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Authors: Natasha Marquis

The Right Time (8 page)

Justin sat up and bought Jasmine with him. 

Babe I see us being together a lifetime don

t you?

Jasmine cocked her head to the side like she was thinking hard about what he said.  Could she see them together she thought about it, and she could see them together. 

Hey before you answer I met what I said we can take it slow one day at a time.

I think that it is too late to take it slow after what just happened.

Well we can take it one day at a time.  Now woman lets go take a shower.















Two Months Later



Jasmine was lying on the beach under the umbrella watching Justin and Colin surf.  Justin had asked if she wanted to come with them, but she did want to surf with them but they were so much better than her.  After two months she still couldn

t believe that she and Hunter was a couple.  Hunter treated her like a queen, and he loved to surprise her with presents.  Most of the time they were little trinkets or roses, but this time he bought her to Hawaii.  He said they needed a vacation before they started school.  Jasmine had her doubts about their new budding romance, but true to his word Justin didn

t push and so far
their romance
was blooming.

Hey where is your mind?

Jasmine didn

t even see Justin get out of the water.  Even after all this time, she still stared at his body as if it was their first meeting. 

I was thinking about us.

Justin stuck his board in the sand and joined her on the towel. 

I like where your mind is going.  What are you thinking about going back to our room and make hot passionate love?

Well that is a thought, but I was thinking that after two months we are still a couple and it hasn

t affected our friendship.

Babe I knew that it wouldn

t if anything it has strenghten what we have.  Now can we think about something better like going back to our room and making love?

I think we can do that.  Let

s go.

You don

t have to tell me twice.


They couldn

t get up to their suite fast enough.  They had their clothes off before they reached the bedroom.   Not that it was that much to take off his swim trunks and her bikini.   Justin couldn

t wait he had her against the wall. 

I want you so much.  I am sorry baby to take you against the wall, but I need you now.

Justin lined up his cock to her opening and in one motion entered her.  This was the best feeling being inside of the woman he loved.  Her pussy fits his cock like a tight leather glove.  This was the only pussy he wanted no one else would do.  Justin was fucking her there would be  plenty of time to make love right now all he wanted to do was fuck. 

Justin I am going to come.

Justin stopped moving inside of her.  Jasmine couldn

t believe that he had stopped she knew that he was just as close to coming as she.  He bent down to kiss her, and Jasmine felt as if her toes would curl. 

I love you Jasmine, and I always will.

I love you also Justin.  I love you so much.

That was what Justin wanted to hear.  He started moving again and kissing her neck.  Jasmine knew it was just a matter of seconds and she was going to come. 

Come for me baby.  Let

s come together.

Justin didn

t have to tell her twice.  She came and called out his name.  Justin felt like he was going to explode and when he came he came hard.  He didn

t stop moving at once because he wanted it to continue.  When he had finished emptying himself into her he  carried her to the bed.  Curled up next to one another spooning, Justin placed feather kisses on her shoulder.

That was incredible if I had of known what a great lover you were we could have done this a lot sooner.

That made Justin smiled. 

I knew that it was going to be good, but I also knew that we had to wait.  You weren

t ready yet.

So I had to wait all of this time for us to be together.

Yes because it wasn

t our time.

Now is our time.

Yea babe now is the right time.












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