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Justin when will your girlfriend be here?

Justin looked at his roommate of three years.  Colin would always kid him about Jasmine.  Colin was the only one he had told about his feelings for Jasmine.  He had been in love with Jasmine Dupree for as long as he could remember.  He wished that Jasmine would see how he felt about her.  He knew that she had dated in college.  She had come into her own in college, and for that he was proud of her.  He just wanted her to be happy, and he believed that he was the man for the job.  He knew that none of those guys she dated were a threat.  He did know that she had never dated outside of her race.  Their different race had never been an issue with them, but she might and if she did he would be there to convince her they belonged together.  Even though they went to separate colleges, they managed to stay close.  Whenever spring break came they always did something together, and at Christmas break he always picked her up.  He had gotten into Harvard, and she had gone to The University of Virginia.  Now they have graduated, and
Justin was going to stay here to go to law school.  Jasmine
was going to graduate school, but she hadn

t decided where she was going.  She was accepted at both Wharton and Harvard.  Justin hoped that she would pick Harvard, so they could be together.  Yea he was being selfish, but he knew in his heart that this was their time.

Hey did you hear me?  When is Jasmine coming?

Yea I heard you, and for your information she is not my girlfriend.

Yea, but you wish that she was.

More than you will ever know.  More than you will ever know. 

She will be here day after tomorrow.

When does she graduate?

She hasn

t told me, but more than likely next week.  She will stay here, and then in a few days we will head to Virginia.

Then you are going to tell her that you are crazy in love with her.

Well if she chooses Harvard I am going to ask her to move in.  That is if you don

t mind?

Hey man I don

t mind.  I like Jasmine just don

t have sex on the couch.  Even if she does choose Harvard, what makes you think she will want to move in here.  You know that she has no idea how you feel, and even if she does agree she is going to ask about sleeping arrangements.

Well if I have to persuade her I can wait.  I will just sleep on the couch.

Hey it

s your life.  If you want to torture yourself over this girl, be my guess.

Well maybe it won't take that long to convince her.  You still going to spend time with your family right.

Yea man you will have the place to yourself for the whole summer.  I am going to spend time on the beach and be a bum surfing.

Wish I could join you.

You have enough on your hand trying to convince Jasmine to be your woman.  Besides maybe you too can come and join me after you win her over.

Justin smiled at Colin. 

You never know.








Chapter 2



Jasmine made really good time.  After her ceremony, she caught a plane to Boston.  Now that she was outside of Justin

s place she couldn

t get what her therapist mentioned in their last session.  Jasmine started seeking help when she started college because she was tired of being someone

s door mate.  She was going out into the real world, and she wanted to stop feeling like that little girl who was broken in the fourth grade.  Justin was her friend, and he was the only one who refused to play the game everyone else was doing.  When they went to different middle schools, the intimidation  and bullying started again.  Every day she went home crying, or she would pretend she was sick, so she would not have to face her bullies.  Yea that was the coward's way out, but if she had of gotten into a fight she would be in trouble with her parents.  She was so unhappy she had even thought about suicide.  Then things got better  in high school.  At least she and Justin were back at the same school.  They hung out together even when he was dating.  He always included her
when he had partied even though his girlfriends complained.  That is what she loved about Justin he doesn

t care what people think, and no matter what he always stood by her.  She once mentioned to him that it was good that he had a strong shoulder because she was always crying about something.  For now on she was going to be her own person.  No more running to Justin every time her feelings were hurt, or thinking that the problem was her fault.  Now here she was at Justin

s door, waiting for him to answer.  Justin and his roommate lived in a condo that Justin

s parents owned, and they made sure the boy

s fridge was always full.  Not that Colin came from a poor family because they made sure he didn

t want for anything either.  Jasmine liked Colin he was always joking with her, and calling her Justin

s girlfriend.  She never took what he said seriously, but ever since her therapist mentions Justin and her being more than friends she was beginning to think that Colin wasn

t joking.   When the door opened, she was startled even though she knew he was going to answer the door. 

Hey did I frighten you?

Unfortunate you did.  Hey Justin.

