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For those of you following the Mustangs Baseball series, you
will remember how Brooke and Todd met in Free Agent (that wonderful scene in The Buggy Whip!) Later, you saw more of their relationship as secondary characters in Going Deep where they played a significant role in initiating Jason Holder into the BDSM lifestyle.

For those
new to the series, welcome! Spring Training is a great place to begin. It won’t take you long to get up to speed on the backstory presented in the two prior books where Brooke and Todd made an appearance. Hopefully, you’ll love their story enough to go back and follow their road from the beginning all the way to their happy ever after in Spring Training.

Thanks so much for choosing
a Mustangs Baseball book. I look forward to hearing all about your reading experience. Find me on Facebook (authorrozlee) and on Twitter (Iwriteromance.)

Roz Lee





Todd hated to leave her, but what choice did he have? Spring Training wasn’t an “if you feel like attending” event, and the way things had been between the two of them, he couldn’t take Brooke with him. They needed to consider her bakery, too. Baked by Brooke thrived, thanks to her hard work and determination. Leaving the business in the hands of her hired help for six weeks wasn’t an option.

His grip tightened on the handle of his computer bag. Taking a deep breath, he relaxed his fingers, setting the chocolate-colored leather case, a Christmas gift from the woman standing across the room, next to his suitcase.

Tears streamed down Brooke’s flushed cheeks. Her usually luminous eyes were flat and rimmed in angry red.

“Brooke.” He took a step toward her, and she took an answering step back.

She’d been his sub long enough to recognize the tone of voice he used when he expected her complete attention and compliance. Though from her defiant stance, he wouldn’t know it. Reining in his anger, he tried once again to reason with her.

“I know you trust me, so I don’t understand why this is so difficult for you. You’ve literally put your life in my hands countless times, babe.” He hoped the use of the endearment would get through to her, but her arms remained knitted over her midsection as if she was trying to hold herself together. Maybe if he stated the obvious one more time.

“I can’t stay, and you can’t go with me.”

“I know that!”

Her insolent reply cut him to the core.
How did we get to this point?
With only a few minutes left to affect a change in her thinking, he didn’t have time for another pointless argument.

Deliberately dropping his volume so she’d have to concentrate to hear him, he ignored her outburst. “We’ve been over this. You said you wanted a deeper relationship when we left The Dungeon. You said you wanted a twenty-four/seven arrangement, but you’ve defied me at every turn. I don’t know anything else to do but this. Have you forgotten what our contract says?”

She shook her head, indicating she understood the clause he referred to, but there had been too many misunderstandings already, so he spelled it out for her. “You agreed to abide by my judgment on all things regarding your training and discipline.
All things
, Brooke. If you’ve changed your mind, then say so. We can void the contract right now if that’s what you want.”

Fresh tears followed the tracks left by her seemingly non-stop crying. Each salty drop was like acid, eroding away his conviction. He didn’t want to end their relationship, but they couldn’t continue the way they’d been going. Something needed to change, one way or another.

“Do you want to end this, Brooke?”

Her gaze snapped to his. Finally. “No! God, no.”

“Then you will submit to my will in this.” He stepped closer, close enough to touch her, but his hands remained fisted at his sides. “The way we’ve become… It’s my fault. I promised to see to your needs, and I haven’t. I let you keep things to yourself. I let you defy me, and I withheld punishment when I knew better. I apologize for my shortcomings as your Master. Trust me, Brooke, this time apart will be good for both of us. Frank is well respected as a trainer. He’ll take good care of you while I’m gone. He has my full permission to deal with you as he sees fit. He’ll do whatever it takes to teach you how to live the life you claim you want.”

“I want to be
slave, not his.”

Todd stifled a sigh. He’d enjoyed Brooke’s sassy personality at The Dungeon, but dealing with it in a complete slave/Master relationship had proven difficult. “Don’t use that tone with Frank,” he warned. “He won’t appreciate it.”

A flicker of something flashed in her eyes. Fear? God, he hoped not.

“He’s prepared a discipline program that you will adhere to. If you deviate, you’ll take whatever punishment he thinks necessary.” He let the warning sink in before reassuring her. “Remember, I’ll see every minute you spend with him. I’ll watch the live feed whenever I can, and when I can’t, I’ll watch the recordings. I’ll follow your progress closely. For the next few weeks, Frank will be your Master, but everything he does, he does because
allow it.”

“Thank you, Master.”

His blood heated at her soft-spoken concession. Ever since he’d told Brooke about his plan, she refused to use the title he, admittedly, didn’t deserve. That she used it today gave him hope.

“I promise you everything will be all right.”

“I want to make you proud, Sir.” The slump of her shoulders nearly broke his heart.

“None of this is your fault, subbie. I couldn’t be more proud of you than I am right now. I’ve seen you struggling to interpret my needs without proper direction. I made you a promise when we signed the contract, and I didn’t fulfill that pledge. This time apart isn’t a punishment. Think of it as a learning period.”
For both of us.

