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Authors: John Simpson

Tags: #gay contemporary erotic romance

The Husband (4 page)

"Holy shit!" Jeff said. "If that's the case, then why don't you two kiss right now and enjoy the dinner!"

Adam looked over at Craig and slowly got up and moved towards him. Craig got up, and they collapsed into each other's arms, holding each other and crying. They kissed, brushed away the tears, and sat back down.

"Now, can we eat in peace?" Doris asked.

Both guys nodded and smiled. Plates were filled once more with everyone talking now about how good it was having Adam home "where he belonged." They had a light dessert, and Craig helped Doris clear the table and clean up while Adam and Jeff sat in the living room.

"I thought I had to beat some sense into both of you for being so miserable." Jeff said.

"Thank you for what you and Doris did. I love you guys for this and so much more," Adam responded.

"Fine. Now we've never discussed this issue before so just let me mention we're fine if you want Craig to spend the night. We would not be comfortable with you bringing home tricks, but this is Craig, and he's more than welcome here anytime. Just try not to keep us awake all night, huh?"

Adam blushed and mumbled, "Sure, thanks, if he can even spend the night. I'm sure he didn't bring anything with him since the plan only covered him coming for dinner."

"That's what I like to see, smiles on my men!" Doris announced when she and Craig came back into the room.

This time, Craig sat next to Adam on the sofa and they held hands.

* * * *

"Doris, can I see you in the kitchen about tomorrow's menu?" Jeff asked.

"Huh? Oh… sure, sure."

When they got into the kitchen, Doris turned around and asked, "Since when did you give a shit about the menu? What are you up to?"

"I just thought we'd give them a couple minutes to talk. I told Adam he could invite Craig to spend the night if he wants."

"Oh, stupid me. Sure, want some more dessert?"

Jeff lifted up his shirt to expose his six-pack, which actually bordered on an eight-pack, and asked, "Do you want these to go away?"

"Hell no! But I did put coffee on. How about some of that?"

"Yeah, coffee I'll take, thanks, honey." Jeff grabbed his beautiful wife and kissed her passionately. They not only had a terrific sex life and were completely in love, they genuinely liked each other. Their only disappointment had been their trouble in getting pregnant; they wanted a couple of children so badly.

When they had their coffee, they went back into the living room. "Coffee is on. Help yourself if you want some. Alice the maid is now off duty!" Doris said with a laugh.

"Thanks, but I think we'll both pass since staying awake isn't our goal," Craig replied.

"Oh? Are you staying overnight?" Doris asked.

Jeff looked at his wife, wondering why she had just said that.

"Ahh, yes, Adam invited me, and I've agreed as long as you two have no problem with me staying the night," Craig said.

"Yes, fine. There are fresh towels in the bathroom closet. Help yourself."

"In fact, it's getting late," Adam said quickly, making Jeff smile. "We'd better get to bed so Craig can wake up at seven to go home and change for work."

"Okay, goodnight, kids," Jeff and Doris said as the two men walked to Adam's bedroom and closed the door.

"They're gonna fuck their brains out," Doris said.

Jeff put on a mock shocked look and said, "Can you think of better sex than make-up sex?"

"Not really. Don't we have something to make up for?" Doris asked with a laugh.

"Come on, hon, let's close up the house and head to our bedroom and see who makes more noise, us or them."

* * * *

After taking their clothes off, Adam turned off the light, and he and Craig got into the queen-sized bed. Adam got under the sheets, knowing they wouldn't stay there for long.

"Honey, I really did miss you terribly, and I'm grateful to have a second chance," Adam said as he kissed Craig on his left nipple.

"Look, if I agree to resume our relationship, you have to promise me one thing. That you'll never move away again leaving me here crying my eyes out. You hear me?"

"Yes, dear, I promise that and more. I promise I'll be true to you, and I will always love you. Thank you, dear, for giving me another chance to prove my love." Adam pushed the sheets off them.

He reached down and grabbed Craig's soft dick and began to play with him. His cock quickly sprang to life, becoming fully erect in seconds. As he slowly stroked Craig's cock, he bent down and licked and sucked on Craig's nipple, making him moan in delight and desire.

