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Authors: V Bertolaccini

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The Alien Artifact 7




The Alien Artifact 7


V Bertolaccini




edition published 2015 by CB

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Victor Bertolaccini




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The Interdimensional


The IE altered its composition as it
unsuccessfully tried to leave the confines of the universe, and its
shape glowed and vanished into powerful bright explosions of
energy, blasting out from its exploding spacecraft, as its fight
for survival began.

For the first time in its existence it felt
pain and saw death, and its formation constantly altered as it
controlled its individual parts to a degree of individual cells,
stopping itself being absorbed and destroyed by the colossal

In horror it felt its destruction but finally
a hole formed in the mass of energy, which had been its form of
space vehicle it had used to enter this world with, and it grasped
the opportunity with all it could muster and formed itself into a
flying formation, it had seen in another dimension, and it darted
out of the colossal energy into the dark night of the world.

The cold outer world was unrecognizable to it
and it was left staggered by its dangers and as it monitored its
formation’s fight to repair itself it considered how the occurrence
could possibly have occurred, and it felt satisfaction from its
body as it completed repairing a major region of damage to it.

It eventually was able to alter to an
extraterrestrial humanoid formation, it had intended to alter to on
arrival at the Earth, and it gained more of its normal powers, and
it managed to adapt to the surrounding environment, and it shifted
into the long black shadows of unknown tree formations like a
transparent ghost monster lurking around, transforming shapes and
appearances in regions of it, and it temporary stopped astounded by
the event as it considered what had happened and that it was
trapped on a desolate region in a strange universe, in a strange
combination of strange dimensions, without any communications to
its own universe, without anything else like it being in the
surrounding space, and it began to contemplate the real dangers to
its survival and eternal life and it began to contemplate how it
could survive on the world without its more advanced technology,
which it had never been without or even heard of occurring.

Its species was so ancient it could not even
believe it had a beginning source! It had been contacted by an
unknown form of communication, from the unknown universe, from the
strange unknown species of Earth humanoids, and it had been chosen
by its species to make contact on behalf of its species, and it too
had not fully grasped the extraordinary universe, and some of
Earth’s extraordinary technology as it never worked in its
universe, and it had been disorientated on its entry to the
universe and it had made the fatal mistake of forming its
spacecraft into a human space rocket formation in orbit over the
Earth and it had been detected and attacked.

It was trapped out on a strange celestial
object with unknown new life forms and it realized it had to fight
to survive further than it had ever done before and it wondered if
it could, and it realized it would be detected on the world and it
fought to escape from the vicinity of its exploding spacecraft.

The moon shifted overhead as its monster
shape staggered through the small wood, where it had shot into, and
it even took comfort in the moon’s existence with its slight
familiarity and it resembling a stellar sight in its own universe,
and it stopped to examine a life form, and a small black cat
shifting towards it!

It had never seen anything like it and it
could not explain its existence and it struggled to explain how it
functioned and its strangeness grasped its imagination, and it
altered its formation to adapt to it and its new environment and it
finally took a sample of its blood and reformed its colossal energy

Its strange shaped shadows shifted in the
moonlight, probing the cold darkness, and it moved on as it studied
everything in its surroundings, expecting hideous encounters, as it
fought to return its normal detection senses.

It roamed the wood and it became clear that
the life form it had copied affected it far more than it had
realized, and it realized it was not just the life form but its own
damaged state!

While it propelled itself forward its body
adapted its form and repaired damage and formed more powerful and
better Earth legs and razor-sharp claws, creature fangs, and thick
tentacles formed and expanded from its neck, from creatures it had
studied on other worlds in the region of space as it had entered
the universe, and while it shifted away head tendrils formed from
its ears and they shuddered frantically testing the air for the
signs of any life forms and dangers.

Its monstrous cat shapes silhouetted it as it
shifted in incredible leaps through trees, further than any Earth
creature, and its senses improved and it detected distant human
formations near the wood, and it realized that the cat formation
had taken its energy from the consumption of other life forms.

Finally the wood ended and strange glowing
hills illuminated all around it, stretching out to the rim of the
world, as the sun rose below the horizon, and it stopped and
watched a glowing spot accelerating across the sky, and a dim
radiance illuminated in its surroundings and it detected one of the
world’s intelligent species on its own nearby!


Part I


The Interdimensional



Chapter 1


The Lost Soldier


While Dave Cameron awoke his vision was
strange and utterly unbelievable, with a hazy metallic bronze, and
he studied it everywhere trying to grasp what it was and he heard
increasingly extraordinary sounds!

