves, and she almost gasped at the sight of the darker man mounting the one strapped, as he took him from behind. The woman kissed and looked like she whispered sweet nothings into his ear as she instructed, and loved them. The sight of the two men fucking made her hot and horny as hell.

She couldn’t watch anymore without embarrassing herself so she forced herself to look away, feeling flushed that it affected her so by just watching. Her pussy creamed and her thighs clamped closer together in hopes of making herself more comfortable. Two men together was a sexy sight, and just watching the woman take control was a new experience for her.

After ordering herself a drink she decided to look around a little more. It was then her eyes met with the most gorgeous man she’d ever seen, and better yet, he appeared to be looking back. His dark wavy hair looked tousled like he’d just ran his fingers through it, the eyes black as midnight that captured hers almost had a hypnotic quality to them. Thick luscious lips surrounded a mouth that promised sinfully delicious things if she’d let him, and then there was his body...
Damn, is it getting hot in here!
He looked tall, with broad shoulders, a muscular chest and arms, lickable wash board abs, and delicious thick thighs encased in black leather pants.  Instead of fanning herself off she smiled shyly, and blushed thinking about those sinfully delicious things.

It’d been way to long since she was played with, and she missed sex. The feel of her bare skin against someone else’s, hot teasing breath giving her goose bumps, the giving and receiving, the silky smoothness of someone’s thick cock slipping in and out of her—she groaned, not allowing herself to think about it further.
It has to be this place,
she thought, and then her nipples puckered so hard that there was no hiding her excitement through her shirt.


Her back straightened at the sound of the unfamiliar voice. Turning around to answer, she said, “Not really.” Dark eyes sparkled as he looked back at her, and he smiled as she shyly looked away.
Holy mother of—it’s him. My Mr. Sinfully sexy.
Eden resisted the urge to cover herself knowing that he was checking out her assets, but there was something about him that made her want him to look. “How about you?”

 “No definitely not.” He chuckled, “In fact I’m quite good, especially now that you’re here. My name is Rhys Evans, and it’s a pleasure to make your acquaintance.”

Her breath hitched as he lifted her hand to his mouth to kiss. “Um—um thank you, Mr. Evans.” He’d made her momentarily speechless, and she hated that she was acting like a complete idiot. He seemed amused by her reaction, and she tried to cover how he was affecting her by giving him an introduction right back. “I’m Eden Mayer, it’s a pleasure to be here.” Tugging back her hand she gave him a genuine smile before grabbing her beer to take a sip.

“So what do you think?” Rhys gestured to their surroundings. “I’m assuming this is your first time here, or I would have noticed you before now.”

“It’s…very…interesting.” Eden gulped and couldn’t help but look towards the clubs entertainment. “Definitely, interesting.”

“Maybe something you’d like to try sometime?” Rhys raised an inquisitive brow waiting for her to answer, looking hopeful.

Definitely, if you’re involved, is that an offer?
Eden cleared her throat, “I’m not sure.” She shrugged, “I mean to get up there in front of everyone would take a lot of guts and confidence. I’m not sure I’m ready for that step yet.” She waved towards the sexy threesome, as they were engaged in some double penetration, and shifted her head sideways for a better look.  “Wow.”

“Wow, indeed.” Rhys smiled wide. “Their names are Rowan, Ryder, and Nolan. They’re regulars here, and provide very popular entertainment to the club. Rowan is a very lucky woman to have found such wonderful matches. They’re quite the happy trio. Which brings me to my next question, my club is very exclusive, and I was curious who you’d come with to gain entry?”

“Your club?” Eden tried not to choke on her beer. His inquisitiveness was one thing, and actually quite flattering, but he completely caught her off guard by announcing that he owned the place. “Well, my roommate Rachel comes here, at least I think she does. Anyway she mentioned it to me, made a few phone calls, got my name on the list to gain entry somehow, and voila here I am. I clearly didn’t know what I was walking into, and um—look I’m sorry if I caused any problems. Should I not be here? I can leave...” Eden nervously stood and turned to grab her purse when she felt his hand on her arm to stop her.