"Yeah, baby, do me good. I haven't been with another man since you left, and I'm bursting at the seams!"

While this statement shocked Adam, he didn't let on. He continued to stroke his once-again boyfriend until Craig grabbed Adam by the back of the head and forced him down to his dick.

"Now suck me, please!"

Adam smiled and first flicked his tongue out and around the head of Craig's dick, licking his way down the shaft and to his balls. He ran his tongue around them and came back up to the head, which he took into his mouth and began to lightly suck. More groans and moans came from deep within Craig, and Adam finally went down all the way on his boyfriend until his nose ended up resting in his patch of pubic hair. He slowly pulled back up so he could draw breath and repeated the movement over and over.

When Craig's moaning indicated his climax drew near, he pulled Adam back up to him. They made out for a couple of minutes, and Craig returned the favor for Adam, sucking his cock without any hesitation. Adam ground his head down into the pillow, biting on his fist to keep things quiet and secret from their hosts.

When Craig grabbed his sac and pulled down on his balls while sucking him hard, a climax quickly built, and Adam tried to warn Craig, but Craig seemed determined to suck him off and not miss a drop. Adam arched his back off the bed with Craig still sucking away and released months of pent-up sexual frustration. A series of stars flashed across his closed eyes as he emptied himself of a large load of love. He heard Craig struggling to contain the overwhelming amount of cum in his mouth, and he reached over and grabbed a handful of tissues and shoved them towards Craig's face.

When Adam found himself finally spent, his body came back down onto the bed, and he heaved a sigh of relief at being able to climax from a damn good blowjob. Craig wiped his mouth off but didn't need the tissues otherwise. As Adam struggled to get his breathing under control, Craig rested his head on Adam's chest, kissing him here and there.

"Okay, your turn," Adam said.

"Can I fuck your face?" Craig pleaded. Craig favored this position for oral release.

"Get your cock up here!" he replied.

Craig got up on Adam's chest and moved forward far enough so when Adam opened his mouth Craig could slip his dick in. He then began to rock back and forth. As he did, Adam reached around and ran his hands over his boyfriend's ass, squeezing gently and then up to his nipples where he tweaked them at the same time. As he played with his balls, he heard the increased rate of breathing from Craig and knew he would come shortly.

"I'm coming. Shall I pull out?" Craig asked urgently.

Adam answered by putting his hands on Craig's ass and pulling him in tighter and deeper into his mouth. Craig exploded, letting out a loud cry of passion, and flooded Adam's mouth and throat. Adam handled the forceful explosion and continued to suck his lover's dick until he was once again soft, savoring the slightly salty taste of Craig's ejaculate.

Craig pulled his limp dick out of Adam's mouth and rolled over onto the bed. He took the tissues from before and wiped his dick off then threw them into a small trashcan kept next to the bed. Adam felt better at that moment than he had in months.

"I won't forget that glorious face fucking for some time to come! I missed our making love," Adam said.

"So did I, believe me. I'm sorry I got a little loud. I hope Jeff and Doris didn't hear me moan," Craig said.

"Oh, I'm sure they didn't. Relax and let's get some sleep so we can get you up and outta here on time in the morning."

They kissed once more, and Craig rolled over on his side with Adam moving up behind him and draping an arm over his body. He hugged Craig, kissed him on the shoulder, and said, "I love you."

"I love you too."


* * * *


The next morning, Craig got up, showered, and was out of the house and on his way home before either Jeff or Doris got up. Adam felt grateful and happy they didn't have to face his hosts together in case they had heard their lovemaking.

By the time Adam heard Jeff and Doris up and moving about, he decided to get up as well. He showered quickly, dressed, and headed down to the kitchen where he could smell the coffee brewing.

"Good morning, guys," Adam said cheerfully as he entered the kitchen.

"Good morning to you! You look bright and cheery this morning. Something happen last night to improve your mood?" Doris asked, her voice dripping with playful sarcasm.

"Hmm, not that I can think of… Well, yes, Craig and I made up towards the end of dinner and are best friends again," Adam replied, not sure if that began the questions or ended them.

"Oh, I'd say you made up alright. I've never heard Craig moan so loud before! Whatever you were doing, you were doing right." she said with a laugh.

