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The Brothers' Virgin Captive








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I want to dedicate this book to my mom. She is the strongest, most caring and compassionate people I know. She has never judged me and has always been my number one fan. I am very lucky to have her in my life. Mom, this "porn" book is for you. I love you.





The Virgin Auctions, 5




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The year is 2135, and young women are bid upon at the Virgin Auctions, a city-wide event that allows wealthy men to purchase young brides for an exorbitant price. They are trained to be the docile and submissive wives that will please their future husbands. Once they are bought, they are at the mercy of their owners.


Chapter One


“You must keep posture, Anna.” The ruler slammed down on her wrist, and she winced in pain. Anna straightened her back and kept her hands in the correct position. The other girls practiced the same routine, and the sound of the rulers slapping down on flesh rang through the room. Their “trainers” were elderly women who knew the art of being in the virgin auctions. Anna knew that in just two short years she would be thrust onto that stage and auctioned off like a piece of property. She didn’t have a support system, and didn’t have a family that would care if she voiced her desires of wanting nothing to do with being auctioned off. Her family didn’t need the money, but in their society being a virgin in the auctions was considered prestigious and was what aristocrats did.

When Anna left the training center her parents’ limo idled outside the building. Luca Graison, her parents’ driver, held the back door open for her. She slowed, and right before she slipped inside she glanced over at him. Looking at him never failed to make her heart race. With his green eyes and dark hair, he was utterly gorgeous, and when he smiled at her with just the corner of his mouth, it was as if the world stopped. No one paid attention to her, not her family and not the staff. She was meant to be seen and not heard, meant to follow commands and not disobey. She was born to better the lives of her family and to raise their social standing. To her parents and everyone around her, Anna was nothing more than an end to a long twenty year conditioning. Once she was sold off to the highest bidder, and could collect a hefty sum, her family’s social class would escalate, and they would became wealthier than they already were.

She didn’t dare return Luca’s gesture, although she desperately wanted to. If anyone saw her conversing with the help, whether that be speaking or returning a simple smile, punishments would be exacted on her and Luca as well. It didn’t matter that Luca had been a trusted employee of her father’s for as long as she could remember. There were standards in place, ones she had to follow whether she liked them or not. The world she lived in had changed so much from what she read in history books. How she wished to live in a simpler time, one that didn’t put constraints and stipulations on a person’s life. Anna had no choice in the path of her own life, and she was expected to obey at all costs. Although she didn’t smile back, and would never dare speak to him, she hoped Luca could see how grateful she was for that small gesture. He would never know how much it meant to her.

She slipped into the limo, and the door shut behind her silently. Her father sat in the seat across from her, but she didn’t dare raise her eyes to him. That wasn’t the place of a female, but especially not one to be put on the auction block. She took note that his shoes were shined to perfection, the black looking like onyx.

“Your training went well, I presume?” Alexander, her father, asked. Anna knew enough that he couldn’t care less.

“Yes, Sir.”
The feel of the limo moving through traffic was a soothing motion, one that helped her to relax, albeit only minimally.

“I received a call from Lady
.” Her heart increased pace at her father’s words. “Look at me, Anna.”

She lifted her head and stared into the very cold eyes of her father. They were the exact color of blue as her own, and she couldn’t help but feel disappointment over that fact. His blond hair was impeccably styled, and the shade was once again identical to hers. She had dreamed of vanishing while she slept, just being taken away from her life and everything around her. She was isolated, alone, and so very sad.

has shown your profile to several high bidders looking for a thoroughbred.” The way he spoke, as if she was an animal about to be bred upon, disgusted her, but she showed no emotion on the exterior. Anna was also not foolish enough to speak. Her father had not asked her a direct question, nor had he given her permission to speak. There had been many times before—before she had learned it was better to stay quiet—that she had been punished severely. But then again this was all part of her “training”. Anna Milovich needed to be the docile and submissive wife that would please her future husband.

“There are already bids placed for you, and you are still two years out from your auction date. This makes me very pleased, Anna.” Her father smiled, but it wasn’t one of happiness. Well, possibly in
his own
sick and twisted way it was. He was pleased that the money was already rolling in, and securing these silent bidders had a front row seat at the auction, and therefore priority to all other bidders. Only the wealthiest of men could afford to do such a thing, and that thought frightened her immensely. Anna could only imagine the kind of man who would feel the need to “reserve” his claim on her. “You may speak your thoughts on this grand news, daughter.”

