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The Right Time (6 page)


s bathroom was huge and the shower was big enough for two and maybe a couple of more.  His whole apartment was bigger than her parent

s house.  It had all the amenities normal people dreamed of having.  Justin

s parents were paying for all of his expenses.   Jasmine thought that it would be better than thinking about these living arrangements with Justin than to think about the commit Justin had made.  He was joking no way Justin would be interested in her.  Jasmine was thinking about how big the shower was, and she didn

t even realize that the shower door had opened until Justin was right behind her.  She tried to cover herself as best she could but under the circumstance it was hopeless.

Justin what are you doing?

Looks like taking a shower do you want to wash my back?
He was smiling to help lighten the mood.

I thought you were joking.

Well when you didn

t say anything I took that as yes.  Hand me the soap babe.

Justin thought it was best to pretend that this was normal for the two of them.

Jasmine didn

t know what to say.  She could tell that he was serious.  She handed the soap to Justin if he wanted to pretend like this was normal behavior she could too.  She was not going to look down because she didn

t want to know how big he was or how small.  She remembered her roommate stating that white guys were smaller than black men, and her roommate would know she dated every race of men in college.  She had never been with a white man so she had nothing to compare. It was quiet at first, and then Justin started washing her back.  He didn

t just stop with her back he decided to wash her butt and then he started washing her breast or more like massaging them.  Justin thought he heard a groan, and then he heard it again.  He kissed her neck while his hands were getting very familiar with her body.  When he reached her pussy he had his answer if she shaved or not.  She was smooth as a baby

s ass.  He couldn

t wait to taste her, and as much as he would love to make love to Jasmine time was of the essence.  There was always later after all the celebration.  It was hard, but he had to let her go for now.

Rinse the soap off we need to get ready.
Justin got out of the shower and acted like everything was fine, but before he left the shower she had a peak at his cock.  Whoever said white guys were small had not met Justin.      The man was packing, and he had to be at least ten inches.  Jasmine wanted to know how he could touch her like that and not be affected, but he was affected because his cock was at attention.  How she would love to have his cock in her pussy.  She needed to get out of the shower, or they were going to be late.   She was wet between her legs, and it wasn

t from the shower.

Justin had gone into his bedroom because if he had stayed in that shower any longer they would be late for breakfast.  The last thing Justin needed was to hear his mother nag at him for being late.   Later he planned on seducing her later when everyone went back to his or her hotel room. Right now he had to get his cock down maybe if he put ice on it that would help. 

He was dressed before Jasmine came out of the bathroom.  He decided to wait for her in the living room.




Jasmine thought that Justin must have broken every law to make sure they were not late because he didn

t want his mother to chastise him in front of Jasmine.  When they reached the breakfast room at the hotel, his family was already seated.  He was not late, but they were the last to arrive.  He bent down to give his mother a kiss hopeful that would smooth things with her. 

Well at least you are not late.

I love you to mom, but we have a good reason to be the last to arrive.  We were celebrating Jasmine

s decision to attend Harvard.

Everyone was ecstatic about her choice.  They decided to celebrate with a mimosa.  Jasmine was having a good time so good a time that she didn

t want it to end.  Before she knew it they had to leave for Justin

s graduation. 

It was a beautiful day for a graduation.  It wasn

t too hot or chilly for an outdoor graduation.  Jasmine had on her yellow-flowered dress and a hat to match.  Justin had told her once that she looked good in yellow, so she decided to wear yellow to his graduation.  It was a long graduation because Justin decided to go to the full graduation and not the departmental one.  The guess speaker was even long-winded.  Justin was class valedictorian and his speech wasn't long .  Jasmine might not have been class valedictorian but she was salutatorian and Justin had told her he was proud of her after they had watched the recording of her graduation. 

I knew you could do it.

Once the ceremony was over Justin

s family went to look for him.  He heard the congratulations, but he was looking for Jasmine.  When he saw her in her beautiful yellow dress and hat when she came out of the bedroom she took his breath away just like she was now.  She had come up to him and gave him a hug and congratulated him, but he wanted more he decided to give her a kiss on the lips.  It wasn

t a peck on the lips it was a full-blown kiss.  At first Jasmine was too shocked to move, but she found herself putting her arms around his neck and opening her mouth to invite his tongue to play with hers. 

