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Authors: Selena Bedford,Mia Perry

Saved by Sweet Alien Box Set

Saved by Sweet Alien Box Set


Book 1:
Saved by Sweet Alien


Book 2:
Saved by Sweet Alien 2


Book 3:
Saved by Sweet Alien 3


Book 4: (FREE Bonus)
Two Husbands


Book 5: (FREE Bonus)
Love Transplant


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Girl's Soul Guy's Body


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My Past Life Boyfriend


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Steal Your Girl


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Sex With Minotaur


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Book 1:
Saved by Sweet Alien

Selena Bedford

Copyright © All
rights reserved.
No part of this book may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any
means without written permission from the author.

This book is a work
of fiction.  Similarities to real people, places, or events are entirely

This story has sensual
themes and is suitable for adults, 18+ only.  All sexually active characters
are 18 years of age or older.


Pronounced a-FFEN-dor

A planet covered with ice.  Affendorians are large tribe
aliens.  They hunt for living.   Tribe battles have been going on for one
thing: women.  Way less girls were born than boys.  They’re on their way
towards the extinction.


Pronounced AU-zo

The best Affendorian warrior.  


Pronounced za-po-FIL-lo

The Affendorian tribe chief.  His hobby is to turn captured
women into his new wives.


Pronounced pub-JOR-ian

An ugly and mean humanoid species.  They are short, smelly,
and full of wrinkles.  They capture Earth women and sell them as wives to


of Contents
Chapter One
Chapter Two
Chapter Three
Chapter Four
Chapter Five
Chapter Six
Chapter Seven
Chapter Eight


I hold the girl in my arms. She is so small and so pretty. 
I like her cheeks, her boobs, her… everything. 

I wrap my coat around her body and use my body to warm her
up.  “Wake up.”  I kiss her face softly, again and again.

After a long while, she opens her eyes.  She looks at me,
confused.  After a while, she whispers, “Who are you?”

I understand what she’s saying.  We have so many Earth girls
in the tribe that we’ve had to learn their language.

“Auzo.” I smile at her.  “What’s your name?” I ask.

“Leila.” Her smile is so pale and weak.

“Leila, come home with me, okay?”


“An Affendorian tribe.”

“You’re an Affendorian?”

“Yes.  You know us?” I’m so pleased.

She looks at me for a long time.  Then she whispers, “No,
you don’t look like an Affendorian.”

“But I
an Affendorian.”

She looks at me with greater care.  “No, you aren’t.”

Boy, her head must have been damaged.  I give her a smile
and ask, “Regardless, would you please come with me?”

She smiles.  “Do I have a choice?”

“I promise not to hurt you.” I say.

“You don’t have to promise.”


“You could have let me there to die, right?” Her smile is
turning warm and her voice is full of trust.

“Okay, let’s go.” I hold her body tight to mine and walk
quickly.  I can feel her warming up.  She is flexing her arms and legs every
once in a while.  Her breathing is growing stronger.

I have never been this close to a woman.  My manhood is
seriously hardening now.  I know this is wrong, and I shouldn’t think of having
sex with her at the moment, but I simply can’t stop thinking that way.

I’m hoping that she will recover with a hot bath.  Then I
will feed her a big dinner.  I’m sure she will love the meat.  

Then, I will ask her to be my mate for the night.  If she
, great.  If she says
,   then I’ll have to wait.  I’m
the best warrior of the tribe.  I’m sure I can win her heart one day.


I’m sweating all over.  I seriously need a rest, but I want
to rush back to my tent. 

Suddenly, I hear a voice from behind me.  “Auzo?”

Holy shit.  It’s the tribe chief, Zapofillo.   I’m doomed. 
He’s going to see the girl for sure, and then he is going to claim my girl as
his new wife.  The only thing I can do is obey or else I will be the sacrifice
on the wedding ceremony.


  I almost
yell.   I take a deep breath and then turn around.  “Yes, Zapo?” My smile is


Chapter One


I’ve never believed in
aliens.  Like everyone else, I love reading sci-fi stories.  Sometimes when I’m
reading, I’ll daydream about being captured by a huge alien. That always makes
me horny.  Oh, wow, imagine having rough sex with the alien.  I’d
to try that.

I’m always taken away by
these fantasies, even on the bus or in bed.


Unfortunately, my actual life
is boring
as hell.

Like my friends in college, I
found a nine-to-five job, Monday through Friday.

Unlike my friends though,
I’ve never had a long-term relationship.

Don’t get me wrong, I do love
men, and it’s easy enough to pick one up for an all-nighter, especially when I
go to the right bars.. 

I’ve gone on a few blind
dates, but they just end the same way.  Those assholes never take me
seriously.  They just want my body, not a long-term relationship.

I don’t blame them.  Guys
like sexy girls, right?  Unfortunately, my body is
that sexy.

 I’m not horribly overweight,
but I have to admit that I need to shed a few pounds before I can comfortably
use the word ‘slim’.  Heck, probably fifteen or twenty pounds.

There are the girls who do
ballet or yoga, but I like self-defense. I’ve been training since middle school.
I’ve even entered a few competitions.  I think that’s pretty cool. Unfortunately,
even the guys at karate prefer soft-spoken, beautiful girls to me.


I do go out with guys, but it
never gets to the point of being a relationship.  Either
end up
disappearing, or

The truth is this: the guys I
meet are all well-educated, polite, and soft-spoken.

What I secretly crave is an
, someone like the aliens in my fantasies. Someone who abducts me, rips
off my clothes, and then
fucks me hard
in their spaceship.



