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The Right Time (3 page)

This was news to Justin well him being there for her wasn

t new, but her seeing a shrink.  He had no idea, but if this doctor helped her he was a fan. 

Has this doctor helped you?

Yes she has.  We talked about you a lot especially in our last session.

Justin raised a blond eyebrow.   He was curious what she said about him. 

What exactly did you say about me?

Jasmine knew he was fishing for a compliment, but she was not going to let him know that her doctor suggested that she and Justin might become more than friends.  She also didn

t want Justin to know the real reason she started seeing a therapist. 

I mentioned that we have been friends since we were five, and that you were there for me when everyone else turned their back on me.

How long have you seen this doctor?

Freshman year.  It has taken me four years to gain confidence, and to start liking myself.  I can do anything and be successful.

Why did you decide you wanted to start seeing a therapist? 

Jasmine only told him part of the reason she sought professional help.

All my life I was a someone's doormat. 

I can respect your reasons, but I still need to know why you didn

t tell me when you graduated?

I didn

t make this choice lightly.  I wanted you there, but I did have it recorded.  I

m sorry that I didn

t tell you, but I did make sure you could see me walk across the stage.

Justin was correct he could not stay mad at Jasmine. The fact that she took the time to record her graduation helped to let go of some of the anger.   He couldn

t let her know that he had forgiven her. 


t think this lets you off the hook.  You still owe me.

What do you want?

Oh no I will call in my chip when the time is right.  You beautiful are just going to have to wait, but I do want to see your graduation.


ll get the popcorn, and then you can take me to lunch.  I can do that, but my family is going to take us out to dinner.

Do we need to dress up?

You know my family.

Yea I do, good thing I packed with your family in mine.








Chapter 3




Jasmine we are going to have to leave within the next ten minutes so we are not late for dinner.

I will be there in a minute.  I am just finishing up on my hair.

Justin walked into the bathroom, and the site of Jasmine took his breath away.  She was wearing a black lace cocktail dress that showed off her curves and she was wearing matching shoes.  She wasn

t wearing any stockings.  He remembered her saying that she hated wearing stockings because they were not comfortable and they were hot especially in the summer.  Justin didn

t care as long as she kept her legs shaved.  Which in fact he knew Jasmine did.  He hated hairy women, and he knew Jasmine was not hairy.  He knew she shaved her pussy because when she wore a bikini he didn

t see any hair.  What he didn

t know is how far did she shave her pussy.  Did she leave some hair or was she completely bald.  His goal is to find out before
the summer ended. It didn

t matter what she wore she was always gorgeous.  He didn

t think she could look any
spectacular, but she was.  She was wearing her hair up, and she looked sexy as hell.  With her hair up her neck was exposed.  Right now he wanted to bury his face in her neck and claim her as his.

Justin did you hear me I said I

m ready.

Justin shook his head to bring himself back. 

Sorry I couldn

t take my eyes off of you.  You look gorgeous by the way.

Thank-you and may I say you clean up nice yourself, are you ready to go?

Justin held out his arm for her to take. 


s go.



Jasmine took in the restaurant and knew that this place was expensive, but what did she expect with Justin

s family.  They wanted the best for all of their children, and they were not going to go cheap on Justin

s celebration.  Maybe one day she could afford to pay for a meal at a place like this.  She saw Justin

s family, and almost everyone was here his brother, sister grandparents and his parents.  Jasmine was a little envious she wished that her family could have attended her graduation.  Justin

s father was the first to speak.

Well the graduates are finally here.

Justin held out her chair and once she was seated he sat. 

Hello Mr. Williams and by the way I graduated this morning.

Justin mom looked confused.

Why didn

t you let us know, or did you tell us and I forgot.

s mom pulled out her calendar on her iPhone to see if she had forgotten about Jasmine

s graduation.

No mom you didn

t forget because I never told you.  I didn

t even know that her graduation was today until she told me earlier.


s mom turned to Jasmine to ask the question everyone else wanted to ask. 

Dear why didn

t you tell us you were graduating today we would have come.  You know you are like family to us.