Justin had wanted to do this for a long time, and now that he had he didn

t want to stop but he pulled back.  He didn

t want to give her too much too soon.  They just stared at one another for a few seconds until Justin spoke.

Now that is what I call a congratulation.  One that I will never forget.

Jasmine didn

t know what to say, but she also remembered that they were not alone.  She could just image what his family was thinking.  She did the only thing that she could she buried her head in Justin

s shoulder.  Justin being Justin held her and laughed.


s okay babe.

Well if you two are done making out maybe you want your graduation presents.

That got Justin

s attention. 

Did you say presents dad?
He grabbed Jasmine

s hand and walked over to see what gifts he was receiving.

Yes son here this if from your mother and me.

His dad handed him an envelope and when Justin opened it there was a key, but not just any key it was the key to a new BMW.  Jasmine looked at the key, and noticed that it was a new BMW the one he drove was only four years old.  She wondered if he would get another one when he finished law school.

Thanks mom and dad where is it?

It is parked in the lot.  Your brother drove it.

You drove my car before me.

Well someone had to break it in unless you wanted Misty to drive it.


s okay if Misty had of driven, she would have crashed it.

Misty hit both of her brothers.

Well for your information I was going to drive your new car just to piss you off.

Well I am glad that Brock got the keys before you did.

Now that you three are finished would you like your other presents.

Of course mom I would never turn down gifts.

It was Justin

s grandparents they each handed him an envelope.

What is with the envelopes where is the fun of opening a present?

Justin opened the one from his mom

s parents it was a document, and after reading it he realized that he was receiving his trust fund.  Well part of it anyway.  He would receive the rest of his trust fund in three years when he turned twenty-five.  He opened the other envelope and he already knew what it was.  He was right it was his other trust fund from his dad

s parents.  He gave both hugs and thanked them.

Jasmine had glanced at the documents, and she almost fainted when she saw the amount of money he was receiving.  She could pay off her student loans off several times and still have money to spend. 


























Chapter 5



After the ceremony, Justin

s family took him and Jasmine to lunch.  Justin wanted to get back to his place so he could be alone with Jasmine.  Finally after two hours his family went back to their hotel and said that they would see them tomorrow before they left.  Now that they were back at his place they had changed into comfortable clothes and Justin was waiting for Jasmine to come back into the room.  Justin knew exactly when Jasmine entered the room.  She was wearing her Victoria

s Secret lounging clothes.  This one consisted of a T-shirt and a pair of shorts.  She may not wear sexy nightwear like other women, but Justin didn

t care she could wear a sack and she would still be sexy.  She came over to sit next to him on the sofa.

Do you want to watch a movie?
That was the first thing Justin could think to say.

No, I think that we should talk.

You want to talk; about what?

Justin I didn

t mean to look at how much you are going to receive from your trust fund, but I couldn

t help it.


s okay even if you hadn

t seen it I would have informed you of it.

That is a lot of money for someone who is only twenty-two.  I am surprised they didn

t wait until you were twenty-five.

I did receive only half my trust funds.  I will receive another installment at twenty-five and the last installment at thirty.

What do you plan on doing with all that money, and your car?  You received a car when you turned sixteen, another at eighteen and now at twenty-two you receive another new car.  When you graduate from law school, your parents going to buy you another new car?

They may or since I have my trust fund they may believe I should buy my own is this going to be a problem?  We have never let my money come between us before why now?


s not that it

s a problem.  I just wonder if you know how blessed you are.

Jasmine you know that I don

t flaunt my money or my status, but I am not going to try to hide it either. If I want to take you out to a nice restaurant I will.  By the way I know a lot of people in this world who would love to have my money and I will never abuse my status in life.  Is that okay?

I believe you, but I have another question.

What do you want to ask me?


That got Justin

s attention.  He wanted to hear this.

Okay let

s talk.

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