He was determined to understand what it was like to be a sub so he could be a better Master for Brooke. “Scared out of his mind” didn’t half cover the ice-cold fear running through his arteries. Frank had hooked him up with a woman in Phoenix willing to take him on. She’d vowed to initiate him into the world of subservience in six weeks. Although he couldn’t imagine what that would entail, he knew it wouldn’t be pretty. But, as they say, failure wasn’t an option. Brooke needed him to be a better Master, and the only way he could do that was to understand what went on in her mind.

“I wish….”

He wanted nothing more than to make her wishes come true, if only she would tell him what they were. “What? Tell me.”

“I wish I was going with you. Who will take care of you?”

“I’m not helpless. I did a pretty good job before I met you.” With a finger beneath her chin, he tilted her face up. It felt so good to hold her. Letting her go, giving her over to another man for even a short time, felt as if he was cutting off a vital limb. He hated the ravaged look on her face, but in his heart, he knew the path he had chosen was the right one for both of them. They’d be stronger, better able to navigate the minefield of their relationship, after their time apart. “You vowed to follow my orders.”


“Then here they are. Don’t worry about me. I want you to concentrate on your training. Give yourself fully to Frank. Every command he issues, every punishment, every pleasure—”

She shook her head. “No.”

“Oh, yes, subbie. Frank will pleasure you. If he doesn’t, I’ll have to kill him. You can’t go six weeks without. Have you forgotten you’re forbidden to pleasure yourself?”

“No, Sir, but I can wait.”

He smiled at her absurd remark. “This from the girl who made herself come in a public place because she didn’t think I would have her?”

Her face turned red as he reminded her of the first time he saw her. He had been attending a munch at The Buggy Whip because he couldn’t think of a good enough excuse not to be there, but he wasn’t looking for a sub. She had come with friends to shop the available Doms. He watched from across the crowded bar as she made herself come—while looking straight at him. She’d gotten away before he came to his senses, only to show up at The Dungeon weeks later, apologetic and ready to take her punishment.

“You can’t go a week, and we both know it. Besides, it’s not for you to decide. As I was saying, everything Frank does to or for you is at my command. Heed his directives without question, or suffer the consequences. For six weeks, I command you to be selfish. Give as is demanded of you, but use the experience to learn how to live the life you’ve committed to living. Learn to give and receive pleasure. Learn to accept punishment when you fall short of expectations.” He brushed his lips across hers. “Learn to accept who you are.”
While I learn who you are, too.
“Can you do those things for me?”

“Yes, Master.” There was a light in her gorgeous blue eyes that hadn’t been there in days. The band constricting his heart loosened a notch or two.

“That’s my subbie.” For the first time in what seemed like months, his smile wasn’t forced. “My ride is waiting.” He kissed her again, deeper this time, pouring every ounce of his need and longing into the action. Their separation would be hard on her, but it might very well kill him. No way would he add that knowledge to her burden. Breaking the connection, he set her away from him. “I’ve got to go. Frank will be here this evening. Be ready for him.”

He intended their goodbye kiss to be short, nothing more than a brush of lips, but her mouth was a temptation he couldn’t resist. He went back for more. It took every ounce of discipline he had to walk away from her.






Brooke’s entire body trembled with the need to bolt. But she’d promised Todd she wouldn’t, so she knelt on the floor the way he had taught her—naked, knees wide, shoulders back, hands clasped at the small of her back—to wait for her teacher to arrive.

This had been the longest day of her life. After Todd left, she’d pulled herself together and gone to work. Her staff was perfectly capable of running the bakery for days at a time, but she rarely missed more than a few hours, so they were yet to be put to the test. Because they had demonstrated they could open and close without her, she gave them that authority most days, freeing herself up to serve her Master better.

Only things hadn’t worked out the way she imagined they would. She loved Todd. They’d been together over a year, meeting at The Dungeon at least once a week before they made the decision to take their relationship beyond the safe confines of the club. Until Todd asked her to move in with him, she had no idea he was a public figure. Never one to expend much energy on sporting events, she had been shocked to find out the man she craved, loved, was loved by most of the residents of the Greater Dallas/Ft.Worth Metroplex and was known to baseball fans everywhere. She’d thought he was hers alone.

But he wasn’t. As the Mustangs’ All-Star third baseman, he belonged to everyone. Maybe that was the reason she’d asked for so much more in their new relationship than they’d practiced within the insular walls of the club. Had it been a desperate attempt to hold onto a man she couldn’t bear to lose?

In hindsight, she hadn’t really understood what she’d asked for, and Todd hadn’t been prepared to teach her to live the lifestyle she’d committed to. No matter what Master said, it was her fault they were at this sorry place in their relationship. If she hadn’t insisted….

