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Authors: John Simpson

Tags: #gay contemporary erotic romance

The Husband (3 page)

Jeff smiled to himself.

"Did I say something funny?" Adam asked, looking confused.

"Huh? Oh, no, not at all, I just remembered something Doris said to me, but never mind. Just give Craig some breathing room and maybe he'll come around."

* * * *

They got their final refill of coffee and headed back downstairs. After an hour or so, Jeff got a phone call that he became deeply involved with, and when he began swiveling around in his chair, Adam happened to notice, when Jeff turned towards him, he could see up one leg of his shorts.

He isn't wearing any underwear!

Any question about how the rest of his Adonis roommate looked had now been answered. Jeff's dick and balls were as perfect as the rest of him and of a fitting size. Adam swallowed hard and tried not to look anymore as he somehow felt like he had invaded his friend's privacy.

The sexual tension Adam felt within himself was broken when Doris returned from her shopping trip, which wasn't for food as Adam thought, but clothes and things. Jeff loved Doris a lot, and he showed his love in how he treated her, talked to her, and looked at her with obvious love in his eyes. This love extended to allowing Doris to pretty much spend what she wanted when she went shopping. However, Doris did use common sense on how much she spent and on what.

"Hey, honey, how's your day been with old Adam here?" she asked.

"Been great, babe! Did you find some bargains?"

"Yeah, I got some shoes and a couple of blouses from Macy's. And, I found you a very nice Polo shirt, Adam, so you and Jeff have matching Polos to wear if the occasion arises!"

"Like what? A gay pride parade?" Adam asked with a laugh.

Jeff laughed as well, and Doris replied, "I just like the thought of having my men look good. I'll take my leave now and go upstairs where I'm wanted by the toaster or something."

Both men laughed out loud and her comment set the mood for the rest of the morning.

Chapter Two


One morning two weeks later, when Adam exited his bedroom, Jeff happened to be crossing his bedroom with the door open. The only thing he wore was a tightly wrapped towel. He looked like he had just gotten out of the shower. Adam couldn't help himself as he looked Jeff's body up and down. The towel jutted out right where his genitals were, and Jeff had a broad smile on his face.

"Something wrong, guy?" he asked.

"Jeff, you are absolutely fucking gorgeous for a man. You would make any straight woman and most gay men weak in the knees. Do you know how lucky you are to have your looks?"

"I know I got lucky in the gene pool, and being Italian, certain prominent genes came out, giving me the looks I have. Do I make you weak in the knees?" he asked with a smile.

"You must know you do, and right now, I would love for the towel to drop so I could admire the rest of you. Any chance?" Adam asked.

"You know I'm not interested in sex with you, right? I'm not gay or bi."

"I know, Jeff, and I'd never touch you unless invited to. I respect you very much and love you like a brother. But I swear right now you're making my heart race thinking about how you look naked."

Jeff smiled and nodded. "I'll just pretend for a moment I'm in the locker room at the gym," he said as he lifted his left hand holding the towel to his body.

As the towel fell away, Adam literally gasped at the sight of his friend totally naked. His cock was long and thick and he had two large balls. His black pubic hair had been trimmed but not shaved and appeared immaculate.

"My God, please turn around," Adam whispered through tight lips.

Jeff smiled again and did as requested. The view from the rear looked even more spectacular than the front. Jeff's ass curved out in enticing mounds of muscled flesh. His entire ass had a light coating of fine black hair that went down and onto his legs. He had no hair on his back. He turned back around and faced Adam once more. He had become slightly erect.

"My God, Jeff, you are without a doubt the most beautiful man I have ever seen! You're perfect in every respect."

"Thank you, Adam. Seen enough?"

"Oh, yes! Of course, I'm sorry. Thank you for putting me out of the misery of wondering what you looked like naked. If I had you as a boyfriend, I'd never leave home!"

"Thank you. I need to get dressed now," he said with a smile as he closed the bedroom door, leaving Adam fanning himself and walking down the hallway on wobbly legs.

Adam sat down at the table in stunned silence. Doris looked over and poured him coffee.

