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Authors: Layla Silver

Tales of Lust and Magic (2 page)

“That feels good...” came my voice, huskier than usual in a moment of frenzied lust.

“You’re so fucking’s so hot...” was his reply.

I reached around and filled my hand with his throbbing manhood. I started to play with him, moving my hand up and down in a slow but rhythmic movement. I heard his pleasure and felt his kisses trailing over my neck. I caught sight of us in the mirror and felt like the protagonist in the hottest sex movie. Today I really was a star (or at least I felt so right then).

“Time for a shower?” I whispered.

“Sure...” he replied.

I let go of his cock and leant over to turn the shower on. I knew I was teasing him now, exposing his eyes to the sight of my perfect buttocks. However, it was such a thrill that I just couldn’t resist. He fell straight into my trap, running his hands over my rounded cheeks and giving them a gentle and playful slap.

“You have the perfect ass,” he commented, in a tone that was highly sordid yet very flattering.

The warm water blasted down into the shower and the room started to fill with steam. I took his hand and led him into the shower that I usually took alone; how nice it felt to have such delightful company today.

My newfound shower companion took me into his arms and kissed me at a heat that almost matched the water. We were soaking now, in every sense of the word. I knew it was time to scrub our dirtiness away, so that the real fun could begin. I lathered a sponge with a musky-scented gel; one that was supposedly meant for men, but I always used as it smelt so good. I then reached up and started to rub his glistening body, slowly and sensually. I started with his chest, reaching around to his long back, his ass and then watching as his eyes closed when the soft sponge found his erection. I cleaned it as gently as I could and he moaned as my hand took the place of the sponge, rocking him to and fro with the help of the soapy water. I knew that I had to taste him very soon.

“Let me have that...” he ordered, taking the sponge out of my hand. It was his turn now; he squirted a generous amount of gel onto the sponge.

“Turn around...” he instructed. I did as I was told. “Open your legs for me...” Again, I obliged, so that my back was to him and my pussy open in anticipation of what was to be.

I felt the slippery suds being massaged into my back as his hands worked at their task. He then dipped lower, finding my buttocks and encircling them with the sponge, letting the sponge delve slightly deeper and brushing against my pussy from time to time. The friction of this motion made my clitoris throb.

“Turn to face me...” came his command. Now he began to rub my breasts, squeezing them together playfully. A pained expression crossed his face and he knelt down, taking my right nipple into his ravenous mouth. He sucked hard and I threw my head back in a state of high arousal. Whilst stimulating my nipple with his tongue, his hands endeavoured to finish their task, working my pussy with the sponge. He seemed to be deliberately rough with his movements, knowing full well that he was turning me on. He rose to his feet again and came to meet my lips. He thrust his tongue into my mouth and I started to encircle the tip playfully, before sucking it deeper into my mouth. We both knew that I was practising and that in a few minutes I would do the same to his cock.

I couldn’t wait any longer, I had to taste this most handsome of strangers. I dropped to my knees and took his manhood into my hands. It practically bounced to my lips and I smiled. I held out an inviting tongue and he pushed himself forward, so that I licked the head.

“You taste good...” I said.

“Want a little more?” he flirted.

I didn’t answer; I just took him as far into my mouth as I could, making him gasp with the depth I reached. I then fucked him with my mouth, keeping a swirling tongue around the shaft at all times. His moans of pleasure made me go deeper and deeper, until I let him take control of the rhythm.

“Stop, stop Lisa...” he pleaded. I knew that he was on the brink. “I need to take you now...”

I wanted to feel him inside me so badly; my pussy had been aching for this since the first time I clapped eyes on this handsome American (just over an hour ago).

“Fuck me please...” I begged, turning around and pushing out my buttocks to tantalise him. He didn’t need to be asked twice, he slipped into my wetness and squirmed at how tight I was.

“Fuck, that’s amazing...” he whispered as he started to pick up a rhythm. I felt his fingers coming to find my clitoris and I guided them in their pursuit. Now my pussy was pulsating with an impending climax, something which he seemed to realise as he fucked me harder and harder.

