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Authors: Layla Silver

Tales of Lust and Magic (3 page)

“Not only did you neglect your duties, but you also saw fit to pleasure yourself and deny me any gratification. Had I not come home right now then I wouldn’t have known you had made yourself come repeatedly. When I’d have asked you to make love, you’d have made some excuse, all the while knowing you’d had your fill. I think that makes you a rather naughty girl, doesn’t it Angela?” he went on.

“Maybe...” I was forced to agree, a smile of realisation spreading across my face, as he made his way to the armchair we have in the corner of our bedroom. I just knew my fate.

“And we know what happens to naughty girls, don’t we...” he teased. He knew I loved being spanked, feeling the sharp blows of his hand, my hairbrush, his belt...whatever he might choose to punish me with. The blows would always sting, but then feel exquisite when followed by the soft caresses on my burning backside. I knew he was going to spank me and I knew that then I would be made to serve him sexually. All of this knowledge was making my anticipation trickle down my leg, revealing my uncontrollable lust to him.

“So you better make your way over here and lean over my knee, hadn’t you?” he instructed, in that cool and calm voice that belied the desperate fury that was ravaging him and propelling him to take me.

“Yes,” I agreed, standing up slowly so that he could take in my nakedness as fully and greedily as he liked. He did indeed, devouring me with the hungry eyes of a ravenous predator.

“Now!” he commanded, clearly losing his patience at the sight of the generous curves that blessed my slim frame.

I tiptoed slowly over to him, never taking my eyes off his. He had taken his cock out of his trousers now and was holding it in one hand. I could see he was ready for me; fully grown and swollen in his anticipation. The tip was glistening enticingly and I involuntarily licked my lips at the realisation that soon I would be on my knees and sucking him. He grabbed my hand as I approached him, dragging me across his waiting knee, just centimetres away from his exposed manhood. I tried to touch it with my hand, but he pushed my hands to the floor, so that I was at his total mercy, heavy breasts pressed tightly against his knee, pert ass in the air and my legs separated just enough to give him a peek of my pussy, should he so desire.

“So Angela, I’m going to spank you for your lazy and self-indulgent attitude. Do you understand?” he questioned.

“Yes!” I replied obediently.

“Yes what?” were the words which accompanied the first blow to my right cheek.

“Yes Sir!” I corrected myself.

“That’s more like it. Now, let’s check you’ve understood the error of your ways.”

With that he began to spank me with his skilled hand, alternating slaps between each cheek and making my buttocks sting like never before. I knew he was particularly angry today, for unlike most days he did not stop to rub the tender skin before administering further punishment.

As he reached the thirtieth spank, I started to scream out, wriggling over his knee and protesting at the severity of this chastisement.

“Think you might have learnt your lesson Young Lady?” his voice came.

“Yes...yes Sir.”

I felt his hand spread my legs further apart and he slipped two fingers inside me, fucking me for just a couple of excruciatingly pleasurable seconds.

“You’re so horny Angela. You’re such a good little girl. I’m going to give you your favourite treat.”

I knew just want this meant.

“Kneel before me and open that sweet little mouth of yours,” he instructed.

I knew it was time to show off my cock-sucking skills. I crawled off him and found my way to my knees, bottom stinging from the spanking, but my pussy wetter than ever in his service. He was playing with himself, masturbating at a fairly rapid rate.

“Stick that tongue out for me and close those beautiful eyes,” he whispered.

I did just that and within seconds I felt the sweet moisture of his pre-cum on my tongue.

“Lick,” he stated.

I lapped at the tip of his cock, as he pushed himself further and further into my hot mouth. I started to bob up and down on my knees, taking the full length of his wide shaft into my mouth and the further down I went, the lower his groan became. This continued for a few seconds, before he had a change of plan. Taking my head gently into his hands, he instructed,

“Lie down on the bed with your head dangling slightly off the edge.”

I knew what he wanted. He wanted to feed his cock into my insatiable little mouth. I immediately obliged, lying down on my back with my legs spread open, so that he could play with me if he wanted. Very quickly I felt him behind me as he lowered himself to my mouth. My lips were surprised not to be met by his cock, but by the heavy weight of his balls. My tongue sprang into action, encircling them with playful little flicks.