"What's the matter, hon?" she asked with great concern. "You look like you're in shock or something. Did something terrible happen?"

"Ahh, no, nothing terrible happened. I'm just worried about finding a job, that's all," he lied.

"Honey, you're bound to find the right job."

Jeff walked into the kitchen and kissed Doris and got his own coffee.

"Well, I better head right down to the office. The market will be opening shortly, and since I got delayed by my shower this morning, I'll just skip juice and the muffin," he said smiling.

"Go ahead, honey. I'll bring both down to you," Doris replied.

Adam got himself together, fixed his coffee, and offered to save Doris a trip down the stairs by carrying a tray with Jeff's juice and muffin. When he got to the office, he set both down next to Jeff's coffee cup as he seemed occupied by turning on the television and checking opening figures.

Adam began a search for federal employment, as they were one of the best employers a person could work for in the current economy. Jeff came in, sat down and switched on the three computers he used to conduct his business. He noticed his juice and muffin.

"I didn't see Doris come down with this," Jeff said surprised.

"Oh, she didn't. I brought them down to save her the trip," he said as his eyes scanned Jeff's body.

"Adam, are we going to be able to share this office together or are you going to act like a bull in heat when you're around me?" he asked with a smile.

"Oh, of course! I'll be over what I saw this morning by noon and we'll be fine. I swear."

* * * *

The phone rang for Jeff and ended the conversation. The rest of the morning went by fast until lunch time arrived. Jeff decided since Adam had brought down breakfast, he'd run up and grab their sandwiches and bring them back down.

"Hi, honey, I've made my men lunch," Doris said as she put the sandwiches on plates. "How's your morning going?"

"Good, have had some good sales this morning, I hope the trend continues this afternoon," he replied.

"Honey, did something happen this morning? When Adam came into the kitchen, he looked, I don't know, like something had shocked him."

Jeff walked over to her and whispered into her ear. "He got to see all of me this morning. The bedroom door happened to be open, and just as he came out of his bedroom, well, there I stood wrapped in a towel, which fell off."

"Oh, I see. He must have liked what he saw obviously." She giggled.

"That's putting his reaction mildly."

"Did he ask… you know…?"

"To do me? No! I think he'd sooner pass out than actually ask me something like that. He's very conscious of the fact that I'm straight. But if we don't get him and Craig back together again, the boy's going to lose his mind. He needs to get laid. When he saw Jeff Junior, he turned red and then went all white. I thought he might pass out and became worried for a moment until the color came back into his face."

"What made that happen?" she asked.

"I turned around at his request so he could see my ass. I figured total nudity would be no different than being in the locker room at the gym. Being naked isn't any big deal for me, but it surely was for our friend."

"Are you sure you don't wanna give him what he wants so bad?"

"You mean let him suck my dick? No way, honey. I'm straight, and unless I was stuck on a desert island or, God forbid, in prison for a long stretch, I'd never consent to that kind of thing anymore than Adam could let you have your way with him."

"Okay, now that you put the scenario that way, I understand." She put her arms around her husband and hugged him tightly. "Now go eat lunch!"


* * * *


A couple weeks later, Doris asked Adam to dress nicely since they were having a small dinner party with friends. Doris spent all day cooking, and both Jeff and Adam looked great in dressier than normal clothing that just happened to include two very beautiful Polo shirts.

Adam helped set the table and looked surprised when told to set only four places.

"Doris, the dinner party is for one of your friends, not a bunch?" Adam asked, puzzled.

"Yes, the purpose is to reconnect with an old friend we lost contact with and to bring her back into our lives. I expect she'll be around more in the future."

Adam shrugged. He set out wine glasses as well as water glasses, and the table looked beautiful when Jeff put a pair of silver candlesticks holding two long-stem white candles on the table.

At a little before seven, Jeff lit the candles and they all sat down in the living room, enjoying the aroma of the Italian dinner Doris had prepared. She had created a very basic entrée made of ground beef, elbow macaroni, onions, peas, and sauce. What made the dish special had to be the tomato sauce that had simmered all day, amply filled with just the right spices, including garlic. The last time Adam had eaten this for dinner, just before the move, he'd made a pig of himself and had three helpings.

