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Authors: Natasha Marquis

The Right Time (7 page)

Justin what are we doing?

What do you mean?

If I move in here

You mean when you move in here.

Justin you kissed me earlier today.  Why did you kiss me?

I wanted to, and I will do it again.

Before Jasmine could impugn with him, Justin started kissing her, and before she could think about the kiss he had pulled away and started placing butterfly kisses on her neck.  It felt too good to Jasmine.  Justin was making her feel things she had never felt before.  If he didn

t stop, they were going to end up fucking on the couch. Then out of nowhere Justin stopped kissing her.  She wanted more, but it also made her realize that they still needed to talk.

Justin this is why we need to talk.  Why are you kissing me?  We have never kissed before except friendly kisses on the cheek.   What is going on Justin?

Justin wanted to take it slow with Jasmine, but he could see that it was now or never with her.  He decided it was now or never.

Jasmine what if I told you that I have had a thing for you since the day we met.

Justin we met when we were five years old.  It is not normal for five years old to declare their love for one another.  Is this some kind of joke because if it is I can tell you I don

t find this conversation funny.

Justin grabbed Jasmine's hand and sat her on his lap he wanted to make sure she didn

t make a run for it.

This is not a joke.  Jasmine what if I told you I was in love with you, and have been since we were five, but my feelings escalated in high school.  They have only gotten stronger over the years.

Jasmine couldn

t believe what she was hearing; Justin the most popular boy in school named sexiest their senior year in high school, and the same guy who could have any coed had just professed his love for her. 

Justin you don

t know what you are saying.
She tried to get up, but Justin wouldn

t let her go. 

Jasmine I know this is a lot to take in, but it's how I feel.  We can take it as slow as you like, but I want you to know that as long as I have breath in my body I am going to do everything in my power to persuade you we belong together.
Jasmine was trying to get away, but Justin was not going to let her run. 

Hear me out I know that we will be good together give us a chance.

We are friends, and you know that it will be a mistake for us to become involved.  Suppose it doesn

t work out where does that leave our friendship?  Have you thought of that?

I have and that is a very big if.  I believe our friendship will be able to withstand whatever happens.  I don

t see a problem, so how about giving us a chance.

You wouldn

t.  I don

t think I want to take a chance with our friendship.

I think that our friendship can withstand this.  If anything it will probably make our relationship stronger, we deserve happiness.  You deserve happiness.

Before she had a chance to tell him all the reasons why this was a bad idea Justin started kissing her.  Justin was not just kissing her he was devouring her.  His hands were under her shirt and started fondling her breast.  He was circling and pinching her nipples.  Jasmine was everything he knew she would be.  He lifted her shirt and started sucking on her breast.  Jasmine was responding to his touches she had put her arms around his neck, but she had to hold onto his arms so she wouldn

t fall.   When he stood up Jasmine had her legs around his waist.  Justin was taking her to the bedroom.  Jasmine wanted to say stop, but she couldn

t form the words to tell him to stop.  Justin had placed her on the bed while he undressed.  Jasmine only glanced at Justin this morning in the shower, but now that she could see his whole body she enjoyed what she saw.  Justin was fit from working out and playing sports.  She looked at his chiseled chest that was covered lightly with blond hair.  The tattoo on his chest that was new.  She had seen the other ones, but he must have gotten it within the last month.  He came over to the bed and lowered himself to her and gave her a deep tongue kissed.  When he stopped Jasmine wanted more.

Tell me babe why are you still dressed?

Jasmine noticed he was right.  That needed to change.  Jasmine was out of her clothes, and threw them on the floor. 

Now that is better.  Beautiful I knew that you would be beautiful.
Justin started kissing her and started working his way down all the way to her feet and kissed them.  He started working his way up and saw the ring in her belly button.  He kept kissing her until he came to the object of his affection her pussy.

This is the most beautiful pussy I have ever seen.  I love that you shave it because I am going to devour this pussy.   This is my pussy, and don

t you ever forget.
Justin placed one finger in her pussy. 

Damn baby you are soaking wet.  Did I make you feel this way?
He started eating her pussy, and Justin thought that her pussy was the best tasting he had ever had, and Justin had eaten a lot of pussy. 

