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Authors: Natasha Marquis

The Right Time (4 page)

Justin looked at his brother and sister smiling because the spotlight was on them instead of him.  Brock was the first to speak.

Grandfather Julie and I will decide when we want to get married you will be the first to know.

It wasn

t that Brock didn

t want to get married it was just that he and his longtime girlfriend Julie were not ready for marriage.  Julie wanted her interior design company to grow some more because they had decided when they married they wanted to start a family right away.

Justin asked why didn

t Julie come?

She had a client out of town, and she couldn

t afford to lose them.  She wanted me to tell you congratulation.

Justin loved Julie she was good for his brother.  They had met when she was doing some work for his parents, and it was not love at first sight.  If anything they argued every time the two of them were in the same room, until she was caught in a rainstorm on her way to their house and  by the time she had reached their house she was drenched.  Their mother Selena had sent Julie up to Brock

s old room and told her to get out of those wet clothes.  Brock had come over and not knowing that Julie was in his old room undressing he had walked in on her.  Justin had his suspicions what had happened because after that they started dating.  He also thought that his mom had something to do with them being in the same room.  He could use that kind of help with Jasmine, and he decided to ask for their help.


If you busy bodies want to do something, try to convince Jasmine to go to Harvard.

Misty was the first to say something. 

If we do this, I get to be a bridesmaid.

We haven

t even started dating, and you already have us engaged and walking down the aisle.
Justin just shook his head sometimes his family drove him crazy. 

Why don

t we concentrate on getting Jasmine to notice me as more than a friend.

Justin noticed Jasmine heading back to the table. 

You can start convincing her now.

When Jasmine came back to the table, Justin stood up and held her chair out for her.  She always thought that Justin could teach some of the guys she had dated on how to treat a woman.  He really was going to make some woman happy.  Too bad she wouldn

t be the lucky female. 

Ah there

s the champagne I ordered.
After the waiter had poured everyone

s drink, Cole Justin

s dad made a toast. 


s toast the graduates with working hard for four years to carry out your goals, and to making the right decisions about your futures.

That was very nice Mr. Williams.  Now all I have to do is pick what school I want to do my graduate work at.


s easy pick Harvard, at least if you go to Harvard you can stay at my brother's place, and I won't even ask for updates on Justin.

Misty that is very noble of you.
She couldn

t help smiling at her commit, but she knew that she would not break Justin

s trust by keeping tabs on him for his family. 

I will admit I am leaning more toward Harvard.  My adviser did mention getting into the work program would gain me credits and experience.

Sounds to me that Harvard will be the best choice.  How about we talk about this when we get home.
The opening was there for Justin and he was going to take advantage.

Jasmine agreed she did want to go to Harvard, but she doesn

t want to ruin her and Justin

s relationship.

Jasmine couldn

t help thinking about what Justin had said.  He said when we get home.  He was already thinking of his place as their place, and she had to admit that she felt comfortable in his place and it always felt like home when she would visit him.






Jasmine had an amazing time with Justin

s family.  She always loved going to any affair that involved his family.  Now that the two of them were back at his place they both decided to watch some television before going to bed.  Justin looked very at ease in his boxers and a T-shirt.  It amazed her how clothing can change someone

s appearance, and with Justin he looked completely different from this evening.  He went from designer suit to boxers and a T-shirt.  Jasmine threw on her Victoria Secret shorts and T-shirt.  She was never one to wear nightgowns.  When she was home, she liked relaxing in comfortable clothes.  For Jasmine that meant wearing her Victoria Secrets Pink collection, which included anything from shorts to sweat pants.  Sometimes when she was lazy she would wear her outfits all day, and if she needed to go out the house she didn

t change she just wore her lounging clothes.

Jasmine are you going to stand there and stare at me or are you going to come over here and watch television with me.

Sorry I was just looking at how relaxed you are sitting there.  A couple of hours ago you were wearing a thousand dollar suit and now you are sitting here in your boxers and a T-shirt.

If it's any consolation they are Dolce and Gabbana, you look pretty relaxed yourself.  Now why are you not coming over to sit next to me?

Figures you would wear designer boxers.
Jasmine walked over to Justin and sat down and placed her head on his shoulder while Justin put his arm around her.  This is how every night for the rest of their lives is going to happen if Justin has his.

Justin I had a good time with your family as usual.  They have been there for me more than my own family.  It

s bad enough that no one likes me, but when your own family hates me

Justin faced Jasmine he couldn

t believe she thought like that.

Jasmine your family doesn

t hate you they have a hard time expressing their feelings.  They love you in their own way.  As far as other people not liking you that is there lost.   You don

t need them you have me I love you.

Jasmine couldn

t help the tears that started.  Justin was more than a friend she couldn

t begin to count how many times he had come to her rescue. 


t cry I hate to see you cry.

When I started seeing my therapist I was a mess, I use to cry all the time.  This is not about being unhappy this is about having you in my life.

I know you said you started seeing a therapist because you were tired of being someone

s door mat.  Was there another reason?  Justin knew Jasmine probably better than she knows herself.  When she had mentioned she had started seeing a therapist, he suspected there was more to this story.  At the time he didn

t want to overwhelm her with questions. 

Jasmine had said too much, and if she could she would kick herself.

I don

t want to get into this now.

Justin wasn

t going to let this go.

Jasmine you know that I am not going to let this go, so you might as well fess up.  We just discussed this earlier about including me.

Why are you so persistent?  Can

t you just leave it alone?

Justin just raised his brow.  She knew he was not going to let this go he never did, so why would this time be any different.  She didn

t want Justin to ever know what she had done.  Would he hate her or think less of her.

It doesn

t matter what it is because I will still love you.
Jasmine shouldn

t be surprised Justin always had a way of knowing what she was thinking. 


t look surprised that is what you were thinking am I right.

Oh shut up.

Stop stalling and start talking.
Jasmine might as well confess.









Four years earlier



Jasmine was sitting in the student lounge studying for her midterms when Allison came over to sit next to her.  Allison was in her physics class.  At the beginning of the semester Allison didn

t want anything to do with her, but when she realized that Jasmine was getting good grades she wanted to become friends.  Jasmine didn

t mind helping her. 

Hi Allison what

s up?

You know we have our midterms coming up.

We have studied and I think you are ready for the test next week.

Yea I know I just wanted to ask you to a party.

That got Jasmine

s attention.  Since she started college no one had invited her to a party.  She was discerning about what Allison had said.

Well thanks but I am busy.

I haven

t even told you when it is, so how can you be busy?  Come on it will be fun it

s a Halloween party.

I don

t have a costume, and I can

t afford to buy one at this time.


s okay I have one that you can borrow.  Come on this is my way to thank-you for helping me.

Allison looked like she was sincere.  What the heck no one has ever invited her to a party except for Justin.  After all this studying, she deserved to have some fun. 

When is the party?

On Halloween, which is right after our last midterm.  You deserve to have some fun.

Okay Allison I

ll go.

Great you can come to my room to pick up the costume.




The night of the party Jasmine had to look twice in the mirror because couldn

t believe that Allison had let her borrow this beautiful costume.  She was dressed as a
princess.  Now that she was at the party she wasn

t sure why she said she would attend because she didn

t know anyone here except for Allison.  She had seen a lot of these people on campus and in classes, but they never talked to her.

There you are.  That costume looks good on you.

Jasmine thought she saw Allison smirk. when she  

You know Allison I don

t know anyone here except you.  Maybe this was a mistake, and I think that I should go.

No you can

t go!

Jasmine was wondering why Allison was eager for her to stay.

Sorry it is still early and the party is just getting started.  Stay a little longer please.

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