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Authors: Danielle Lee Zwissler

The Boy I Love (Falling for You #2)

The Boy I Love

Danielle Lee Zwissler

A Young Adult Love Story

Falling for You Book II

©2016 Danielle Lee Zwissler

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Copyright © 2016 by: Danielle L. Zwissler

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All the characters in this book are fictitious. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead is purely coincidental. All work is from the imagination of the author.


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Dear Reader,

If you’ve already read the first book, The Boy Next Door, then you’ve met Keri and Payton. Keri, much like myself, is a bit of a dreamer, and wants everything to be perfect all of the time. Payton, on the other hand, takes life one step at a time, which isn’t necessarilya bad thing. In this next book
The Boy I Love
we learn all about what makes them different, and what makes their relationship actually work. Unfortunately for them, not everything is as easy as loving someone. The loving is the easy part. I hope you like this book, as Keri and Payton have become pretty important to me.

As always, thank you!

Much love and happiness,

Danielle Lee Zwissler

With Thanks,

A big thanks to everyone at the Wildcat Café in Mogadore, Ohio, where the coffee is always hot, and Tiff welcomes you with a smile on her face.

Thanks to my readers, you are all very special to me!

While writing, I find that music helps me immensely with scenes and characters. A big thank you to the following artists: David Bowie, Freddie Mercury, Lourdes, Miranda Lambert, Luke Bryan, Eric Church and Sam Smith.


Chapter One

* Another first…*

ayton looked at me once more and I nodded. I was ready. This was it, it was time. “I want all my firsts with you, Pay.”

Payton’s jaw tensed and he smiled. “I want all of my firsts with you, too.”

He put his lips against mine and I felt his tongue slide alongside my own. I moaned, and his hands moved slowly up my rib cage toward my breasts. I sighed. This was it. It was finally going to happen. I arched my back, his hands moved up further, cupping my breasts in his palms. “I love red,” Payton said, grinning. “My new favorite color.”

“I’m glad I don’t disappoint,” I replied, glad to know that going to the trouble of trying to match bra to panties wouldn’t be for naught.

His breath hitched. “Keri, you’re so…perfect.” Payton’s voice sounded reverent as usual. He was pretty damn awesome.

I smiled inside as he touched me. His hands were rough, calloused, but they made my body hum. I wiggled underneath him. “More,” I breathed.

His hands moved around to my back to undo the catch in the bra. It snapped and his eyes darkened. He lowered his head toward my chest, his lips full and wet. His hands moved the bra down my arms until it was completely off, and then his hands were back on me. Bare skin this time. His mouth moved toward my right breast as his tongue laved my nipple, beading it, and I moaned, arching further up toward him, wanting him so badly.

“Oh, Pay,” I moaned. I looked up into his eyes as his tongue moved over me. “This feels so good.”

Payton sighed, and it was a very sexy sound. “I don’t know how this first time will be, Keri, I’m…”

“I know,” I said, knowing that he was a virgin, too. “It doesn’t matter. We’ll get the first one over with, and then have plenty of time for practice.” I grinned and Payton’s mouth moved toward my own. He smiled at me, and then closed his eyes. I could tell he wanted this just as bad as I did.

“I love you,” Payton said huskily.

“I love you, too.” I reached out and, with a deftness that I’ve never experienced, took off his shirt. His glorious abs tightened, and I bit my bottom lip, stifling a groan. He was unbelievably sexy.
How did I not see this in high school? I can’t wait to feel his skin against mine.

Payton’s hands moved lower now, tugging at the button on my jeans. I sucked in a little, and the button popped. He slowly eased down the zipper and I felt a tightening in my stomach. Heat flooded my body, and I moaned. He moved the jeans down by legs and then closed his eyes.

“Fuck,” he whispered. “Red.”

“Yeah,” I agreed.

I was wearing a little scrap of silk panties that I bought with my roommate back in school. She said every girl should have something sexy to wear. To be fair this was after she saw my boy shorts underwear.
I’m really glad I brought those…

“Take off your pants, too,” I said, brazen once more.

He did as he was told and we were both just there in our underwear. I could see the outline of his erection in his boxers, and it was hot.

“Oh,” I moaned.

Payton looked at me once more. “You’re sure?”

I nodded quickly. My heart was beating so fast in my chest now that it made it hard to concentrate. “Oh yeah.”

Payton smirked and then was on top of me. Our bare skin meeting for the first time. “Oh that feels good,” I moaned. I’d been waiting for this. Yes, it was perfect. No wonder Alexis did this a lot.

