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Authors: Natasha Marquis

The Right Time (5 page)

Okay I

ll stay for another thirty minutes and then I need to leave.

Jasmine stayed she didn

t know why because it wasn

t as if anyone was really talking to her.  The party was getting a little loud, but she did promise that she would stay thirty minutes and she still had another fifteen.  Then she saw Allison get on the stage they had bought into the room.

Can I have everyone

s attention?  As you know as a tradition that goes back thirty years we always vote for who had the best costume well this year an award is given to the best costume.  This year we have decided to make a change.  This year we have decided to give an award to a meriting person.  This person doesn

t belong to our sorority, but we have decided to make her an honorary member Jasmine Dupree can you come up here.

Jasmine was shocked she couldn

t believe that Allison would do this.  Jasmine was a private person, and she didn

t like to be the center of attention.  Allison wanted her to stay because of this maybe things were getting better for her. 

Jasmine up here.

Jasmine figured she would probably bring more attention to herself than not going up there.  She started walking up on stage.  When she was standing up there, Allison moved over to the side far away from her.

Jasmine I would like to say that we are honored to make you as an honorary member, and we would like to give something special for you.

Before Jasmine could say anything she felt something gooey being dump on her and then several males came up on stage and started putting feathers on her.  She couldn

t understand why this was happening.  People were laughing at her.  Jasmine wanted to cry, but she was not going to do it in front of these people.  She pushed people down and ran out of the building all the way back to her room.  She was glad that her roommate was not there.  When she was safely back in her room she cried, for the life of her she couldn

t figure out why this was happening to her.  Why is it that people want to make fun of her and treat her like shit?  She couldn

t take it any more.  She wanted this to end.  Jasmine thought that when she went away to college things were going to be different.  This was supposed to be her new beginning.  Instead this was a repeat of what has happened all of her life.  It was time to end this because it was obvious that nothing was going to change, so what was the purpose of going on.  Jasmine went to the medicine cabinet and pulled out all of the pills that were there.  She sat at her desk and wrote a letter to Justin.  She was taking the coward

s way out by writing a letter to explain why.  Justin probably won

t forgive her, but she needed for the pain to stop.











The present



No Jasmine please you didn

t try to commit suicide did you?

Jasmine kept her head down after telling Justin.


You hate me don

t you?

Jasmine I need for you to look at me.  Please.

Jasmine couldn

t stop the tears even if she wanted to, but she did look at Justin and he caressed her cheek. 

Jasmine I can never hate you don

t you know that I love you.  Why didn

t you tell me, or call me when those assholes did that to you?

I didn

t want to bother you and at time ashamed of what I had done.


t you know that I always have time for you, and that I want you to come to me when you have a problem.  I will always be there for you.  Who found you?

It was my roommate she called 911.

I presume hospitalized and therapy started immediately.

They hospitalized me for a week, and then I became an outpatient.

I am glad that you received the help, but I wish that I could have been there for you.  Where is that bitch Allison?

It doesn

t matter I don

t want to think about it anymore.

She better hope that I never run into her.

You are such a good friend, and I am sorry that I didn

t tell you what was happening.

You can come to me for anything.

I know that now, and I promise that I will let you in and share my problems with you for now on.

That is what I want to hear.

Justin reached over and hugged Jasmine.  He didn

t know what he would have done if she had of died.  She was his whole world, and he didn

t think that he could ever go on without her.  He couldn

t believe that he almost lost her.  He was going to make it his priority to keep her happy for the rest of their lives.

I have one question how come I never received the letter you wrote.

When I was found, they rushed me to the hospital.  The letter was taken with me and when I started therapy the doctor had it.  I was grateful that you never received it.  I don

t think that I could have handled both you and what I was going through.  It was in the past can we put it in the past and move forward.

I can do that but you have to promise me if you ever feel depressed again or if anything is ever bothering you I want you to talk to me.

I promise.

Jasmine started smiling.

What are you thinking I can practically hear the wheels turning?


t worry I think that you will like what I am thinking about.

Yea what is it?

Justin I have given this a lot of thought.

Given what a lot of thought.

I want to go to Harvard.  I know that Colin will spend the summer surfing and being a beach bum, so I will make sure that I will have my own place before he gets back.

When I said you could move in, the invitation came from both of us.

Justin what about sleeping arrangements.  This place only has two bedrooms.

I know how many rooms there are, and sleeping arrangements don't worry. You can take my bed, and I can sleep on the couch.

Justin I couldn

t take your bed if anyone is going to sleep on the couch it will be me.  I can sleep on the couch.

No you will not however if you have a problem taking the bed we both can sleep in the bed.  It is big enough for the two of us it's a California king.

Jasmine had no idea if he was kidding or being serious, and she didn

t know what to say.

Justin could tell that she was confused, but he didn

t care. 

Look Jasmine it is not as if we have never slept in the same bed we use to do it all the time.

Justin we were eight not twenty-two don

t you think that it will be a little weird.

Actually no I think we can handle being in the same bed trust me Jasmine we can do it.

I don

t know Justin this could create a problem.  The more we keep talking about the more I think that I should sleep on the couch or find my own place.

Trust me Jasmine everything will work out.  I am glad that you chose Harvard this is going to be good we are going to have a good time.

Justin kissed her on the temple, and smiled to himself at how he was making progress.

You made the right choice.

I believe I did, but I have to say I am a little concerned about the sleeping arrangement.
She hoped that she was not making a mistake.  They sat there the rest of the night falling asleep on the couch in each others arms.












Chapter 4



It wasn

t until Justin

s cell phone started ring that he arouse.


Justin is this any way to greet your mother.  I know I taught you better etiquette than that.  Did I wake you?

Yeah I mean yes I just woke up.

Good then you and Jasmine will not be late for breakfast.  Now wake up Jasmine and meet us at our hotel for breakfast.

Do we have a choice?

NO now get up.

Ciao mom.

Why is your mother calling before the sun comes up?

To wake us to meet them for breakfast.  Come on let

s get dressed.  We

re not going to have time to come back and change.

Jasmine was hungry breakfast was sounding really good about now.  She wanted to hurry and eat breakfast.

I can

t believe we fell asleep on the couch.

Well at least it is comfortable.

Jasmine started to get up, but Justin pulled her back.

I want you to know that what we talked about last night  is between us, and that I plan on making it my life

s work to make sure you are happy.  I want you happy, and you better hope that I never see Allison or anyone that has hurt you.  I will make them sorry that they ever messed with you.

Now you are my knight.

I am the man that will protect you, and before you go on about being this independent woman I don

t plan on taking that from you.  I only want to make sure that you know that if someone ever hurts you I want you to be able to come to me and tell me.

Jasmine gave Justin a hug. 

I don

t know what I would ever do without you in my life.

Well guess what you won't have to find out.

I call dibs on the shower.

To save time we can take one together.

Jasmine stopped in her tracks.  She didn

t know if she should take what Justin said serious or not.  She decided to keep walking into the bedroom.

Stupid that was really stupid to make that proposition.  She didn

t even look back.  I can

t image what she must think.
When Justin walked into his bedroom, he heard the shower he wanted to join her.  Wait she didn

t say no.  Justin started undressing and headed towards the bathroom. 

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