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The Husband (7 page)

"That does make sense in a way. We'd know the baby is
baby, but not yours or mine. I like the idea a lot." Adam decided. "Okay, then we're agreed. We both donate, and we take nothing for doing this. Jeff offered me five grand to do this, and I said no."

"Oh, no, money would make the entire thing icky. Good response, dear."


* * * *


"I told Adam about the problem since they both heard our discussion last night," Jeff said. "I also asked him if he'd consider being a donor and he said he'd have to talk to Craig about the idea first, but he leaned towards saying yes."

"Really? Does he agree to keep quiet about our solution? And should we compensate him somehow?" Doris asked.

"Yes, he and Craig will keep quiet about this. I did offer him five thousand, and he turned the money down flat. Said money would be an insult."

Doris smiled and then laughed.

"What's funny?" Jeff asked.

"Give him what he wants so bad that the very idea makes him wet thinking about the possibility."


"Give him your dick for an hour. Your cock would be something he'd enjoy far more than just cash. I'd have no problem with you giving him what he really wants," Doris said.

"I did offer my body, and he turned my dick down even more forcefully, to my great relief. I just don't know if Mr Dick would come out to play with a guy on the other end," Jeff said with a smile.

"Wow, he wants nothing for helping us out. I love that kid," Doris said.

"I told him we'd all talk about the whole idea after dinner tonight, okay?"

"Sure, let's get the issue settled, and I'll look into the whole process tomorrow from the medical perspective. We need to know the entire health history for both him and his family."

"Okay, can you start dinner and I'll wrap up the office?"

"You bet!"


* * * *


Dinner turned out to be a happy occasion, and everyone talked about general stuff in the news and how similar gay couples were to straight couples. Finally, when dinner finished,
they all skipped dessert and took their coffee into the living room. When they sat down and got comfortable, Jeff opened the discussion.

"I've told Doris about our conversation this afternoon, Adam, and I assume you've talked to Craig?" Jeff asked.

"Yes, and we have a suggestion," Adam replied.

"Oh? And what did you two come up with?" Jeff asked.

"We'd both like to donate at the same time so no one knows for sure who the baby's biological father is. We feel donating like this would make it easier on all of us if no one knows for sure."

"How would the process work?" Doris asked, looking at Jeff.

"I guess the guys would… would both shoot into a cup and their combined sperm would be introduced into your body when the time matched your cycle. They're right; we wouldn't know for sure who the father is, other than he would be one of the two."

"Unless you had twins. Then I guess you could get two babies that look similar, but not exactly alike," Craig added.

"Let me ask this. Are there any major illnesses that run in either of your families?" Doris asked.

"Aside from some heart disease from not taking care of themselves properly, nothing in my family," Adam answered.

"In my family pretty much everyone dies of cancer in old age, which isn't uncommon. The men live into their eighties and the women their early- to mid-nineties," Craig answered.

"Any mental illness in either family?"

Both guys shook their heads.

"Well, that's good. The clinic will take a complete history I'm sure, as well as run some tests on both of you to make sure there's nothing lurking currently in your bodies."

"You mean like VD?" Adam asked with a raised eyebrow.

"Well, actually yes. We wouldn't want me infected by sperm that's picked up something on the way outta your bodies. There will be no costs to either of you of course."

"Is that a yes then, honey?" Jeff asked.

"I still wanna sleep on the idea tonight, especially now that we have a new addition to the concept, but I'm leaning towards yes. I wanna talk to my doctor and the clinic to find out the process and all the information we need to know. You guys are welcome to stay here as long as you like. You don't have to leave here in two months."

"Agreed. Anything else you wanna talk about?" Jeff asked.

"I would guess we'll be signing away any rights to the child or children, right?" Adam asked.

"Yes, along with any financial responsibility. My attorney will draw all the legal documents up. Any problems with that?"

"No," both guys answered.

Doris got up and hugged and kissed Craig and Adam, as did Jeff. When Jeff kissed Craig, he responded by saying, "Oh, I could get used to that!"

"You got a boyfriend already, and you don't need no kisses from my husband!" Doris said with a big smile.


* * * *


That night, the entire house rocked, not with the sound of arguing and pain, but of sex. Moans and groans came out of both rooms and the winner of who made more noise would be hard to declare. Adam thought it odd that the two couples climaxed around the same time as the house went silent within minutes of the sex ending.

When Adam and Craig finished, they cuddled and kissed.

"Thank you for including yourself in the plans for Doris and Jeff's baby. Doing this kinda unites us in a special way, and I love you even more."

"I love you just as much. You know this, right?" Craig asked when he turned around and faced Adam. "When you left for Texas, I thought my world had ended. I cried for days and had to tell people I had allergies. Now we are back where we belong. God, we're having a baby together, moving into our own place together, and acting like a married couple. I love all of this and you," Craig proclaimed.



Over the course of the next several weeks, all medical testing was concluded, legal documents were signed, and the magical date for the first try arrived. The hardest part of the actual insemination process concerned keeping Adam and Craig from laughing at each other as they jerked off into the specimen cups while looking at gay magazines. Finally, Craig threw the magazine down and pulled Adam into a deep kiss with his free hand, and after a minute, both men were coming, providing a healthy amount of sperm since they had refrained from sex for two weeks.

