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Treasure Hunters (4 page)

She cupped his tight ass and rubbed right back. “Bring it on.”

“You got it, baby.”

As she watched, he made quick work of hogtying Curt and then he carried Dumb Ass’s unconscious body outside.

When Rick returned, he was rubbing his hands together. Then he rushed up to her and collected the bag. “Let’s go!”

“Jeez, you act like I’m more exciting than the e-books.”

He dragged her into the lift and hit the button that started their descent. Before she could gasp, he was stroking her pussy through her bio-suit and she was rocking against his fingers. Licking the shell of her ear, he murmured, “This is the only treasure I’m interested in right now.”

Pure heat traveled up her spine and hardened her nipples. Rick nibbled her neck and pressed the steely length of his cock against her thigh. Her ability to think clearly diminished rapidly.

“Here? What if the lift is a piece of shit?”

“Then I’ll die a happy man.”

He found her clit and rubbed it.

“Wait!” she gasped, reaching for his chain. She wanted to take him to the cave, take her time, love him right. She had a plan, a goal…

One-handed, he pulled the data chip over his head and dropped it around her neck, but he didn’t stop manipulating her clit just the way she liked.

Her eyes slid closed as her cunt clenched in anticipation. “Don’t stop.”

“You just told me to wait.”

“No. Don’t wait…”

“Do you want to come, Sam?”

She nodded. “Yes…please…make me come.”

Rick pulled down the catch of her bio-suit. “Anything for you, baby.”

Lowering his head, he caught her nipple in his mouth, caressing it with gentle licks of his tongue. His hand slid inside her suit and then between her legs. Sam moaned, her senses on fire, her legs trembling so violently that he dropped the bag and supported her by the waist.

He parted her lips with a reverent touch, slipping through the slickness of her desire before plunging into her cunt with two fingers. “You’re always so wet for me.”

Turning her head, she pressed soft kisses to his cheek, her hips moving in time with the pumping inside her. “I can’t help it. I want you all the time.”

And she did. All the time. She’d been lonely for so long, longing for a man who appreciated the whole package—the brains and the bod.

He took her mouth with a deep, possessive kiss. Against her thigh, his cock was a hot and heavy weight, a tantalizing promise.

“I want you all the time, too,” he said against her lips. The pad of his thumb found her clit and rubbed, bumping it repeatedly with every shake of the descending lift. “I want to touch you like this whenever I feel like it. I want to hold you and be with you.”

“Oh Rick!” she cried, coming into his hand, her cunt melting with pleasure, her breasts heavy and aching. Knowing her so well, he sucked the hard tips, drawing on them with deep pulls that echoed around his thrusting fingers.

“I need you,” he groaned, withdrawing his touch and sinking to the floor of the rattling elevator.

Sam stared down at the beautiful man who waited for her, his large hands opening his pants, his massive cock springing out proudly erect. Hadn’t she always wished she was the kind of woman who could arouse a man’s lust? She loved the way he was always grabbing her for sex no matter where they were, like he’d die if he couldn’t have her.
Right now.
“You always make me feel like I’m the sexiest woman in the universe.”

The tip of his cock glistened with lust for her. “To me, Sam, you are.”

She shed her suit quickly and straddled his lean hips, holding herself aloft as he positioned the thick head at her drenched slit. Her eyes closed as she sank slowly onto him. This moment was one she always savored, the feel of him stretching her wide, massaging her creamy walls. The undeniable connection.

“By the gods,” he said hoarsely, his hands on her thighs gently pushing her downward until he was as deep as he could go.

They held still for long moments, enjoying the closeness. Then he asked, “You ready to watch?”

She nodded, her eyes meeting his. Nothing made her come harder than watching his cock reaming her pussy and he knew it. She leaned forward, setting her hands on his linen-clad shoulders, her chin meeting her chest as she slowly lifted her hips.

“What do you see?” he asked, his view obstructed by her hair. “Your cock. Hard and thick. Red and kind of angry-looking.”

“I’m desperate for you.”

“I can tell. Your veins are pulsing and the skin is shiny with my come.”

“You’re soaked inside.” Rick lifted his hips, his cock spearing into her. “It feels so good in you, baby. Hot and tight as hell.” He lowered, sliding out of her. “I’m sorry. I don’t think I’m going to last long. Fingering you always makes me crazy.”

“Don’t worry about me. I already got mine.” Reaching between them with one hand, Sam spread her lips. “Fuck me now,” she breathed, her legs shaking as he bucked upward again, her pussy swallowing him whole. “Oh goddess.”

“You like the way it looks?”

“I like the way it feels. You’re so big.”

Rick quickened his pace, his hips rising and falling, his wonderful cock shafting her cunt with expert rhythmic strokes. She whimpered in pleasure, her hand falling to the metal floor to hold herself up, her entire body shaking with the need to come. The lift jolted to an abrupt stop, but Rick never let up.

“Squeeze me with your pussy,” he gritted out. “Ah…” He pistoned faster, moving so quickly she could barely register the sight of it. “I’m…coming…”

She cried out when he spurted, his fingers bruising her thighs, his rasping cry echoing in the lift. He came hard, his cock swelling, his cum hot and filling her up until the delicious pressure pushed her into another orgasm. He groaned and fucked through her spasms.