“Don’t stop, don’t stop....” I screamed. He didn’t and within seconds my tight walls were contracting against his thick manhood, in blissful, rhythmic spasms that sent pleasure rippling through my body. Seconds later he pulled out and erupted all over me, letting out a huge euphoric cry. I took his cock into my hand and started to stroke it gently, running teasing fingers over the sensitive tip.

We washed each other down and he whispered to me, “I haven’t finished with you yet. I’d like to taste you, to feel you explode like you have just done, but this time over my tongue. What do you say?”

What could I say? My knees were still weak with the orgasm he had just bestowed upon me and now he was telling me there was more. The idea of making love to his tongue was thrilling.

“Let’s take this into the bedroom...” he went on, a plan already in action.

We crept back to my room with just flimsy towels concealing our modesty. I prayed that my flatmate wouldn’t wake up any time soon. Once back in my room, I swept up the Tarot cards off the bed, reminded of how this had all begun.

“Now it’s my turn to tell you your future,” he said, taking the cards out of my hands. I waited, curious for what he was going to say. He picked out a card of a Prince, a Queen and The Moon. He cleared his throat in mock seriousness. “Let’s see...” he started. “A naughty American boy that looks a bit look a prince is going to give a pretty English queen an orgasm that sends her to the moon...” We both cracked up with laughter.

“If you say so...” I replied.

“Yes, I do...” came his confidence. “Now, lie back please.”

I lay down on my bed and the afternoon sunlight kissed my golden body, which was trembling in expectation.

“Any handcuffs in here? I’d like you nice and still for me...” he said.

My desire for him far surpassed any remaining inhibitions, so I signalled to the drawer beside my bed.  Seconds later, he was securing my wrists behind my head, so that now I was at a stranger’s mercy. I knew that I should feel nervous given that fact, but my heart beat quickly for one reason and one reason only – a need to have his tongue inside of me. Again, my psychic lover read my mind, pulling my legs wide apart and revealing my glistening sex.

He sent me a sexy smile to the top of the bed and I just knew this was going to be good. With expert hands, he opened me up and found my clitoris. He didn’t hesitate; a long tongue flicked over me and I started to wriggle.

“That feel good?” sounded his rhetorical question.

“That feels exquisite...” I answered.

He didn’t stop, his tongue started to lash down on me, sometimes hitting my clitoris, other times landing tantalisingly close but just missing. I pushed myself into his face. I felt his laughter resonate  throughout my body.

“I know Baby, I know you want to come...” he teased cruelly.

“Fuck me...fuck me with your tongue...” I heard my own voice screaming, taking me aback with my own audacity.

He obeyed and I felt his erect tongue mimic our shower fun, for he thrust as deeply into me as he could, moving backwards and forwards and driving me wild. I was close to the point of explosion, but what finally sent me over the edge was what came next, when his tongue took a detour and dipped to a little sensitive hole that had never before been touched. Yes, his tongue was in my ass and it felt unbelievably good. I screamed out as he tickled me here, encircling my clit with his thumb. I came so hard that I could feel my arousal trickling down my leg. He instinctively started to lap at my climax and didn’t stop until I screamed, “stop...please!”

By now his dick was once again hard and we couldn’t resist one final time. He slipped into me so perfectly and he kissed me as he moved slowly inside. My hands were still behind my head, so I was still subject to his desire. Feeling he wasn’t going to last long, I told him, “I’d like to take you in my mouth...”

He pulled out of me, climbing on top with one knee either side of my shoulders. He fed me his cock and I sucked with generosity until he began to shudder...

“I’m going to come... I’m going to come...” he tried to pull out of me, but he’d given me so much pleasure that I wanted to repay him, so I sucked him hard into my mouth and felt his orgasmic time-bomb explode. I kept licking and sucking as I felt his body weaken and he eventually fell beside me, releasing me from my torturous bliss.

For the next couple of hours, we fell in and out of a carefree summer siesta and when I woke up by his side, I admired his good looks.

