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Authors: Layla Silver

Tales of Lust and Magic (10 page)

I know what I should do. I turn around and drop to my knees, letting him cover me with his arousal. My breasts and stomach are now glistening with his ecstasy and I have only one thing to say.

“Let me taste you Jack...”

He needs no further invitation, bringing his cock to my lips and feeding me the sweetest treat of the whole night. I taste the product of our attraction and I lick him and suck him until he’s clean and totally spent.

“Feel like having a shower and getting cleaned up?” he asks, totally calm after the storm.

“That’d be great...” I agree, retrieving my randomly scattered clothes from the floor.

He takes a big candle and leads me upstairs to the flat above the bakery. Once in the bedroom, he lights a real fire and I watch as the flames start to sway hypnotically. He takes my hand and leads me into the bathroom, into the comfort of a huge walk-in shower.

We’re both still naked and we step inside together, feeling the hot water invigorating our sensitive skin. He produces the most delightful smelling vanilla gel and massages my body with its sweet suds, running his expert hands so softly over my curves. When he comes to my pussy, his movement becomes gentler and he caresses it almost lovingly. My clitoris is still tingling from a few minutes ago, and as he sweeps his finger over it, I notice the knowing smile upon his face. He bends his head down and starts to kiss me again.

“Clean me?” he asks. This time it really is a question, and I endeavour to lather his body, massaging the gel into him as firmly yet sensually as possible.  I arrive to his dick and as I run my hands over its generous size, I’m reminded of how much pleasure it just gave me.

“Let me get you a towel...” he offers, getting out and coming back to envelop me in the thickest and softest towel I’ve ever felt.

We dry each other down and then he takes me by the hand and leads me into the bedroom, where the fire is now glowing and radiating an intense heat. He goes to the window to close the curtains, for the intense bright snow is beaming through.

“Ready for bed?” he asks me softly.

“Yes, I’m pretty spent!” I reply and he grins at me, sending me a mischievous wink from across the room.

“After you...” he states chivalrously, pulling down the thick quilt to let me into the bed.

I jump inside and he follows me. I luxuriate in the warmth and comfort of the moment, feeling his body pressing against mine. Within no time I’m drifting into the most heavenly of sleeps and I do not wake until the morning.

By this time a bright light is piercing through the window and brilliant sunshine greets my sleepy eyes. I look in disbelief, for there is no snow in sight. How can that be?

“Jack?” I call. No reply. “Jack?” I try again. Nothing.

Suddenly my attention is turned to the bedside table and I see a steaming cup of hot chocolate awaiting my attention. By the side of the cup is a note, reading, “Anytime you need some steamy sweetness, I’ll be waiting for you..!” I smile to myself as I take my first tentative sip from the thick chocolate. As it slips slowly down my throat, I know the bliss of this moment will linger with me for quite some time. However, I also know that whilst some pleasures can be enjoyed over and over again (like chocolate), there are others which are best to be savoured once only, for to repeat would be to run the risk of tainting the perfection of that one special time; and that really wouldn’t be a good idea.

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