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Authors: Layla Silver

Tales of Lust and Magic (5 page)

“Evening Ma’am,” came the voice that already sounded sweetly familiar to me.

“Evening gentlemen,” I responded, maintaining their pseudo-formality.

“It’s a little cool up here at night, might I offer you my jacket?” his chivalry spoke.

“No, thanks. It’s really not necessary,” I replied dishonestly, my crossed arms betraying my cool demeanour.

“I insist, you must be freezing...” he continued, simultaneously derobing as he spoke.

He proceeded to envelop me in the warmth of his blazer and I trembled as his fingers brushed over my naked skin, before luxuriating in the comfort his jacket gave me. His friend looked on in amusement and as I eyed him suspiciously, the waiter turned to me apologetically, saying,

“Sorry, let me introduce myself. I’m Hugh and this is my friend Josh. He’s a deckhand on this ship and well, as you know, I serve cocktails to beautiful ladies.” His eyes glinted in the moonlight and both men gave me a radiant smile of expectation.

“Sorry, how rude of me...” I hastened. “I’m Emily.” I held out my hand and was met by two young hands, coming for me simultaneously. The three of us burst into laughter at this moment and the ice was officially broken.

“Say Emily, it seems like you’re having a little trouble sleeping, am I right?” enquired Hugh with a cheeky grin.

“Well, yes...I guess so.” I stammered, for he’d caught me unawares.

“So, Josh and I were just about to take a little nightcap. Would you like to join us?” he suggested boldly.

I studied their handsome faces for just a second, looking from one to the other and taking in their youthful good looks, unblemished by time and experience. They really were divine specimens standing in front of me. It most certainly couldn’t hurt, I told myself.

“Why not?” I relented.

They exchanged furtive glances of contentment, before turning to me and each offering one arm.

“How chivalrous!” I exclaimed.

“You are a lady, Ma’am. You deserve nothing less,” retorted Hugh.

As the three of us walked across the decks arm in arm, I was struck by the absurdity of all of this. However, my better judgement had been somewhat clouded by the earlier alcohol and if I came to think of it, most of the decisions I had taken in my life had been the sensible and commendable options. What possible harm could a drink with two strangers do?

As we passed various closed bars, the question came to my mind.

“Which bar are we going to?” I asked innocently.

For the first time the deckhand, Josh, jumped in. “Oh, everywhere’s closed now. We’re heading to one of the cabins I have the key to. It’s pretty big and kind of exclusive. When nobody’s staying there we sometimes get the key and have a couple of drinks inside. I think you’ll like it.”

“I’m sure she will,” Hugh added.

I smirked at the great team they made. “Fine,” I accepted. There really could be many worse ways to spend an evening, I had to acknowledge. Being in the company of these charming gentlemen wasn’t so bad after all. The alternative was being by the side of my snoring and inebriated husband of many years. So I opted for the fresh vibrancy of youth.

By the time we arrived at the mysterious cabin, we seemed to have crossed the whole ship. We were now in a place I didn’t recognise and I realised that my fate that night lay in the four hands of these two strangers, in whom I was entrusting my wellbeing. Little did I know at that moment what they had in store for me. Josh fumbled in his pocket for the key and as he unlocked the door I got a chance to study his profile more closely. Unlike the waiter, he was decidedly rugged with golden skin and blonde hair that had been bleached by the sun. He had an outdoor complexion and clear blue eyes, giving him a wholesome and healthy glow. He was extremely manly, though very different in appearance to Hugh. I turned to the waiter for a moment and he smiled at me. In the milliseconds before the door to my paradise swung open, I compared his physical charms to his friend’s and found him equally magnificent. He had a much leaner frame and was by far darker than his friend. This seemed to give him an enigmatic appeal, for he looked rather like a romantic literary hero. His slightly long dark hair concealed the most beautiful hazel eyes and every now and again his slim-fingered hand would flip it back, exposing him in all his handsomeness. They really were very complementary indeed, for between them they had every attribute a woman may desire in a man.

“Jesus!” I heard myself exclaim as the luxurious cabin twinkled under the spotlights that Josh had just flicked on. The place was immense, filled with tasteful dark wood and leather furnishings. It was a far cry from the place my husband and I were staying in and I had initially been impressed by that. In the corner of the cabin, I noticed a spiral staircase.