“Feel like getting an ice-cream?” he offered.

“Sure...” I replied, woozy in the late-afternoon heat.

We went to eat the most divine of iced creations and very shortly afterwards we parted ways forever, as I showed him the way to go home. However, that day taught me that sometimes we look so hard to find our destinies, when sometimes something delightful is right there before us and we don’t really need to try.



His Slave



I like being dominated and that is a fact. I have no idea when or where this sexual preference originated, all I know is that I love the sound of his deep voice resonating through my naked body as he gives me strict commands. Our little games of domination have become quite a habit and he really plays the role very well. His height and stature make him the perfect suitor to the title of ‘Dominant’ and my petite frame by his side would indeed point towards the submissive. However, I have to state something very important here: his will never crosses the line of my free will; I am at all times free to decide if I want to go along with his little games or not. The fact of the matter is that I thrive on such thrills and he just happens to know it. I would like to give you an example of our antics.

Take the day I was supposed to be cleaning the house and he came home early. It has to be said, the household chores are split completely equally; I am a slave to him in the bedroom, but by no means anywhere else. That day had been my day off work and the day when I should have been getting ahead of things in the house. The week before he had complied, just like the good boy he almost always is. The simple truth is that I just couldn’t be bothered to do my share of the work. It was summer, the afternoon heat was making me woozy and I decided it would be much more fun to have a sneaky glass of wine and read some of my favourite naughty stories. You see, this was quite a hobby of mine. On a cold dark night when I was all alone, I would snuggle down with some sexy words and work myself into quite a state. I would naturally need to relieve myself of such intense pent-up sexual energy. If he were here, then he would be the recipient of my carnal lust. If I were unaccompanied, then I might just take my trusty little toy and bring myself to a frantic climax. I never needed too much help to arrive to this point; I was somewhat over-sexed and needed frequent stimulation (be it by a man or a toy). He had never complained about my nymphomaniac tendencies, quite the contrary, for they worked in his favour most of the time. Except, of course, on days when my hyper-sensitive clitoris would rub so tantalisingly against my satin knickers and I would be forced to stop whatever it was that I was doing, tumble down on the giant king-sized bed and work my swollen bud to a furious orgasm, making my little pussy pulsate with desire and moisten in anticipation of what might be.

This is precisely the state I found myself in on that particular day and the state he discovered me in when he surprised me with his early return from the office. Let me paint the picture for just a second. The house around me was chaotic, with clothes strewn everywhere, books scattered randomly and the odd coffee cup or wine glass adorning somewhere it really shouldn’t. I had promised to him that I would sort all of this out; it was only fair that I did my part. Yet the heat combined with the sexy stories and the bubbles from the wine had left me craving one thing and one thing only. Hence I was stark naked on the bed, my sun-kissed body glistening with the afternoon humidity, my long red hair flying in every conceivable direction as it was blown by the fan and perfectly manicured little hands manipulating the most pleasurable of battery-operated toys. My eyes were closed tightly as I gave myself to wave after wave of uncensored orgasm. So caught up in desire was I, that I didn’t even notice his entrance into the room. His heavy footsteps didn’t disturb my masturbation; it wasn’t until he coughed that I became aware of his presence. He was staring down at me intently and I could not read his mood, for his expression was a fusion of anger, disbelief and amusement. His handsome dark features almost crinkled into a smile, before he obviously thought better of it and decided to turn this to his sexual advantage. His expression became stonily serious.

“So, this is how you choose to spend you free time then Angela?” he began.

I dropped my vibrator down my side; I had been so caught up in the moment that until then it had still been resting against my engorged clitoris.

“Ye...yes....” I stammered. I knew he was going to get angry; at least in his playful, sexual way.

“And the house... when did you anticipate cleaning? That doesn’t seem to be on the agenda today, does it now Young Lady?” he questioned, starting to unfasten his belt. My stomach fluttered as I imagined what was in store for me. I knew I was going to be punished for my idleness and my self-indulgence. I felt my pussy getting wetter and wetter in mere anticipation of this.

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