“Into your mouth!” came the instructions and I obeyed, endeavouring to fit their generous size all the way in. I sucked and he moaned, guiding my hand to his cock. I started to play with him at the same time and I could feel it was only a question of time. He pulled out of my mouth, before feeding me his dick, now awash with his imminent orgasm.

“Fuck my mouth!” were my instructions this time; he loved me to take charge close to the end. He needed no further invitation. He rocked himself backwards and forwards, sometimes touching the back of my throat. He reached for my vibrator, handing it to me, so that we could come simultaneously. I started to let the tip buzz against my clitoris as he made love to my mouth.

“I’m coming Baby, I’m coming...” he shouted, as his cock began to explode, firing the sweetest orgasm into my mouth. I didn’t move, I knew I had to take all he had to offer, so I lapped him up in his entirety. His taste, combined with the constant vibrations against my clitoris sent me into a powerful multi-orgasm, the effects of which didn’t wear off until I had licked him clean.

“Time to get on with the cleaning now!” he dared, as I made my way to the bathroom. I turned around and shot him a look.

“Only joking! “ he said, winking at me and knowing that after such generosity he would be the one with the apron on tonight whilst I put my feet up and watched TV.



The Birthday Surprise



My husband has been in the police for many years now and I have become accustomed to the sight of him in his uniform, exuberating power and masculinity. His height in itself exudes authority, for he’s a staggering six foot four and to say that he’s well-built would be a gross understatement. He frequents the gym on an almost daily basis and is in tremendous shape.

I, on the other hand, am somewhat smaller. In fact, I have oft-times been classified as ‘petite’, particularly when juxtaposed against him. I stand at around five-three and I know that when a man’s eyes cast over me, they run from my full breasts, down to my slender waist, out again to my hips and down the length of my shapely legs (usually accentuated by a pair of heels). I also happen to realise that if I turn around, I could catch the predator taking in the sight of my firm buttocks; for these are my real assets and I jog several times a week to maintain their splendour. I have long blonde hair and I have been told that I possess the face of a cherubim, alluding to the angelic, yet simultaneously blessed (or cursed) with the fullest and most sensuous of lips.

My husband and I have been married for the last fifteen years, but in spite of this we have a very active and fulfilling sex life. I’m quite sure that is due to our unquenchable thirst for new experiences, which by some people’s standards may teeter towards the unconventional and kinky.

I’d like to tell you about the greatest thrill he ever gave me, a night that I will never forget. I had long since expressed an interest in the fairer of the sexes, though had never acted upon it before then. I had fantasised about women, dreaming how it would feel to run my fingers through long hair in a soft embrace, nuzzle a sweetly scented neck that leads down to an ample cleavage... I would imagine how it would feel to take those breasts into my mouth, teasing an erect nipple with a determined tongue. I must admit, I had also wondered how it would feel to dip lower, to bury myself between some long and slender legs, opening them to reveal a smooth and inviting sex that would be glistening upon my arrival. Finally, as I made myself come, I would dream of what it would feel like to lick her pussy, tasting her arousal and sucking on her clitoris until she exploded. These thoughts had always turned me on, but I had never yet come close to fulfilling them. At least, not before that night.

It was my thirty-fifth birthday and I had arrived home from work early that evening. As I kicked off my shoes and headed over to the fridge, I noticed a hand-written note in the middle of the kitchen table, clearly from my husband, who wasn’t due to arrive back until much later as his shift finished at ten. I heard his voice as my eyes scanned across the paper:

Happy Birthday Baby,

I hope you’re having a lovely day. I’m going to be back in a couple of hours with a special surprise for you (something I know you’ve always dreamt of). In the meantime I’d like you to follow these instructions to the word.

Pour yourself a glass of the chilled white wine that is waiting for you in the fridge.

Go upstairs and run a lovely hot bath. I have left some vanilla-scented bath foam by the side, plus some candles that you can light. You will also find your iPod with the speaker, I have prepared some relaxing music for you to enjoy whilst you soak in the bubbles. Luxuriate in this way for about half an hour, before stepping out and taking a towel from the radiator (they are on right now). Dry that beautiful body down, before smothering yourself in some vanilla body lotion. I want you to be slippery smooth.