“Yeah,” Payton agreed. His mouth was back on my chest, and his hands moved down my navel toward the area between my thighs. His fingers moved the scrap of material a little and made their way home. I moaned once more.

“Oh God.”

“Damn, baby,” Payton groaned. His hands were amazing. One finger moved inside and then up. My eyes rolled to the back of my head. Holy Hell.

“Keri!  It’s breakfast time, tell Payton you’ll see him later!” Mom yelled from somewhere.

My eyes opened, and I pushed Payton so hard that there was a loud thud on the tree fort floor.

“Everything okay up there?” Mom asked.

Fuck! Mom’s right by the ladder. Only feet from us

My eyes widened, and Payton panicked. He hurriedly tried to put on his pants, and then his shirt. I couldn’t seem to figure out what to put on first.

“No, no,” I yelled, frantically. “Everything’s fine. We’re just…just…”

“Exercising!” Payton squeaked.

I looked at Payton and nearly burst out laughing. I had my bra and pants on by then, and I was working on my shirt.

There is no way mom believes this

“Oh, okay. I don’t believe you. Get to the house and eat breakfast. We only have a few hours until you go back to school and I want to have a talk with you.”

“Okay, Mom!”

“Bye, Mrs. Richards,” Payton added.

Mom laughed. “See you later, Payton.”


I turnedto look a
a very disgruntled Payton. “Hey,” I said, biting my bottom lip, wondering if he was as pissed as I was about the situation.

Payton took a deep breath. “Hey.”

“I’m so sorry.” I looked at Payton and then down toward my feet. “I really wanted this.”

“Me, too.”

The whole thing was awkward. It was perfect five minutes ago,
until Mom ruined it.

“We shouldn’t have done this here I guess.”

Payton shook his head. “This is the perfect spot.
Our spot.”

I tried to smile. “Yeah, ours.”

Payton came toward me and wrapped his arms around me. “I love you. It will happen when it happens.” Payton looked a lot calmer than I knew he was feeling. This had to be a huge disappointment for him. I read about how guys hurt afterwards, and I couldn’t imagine it being all rosy down there.

“But I’m going back to school in a few hours,” I cried. “I just wanted to…I…”

“Me, too. But I’ll see you soon, right?”

I nodded. “Yeah, if three weeks is soon.”

Payton sucked in a breath and then blew it out, frustrated. “It’s going to seem like forever.”


“I was hoping to get this embarrassing first time out of the way, you know? That way when you came back after Christmas you wouldn’t be disappointed.” Payton said this last part kind of softly.
He was embarrassed!

“This is special, too, you know? I’ve never… and I really don’t know what I’m doing either.”

“You looked great to me,” Payton admitted. He looked at my lips and then leaned in.

“You felt so good.”

I felt him move against me, and I knew that this was affecting him just as much as it is me. He takes a deep breath and groans. “I really want you.”

“I want you.”

“How fast do you think we can do this?” Payton asked, shocking me. I stiffened in his arms.

How fast

“Yeah, we can just… you know. Really quick.”

My eyes widened, and immediately I was pissed. “What?!”

“Payton released me and stepped back. “What’s wrong?”

“Are you fucking kidding me, Pay?” I put my hands on my hips, my power stance, my you aren’t screwing with me, stance.

“What?” Panic clouded Payton’s eyes and he went to put his hand on me.

“Don’t. I can’t believe this! You just want a quickie with me? That’s it?”

Payton laughed. My eyes widened.

“No, no…that’s not.

“I came up here so we could be together, and now you want to just get it done and over with?”

Payton paced back and forth, his right hand going up to his hair. “You make me nuts. No, that’s…I told you, I don’t know what it’ll be like. I’ve heard that the first time’s… well, difficult.”

“Pick that up in health class?” I asked, snottily.

Payton’s face reddened.

Of course.

“I told you before that I didn’t care about that. This is my first time, too. If it isn’t special enough for you, then why did you wait?”

Payton looked at me oddly, trying to figure out what I was asking.

“Why are you a virgin?” I asked.


“Couldn’t get anyone to screw you, Pay?”

Payton’s face got even redder, and I felt horrible. 

“I’m sorry,” I admitted.

“No, you’re right,” Payton said. “I couldn’t.”

Tears fell down my face, and I wanted to punch him right in the face. “Well then. Don’t worry about making me your first. Come back to me when you’re good and ready, and I’ll do the same.”

Payton’s eyes widened, and I turned to go out of the tree fort, leaving the lone condom that I brought with me lay discarded beside the bed.

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