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The Bridal Hunt




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The Bridal Hunt



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This book contains sexually explicit material, intended for readers 18 and older.

It also contains ménage a troi
s situations, abduction and violence.









Chapter 1



I hummed under my breath
as I opened the oven door and checked on my banana bread.

Mmm... Yum!
I thought as the smell hit my nose.

I pulled my toothpick out and sure enough, it came up clean, so I took the pans out with my pot holders and set them on top of the stove to cool.

I shut off the oven and wandered over to the radio, mint-almond milk cocoa in hand.

The Jack Frost cartoon character on the mug was winking at me in co-conspirator-ship as I turned the dials on the old radio, searching for another Christmas station to help me get into the holiday mood.

The twinkle lights I'd strung up on my little plastic tree blinked along merrily, working like a charm.

Little hand tied bows of red and home made ornaments from my childhood were placed haphazardly around the tree, giving the room that holiday feeling.

I could use a little good cheer right about now...

I know George
enjoying some 'goodwill towards men' the last time I saw him. Well, in the beginning he was anyways...

So was his secretary,

. Even her name screams bimbo.

Oh, quit being such a
Mina, I groused at myself.

It's not her fault she's named after sugary confections... unless she intentionally changed her name to Candy...

I snorted at the thought.

How funny would that be?

But I digress.

It all started when I'd thought to surprise my boyfriend with an impromptu trip to the mountains, just he and I.

We'd recently become engaged and I’d wanted to do something really special.

It would really give us a chance to reconnect and rekindle the fire that's dimmed a little these past few months.

Let us really get our groove on without any interruptions.

I'd thought the little funk we'd gotten into was because of our hectic schedules...

Not because he was
'decking Candy's halls'.

The moment was so fresh, branded into me, into my mind, as if on
replay in my head, like some terrible movie that never ends…

I had already packed up everything we would need for our trip into my truck, cleared everything with his boss, and was all set to romance the pants off of him.

When I entered his office, however, and found him with his pants around his ankles as Candy licked his little cane, I freaked.

Erm... maybe that's not quite the word I'm looking for...

Blew up
, would be more accurate...




I went nuclear... ballistic... supernova... fuckin' berserk...
take your pick

Did I mention I have a bit of a temper when someone totally fucks me over?

If he was screwing
, maybe he wouldn't have felt the need to let
play with his pixie stick!

have screamed and ranted for a few minutes...
maybe ten
, drawing the attention of his other coworkers as George and his little 'sugar bunny' (his endearment for her, not mine), tried to frantically dress.

All while I cursed them all over kingdom come and swore their babies would look like hairy little blonde monkeys.

The skinny, emaciated, blonde tart cowered as I stalked towards them, face red with embarrassment, tears stinging the backs of my eyes as I confronted my supposed boyfriend of three years and more recently, fiancé of one month.

"Why?" I asked him bluntly, not hiding the tear that fell from the corner of my eye and trailed down my cheek.

It is
weak to cry!

So sue me, I'm emotional!

And if they don't like it, then tough shit!

"I uh... that is... erm..." George spluttered at the rage in my face, sweat beading on his forehead as he nervously wrung his hands together and kept 'yo yo-ing' his gaze between Candy and me.

"This isn't how it was supposed to be!" George blurted, trying to step towards me.

"Who's the fat chick, Georgie?" Candy asked in a very high pitched
, winy voice.

Sweet baby Jesus! It was like listening to nails on a chalk board!

I winced as her grating voice droned on, tormenting my poor ear drums.

his fiancée," I said glaring at my spineless twerp of an ex, even more pissed when he looked genuinely hurt by my reaction.


Of all the idiots in this world, I had to pick the cream of the crop, didn't I?!

I pulled off my engagement ring and tossed it to Candy.

"Here you go,
" I said sweetly, purposely flubbing her name, smirking when the ring landed, '
accidentally', of course
, in the dip of the 'v' of her very fake boobs.

Candy's eyes gleamed as she greedily dug through her cleavage, searching for the now meaningless rock the bastard had presented me with just a few weeks ago.

"Maybe you'll have better luck with him and
," I gestured towards the ring, "than I did." I raised my head high and walked past George's wide eyed boss, all of the other employees at the firm and a few of their clients too.

Screw them all!

Stare at
hope they got a freaking eyeful!

And an earful!

"Busybodies... all of you," I muttered angrily, marching past everyone as George tried to chase after me.

Candy was bringing up the rear, my old engagement ring clutched tightly in her hand, her fake breasts not even jiggling once as she tried to keep up without tripping on her hooker heels.

They were like cemented in flotation devices... I'd hate to fall with a pair of those latched onto my chest.


"Can't we talk about this, pumpkin?" George asked pleadingly, bright red lipstick still smeared all over his face.

He looked like a very handsome, very well dressed, blonde clown.

I snorted at the picture he presented, then snickered and sneered at his nickname for me.


How touching
, I thought caustically, ready to gouge his pretty hazel eyes out.

I tried to reign in my temper as I made it to the parking lot, reaching into my purse to dig for my keys.

Good grief!

Could this day go any worse?!

Of all the times to need my keys right this minute and I can't find them!

"Pumpkin! Willy!
," George murmured, trying to sidle up close to me.

I stuck my elbow up high to hold him off as the hand attached to said elbow held one side of my purse open, while I searched for my friggin' keys.

"Shut up, you philandering idiot," I barked at him, trying to ignore him.

Ah ha! Keys at last!
I thought, feeling a little triumphant, despite the predicament I currently find myself in.

Time to get the hell out of dodge!

"Well, Cordy," I told Candy over George's shoulder as he tried to get her to go back inside, promising the leggy bimbo that they could
'talk' later

Riggghhht talk...

And I'm the tooth fairy!

"It's been
to meet you," I told her sarcastically, laying it on thick as I batted my lashes at her and wiggled my fingers in her direction.

"Ta, tah!" I said with fake cheer, waving over my shoulder as I unlocked my driver
’s side door and pulled on the handle to open it.

"It isn't what you think, Willy! Really!" George whined, his hand clutching the door while Candy clutched his shirt sleeve, whining at him in high pitched squeaks to let the

I turned beet red at her jab at my weight.


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