He could feel little and his fingers probed
the cold ground and he used his arms to clean his eyes and saw
immediately he was lying in a farm field in a pool of muck,
surrounded by cows, and as he choked and spat out muck and dung he
started to realize the real problem and that he had entirely lost
his memory of his identity, and he found a nearly empty bottle of
whisky in his jacket pocket and examined it trying to grasp why it
was there!

He recognized a distant road over on his left
side that he knew was Floors Road and a bright blue building near
it that was Linn Products, but again he could not recall why!

He crazily jumped up and down and the cattle
everywhere ran from his shouts and screams and he fought to remove
muck and water away from his sight while trying pull his embedded
legs out of mud, and he realized again that he had been asleep in a
pool of stinking mud, and he could not get why or what had

Some form of rare occurrence had taken place
and he struggled to force his mind to grasp it out or give him a
suggestion of an answer but he never got it and all he could see
was farm fields about him and some trees directly behind him, and
he heard cars on the A726 road behind the trees!

Annoyed he started shouting and screaming
again, wondering who the hell had dumped him in the pool of mud,
and spotted a farmer watching him on a tractor and trailer in the
distance and he started shouting, when he acknowledged him he
started swearing and making obscene gestures until the farmer
stopped and stood up and looked at him bewildered, as he waved his
arms wildly, and the farmer shrugged and jumped into his seat and
drove on.

Cameron shrugged back and started cleaning
the muck from his clothes and stood staggered when he realized he
was wearing an army uniform, and he slowly shifted away and sat on
the solid field nearby contemplating what had happened and what to

At one point, to his surprise, a moving
object on Floors Road to his left side moved into a field, beside
Floors Wood, and shifted in his direction and he saw it was an army
truck and he wondered if he was connected to them and he considered
if he was running away from them, which justified him being in the
field and that he could have fallen and damaged his head.

Desperate for answers he started jumping up
and down again, and shouted over at the vehicle, and it increased
its speed and he acknowledged its arrival and stopped, and as it
drove up to him he stood looking at it bewildered, not realizing
what to do next.

When the army truck stopped he saw it was
full of soldiers, who all stared at him confused, and the driver
jumped out and marched up to him and stood smiling, examining the
mess he was in and the mess in the pool – looking as if he had a
mud fight with himself – and Cameron gasped at his body’s
impression in it where he had been lying.

What in the hell are you doing?” a
sergeant in the passenger seat finally moaned, as he lowered his
window, unable to control himself and stay silent any

I don’t understand how I got here!” he
moaned back, unable to see what else he could do.

All the soldiers in the truck shifted out the
end of the vehicle to see what was happening.

Come off it, buster!” the sergeant
shouted, and examined a piece of dung on his mouth with disgust.
“What have you been doing here?”

The sergeant examined the nearby cows with
slanted eyes and all his footsteps and movements in and around the

What’s your name, private?” he

I don’t know!” he finally admitted,
seeing that he couldn’t avoid it.

You have to be kidding me!” he gasped.
“You don’t even know your own name?”

Suddenly an army Land Rover raced up behind
the truck and an officer, called Lieutenant Waring, jumped out from
the backseat, and shouted at the sergeant, “What’s going on,
Sergeant Malone?”

This private doesn’t even know his

How could that be? He had to give it
to get in the army I assume! Well soldier what have you to

I’ve lost my memory, sir!”

All the soldiers at the truck stood startled
and Malone got out the front of the vehicle and they all stood in
front of Cameron.

Alright then! Has anyone here got his
name?” Waring moaned.

To Cameron’s surprise three of the soldiers
immediately shoved up their hands and eagerly waited, and Waring
smiled brightly, just as a beam of sunshine beamed down over him
through a hole in a large cloud, and he walked up to Cameron and
studied his face, still covered in a thin layer of muck.

I’m sure I’ve seen you ...”

His real name’s Dave!” one of the
three soldiers who knew him shouted.

Malone removed a pen and paper, and moaned,
“What’s his second name, private?”


Is that right!” he groaned loudly, and
sighed and firmly held his forehead in his hands and stayed that
way for a few minutes and returned to what he was doing, entirely
ignoring the problem.

Cameron tried to recall the name but could
not, and thought the soldier looked familiar though and tried to
recall his name.

Suddenly Waring gasped and looked at his
watch and realized something and that he was late for

Well, Malone, handle this man would
you! I’ve business to attend to! And try to find a way to give him
his memory back!”

I’ll surely do that!” Malone muttered
sadistically, and they saluted and Waring rushed away.

Malone ordered Cameron to go into the back of
the truck with the other soldiers where he sat slouched and grasped
the gravity of the situation and that he could not recall anything
and sat dazed and confused and shifted next to the three soldiers
that knew him, as they were the only ones that knew anything, and
he soon got their names – as Tod Simpson (who was the soldier who
had told him his name), and Johnny Fogler and Harry Hanks.

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