Hearing footsteps beyond the front door followed by a key sliding into the deadbolt, she jerked her chin high, her gaze glued to the doorknob. Her heart raced, anticipating Todd’s entrance as she had every day since moving into his home last October when the Mustangs season had ended short of the World Series. As always, the moment the door cleared the jamb, she dropped her chin to her chest, watching her Master’s progress indirectly. Only the man entering tonight wasn’t Todd.

A tremble shook her body. It was all she could do to remain where she was while every fiber of her being urged her to run.

Frank had seen her nude before. At her Master’s command, she’d given her body to this man several times, but this situation was different. Todd wasn’t sitting across the room, observing her with patient, indulgent eyes. He wasn’t fulfilling her need to be watched. He’d given her completely to this man for the next six weeks. She was to submit to him in every way. The reality of her situation sent another wave of dread through her body.

“Are you cold, girl?”

Focusing on the polished leather loafers in her line of vision, she shook her head.

“Speak when you’re spoken to.” His voice was neither harsh nor comforting.

“No, Sir.”

“No, Master,” he corrected.

“No, Master.” The words tasted bitter on her tongue. She’d only ever called one man Master, and it was he who commanded her to submit to this new Master in his stead.

“I’m sure Todd told you I’d be staying here until he returns. Take my suitcases to the Master’s suite and unpack them. When you’re done, come to me. I’ll be in the den.”

Dismissed, she watched his shoes disappear before she rose to her feet. Two large suitcases and a black leather duffle sat inside the door. If they’d been Todd’s, she would have looked forward to handling his clothes and whatever personal belongings were inside. But these were Frank’s.

His commands are my commands.

Resisting the urge to sigh, she hefted the duffle atop the largest suitcase, looping the handle of the heavy bag over the extended grip on the wheeled one.

She took more time than was necessary to unpack his belongings, leaving the duffle for last. Finding the lock on the zipper nearly brought her to her knees. The bag contained a Dom’s tools. She was sure of it. Why else would the contents be secured inside such a sinister-looking bag unless they were meant to be used on her?

She entered the den on shaky legs.
Maybe he won’t notice how long I’ve been gone.

“You were avoiding me.”

So much for him not noticing
. Instead of lying, she remained quiet in the doorway, her head bowed in deference.

“For your lack of respect for my time, you’ll receive ten licks with a leather paddle before bed tonight. I’ve been hard all day, thinking of you. Come. Kneel at my feet.”

Her stomach muscles clenched at the mention of punishment.
Lord! He’s been here less than an hour, and I’m already in trouble. Master Todd is going to be so disappointed.
Her heart ached for him as she settled at Frank’s feet.

“Look at me, girl.”

She lifted her gaze to his. Not an ounce of approval shone in his dark eyes.

“I’ll require you to suck me off every evening. Most days, you’ll service me the minute I walk in the door. I like it hard and fast. You may use your hands unless I tell you otherwise. Afterward, you are not permitted to rinse your mouth before dinner. While you put my meal on the table, I’ll clean up. Dinner is to be served in the dining room. I’ll sit at the head of the table. You are to be the centerpiece. Sit with your legs wide so I can see your pussy while I eat. Depending on my mood, I may require you do certain things for me during the meal. In that, as in all things, I expect you to comply without question or hesitation.

“Following dinner, you will clean the kitchen before you come to me in the playroom. Our session will begin immediately. Punishments will come first. After that, you will serve my pleasure, and I will serve yours.”

Brooke closed her eyes against the cold, “don’t dare argue with me” tone of his voice. He hadn’t been this harsh those few times her Master allowed him to play with her. But that was before they’d left The Dungeon, before she’d asked for this lifestyle.

“Do you have any questions?”

She shook her head.

“Your safe-word is still soccer?”

She nodded.

“Your responses will be verbal.”
Or else
went unsaid.

“Yes, Master.”

“Suck my cock now, girl.” He shifted his hips, sinking low in the chair so his groin was practically in her face. She’d given Frank a blow job once before, but she’d done it to please Todd then.

Rising to her knees, she focused her gaze on his belt buckle. Normally, she watched her Master’s face as she took his cock out, but tonight she just wanted to get the act over with—the sooner, the better. Her mouth watered at the sight of his engorged flesh. He wasn’t as thick as Todd, but the bulbous head crowning his length looked capable of battering through any barrier. She’d wondered before how it would feel stroking her sensitive vaginal tissues. Todd had never allowed vaginal or anal penetration on the rare occasions he’d brought in another man to play with her, but he’d said Frank would give her pleasure during the time he was here. There were plenty of other ways to make her feel good that didn’t include him putting his cock anywhere other than her mouth. Surely, that’s what Todd meant. She wrapped her hand around the base of his shaft. Guiding him to her, she opened wide, taking him in.

