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Tearing Down Walls (Love Under Construction Series Book 2)

Love Under Construction Series, Book 2

Deanndra Hall

Tearing Down Walls

Love Under Construction Series, Book 2

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Material in this work of fiction is of a graphic sexual nature and is not intended for audiences under 18 years of age.

The Groundbreaking – OUT NOW!

The Groundbreaking is a preview of the main characters contained in all of the Love Under Construction Series books. Not intended as a work of erotic fiction, it is simply a way for the reader to get to know and love each character by discovering their backgrounds. Contains graphic situations that are unsuitable for readers under 18 years old.

Laying a Foundation – OUT NOW!

Sometimes death robs us of the life we thought we’d have; sometimes a relationship that just won’t die can be almost as bad. And sometimes the universe aligns to take care of everything. When you’ve spent years alone, regardless the circumstances, getting back out there can be hard. But when you’ve finally opened up to love and it looks like you might lose it all, can love be enough to see you through?

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This book has been a true labor of love. By the time I got finished writing the first novel in this series, I had fallen deeply and totally in love with the characters in this series. But the two in this installment are especially dear to me, particularly because of their sometimes child-like innocence. Their deepest desire is for something that most of us take for granted – someone to love them. I wish I could tell you the hours I spent crying as I wrote this volume. I hope their lives touch yours as they’ve touched mine.

A special thanks to my betas – I know, I say that in every book, but you guys are my first line of defense (and offense!) and I’d be nowhere without you. And as for my loving partner? Yep, he’s hanging right in there with me and the characters in these books. Gotta love him for that.

Special thanks to the writers’ group over in “Clayfield.” Thanks, too, to the writers’ group that met at Warren’s home those many years ago. Sitting in a room full of college professors, with the occasional visual artist thrown in, was a privilege the beauty of which hasn’t escaped me. So to Warren, Dee, Brenda, Judy, and Kit, thanks for letting me in. I miss all of you. I’m pretty sure you’d be surprised to see what’s contained in these pages!

Get ready . . . this book will take you up and down, spin you around, and make you think about what happens to people who get that chance they thought they’d never have. They’re always grateful, and I’m grateful to them for stepping out in faith and taking their chance. As Vic said, “Let’s go for it, baby. Let’s take what we want; it’s ours if we want it.” Trust me – he’s right.

Love and happy reading,


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ey, cuz! How’s it going?” Vic asked when he answered the call from his cousin, Tony Walters.

“It’s all going great. They’ve got the plans done, so maybe we can go over them next week. In the meantime, I’ve got a favor to ask,” Tony told him.

“Name it.” He’d gladly do it, whatever it was. Tony had been his boss until just a couple of weeks before but had stepped down to go into semi-retirement; Tony’s son, Clayton, had taken the reins. But Vic’s new position as president of the Walters Construction Lexington office didn’t mean he saw Tony as any less of an authority figure. In reality, Tony seemed much more like a father figure to Vic than a cousin or brother, even though he was only a few years older.

“McCoy called me yesterday. Seems he has a club in Lexington. Know anything about it?” Tony asked.

“No. News to me.” Steve owned a club? He’d been Tony’s attorney for what seemed like forever, plus he owned Citadel Security, one of the larger private investigating and security businesses in the state. Vic had no idea he dabbled in yet something else.

“Yeah. And the building he leases for it is up for sale. He called, wanted to know if I might be interested in buying it and letting him lease it from me so he wouldn’t have to move the club.” A feminine voice rang out in the background at Tony’s, and Vic heard his cousin say, “It’s Vic! Say hi, baby!”

“Hi, Vic!” Tony’s wife, Nikki, her voice bright from across whatever room Tony was in.

“Tell her hi,” Vic said. He wanted to tell her a lot more, like how much time he spent thinking about her, about the love-struck stupor he fell into when he was around her, but she was Tony’s wife. It didn’t matter how he felt about her; he’d always honor that bond. But he’d always love her. “So want me to check out the building?”

“Please. I don’t want to buy something that needs a quarter of a million in renovations,” Tony told him.

“No problem. Text me the address and I’ll go by there this afternoon.”

“Thanks, buddy. I owe you one. Hey, want to come to dinner Thursday night?”

“God, I’d love that. We don’t see each other often enough anymore. I miss you both.”

“We miss you too. Nikki will be thrilled to see you. Six?” Tony asked.

“I’ll be there.”

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