Of course Anna was smart enough to know her father did not want her actual thoughts, but more her agreement that it was indeed a wondrous thing to hear.

“Yes, Father, it is wonderful news.” Over the years Anna had learned to school her features and keep herself stoic on the outside. The remembrance of pain from her many punishments were drilled into her mind. Keeping pleasant and neutral was the only way to survive. Alexander was already typing on his tablet and had since forgotten her presence. They drove the rest of the way in silence, but that was okay because Anna thrived off of it. The hairs on the back of her neck stood up, and she drew her attention away from her folded hands in her lap and saw a set of startling green eyes watching her in the rearview mirror. Normally the privacy window would have been in place, but there were times when her father preferred it down. Apparently this was one of those times, or maybe it was just that he was too preoccupied to notice anything aside from whatever he was working on? Anna knew she should look away, because there was a very real chance her father would notice and exact his discipline. Whatever it was about Luca’s eyes made her feel something warm inside of her cold, empty heart.

She heard her father shift on the seat, and she quickly diverted her eyes back to her lap. The rest of the ride was finished in silence, and soon they were pulling up to her family’s estate. She waited for the door to be open and her father to exit first before she slipped out from the back of the limo. Before she entered the house she glanced over her shoulder and saw Luca standing by the front of the car watching her. His stare was penetrating, consuming, and made her acutely aware that what she felt was completely inappropriate. Even if she allowed herself to explore the emotions that coursed through her, nothing could ever arise. There were many factors, ones she had no control over, and wouldn’t think another minute on. They were thoughts that could get people hurt. This was her life, whether she wanted it or not.

Chapter Two


Two years later


Anna felt as if she stood on the center of the sun. The light shining upon her was intense and bright, heating her flesh and causing sweat to bead along her body. Droplets of perspiration trailed down the valley between her breasts, but she could never show how uncomfortable she was mentally or physically. This was the day that reflected her entire life. She stood upon the auction block, the sea of men before her hidden behind the bright veil of the spotlights before her. She was blinded by that agonizing light, meant to be thrown off balance and showcased for all eyes. Over the past twenty-four months she had been perfected to be every male’s desired female.

A virgin at twenty years old, Anna knew about all forms of sexual pleasure even if she had never experienced the acts. Whoever bought her today would do with her as they pleased. She would be at their mercy, and Anna would be lying if she didn’t admit that she was frightened beyond belief. This was the day she had dreaded, a life of servitude if she was purchased by a cruel husband. Of course that wasn’t always the case, and she could only pray to
would listen that she was graced with a kind and caring husband who would treat her as his partner and not just a sexual object.

“Anna Milovich of the Milovich estate.”
The announcer sounded robotic and automatic, as he did with every virgin placed on the block. She kept her gaze lowered and her hands clasped behind her back. The thin silk robe that covered her shouldn’t have made her feel so incredibly warm, or maybe it was the fact she was nude beneath it and in mere minutes every man in the building would see the most intimate parts of her body? The robe was untied and a second later pooled at her feet. Despite the intense heat that surrounded her, her flesh tightened, and goose-bumps lined her arms and legs. The knowledge she was on full display had embarrassment coursing through her. Of course it would only get more humiliating and degrading when she was asked to present the area between her thighs.

“This virgin comes from a pure blood-line and is certified a virgin. Breasts are a full D cup, and frame is a sixteen.” The attendant then proceeded to cup her breasts, displaying them as if they were melons being inspected for ripeness. She was instructed to assume the display position, and Anna’s heart jackknifed in her chest. She went onto her back and brought her knees to her chest. A wave of heat flooded her entire body at the knowledge these strange men were looking at a spot on her body no one but her and a female physician had ever seen. She really shouldn’t have been so embarrassed by this, for she had been conditioned since her eighteenth birthday on the sexuality she was to exude, but that didn’t stop her from closing her eyes and wishing the proceedings would end. With her eyes closed her senses came alive. The wood beneath her was smooth and
and the air brushed along her exposed folds. For several long moments nothing was said by the attendant, but she could hear the hushed murmurs of the men in the audience. Since she turned eighteen there had been more bids placed on her. It was a kind of reservation for the chance to be the first to bid. Anna never understood the way the auctions worked, and found them disgusting and barbaric, but this was the only world she had ever known.