Justin that feels so good.  I am going to come.
Justin stopped eating her pussy, but he kept her on edge with his fingers just inches away from her g-spot. 

Why did you stop?

Do you like what I am doing to you?


Do you want me to make you come?

Jasmine looked at Justin as if he was crazy.

Well baby I

m waiting for your answer.
Justin would get her close to the edge and then pull back.  He was driving her crazy.  She wanted to come and he was asking.  She realized that he was not going to allow her questions to come unless she answered him.

Yes Justin.

Yes what?

Jasmine couldn

t believe Justin was doing this.

Justin yes I enjoy what you are doing, but I would enjoy it better if you would let me come.

Justin smiled and started eating her pussy again.  She was on the edge of coming when he spanked her clit.  Jasmine had never had anyone spank her before she decided that she liked it and he spanked her again right before she came.  Justin wasn

t letting up he kept eating and spanking her.  He ended up giving her four orgasm.  Justin wasn

t finished he was just getting started.  He reached over in his dresser drawer and pulled out a condom.

Do you know how sexy you look in the throes of passion?

I probably look a hot mess all sweaty from our activities.

Is that what you want to call it because I can think of other names for what we are doing.

Well why don

t you get started?

That was all Justin needed he started kissing her and slid is cock slowly in the warmth of her pussy. 

Babe you feel so good.  I have wanted this for so long.

He has waited a long time, and he felt like he was home.  This was his pussy, and no one was going to have this pussy ever again except for him.  He started moving slow at first, but Jasmine wanted more.  He had pulled out and stared at Jasmine right before he slammed his cock back into her warm pussy.

Justin this feels so good.  Don

t stop please don

t stop.

I have no intentions of stopping.

Then out of nowhere he switched up on her and flipped her so she was on top of him while he was still inside of her. 

Ride me.

Jasmine started bouncing up and down on Justin

s cock.  He let her have control for the time being.  He started playing with her tits, and sucking them.

Oh Justin I

m going to come.

Then come.  Come all over my cock.

Jasmine came and Justine was not even close to finishing.  He started pushing up into her pussy he was on the edge of coming when Jasmine started fondling his balls.  Justine couldn

t hold back and spilled his seed in her pussy.  Justin pulled out and placed Jasmine on her stomach. 

Get on your knees.

Justin I can


Justin started smiling. 

Here let me help you.  When Jasmine was on her knees Justin looked at her ass.  He swore one day he was going to fuck her ass.  Without warning he slammed into her pussy he grabbed her hair with his left hand and started kissing her.  He used his right hand to play with her breast.

Do you like this baby?


He let go of her hair and grabbed hold her by her hips.  Her pussy was clinging to his cock, and he could tell he was getting ready to come, but he wanted Jasmine to come first. 

Come for me baby.


m getting ready to come.
A few seconds later she came and Justin was right behind her.  Justin pulled out of her and gave her a kiss on the neck.  He rolled over and bought Jasmine with him.

Jasmine rested on Justine

s chest while she tried to come down on the best sex she had ever had.   He held her tight because he was afraid she might try to run.  Justine was happy making love to Jasmine it was better than he expected.  Justin felt his limp wet cock, and that is when he remembered he didn

t wear a condom.

Babe I need to tell you something.

Jasmine stretched and started playing with the hairs on his chest.

What is it?

I forgot to wear the condom.  I assure you that I am clean.  I haven

t had unprotected sex since ninth grade.

Jasmine sat up and gave him a strange look.  

You mean you had unprotected sex with Selena.  That is information I didn

t need to know.

Justine raised his left brow. 

I tell you I am clean, and all you can do is look disguised that I had sex with Selena.

Well she was a bitch plus she never liked me.

None of my girlfriends liked you, but I didn

t let that come between us.  You always came first, and now you know why.

Jasmine smiled at him before she went to lay back down on his chest. 

Justine I am clean also, and I take
shot every three months, and I had a shot before I came up here.  You are off the hook no little Justine

s were made tonight.

Justine thought about what she said, and the thought of having children with Jasmine would be nice in the future.  However, neither one of them was ready to have kids. 

That is good to know babe because we are no where near ready to become parents,  we both want to continue our education.  Kids are in the future.

Kids you mean you think that we will still be together five or ten years down the road.

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