Jeff simply sat there smiling and eating his bagel. Adam's mouth opened, but nothing came out as he didn't know how to respond. After a few moments, he answered as Doris poured his coffee.

"Apparently, you two were glued to our door with your ears to a glass. Nothing happened that made anybody moan. Maybe you've got a ghost?"

"Ghost my ass. You two were fucking your brains out. I hope there are no fluid droplets on the ceiling," Jeff blurted out and then laughed.

Adam gave up. "Okay, so we might have had a little sex. Sorry for disturbing you both."

"A little sex? Honey, the louder you two moaned the better I made Jeff do what he was doing. I wasn't gonna be the only one in this house with three males to not have had damn good sex last night!"

"Alright! Yes, we had brain-cell bursting sex that can only be considered astonishing. I have never had sex as good as we did last night. I really love that boy, and it makes me all the more stupid for moving to Texas of all places!"

"You hated Texas that bad, dear?" Doris asked.

"The issue wasn't so much the state. The main problem consisted of the humidity in Houston. I can't tell you just how bad the liquid air felt as you walked down the street. Well, the humidity, and they don't much like my kind down there."

"Well, never mind all that, you're home now. So, you two are officially once again boyfriends?"

"Yeah, we are. This change in our status also means I'll be moving out and in with Craig as soon as we figure out the particulars."

"We'd expect that. Hate to see you go though, since we've enjoyed having you here."

"Well, I've not left yet, but probably soon."

"It's time I got down to the office," Jeff said. "Seems you better really get busy and schedule some job interviews if you're gonna move. You'll have bills."

"Be right behind you, because you're more than right about that." Adam said as he finished his bagel. "Doris, you really are a ball buster, you know?" He laughed.

"Oh, I know honey, but this was just too good to let pass without me cracking on ya for the noise. I knew from the sounds of love coming from your room that you two were a couple again. What I heard wasn't fucking, it was making love. The funny thing about it is when Jeff would hear one of you, he'd work all the harder on me trying to make me lose it. I loved it!"

Chapter Three


Later in the week, Craig picked Adam up to go out for dinner, and when Adam got in the car, he could tell something was wrong.

"Honey, tell me what's happened. Are you mad at me again for some reason?" Adam asked.

"No, but can we talk after dinner?" Craig asked.

"Okay, but only if you tell me if it's something to do with us."

"Not as in something's wrong between us, no. Please wait, okay? I wanna enjoy dinner."

"Okay, babe. Whatever the issue is, we can handle it."

They had a great dinner, and then Craig wanted to go to one of the local gay bars to talk. Once they got there, they found a small table in the corner and ordered drinks.

"Okay, you're killing me. Will you tell me what's happened now?" Adam pleaded.

"Sure. I got notified today I'm being laid off in two weeks. Our center is closing, and everyone is being tossed out on their ass."

"Huh? You work for the fucking IRS. How can they just toss you out?"

"Easy. They're closing the center and consolidating to save money. There are no other federal jobs on the island that don't involve all that secret crap out on the end there, and I'm not going to work where they do that sorta stuff. So, we get our severance and vacation pay, and hiring preference. You don't have a job yet, and I'm about to lose mine. How the hell do we live together, let alone pay bills and eat?"

"Thanks for waiting until after dinner to tell me. I'd have worried about the cost of everything we ordered and would have gotten the cheapest food on the menu."

"I know, Adam, that's why I wanted to wait so we could both enjoy dinner. Any ideas, hon?"

"Okay, crunch time is here, which means we both have to take whatever jobs we can get just to have incomes. Instead of security management, I'll look for just a plain security job. You can work in almost any office with your skills. You being laid off is not the end of the world. It's just very ill timed."

"I've got to tell my landlord tomorrow that I have to move out. The rent is way too high to handle on reduced salaries. I'm afraid this dinner tonight is our last splurge for a while," Craig said with a sad look on his face.

"I'll talk to Jeff and Doris and see what they suggest. Jeff's a pretty smart guy. Let's see what he says."

"Okay, I'll leave that with you. We better leave this with one drink tonight," Craig said.

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