“Do you always ramble when you’re nervous?”

“Guilty,” she smiled, and waited for him to say something. As soon as he’d approached the butterflies in her stomach fluttered erratically, but now that he was touching her...
Whoa, baby!

“I didn’t ask you to leave, Eden, in fact I’d like very much for you to stay, but your friend clearly didn’t tell you about the dress code otherwise you wouldn’t have shown up in blue jeans and this very sexy pink halter.” He fingered the strap around her neck, “As you can tell by your surroundings you’re quite noticeable.”

Eden blushed as she took in all the dark skimpy clothing. “I’ll keep that in mind if I ever come back then.”

“Not if, but when...”

“Excuse me,” Eden’s brows scrunched together in confusion.

“When you come back,” He smiled and reached over to take her hand inside of his. “I’d really like you too, that is. In the meantime, I have a solution to your dress code problem, follow me.” Rhys pulled her forward, not waiting for an answer as he led her through the club to a door at the far end. Opening, it revealed a hallway with a set of stairs going up. It peaked her curiosity.

“Where are you taking me? I normally don’t make it a habit to follow strange men into the unknown.”

“I’m hardly strange,” He teased, flashing her a devilish smile, “And, I won’t bite unless you’d like me too. I like you, Eden, and I’m hoping that you’ll let me get to know you a whole lot better.”

“I think I’d like that too.” She smiled and then exhaled unable to maintain eye contact as she confessed it. There was just something about his dark penetrating gaze that gave her goose bumps like he wanted to devour her, and boy she wanted to be devoured if he was the one doing it. Every time they touched it felt as if there were a spark igniting, making her heart beat faster and body ache for him to touch so much more. She’d suppressed her sexual urges for way too long and desperately needed some relief.

Rhys opened another door at the top of the stairs, and allowed her to enter first. He watched her as she took in his loft. From the wooden floors to the high ceilings, his place was beautiful and very neatly kept. Eden hadn’t realized he moved behind her until his warm breath caressed her ear as she stood in his living room. “Let’s get one thing straight, my beautiful Eden. I want you. I want your permission to introduce you into the world you witnessed downstairs. I’ve waited so long for someone to ignite my passion again, and I’m not sure why, but I believe that person to be you.”

Eden shivered as Rhys chose right then to nibble on her lobe. His tongue felt like heaven on her as he used it on her briefly to entice. It felt too good to be true. She closed her eyes and moaned, revelling in the feel of his hard body behind hers, his impressive arousal pressed against her back, and then he began to whisper, “Will you let me be your Dom, my sweet Eden? Give me the permission I seek to please you, and I promise to make it my greatest mission to fulfill your every need.”

She bit her bottom lip to keep from making a fool out of herself, as she desperately held onto the moan that wanted to escape. It wouldn’t take much for her to come, and she knew even before he declared it, that he aimed to please. He oozed sex appeal, could have anyone he wanted, and yet he chose her that night. Why, she could care less. For right then he wanted her, and that’s all that mattered. Nodding her head ‘yes’, she whimpered before voicing her permission out loud. “Permission granted, Rhys, but I want to please you too!”

“Uh, uhn!” He turned her around to face him, and wiggled a finger in front of her face. “Now, that I have your permission I need you to understand that as your Dom, you’ve trusted me with your needs and therefore, you will do as instructed. I will not be called by my first name unless I give you permission to do so. I liked your more formal “Mr. Evans” from downstairs.” He pulled her against him again and captured her lips with his, their tongues meeting with such great passion that Eden was breathless once he pulled away.

Her chest heaved, as she tried to calm herself. “Yes, Mr. Evans.”

“Good girl, now follow me.” Rhys led her towards his bedroom and handed her a pile of clothing. A large four post bed was positioned in the center. She noticed the soft silk sheets, and itched to lie on top of them. With hooks positioned at each post, she began to wonder what she’d gotten herself into, but was way too excited to back out of anything now. At the end of the bed lay an opened chest with what looked like an assortment of leather, metal, and silk inside of it.

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