Utterly Yours (Book Four) (An Alpha Billionaire Romance)

Utterly Yours

Book Four

An Alpha Billionaire Romance



Alexa Brookes

Copyright © 2016 Alexa Brookes


This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places, and incidents either are products of the author’s imagination or are used fictitiously. Any similarity to actual events or locales or persons, living or dead, is entirely coincidental

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Chapter 1


              Nathaniel felt Eliza grip his cock, and he winced slightly.  His mind went back to the night he had had with Lillian, and he was not sure what his next move should be.  “Come on,” Eliza said to him, “don’t be so nervous.  Why don’t you show me where the bedroom is, and I’ll put on that outfit you liked so much?”

              “Um….” His face turned red as he pictured the black baby doll lingerie she had worn for him while they had video chatted.  “Yes, please,” he said, letting the wrong head do his thinking for him.  He led her to the bedroom of the Presidential Suite he had been staying in, and she kicked him out for a moment.

              “Give me just a second, all right?” she said and winked at him before closing him out of the bedroom.

What are you doing?
He questioned himself.  He had just had a wonderful night with Lillian, and suddenly Eliza, the woman his mother was desperately trying to set him up with, shows up at his hotel room unannounced wanting to have sex, and he just jumped on it.  Apparently, the playboy phase was still alive and well within him. 
Just tell her that you’re seeing someone else and apologize that she came all this way for nothing,
he told himself.  The door opened, and he saw her in the black lingerie with a pink ribbon, and he felt himself become hard. 
Seriously, you and Lillian just had sex…twice…less than four hours ago!  What is wrong with you?

              “What do you think?” she asked and turned in a circle for him.

              “Damn,” he said under his breath, and she reached out for him, pulling him towards the bedroom.

              He followed her, and the two of them collapsed together on the bed, their lips tightly woven together.  “Do whatever you want to me,” she said and licked her lips.

              Truthfully, Nathaniel was still exhausted after his late evening with Lillian.  Normally, such an offer would result in something he had a harder time convincing women to do, but he wasn’t sure what he was up for.  He just laid on his back and told her to give him a blowjob, and she conceded without hesitation.  He winced slightly as she devoured him; she scratched his sides with her perfectly manicured nails.  This was certainly a specialty of hers; he imagined that a woman like Eliza had been kind of a slut back in the day and had probably given up a number of blow jobs to frat boys before she had dropped out of college.

              Nathaniel moaned, and she pulled back for a moment to speak to him.  “Do I get to have a little fun too?” she asked.

              “Of course,” he said, having forgotten about Lillian for the time being.  This was his first sexual encounter with Eliza, so he as not sure how far to go.  He grinned down at her as she laid down on her back.  He decided to test the waters with a little bit of dirty talk and asked, “Are you naughty, Eliza?”

              “I’m wearing crotch-less panties; what do you think?” she responded with ease and an almost wicked grin.

              Nathaniel had not realized she had been wearing crotch-less panties, and the thought drove him wild.  He rubbed her inner thighs with his cock, feeling around for her wet pussy.  “So when you said to do
I wanted, what did you mean?” he asked.

              She reached up and wrapped her arms around his neck, pulling him down on her and then reached down to force him to push his cock up into her.  “I meant
,” she whispered and licked his ear.

              He felt himself slide into her with ease, and her dirty talk reawakened some energy he did not know he had.  After having just had sex a few hours before, it would seem that his current stamina had increased dramatically –he was sure Eliza would go home thinking he was the king after this.  He thrust himself violently against her for several minutes before pulling out and flipping her over onto her hands and knees.  He yanked down her panties and grabbed hold of her waist.  “You meant anything, right?” he asked and kissed her lower back.

              “Anything,” she repeated, and he pressed his wet cock into her ass.  She yelped, but after a moment of getting used to the unfamiliar pressure, she leaned back into it.  “Go all the way in,” she demanded and then grabbed one of his hands and placed it at her vagina.  “Rub my pussy while you fuck my ass,” she said, and Nathaniel was surprised at how filthy she was.

              He violently rubbed her clit as he forced his cock further up her ass; he felt a tremendous amount of moisture in the palm of his hand, and he cringed in both pain and pleasure at the tight enclosure his cock was now in.  “Do you like it?” Nathaniel asked.

              “God, yes!” she shouted.

              He pinched down slightly on her clit.  “How much do you like it?” he asked.

              “So much,” she groaned.  “Ugh, keep talking dirty to me.”

              He pressed two of his fingers further into her vagina and continued prodding at her clit with his thumb.  “I didn’t know you were such a nasty little whore,” he told her, rolling his eyes slightly –he really hadn’t expected this sort of behavior from the uptight daddy’s girl.

              “I can be nastier if you want me to,” she moaned.  “I didn’t know if you’d be up for it, but I brought some toys with me.  I was planning on a fun vacation while I was here.”

              “Holy hell,” he grumbled, still nudging his cock further and further up her ass until his pelvic hit her cheeks.  He reached his other hand around and pulled her up off her hands; she leaned her head back on his shoulder as they both sat on their knees.  He brought one hand around to her breast and squeezed it tight while his other hand continued playing with her pussy.  “You’re a dirty little bitch,” he said and bit her ear.

              “Don’t call me a bitch,” she warned.