Finally, take your wine and your naked self into the bedroom, where you will find three boxes. These are part of your birthday present; open them and you will know what to do. I would like you to be using all of them when I walk through the door.

Wait for me and the real pleasure will begin.

My heart was pounding with anticipation; I was overwhelmed with intrigue, excitement and a little fear. What did he have in mind? I focused on his clear instructions; first I headed to the fridge and found, as stated, a very fine bottle of Italian wine that looked very drinkable indeed. I clinked one of the largest wine glasses we have onto the kitchen counter, before serving myself a very generous birthday drink. I raised my glass in the air and wished myself a Happy Birthday, as I took my first sip. It was of course exquisite; my husband had a delectable taste in wine. I instantly felt lighter; all the preoccupations of the day started to drift away and I seemed to float up the stairs. Once in the bathroom, I started the hot tap running and was extravagant with the amount of vanilla that I added to the steaming water. The combination of the sweet fragrance, the steam and the crisp wine was slightly intoxicating, and as I checked my reflection in the misty mirror, a sexy and wanton look had taken hold of my apparently angelic face. Yes, I had been seduced and the evening hadn’t even started. I stripped slowly, as though performing a sensual act and with the shedding of each garment came a wonderful sense of release. In spite of the heat in the bathroom, my nakedness made me tremble slightly; my nipples were tingling and I ran my fingers over them, wishing he was here to do the same with his mouth. Oh well, he would be back very soon.

I dipped my toes cautiously into the awaiting tub and then followed with the rest of my body. The heat of the water against my shivering skin felt divine and I felt every inch of my body relax. I took the control for the speaker and turned on some soft chill-out sounds that he had so thoughtfully prepared and closed my eyes in this almost orgasmic bliss. I was unaware of time passing, but soon remembered that there was more on his list, so I endeavoured to clean myself, letting the soapy water caress me in every conceivable place. I let my hands slip and slide all over my body, lingering slightly longer between my legs as a certain familiar tingle was distracting me from my pursuit of cleanliness. There would be plenty of time for that later, I reminded myself.

Pulling myself slowly out of the bath, my skin instantly reacted to the comparative cool of the air temperature. I grabbed the toasty towel that had been waiting for me on the radiator and I rubbed myself down, careful not to brush too hard over my pussy, as my clitoris had already made a hasty appearance as my subconscious clearly thought of what was later to come. As instructed, I covered my body with the vanilla lotion, making myself as delicious as possible for his arrival. Now it was time for the surprises.

I tiptoed into the room almost cautiously; unsure of what I was going to find there. As he had said, three beautifully wrapped packages were gleaming up at me enticingly. I made my way over and leapt on the bed, a little like a child on Christmas Day. I grabbed the first box, yanking the ribbon off and ripping open the shiny silver packaging. With trembling hands, I found the most beautiful midnight-blue underwear; a balconette bra that was completed by a matching thong, both of which were adorned with tiny precious stones, glittering in the half-light of the bedroom. I didn’t hesitate to try them on, strutting my way to the full-length mirror and admiring how tantalising I looked in the gorgeous underwear. I turned around to get a peek at my backside and revelled in pride at the bejewelled peach staring back at me. I was feeling very sexy indeed; a combination of birthday giddiness, the alcohol and the surprises.

Now it was time for the second treat and I took a large swig of my wine before embarking on the equally well-presented package. Very quickly I was pulling out a velvet eye-mask, in exactly the same colour as the underwear and decorated with the same stones. It was soft to the touch and as I ran my fingers over it, a thought occurred to me – whatever he had in store, he wanted me blindfolded. I felt a surge of excitement at this prospect. Before I could deprive myself of my sight though, I needed to see what the final gift was. I lifted the rectangular-shaped box in the air and started to rattle it. It seemed heavier than the other two. A toy perhaps, I guessed. I felt my clitoris start to pulsate at the mere prospect. Shredding open the purple wrapper, I did indeed pull out the most phallic of toys, one that I knew would give me endless pleasure when he was at work.

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