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Simply put, Susan Wingate is a master of the written word.  In SPIDER BRAINS, she weaves a heart-warming tale full of wit and intrigue: a nod to Kafka’s 
 in a quirky blend with 
The Princess Diaries
.  There are laugh out loud moments with the teenage protagonist, Susie Speider, whose voice was well executed and credible.  But there are also moments that tug at the heartstrings and even bring a tear to the eye, as we see Susie’s angst when she faces pain from the past, as well as redemption through the relationship with her mother. Whether or not you’re a fan of YA literature, you’ll love SPIDER BRAINS.  But don’t expect anything ordinary!”
Joshua Graham, 
award-winning, no. 1 Amazon & no. 1 Barnes & Noble bestselling author of “Darkroom” (S&S/Howard Books) and “Beyond Justice”)


A heartwarming story full of laughs, great friendship, a touch of romance, and lots of fun facts about spiders and more. Every now and then a wonderful book like this one comes along that entertains while it teaches. I look forward to reading SPIDER BRAINS with my kids!”
~Ann Charles,
 award-winning author of the Deadwood Mystery Series


Susan Wingate
as Chick Lit is akin to accusing Steven King of freelancing for Harlequin!"
Simon Barrett


"Just amazing detail and sense of personality... this is writing of the finest quality, advancing story and psychological sense of character."
Michael Collins (author of Keepers of Truth, Lost Souls, and Death of a Writer)



SPIDER BRAINS by Susan Wingate



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Wingate, Susan (Susan Michelle) Spider Brains / by Susan Wingate.
1. Young Adult---Fiction. 2. Fantasy---Fiction. 3. Love story (heterosexual teenage)---Fiction. 4. Female relationships (Mothers & Daughters)---Fiction. 5. Romance--- Fiction.
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To all of the readers of SPIDER BRAINS chapter peeks on my blog but, really, to all of my readers. Your support, your comments and "likes" have meant the world to me and have kept me going. You're the reason I write.

To my online writers group--a powerful group indeed! A, one, Mr. Joshua Graham & Mr. Michael Angel who first read this story and who nurtured it along.

To my sister, Elizabeth Ajamie Boyer who giggles at every funny thing I write, say or do--you're the best sister, EVER!

To my great niece, Simone Castillo, you
pretty great! Thanks for reading this story.

To Ann Charles who got it. Thank you for extending a hand.

To my ex-husband and friend of forty-four years, thanks for reading all of my work.

To that little black spider who walked across my ceiling late one night and spurred this story into a gallop--if I had your address I would send you royalty payments!

But most of all, thank you to Bob, my extremely patient and loving husband who waits for me to get out of my character skin and return to back to me. Thanks for letting me play.

And, to you. That's right YOU! The one person reading right now. The fact that you have chosen this book to read is one of the greatest honors an author bears. Words escape me for giving you thanks, so, I guess I'll just say, "Thank you!" (from the bottom of my heart)















A Love Story

by Susan Wingate

the itsy bitsy spider went up the water spout

down came the rain and washed the spider out

out came the sun and dried up all the rain

and the itsy bitsy spider climbed up the spout again




IDER: The E is Silent


Super human kid by night, regular high school teenager by day. I’m a junior. Well, next year.

My name is Susie Speider. The E is silent. My name is NOT pronounced
. For crying out loud. We are not a family of racers. Sheesh.

My problem? There are two major-stager problems in my life. My meds, for starters. They say I'm ADD. Yeah. Like, so, I concentrate on the moment du jour. What's wrong with that?

Then, there's the issue with my grades. They suck. And, my teacher, Ms. Morlson. She hates my guts! She holds my going or not going to the U in the palm of her cold calloused clammy hands.

This is a pic of me. The QUEEN of dorks).
But, with the new glasses my mom got me and my new meds, maybe I can improve over the next two years enough to bring my grades up to pass with something decent.

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