Mom let it go.  We already had one disagreement about it we have decided to just put it behind us.
Besides after watching the recording of her graduation he had forgiven her.  He just wanted to concentrate on getting Jasmine to choose Harvard.  That was going to be his first goal, and his second was going to convince her that they belonged together.

Everyone was quiet at the table so Jasmine decided to greet everyone else, so they could get off the subject if her graduation. 

Well now that you have graduated what do you plan to do?  Justin

s brother Brock asked the question.  That is what she loved about Justin

s family.  They took an interest in her life.  They were more of a family to her than her own.  When Jasmine was younger, she had a crush on Brock.  He was seven years older than Justin.  When Brock turned fifteen, Jasmine thought that he was the most handsome guy she had ever seen.  She would follow him around until Justin started teasing her.  She finally out grew her crush when she went to college.  She still thought that he was handsome with his dirty blond hair and green eyes, but he had a girlfriend and, besides when she was growing up she thought that Justin was better to look at than his brother.  Justin had that surfer guy look with his blond wavy hair that he wore a little longer, and when he wasn

t driving his BMW he was riding his motorcycle that was sexy as hell. He also had that bad boy image.  When Justin turned eighteen he got his first tattoo.  Now he had a few more.  His mother despised them, but Justin was going to do what he wanted.  When he started riding a motorcycle, she worried about him along with his family about getting in an accident.  There was one thing you could count on with Justin if you told him no he did it anyway.  Justin was his own man who didn

t follow anyone if anything people wanted to follow him.  Tonight he shaved, but most times he went days without shaving.  Either way the man was drop dead gorgeous. 

Hey brat did you hear me?

I am not a brat, and yes I heard you.  I am going to go to business school.  I been accepted at Wharton and Harvard.

Have you decided where you are going to go?  I hope you pick Harvard.  That way you can keep an eye on my brother.

s sister Misty was always teasing him about his relationship with Jasmine.  She was the middle child and a bit of a gypsy.  If Misty stayed in one place longer than a month, something was wrong.  Like Brock she worked in the family business, but she did a lot of traveling and she loved it.  For a while she lived in Europe, but now she was back in the states.   

Ha Ha sis.  I would like for her to pick Harvard, but not so you can pester her on my personal life.

Well it would be fun.

I haven

t decided yet, but I will have to make my decision soon.  If I pick Wharton, I will need to find a place to stay. However, I was accepted in the work-study program at Harvard.  Justin said if I went to Harvard I could stay at his place.

Justin wished that he could go under the table and hide when he saw the way his family was looking at him.  He knew they were going to ask him about this living arrangement.  It wasn

t as if they had a problem with him and Jasmine as a couple, but he knew they wanted to know if their relationship had changed.  Justin needed to change the subject and soon.

Do you want something to drink?


t bother son I ordered some Champagne.

Jasmine needed to go to the ladies room and by the way everyone was looking she  had a feeling that Justin

s family wanted to talk to him, so she wanted to give them some time.  Maybe if she chose Harvard they would have a problem with them living together. 

If you will excuse me, I am going to go to the ladies room.


t be long Jasmine I want to make a toast.

s father had said that, and she knew that he loved to make toast.

As soon as Jasmine was out of hearing range they started pestering him about Jasmine.

What does this mean, are you and Jasmine a couple?

No mom we are not dating, but if she stays here and goes to Harvard I am going to see about changing the status of our relationship.

Well it is about time.  I have watched the to of you dance around your feeling you about time you become lovers.

Justin shouldn

t be shocked that his grandfather was so outspoken.  His mother was just like her father.  Not to have Steven have one up on him Justin

s other grandfather Lester had to make a commit.

You just make sure you finish school first before you give me some great-grandchildren.

Justin wanted to hide.  At least there was one consolation Jasmine was not around to hear any of this.

Lester stop teasing your grandson.


s wife Lola was always the diplomat.  Justin wanted what they have what his parents have.  He wanted to share his life with Jasmine and grow old with her.  He had to convince her to pick Harvard first, and maybe he could get his family to help.

Well he isn

t the only grandchild who can start giving us some great-grand kids.

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