Craig finally got a new job in an office complex processing medical cases for a health insurance company, which also offered benefits to all married couples. Adam became quickly known for kicking ass and taking names on his new job, and both men were happy and saving up their money to possibly buy a small place instead of renting. A place with a pool out under the stars, Adam thought with a smile.

One night when they got home from work, they found Jeff and Doris all dressed up.

"Whoa, don't you two look hot!" Adam said when he came through the door.

"Stop flirting with my husband, you naughty boy," Doris said playfully.

Craig followed right behind Adam and said something similar.

"Okay, both you guys get dressed. We're going out to a fancy place for dinner tonight, on us. Get moving," Jeff commanded. "We have reservations in one hour."

"Yes, sir!" Adam responded, and the guys ran up to their room to dig out their suits.

"I wonder what this is all about," Craig said.

"Ah, I'm sure the dinner is to thank us for donating. After all, I turned down cash and cock as a thank you," Adam said.

"You what? Cock? Jeff offered up his cock to you?" Craig asked, looking both stunned and jealous.

"Yeah, he tried to force himself, to thank me in some way for agreeing to become part of all this. I think he thought his honor demanded that he do something for me. I turned him down. Oh, I'd take him up on the offer, but not in exchange for something like this. Now forget about his cock and finish dressing. My sucking Jeff's cock is never going to happen."

Before leaving the room, Adam grabbed an item from his drawer and stuck it into his suit jacket without Craig seeing.


* * * *

When they arrived at a very exclusive restaurant in the Hamptons, the maître d' greeted Jeff by name and showed them to a private table in the corner. Adam and Craig were all eyes as they looked around at the rich surroundings. Their table had silver candelabra set with six long-stem white candles, which were lit.

"Now, you order anything you like on this menu. You'll notice there are no prices on anything, which tells you if you have to ask how much something is you can't afford the item. So, please don't ask about cost."

After ordering drinks, Jeff made recommendations to Adam and Craig as to what the best items on the menu were. Half the things on the menu neither Adam nor Craig could even pronounce. When the order had been taken, everyone sat back and relaxed.

"So, why are we here? This is costing a lot of money," Adam said.

Jeff looked at Doris and smiled. Doris smiled back.

"Well, boys, I'm pregnant!"

As she burst into happy tears, Adam and Craig sat there stunned. Jeff's plan had worked! Their little gay sperms had wiggled their way up to the right place and found an egg. Jeff positively beamed at both guys.

"Congratulations, Doris!" Adam said. "I'll give you a big kiss later when six waiters and busboys aren't watching our every move.

"Likewise," said Craig.

"One other bit of news," Jeff said.

"I'm pregnant with twins!" Doris said, and began to cry once again.

Adam looked at Craig and smiled. They both looked at Jeff and were briefly overcome with joy at how happy he looked. After ordering another round of drinks with ice tea for the mother-to-be, and in front of the entire restaurant and wait staff, Adam got up and walked around to the other side of Craig. He then got down on one knee and presented Craig with a ring box and opened the top, revealing a one carat diamond ring.

"Craig, I love you. I wanna spend the rest of my life with you. Will you marry me?"

Craig took the ring out of the box and placed the ring on his ring finger and said, "I thought you'd never ask. Of course I'll marry you!"

Adam got up and Craig stood, and they kissed. Much to Adam's surprise, the entire restaurant applauded, including the staff, who, Adam thought, were more than likely gay themselves.

Now that gay marriage had come to New York State, they could add one more happy couple to the rolls. The house sent over a bottle of Dom Pérignon, which completed the celebration.

In a matter of a couple months, four lives had turned around for the better with great promise for a very bright and happy future. Now, not only did one husband reside in their home, but in a short while, there would be three husbands living with the pregnant lady.

Could life get any better?


The End

About the Author


John Simpson is a Vietnam Era Veteran and a former Police Officer of the Year. He has served as a federal agent, a federal magistrate, an armed bodyguard to Saudi royalty, and a senior federal government executive. John has received awards from the Vice President of the United States and the Secretary of Treasury.


John feels that fiction writers neglected gay men for too long. John writes entertaining, enjoyable, and enthralling fiction centered on the lives and lifestyles of gay men. John allows his readers to see life through gay men's eyes. And, just like real life, John's characters have active and exciting sex lives. He calls on his broad personal and professional experience in writing gay erotica and is the author of numerous full-length novels available through Dreamspinner Press, TeB Books, eXtasy Books, and Devine Destinies as well as several short stories in Alyson Books anthologies. Additionally, John has just signed on with Silver Publishing, who will be putting out short stories and novellas. John has written magazine articles for gay and straight audiences alike.


John lives with his partner of thirty-six years, who he legally married in 2008, and their three Scottish terriers. John is highly involved with the church, specifically in seeking to repair rifts between Christendom and the gay community.


John wishes to extend a very special thanks to his many female readers. He appreciates and loves the fact women enjoy male/male erotica, and he thanks you for your past and continued support. He hopes to never disappoint you and always leave you wanting more!











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