Jasmine couldn

t stop looking at Justine.  He was one handsome guy with his blond wavy hair that was always a little too long according to his mother, but she always liked his hair.  He had the blue eyes that reminded her of the ocean, and Justin was tall.   She started looking up at him when they were thirteen she knew that he was going to be tall like his brother and father.   He was taller than both his brother and father.  Justin being six four compared to her five four made her look like a midget.  Justin was good looking as a kid, but when he went to middle school all the girls wanted to be his girlfriend.  Justin played football and soccer in High School and College, but his favorite thing to do was go to the beach and surf.  He had tried to teach Jasmine how to surf, and she wasn

t bad but she knew that she would never be as good as Justin.  

Hey that is all I get come here.
Justin pulled her in and picked her up to say hello.
”  “
You made good time.  How did you get here?

I caught a plane.

Why didn

t you tell me I would have picked you up at the airport?

Justin it

s not a big deal.  Besides your family will be here.

My parents won't be here until later.
Justin wanted to kiss her beautiful lips.  In fact, he wanted to make love to her.  Patience he had to have patience if he wanted to win her heart.  He waited this long he could wait a little longer. 

Justin you can put me down.

Instead of putting her down he carried her to the couch and sat her on his lap.

There is that better?

You know I can sit on the couch.

Yea I know, but I like this better

.  Now he just had to make sure his dick cooperated.  She was beautiful inside and out, and that was one of the things that he loved about her. Jasmine was a caring person even though she had never been popular with other people. He loved the way she started wearing her hair with her corkscrew curls.  Sometimes he would play with them.  Justin wanted to tell her how he felt, but he knew that now was not the time.  He could wait.  He had to persuade her to go to Harvard first. 

Glad that you are able to come to my graduation

.  By the way when do you graduate?

That is not important.  I

m ravenous what do you have to eat?

Justin knew this act.  Whenever Jasmine didn

t want to talk she would change the subject.

Justin asked again, but this time he was more demanding. 

Jasmine when do you graduate?
He held her tight so she couldn

t get away.

Justin I

m hungry.

I will feed you when you tell me when you graduate.

Why are you stubborn?

Justin just lifted his blond eyebrow waiting for Jasmine to answer his question.

Fine I graduated earlier today.

Justin tried he really did try to control his temper, but he couldn

t or wouldn

t let this go. 

Why Jasmine?  Why didn

t you tell me that you were graduating today?  You know that I wanted to see you graduate.

Justin I knew you were graduating today, and there was no way you could come to my graduation, and then rush back for yours.

Why is that you managed to attend your graduation and still make mine.  Jasmine you know I wanted to support you.  Why is it that you will not allow anyone in, or support you?
It has been like this since we were kids.

Jasmine stood up.  She couldn

t talk to Justin while she was sitting on his lap.  She knew that he would be mad, but she never expected anger. 

Justin when I found out my graduation was the day before yours I made the decision to go to mine, and then make it up to yours.  I would rather that we didn

t fight especially when we should be celebrating the fact that we are graduating from college.

Justin came up to Jasmine and grabs her hand. 

Jasmine don

t you know that I could never stay mad at you, but you are going to have to start trusting people.  You have been doing this since we were kids.  Let me be there for you.  Let me share your success and your failures.

Justin you are acting like we are married, or at least dating.  One of these days your wife or girlfriend is going to get jealous.
She said it as a joke, but she felt jealous thinking about the woman he would marry.

I am not dating anyone, and I don

t have any plans to get married anytime soon.  Of course if you wanted to start dating I won

t question your decision.
Boy did he want to start dating her, and sleeping with her and sharing their lives together. 

Jasmine didn

t know what to say about his commit.

Justin knew that he had made a mistake before he had finished his commit so he played it off by saying he was joking.

Jasmine almost wanted it to be true, but that just proved that she was right Justin only thought of her as a sister. 

Very funny Justin.
She didn

t want to burden Justin with her problems, but she knew that he was always there for her.  Just because she wanted to be an independent woman doesn

t mean she can

t share her feelings with her best friend. She needed to be honest with him or at least tell him some of what happened.  

Justin I have been seeing this doctor, and I have been trying to deal with my childhood.  I decided that I wanted to be this independent black woman.  My life was so pitiable, and I didn

t want to bring you into it, but I realized you have been there for me with all of my problems.

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