Her pussy clenched, sending a bolt of longing through her. She faltered, earning an admonition from her temporary Master.

“Get on with it, girl. I’ve no patience for a timid slave.”

Fighting back her unwanted desire, she swept her tongue around his broad head then took him to the back of her throat.


The word sounded as if it had been wrenched from him and was all the encouragement she needed to repeat the move.

“Ahh, Christ! That feels good!”

Slowly pulling back, she focused her attention on the head, swirling her tongue over and around.

“God, yes! Do that again.”

I can do this.
The motion-sensitive cameras placed throughout the house would ensure Todd saw/monitored her and Frank’s every interaction. Knowing he could be watching in real time, too, provided comfort. Closing her eyes, she imagined her Master across the room, his gaze taking in her every movement. Being observed had always been a pleasure trigger for her, and Todd had gone out of his way to give her that.

Working her mouth up and down Frank’s shaft, she shut out the reality of her situation. She would suck his dick because her only other choice was to walk away from a relationship she needed more than she needed to breathe. His cock swelled, signaling his imminent release. The hissed curses coming from his lips and the frantic jerking of his hips told her he was enjoying the experience. Tamping down the tiny wave of pride in a job well done, she gave herself over to finishing him off.

Swallowing the last drop of cum, she sat back on her heels, wiping her lips with the back of her hand. She ticked off day one on her mental calendar marking the time until Todd returned. Only forty-one more welcome home cock sucks to go.

Her gaze dropped while she waited for him to release her to her next task. The dinner he’d requested would need to be plated and served. As instructed, she’d eaten her dinner before he’d arrived.

Time stretched into eternity as she watched his shaft return to its sated size. His breathing evened out. “Why did you blow me?”

She jerked her head up to meet his gaze.

“Why did you blow me?” he repeated as if she were a child, unable to understand. It wasn’t far from the truth.

“Because you told me to.”

“Wrong answer, slave.” He tucked his cock back inside his pants, righting the zipper and belt. “You’re lying to me and to yourself. The kind of relationship you want only exists within a framework of total honesty. I suggest you give the question more thought. I’ll ask you again tomorrow and every day until you give me an honest answer. Today’s lie earned you one more lick with the paddle. Each day you don’t come up with the correct answer, I’ll add one to the total.”

Her mind raced to comprehend his words. He’d ordered her to give him a blow job. Why else would she be on her knees? Why else would she have serviced him?

“Permission to speak, Sir?”

“Speak your mind.”

“I don’t know what you’re asking. I did as I was instructed as a slave should.”

“Yes, all that is true. You performed your duties with your usual excellent skills in that area. I’m asking you to look deep inside yourself, slave. Yes, you were ordered to service your Master, but that wasn’t the real reason you did it. There is another reason, the only one that matters. I could tell you, but until you discover it on your own, you won’t truly understand. Even though your lie is one of incomprehension, the punishment will stand as incentive for you to examine your own motivations.”

“Thank you, Sir, for listening.”

“As your Master, I’ll always listen. It’s my job over the next few weeks to help you transition into the life you’ve said you want. The only way I can do that is to force you to see your true self. Once you do, you’ll either decide the life of a slave is what you need, or you will walk away. The decision is up to you, Brooke.”

“Yes.” She nodded. She didn’t particularly like the teaching method her Master had chosen for her, but she was aware of her shortcomings as Todd’s slave. As far as she was concerned, the decision was already made. She wanted the lifestyle. If that meant searching her soul for answers, she’d do it.

“Excellent.” His smile was soft with approval. “I’ll have dinner in twenty minutes.”

Dismissed, she made her way to the kitchen. Twenty minutes to come up with an answer to his question because she was certain he would ask her again and again.
Why does any slave follow through on an order?

Pulling the casserole from the oven, she examined her reply.
Because you told me to
. Perhaps she was dense, but she couldn’t come up with another answer. And she needed to. She’d already earned eleven strikes, and she’d been Frank’s sub for less than an hour.

By the time she set a plate of food at the head of the table, straightened the flatware then climbed atop the polished cherry surface, exactly twenty minutes had passed. As she spread her legs, exposing her pussy to the man seated before her, she heard the question in her mind.
“Why? Why are you doing this?”

Frank ate in silence, occasionally glancing at her pussy or her breasts. His gaze never strayed higher, making her feel like an object instead of a human with needs of her own.

When his plate was clear, he sat back. His eyes focused on her pussy then traveled upward, taking her body in an inch at a time until, at last, his gaze stopped on her face. “You’re a beautiful woman, Brooke. Does Todd like the landing strip?” He flicked a finger in the direction of her pussy and the narrow band of trimmed hair arrowing down to her clit.

“Yes, Sir.”

“I don’t. Wax it before I get home tomorrow. How do you handle pain? Do you like to have your nipples clamped? Your clit clamped? Something more?”

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