              “Really?” he asked. “That’s the line?”

              She laughed and leaned forward, grabbing hold of the head board to keep herself steady. “Now fuck me hard, Nathaniel.  Fuck me hard until you can’t do it anymore.”

              He reached around and grabbed the headboard and went to town on her.  He came inside her, and he was able to slowly pull himself out of her ass.  He fell onto his back panting, and she turned to her side so that she could lean down and kiss him.  She winked at him and ran her fingers up and down his now incredibly sweaty chest.  “You’re always going to remember our first time, aren’t you?” she asked, laughing.  He nodded, too tired to give her a verbal response.  “What can I say?” she questioned, giggling.  “I’m a memorable kind of woman.” She rose out of bed and called out over her shoulder, “I’m going to go shower.  Are you coming with me?”

She can’t be serious
, he thought, but she was waving him over with her finger.  A part of him wanted to tell her to fuck off; he could hardly move, but then she went and got something out of her bag.  “Trust me,” she called out.  “You’re going to want to watch.”

              He rose up out of bed and followed her into the shower.

Chapter 2


              “I don’t know what to tell you, man,” Adam said.

              Nathaniel leaned back in his chair in the small back office of the shelter, staring down at his laptop as he video-chatted with his best friend and business partner, Adam.  “Eliza was not supposed to be here, and now she’s staying in my hotel room.  How am I supposed to hide that from Lillian?” Nathaniel groaned.  “I really don’t know what to do.  It’s not like I can just throw Eliza out.  She flew all this way just to see me, and you know how crazy my mother is.  If I blow Eliza off again and she finds out, there will be hell to pay.”

              “Maybe you shouldn’t have been dating two women at the same time?” Adam suggested.

              Nathaniel rolled his eyes.  “I wasn’t dating Eliza…. Well, we did video-chat some.”

              “Did she remain fully clothed during these video chats?” Adam asked.

              “Well, no, but-”

              “I’m going to stop you right there,” Adam said, laughing slightly under his breath.  “Sounds to me like you got yourself into this mess all on your own.  There’s not a whole lot I can do for you.  You got to pick a girl and ditch the other before all this blows up in your face.  That, or you’re going to have to be really conniving to pull this off.  There’s no way you can pull this off and come out with neither of them pissed off.”

              “I can try,” Nathaniel said as though Adam had challenged him.

              “It’s your funeral, buddy,” Adam said.  “Listen, I got to go.  Got a board meeting in an hour.”

              “A board meeting?” Nathaniel questioned.

              “Just looking over the last quarter’s credits,” Adam said in a reassuring tone.  “Nothing you need to freak out over.  I can handle it.”

              “If you say so,” Nathaniel bid his friend farewell and ended the chat.  Before he had much time to think about their conversation, Tony entered the office.

              “Hey, Nathaniel, Lillian is here,” he said, throwing his thumb over his shoulder.  “She is wanting to know if you want to have another date this evening.”

              “Shit,” Nathaniel said under his breath.

              “Everything good?” Tony asked.

              “No.  Eliza showed up at my hotel room last night,” Nathaniel said.

              “Seriously?  That woman really likes to play with that line between crazy and sane, doesn’t she?” Tony laughed slightly.  “And knowing you, you agreed to take Eliza on a date tonight for coming out this way, am I right?  You probably banged her last night too, didn’t you?”

              “Shut up, Tony,” Nathaniel griped, but he was surprised at how dead on the kid was.  “But, yeah.  I can’t cancel on Eliza.  She’ll-”

              “Call your mother?” Tony asked, so Nathaniel threw a book at him that had been sitting on the desk.  Deep down, Nathaniel knew Tony was just calling it like he saw it, but he didn’t want to hear it out loud.

              “I can’t deal with all of these crazy women –my mother, Eliza, Lillian!” Nathaniel said.

              “Lillian seems pretty normal to me,” Tony said.

              “You say that, and she’s the only one with actual, diagnosed psychological problems,” Nathaniel said.  He shook his head.  “I need you to come up with a good excuse that I can’t go with Lillian tonight, please.  I just have to deal with Eliza for two days.  She’s leaving the day after tomorrow.”

              “Tell you what,” Tony said, “I’ll come up with something to blow Lillian off for tonight, and I’ll see what I can do about making it seem like you’ve got something important going on tomorrow night to keep Eliza off your trail.  Talk up Eliza tonight like you’re going to be really busy tomorrow evening, and I’ll set up the woman with a spa day or something that’ll keep her entertained.  That way you can see Eliza tonight and Lillian tomorrow, and then Eliza will be gone the next morning.”

              “You’re the best, Tony,” Nathaniel said with a grin.

              “You know it,” Tony said and left the office, disappearing to go locate Lillian and send her on her way.

              Nathaniel slumped down in his seat.  He really did not like the idea of blowing Lillian off, but he was not quite sure what to do at the moment.  Eliza was honestly marriage material, but he certainly did not feel the way about her that he did Lillian.  He knew he needed to work out in his head what he wanted to do, but he simply was not sure yet.  He had not expected for two potential life partners to come walking into his life at the same time; only a few weeks ago he was living it up as a billionaire who took a different woman out every other night.  Now all of a sudden he was contemplating marriage and settling down, and it was becoming a bit much to take in.

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