Sam felt like she was drowning, her body awash in sensual heat and desire, her lust and longing rippling up her spine. She hadn’t known it could be like this, had never thought she would find a man who would want her so deeply. Her tears dropped onto his shirt. He pulled her down so he could cradle her to his chest.

They didn’t have to say anything out loud. They just knew.

“It’s got to be here somewhere,” she muttered, her hands skimming slowly along the carved stone.

“Are you sure this is a door?” Rick asked, mimicking her movements beside her.

Sam shot a glance at him and he arched a brow. “Hey, I have to ask. We’ve been feeling up this wall for almost an hour.”

“It’s got to be here. I know it.”

“I’ll look as long as you want,” he said solicitously. “But I claim the right for a nooky break if we’re here too long.”

“You’re a sex maniac.”

“We never got into the toys!”

She grinned and then laughed, she couldn’t help it. She was happier than she’d ever been in her life. “We don’t need toys.”

“That’s true. Damn, I’m a lucky bastard.” He stilled. “Wait a minute.” Leaning closer to the wall he blew hard at the image of a flower. Sand flew outward, revealing a tiny hole.

“Oh wow.” Sam couldn’t move. Sure, she’d been cocky and nonchalant about finding the treasure, but that was partly because she was afraid to be wrong. What if this wasn’t the place? What if the databases didn’t exist? What if she found out that everything she’d worked so hard for was only a myth?

Rick’s hand slipped into hers and squeezed. “You want to wait awhile? Think it over some? There’s no rush. We’ve got a week until we need to be on Rashier 6.”

Turning her head, she locked gazes with him.
They were in this together.

In tune with her feelings, he tugged her closer and kissed her forehead. “I don’t care if we find the treasure. We’ll get by without it. If you open this door, do it for you. Not for me. Or don’t do it. Whatever. I’ll be here for you whatever you decide.”

Taking a deep breath, Sam pulled the key chain over her head and stepped closer to the hole in the wall. “Let’s do this or we’ll wonder forever.”

As she slid the key in, he stepped up behind her and put comforting hands on her shoulders.

From a distance, a creak signaled the start of some ancient mechanism. Rattles and groans vibrated through the walls and shook the floor beneath their feet. Rick caught her up by the waist and pulled her back against him, shielding her with his much larger body. Dust and sand billowed around their legs. They both stared, riveted, as the massive stone wall shrank away from them and then slid off to the right, exposing a massive chamber.

Grabbing his blaster from its holster, Rick motioned for her to hang back as he walked cautiously into the dark room. Suddenly, the space was filled with light as sensors picked up his presence and activated.

is cool!” Sam breathed, awed as she stepped into the chamber behind him. Spinning slowly, she took in the ancient Earth hieroglyphics that covered the walls. In the center of the room waited three pyramid-shaped databases no bigger than the bag she’d brought with them.

“Oh man…oh goddess… Jeez, Rick. You have any idea how many erotic e-books those databases can hold?”

“Yeah, baby. I think I do. We’re filthy rich. And we’re going to be heroes. Hey, can you read this stuff?”

She tore her covetous gaze from the black databases and looked at him. “I think so.”

He pointed at the arched monoliths that curved up the walls and then across the stone ceiling. On the left, the massive stone was carved in the shape of a man. On the right, a woman. Their backs were to each other and text filled the space between their headdresses. “What’s that say?” he asked. “It looks important.”

Sam smiled. “It says, ‘
Ellora’s Cave Presents

“Huh?” He frowned. “Wasn’t that a twenty-first-century e-publisher?”

“You did your homework!” She beamed with pride. “EC was the largest and most lucrative of many such ventures started during that time period.”

“What does it mean?”

“It means they knew what was going to happen, Rick. I don’t know how they knew, but they did. EC started planning this in the year 2004.”

“How do you know that?” he asked, awed at her deductive reasoning. “How did you know this was here on Cerridwen?”

“It was the twenty-first-century advertisements! No one paid any attention to them. I admit, I disregarded them, too. But in 2004 EC began releasing anthologies called ‘
’. In each of the print advertisements for those volumes, they embedded symbols. Written in chronological order, the code revealed the location of Cerridwen. Think about it. Ellora’s Cave? The very name of the company was a clue.”

“How the hell could they know about the Conservative Censorship Committee, so many years ahead of its formation? Intergalactic travel wasn’t even possible at that time.”

“I honestly don’t know.” Laughing and crying and spinning with arms wide, Sam was certain her life was perfect. “But look at the treasure their vision created. Look at what they left us to find!”

Rick ducked to avoid her widespread arms and caught her about the waist, lifting her feet from the floor. “We also found each other.”

“Yes, my love. And you’re the greatest treasure in the universe.” Cupping his face, she kissed his nose and asked, “What’s next? The Draken Cup? The Sarian Stone?”

His grin was pure carnal wickedness. “The toys.”

She rolled her eyes. “What am I going to do with you?” Hugging her close, he said, “Well, I’ve got some ideas…”


The End…





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