“What’s up those stairs?” I asked.

“A surprise!” Hugh replied with a wink.

“We’ll show you later...” Josh chipped in.

I was intrigued, but I didn’t persist.

“Take a seat,” instructed Josh, pointing to the leather sofa, “while we get the drinks going.” I obeyed, crossing my legs in a ladylike fashion as I remembered how I’d slipped straight back into my dress without any underwear. I tried not to reveal myself to them, at least for the time being. A few minutes later found the three of us chatting and laughing like dear old friends, each with a glass of champagne in hand.

“Let’s make a toast,” announced Hugh. “To chance encounters and the pleasure they bring!”

As we clinked our glasses in jubilation, I felt the gaze of each of the men coming at me from either side. In spite of the expansiveness of the room, I was literally sandwiched in the middle of the sofa between them and could feel the heat from their legs nestling against mine. I wasn’t sure whether it was the bubbles from the champagne, the intoxication of their aftershave or just the randomness of the encounter, but I was starting to feel very turned on indeed. I hoped that I wasn’t giving this away, for I remembered that below my long evening gown I was totally naked; my nipples were taut in their state of arousal and my pussy was beginning to anticipate something more than a conversation.

“How are you enjoying your time on board, Emily?” Josh enquired, sipping his champagne with his blue eyes bolted to mine.

“Immensely, right now...” I dared. Both men beamed at me and I took a rather unladylike gulp from my glass to free my remaining inhibitions.

“How about you guys, do you get much time to enjoy yourselves?” I ventured.

“Well, I work pretty hard scrubbing this ship and keeping things pristine for the likes of elegant ladies not too dissimilar to yourself...” replied the deckhand. “Touch... this is the evidence.” He pulled his t-shirt sleeve to the top of his shoulder, revealing a bulging bicep that was clearly accustomed to hard physical labour. As he had invited me to do so, I let my crimson fingernails trace their way over his very masculine arms.

“My, you do work hard...” came my response.

“So do I...” Hugh added.

“Oh yes?” my perfectly plucked eyebrow raised inquisitively, challenging the handsome gentleman to my right.

“Yes, every night I have to withstand seeing the most beautiful of ladies suffering the company of filthily rich but ultimately dull old men. This is a sufferance and on a nightly basis, as I prepare cocktails for these very women, my heart breaks a little knowing that I cannot save them from their destinies... feel my heart,” he said, with the trace of a cheeky smile on his lips. With that, he took my hand and slipped it into his shirt, where it trailed across a smooth and toned chest. It was very clear that he worked out too.

“Well boys, it does seem that you work very hard indeed,” I had to admit.

“Absolutely,” responded Josh. “And that’s why we like to play hard too... especially in the company of such a beautiful lady...”

I could feel my blush spreading over my entire body, a burning heat that seemed to come from my pussy. I could feel my clitoris starting to tingle and I crossed my legs to try to ignore this growing desire.

“You know what I really feel like?” asked Josh, sending some telepathic message or other to Hugh.

“Me too...” replied Hugh.

I was the only one left out of this secret and I was overcome with intrigue. My heart was beating fast and I was feeling very light-headed.

“Will you accompany us up those stairs?” Hugh asked politely. I knew that now was not the time to ask what I would find up there. My instinct told me I could trust these men, for life hadn’t yet had time to taint them; their youth and vibrancy were seducing me by the second and at that moment I would do just about anything to be with them. I hadn’t felt desire like this in years and I was not about to forgo any opportunity that was to come my way tonight.

“It’d be an honour,” I gushed and, with that, the two of them rose to their great masculine heights, each offering me a hand to jump to my slightly woozy feet. I was in the middle of our hand-holding chain as Josh led us up the spiral staircase. Hugh was behind us and as we ascended, I was very aware of his eyes being hypnotised by the cadence of my toned buttocks.

At the top of the staircase Josh fumbled for a second key and proceeded to open the door in a tantalisingly slow motion, before revealing paradise to me. The image that lay before me was one of pure decadence. A huge Jacuzzi stood proudly in the centre of a wooden-decked terrace, covered by a marquee and surrounded by plants and tall candles. To the right was another bar, not too dissimilar to the one below and boasting a wonderful range of colourful liquors that shimmered in the moonlight. However, it was only when I turned to the left that my destiny that night became sealed. My stunned eyes came to rest upon the grandest and most seductive of all chill-out beds, boasting four posts and beautiful white curtains to hide the most-mischievous of acts. It really was very romantic, every princess’s dream.