Finally the doorbell rang and Doris sprang up to answer the door. The smile left Adam's face when he saw Craig walk into the house. While Doris took his coat, Jeff went over to him and gave him a hug. When Craig noticed Adam now standing in the dining room doorway, the smile left his face as Doris closed the door.

Craig shot Doris a look that communicated disapproval and anger as well. Jeff moved in a little closer to Doris, a movement that seemed to say "Chill out, Craig."

"I thought he would be gone for the night and that's why you invited me over so the three of us could have dinner," Craig said in a harsh tone.

"Honey," Doris said, "I just thought the time had arrived for you two to put aside the hurt and become friends once more. Adam's miserable without you, and I have to assume on some level you're miserable without Adam too."

"Never mind. I'm going to leave for the evening. I'll be back around eleven," Adam said as he walked towards the closet. When he got there, he found all six foot two of Jeff standing in front of the door.

"Sit down and act like an adult," said Jeff, without a hint that he wasn't dead serious. "You! Sit down on the sofa as well. Doris spent all day in the kitchen making a dish she knows you both like, so have the courtesy to sit the hell down and enjoy the food. No one is going anywhere."

Adam and Craig both flinched at the tone of Jeff's voice. After looking again to see if Jeff was serious, they both sat down at opposite ends of the sofa while Doris brought in everyone's usual cocktails.

Both Jeff and Doris tried all kinds of small talk to break the ice that had formed around the windows and doors of the house but without success. Finally, Jeff said, "Okay, fuck this. Let's eat and then you two can go the hell your separate ways or whatever the hell you wanna do."

He jumped out of the chair and headed into the kitchen. He returned with a large pot of the pasta and placed it on the table, along with a ladle. Doris sat down, and Jeff poured the wine.

"I'll skip the toast, as obviously neither of you are in the mood to be civilized," Jeff said.

Instead, he stood up and dished out the first of the plates of pasta. He then sat down and began to eat the Caesar salad that Doris had previously prepared and placed on the table next to everyone's dinner plate. Everyone seemed uncomfortable, and even the menu didn't do much to ease things, although Craig did dive into the pasta. They ate in silence for at least five minutes with the only sound that of forks hitting plates. Finally, Doris threw her fork onto her plate, sending drops of sauce flying through the air.

"Okay, look, you two. I'm sick of this. You need to grow up, the pair of you. Yes, Craig, what Adam did sucked goat balls, no question. He treated you like you didn't really matter to him at all, and he was dead wrong to do so. However, we all know part of the reason Adam didn't stay in Houston is because you weren't there! That in itself should tell you how dear he holds you in his heart."

Both Craig and Adam were stunned by the vehemence with which Doris lectured them.

"Adam, you're a first-class dick for treating Craig the way you did. You owe him far more than just an apology if you have any desire to get him into your life again. Jeff and I know how happy you both were when you were with each other. You laughed, had fun, and enjoyed life. You're both good-looking young men who turn heads almost as much as my Jeff does. So, this is how things are going to be from now on.

"Adam, have you told Craig how sorry you are for treating him the way you did?"

"Yes, but I guess not well enough to where he believes me," he said, looking over to Craig.

"Do you love Craig?" she asked.

Adam's head shot up, and his eyes darted from Doris to Craig before answering.

"Yeah, I really do, which is why I beat myself up so bad in Houston over how I conducted the move. I actually tried to screw up at my job so I'd be fired and could then collect unemployment insurance, but all I managed to do was earn citations and awards for handling a couple of serious security issues that came up involving terrorists and threats to attack two of my buildings. In the end, I just resigned, much to the surprise of both the head of security at the home office as well as the clients who owned the buildings."

"Craig, do you have any feelings for Adam? Do you love him by chance?" she asked.

Silence was Craig's immediate response, and when he looked up, he had tears in his eyes.

"Of course I love him, which is why I felt heartbroken when he left. And then he didn't communicate with me at all… I imagined all sorts of things, including the possibility he'd found someone else."

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