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Authors: Trina M. Lee

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Stunner (5 page)

She was the only naturally born shifter
that I’d ever known and one of only two werecats. Almost all Weres,
like me, are infected through bite or attack. Of course, that was
only if they managed to survive, which wasn’t likely. I was a
teenaged kid lucky enough to survive an attack. I was the only one
in my family who did.

Growing in adulthood with a thirst for
the hunt hadn’t been easy. The man, to whom I’d looked for
guidance, had been too wrapped up in his own self-absorbed world to
notice that I needed him. Raoul Roberts had taken me in when I was
sixteen. He had come at a time when I desperately needed him. My
mistake was staying too long. Despite earning rank of Alpha female
among my local town pack, I’ve done my best to cut ties with my
former Alpha.

The title of Alpha had earned me
little, least of all respect. My status did little more than
provide minimal dominance over new werewolves. We were people
first, and the animal hierarchy only crossed so far into our human

A much needed change had come several
years ago when I was approached by Veryl Armstrong, paranormal
investigator and vampire extraordinaire. Veryl had asked how I felt
about taking out one of my own kind, a werewolf who liked little
girls. I would have done it for free.

I worked regularly with Veryl and
developed friendships with others who frequently supplied him with
their services, like Jez. It just made sense to have someone as
ruthless as me at my back. Hesitators wouldn’t keep me alive while
hunting rogues like Morgan.

The vampire stared into Jez like she
was the angel of death who had come at last, and I realized that a
part of him was enjoying this.

You like this, don’t you,
you sick son of a bitch? Just like you enjoy cutting up pretty,
little, rich girls while you drain them dry.” Jez’s right hand
gripped the knife, and her left sprouted five perfect, razor-sharp
claws. Morgan made a series of grunts and gurgles, but nothing
coherent came out. He reached up with a strong hand for her throat,
and she drove those claws into his guts.

This was getting too messy. I moved in
to help her pin the vampire.

Morgan fought hard now, struggling
against us furiously. I guess the game had lost its appeal. He
didn’t want to play anymore. Now it was a fight for his so-called
life. With a sudden burst of desperation, he flung us both

He came at me then as he pulled the
knife from his throat with a slick, wet sound. A sickening laugh
bubbled out from around the gushing wound. I tapped the power
nestled in my core, throwing everything I had at him. It was just
enough to buy Jez a few much needed seconds.

Jez retrieved my forgotten stake and,
with a mighty blow, slammed it into his heart. I let my power fall
away and staggered with sudden weakness. I leaned against the
nearest car and fought to catch my breath.

Patrick Morgan burst into dust and ash.
His remains rained down around us. A grin danced along Jez’s ruby
red lips. It was infectious. I couldn’t help but smile. I loved my


Huntress Book One: ONCE



Alexa O’Brien has never been like other
people. A deadly assassin, she is a werewolf with extraordinary
power. Power that fiercely draws her to Arys, a mysterious vampire
who awakens her dark side. What they create together is dangerous
and binding, forcing her to question the source of her abilities.
She risks losing her remaining humanity as well as the one man she
dares to love.


When Alexa’s womanizing former lover
and pack Alpha is framed for murder, he turns to her for help. She
would like nothing more than to watch karma at work but as the body
count rises, long buried secrets are exposed. Alexa is forced to
face the painful truth that not everyone is who she thinks they
are. Not even her.



About the Author


Trina M. Lee has walked in the darkness
alongside vampires and werewolves since adolescence. Trina lives in
Alberta, Canada with her fiancé and daughter, along with their 3
cats. She loves to hear from readers via email or



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