Even lying here on the cold ground where so many others before her had stood, all she could think about was maybe things would work out in her favor. Maybe the life that she was about to embark in would be filled with love and compassion? Her life thus far had been a cold, cavern-filled world with strict rules, hard regimens, and a mother and father who had counted down the time until she stood on the block

“Do you realize that you were put on this planet for only one reason, Anna?”

Her mother’s words played in her mind like a broken record.

“You were born for one reason, and one reason only, and that has nothing to do with love. Do you understand, Anna?”

Her mother never spoke to her as if she were her daughter, never even uttered that word.
Despite her father calling her that on occasion, it was more of a title and less of an endearment.

“You will do nothing other than what you are told. Anna, if you truly wish to please Alexander and me, you will keep your mouth shut, perfect your training, and make your future husband never regret purchasing you.”

Anna pushed those vile thoughts from her mind. That had been the extent of her mother’s words for as long as she could remember. Her father was the same, and Anna had grown used to the cold, detached conversations they occasionally had with her. No, she realized, any life other than the one in her parents’ home would be better. She would strive to make her husband happy, and by the grace of everything that was right, perhaps he would see her as a human that could be cared for.

Once she was done being poked and prodded, and her measurements announced to all, Anna was led to the front of the stage. Normally she would have been taken to one of the back rooms to be prepped with the other virgins for when she was handed off to her husband, but perhaps because bids had been placed on her beforehand things worked a bit differently? Or perhaps it was because she was the last virgin to be on the block? She was not made aware of the intricate details that went along with the proceedings.

“You have already been purchased, girl.” The attendant assisted her in tying her robe. The lights dimmed enough for her to see the crowd of men gathered around. Some were old, far older than she could even imagine, while others were gorgeous in their sharp looking suits and severe expressions. Which one had bought her?

A man older than her father stepped forward. The cane in his hand was shiny and white, perhaps made out of ivory. Although any man in attendance at the auction was wealthy, this one with the greying hair and frightening harsh black eyes must be far wealthier than many of the men here. Ivory was no longer available since every animal with tusks was now extinct. He would have had to pay an incredible price for such a piece. That observation, coupled with his suit and shining gold ring that adorned his pinky, told Anna this man was of a higher class than most.

“Anna Milovich, you are now the rightful property of Master Charles
Manor.” Anna had never heard the name before, but her pulse started racing when she heard the murmurs in the room increase. Who was this man who was now her legal husband?

He stood below her, and although she expected to be brought to him, no one made a move. His eyes scanned her robe-covered body, and a shiver of unease passed through her. No, something was definitely not right with him. He scared her, yet he hardly moved and hadn’t said one word. With a flick of his hand two men in matching dark suits and equally dark sunglasses stepped forward. He whispered something to one of them.

“Master Lindken wants the girl prepped to the fullest extent before he takes her.” Stunned didn’t even begin to explain how she felt. Before the auction she had been scrubbed, waxed, tweezed, and bathed until her flesh felt raw and her body was red. Clearly her new husband wasn’t pleased with her appearance, and that had humiliation and fear settling inside of her. Before she was led away Master Charles spoke.

“I’m going to enjoy breaking you in, slave.” His voice was just as cold and hard as the rest of him, but what was even more frightening than his promise, was the fact his expression never changed. He meant every word he spoke, and Anna realized at that moment her life could get far worse than she ever imagined.

The attendant steered her away from the stage and to the back room. Anna wasn’t blind to the fact several of the girls stopped what they were doing and stared in sympathy at her. As she passed a set of them she heard the murmured whispers that had her blood running cold.

“I am so glad to not be her.”

“I know, especially since it is Master Charles that purchased her.”

“I heard he has his own harem, and enjoys beating his wives—or slaves as he calls them—until they beg him to stop.”

Tears welled in Anna’s eyes, but she didn’t dare let them fall. The attendant set her inside a barren room with only the one door, a sink, and a bathtub.

“You will wait here. A bathing attendant will be in momentarily to prepare you for Master Charles.” The robe was taken from her body and set aside. The chill was intense, and she wrapped her arms around her middle and shivered. With that she was closed in the room with nothing to do but wait for the end of her life to begin.

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