“Well Ma’am. I do hope this meets your expectations...” Hugh whispered to me.

“It’s just stunning,” I replied, as Josh busied himself lighting candles and starting up the Jacuzzi. The evening was cool, but I knew that I would soon be very warm indeed. Hugh started to make some colourful cocktail creations and very soon we were sitting on the high bar-stools sipping at their sweetness.

“Well, I think it’s time to relieve my aching muscles... I fancy a dip, would anyone care to join me?” questioned Josh boldly.

“I for one would... it’s been a hell of a long day,” Hugh replied.

They both stood and started unfastening their shirts.

“You, Emily?” they questioned in unison.

Taking one final sip from my cocktail, I swallowed any fear or inhibition remaining and I too stood up. “Of course...”

“One thing though Emily... I hope you don’t mind. As this is all a little spontaneous, we don’t have our swimwear with us... could you forgive our nakedness if we forgive yours?” Hugh flirted.

“I could close my eyes...” I offered.

“It won’t be necessary...” Josh grinned at me.

With that, the two of them started to strip in unison and I tried to avert my gaze, though it was impossible as I found my eyes darting between each of them and devouring their moon-kissed perfection. I blushed as my eyes involuntarily skimmed over their cocks and wondered if it were my imagination or if the two of them were starting to be turned on. Very quickly they were both immersed in the bubbles, with a look of euphoria spreading across their handsome features.

“This feels amazing Emily... hurry up and join us...” coaxed Hugh.

“Promise we won’t look...”came Josh’s voice, head tipped back into the bubbles.

“Okay... just a second...” I replied nervously. Here I was, about to expose myself to these strangers, on a beautiful mid-summer night and with the winking moon our only witness. “Here goes...” With that, I shrugged my dress to the floor, revealing in its wake my full breasts, my narrow waist, a flat stomach, my sexy hips and the length of my shapely legs. I heard a sharp intake of breath and I felt the intensity of their stares upon my feminine curves.

“You said you wouldn’t look...” I teased as I climbed the stairs into the Jacuzzi. As I was high above them, I felt their eyes penetrating my smooth and naked sex as it glistened enticingly under the flickering candlelight. Josh subconsciously ran a tongue over his flirtatious lips; a teasing foretaste of what was later to come.

I positioned myself between the men and felt my whole body relax in the orgasmic heat. The candles surrounding us gave off the most flattering of lights and as I eyed the men in profile, I was struck by just how stunning they were. So mesmerized by the moment was I, that I didn’t instantly perceive the hand on my thigh. At first I thought that he had brushed over my skin by accident, but then I realised that both men were running their hands up my thighs, moving dangerously close to my waiting sex. It was then that Hugh turned to me and smiled, moving his hand up my back and starting to edge closer to me. He drew me to his body and I instinctively parted my lips. This was a good move on my part, for he proceeded to kiss my lips slowly, flicking his tongue playfully over mine before finding his way into my hot mouth. My tongue danced with his and my desire for him grew. In the midst of this most luxurious of sensations, I perceived a pair of hands coming from behind my back and caressing my breasts. I realised that Josh was not going to be left out. By now I was the filling in the tastiest of sandwiches and I was revelling in all the attention I was receiving. Despite the heat from the water, the hairs on my arms were standing up and my nipples were hard under the expert tweaking of Josh’s skilled fingers. I could feel my arousal building as a water jet teased my clitoris and I started to crave their fingers, their tongues and their cocks.  They perceived my desperate desire telepathically, for Hugh started to make love to my mouth, dipping his tongue in and out in a motion that clearly simulated sex. Josh was even bolder, lowering his hand to my pussy and starting to stroke my soft lips tentatively. I pushed against his hand and he received the message, finding my clitoris, engorged to the point of bursting. With his fingers, he began to encircle it and my cries of pleasure blended with Hugh’s kiss. With one hand in front of me and the other behind me back, I began my hunt for their manhoods. I quickly managed to ensnare my prey, and my hands were filled with the stiffest and most generously sized cocks. They simultaneously grunted their approval; low sounds of primal desire that made me want to have them fill my aching sex.

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