Today is another boring day.  I
just got a promotion from bank teller to financial consultant. I got an office,
and higher pay. I also get to work later with no overtime. Goody.

It’s 7:30 before I get to leave; by the time I make it through
my commute home, I’m totally exhausted. Oh, and I’ve brought work home with me.

But first, dinner. I flop
onto my couch with my KFC Go Cup. The drumstick smells greasy and delicious.
It’s not the best to take in so many extra calories, but I can always go self-defense
training to work off the pounds.

And anyway, tonight is going
to be as busy as hell.  I have to prepare a few profiles for tomorrow morning. 
If I can’t get them done, my boss, Howard, is going to kill me.


Howard’s a total ass.  He always
tries to get in my pants.  I have no problem with that.  But he has a wife
already, who happens to work in the same building.  That makes me feel sick.  I
don’t want to fuck her husband and then say
to her like nothing ever


“Why do you want me?” I asked
him once.

“Your tits.” His eyes roamed
along my deep cleavage.  After a while, he added, “Your ass, too.”


He’s so fucking right.  I
have huge boobs and my ass is full and firm.  Except for the few extra pounds I
carry, my body is pretty damn nice.   Unfortunately, Howard is far away from an
alpha male.  I don’t think he can last long enough to give me even one orgasm. 


I finish my chicken and turn
on my laptop.  The huge number of emails in my mailbox almost gives me a heart attack.
  I’ve responded to all the emails before leaving the office but now, they’ve
piled up again. My evening is doomed.

Soon, my eyes are super sore. 
I rub them a few times, typing fast.


Soft moonlight comes in from
the window.  It’s a perfect evening to go out. 
Heck, I wish I could do
  I suck my lips and type faster. 

Soon, the moonlight becomes a
bit… too strong.  I raise my eyes and see sharp beams slicing through the sky. 
What the heck is going on?  Is it an airplane flying by?

Within seconds, the light
becomes so strong, I have to look away. Is this fucking plane going to crash on

I feel my body lightening,
and my arms begin to rise of their own volition.  Soon, my entire body is
lifting off the couch. I’m actually floating! 
This must be a dream
, I
tell myself.  

I pinch myself hard, and it
freaking hurts.  Hell no, this is
a dream!     

I’m drifting toward the
window.  I’m about to slowly crash into the glass. If I somehow break through
and die, what would the news say? “A 23 year old woman plummets to her death
through apartment window.”

I scream as I speed up toward
the glass, but no sound comes out of my mouth. Suddenly, I am through, floating
above the street like the glass never existed.  I look down and see the city. 
Everything is tiny as I look down from my apartment on the 42nd floor.  

My body is drifting higher
and higher.  Soon, the city is far away.  Then even the clouds are beneath me. 
It’s getting cold.  Very cold.

I look up and see the bright light
guiding my flight: it’s from the bottom of a huge space ship.   


Chapter Two


I’ve read so many sci-fi
romance books on my Kindle.  I know exactly what’s going to happen: an alien,
or a few, will examine my body.  They will remove all my clothes and measure
everything, including my boobs and pussy—or
a term more suitable
for their scientific research. 

Then things will turn
romantic.   A chief alien will want to have sex with me.  He may or may not ask
for my permission.   

I never believed in aliens. 
So I’ve never imagined having sex with an alien.  But now, I’m so scared, yet
so excited.  I’m kind of expecting it.  Well, if that has to happen, let it
happen to me tonight. 

Is the alien a tiny, green
creature?  Does he smell bad?  Hopefully not.  Hopefully, he is huge and rough,
with a cock of fifteen inches, or more...


“Ouch!” My head hits
something.  It’s the roof of a metal room.  Then my body drops to the floor, earning
me another grunt of pain.

I lay on my back and cover my
nose right away because it smells like shit.  The lights are dim.  The walls
are all metal.  I see a few ugly creatures looking down at me.  They are a bit
shorter than me, but well built.  Their bodies are dark purple, and covered
with wrinkles.  Their funny looking ears wiggle.  Their tiny eyes are shining
with green light.

Hell no.  This is anything but

What are they going to do to
me?  Are they going to strip me for their ‘scientific research’ and then have
sex with me?  This is gross!   

I move my arms and legs. 
Good, they work fine.  I look at them with a smirk, ignoring the soreness on my

The biggest alien is about a
hundred pounds at the most.  I can easily send him to the floor with one blow.   Heck,
I’ve never tried my self-defense for real, but I’m sure I’ll have to put it to
good use tonight.

A short, most wrinkled alien steps
closer, looking at me with extreme care.  I watch his every move, readying my
body for a quick punch.

He turns to the other aliens,
issuing a sudden burst of sharp whistles.  A few aliens respond with more whistling.  
They nod and laugh.  Hell, are they making dirty jokes?

After a few minutes, the
short alien bends down, looking at my lower body.  I see a bulge in his green pants.  
Oh, man, this gross thing does want to fuck me.

I give a mean look, trying to
stare him down.

He ignores my warning glare, bending
down further, as he sniffs hard.  His lumpy fingers are approaching my crotch. 
I see at least seven or eight of them, or maybe more.

“Go to hell!” I roar, sending
my fist into his ugly face.

The alien tumbles away with a
deafening whistle. I jump up. Within seconds, two more aliens drop to the

The other aliens step back,
uncertain, and this is my opportunity to take an offensive position.

I rush over and swing my
fist, sending a blow to a fat alien.  He ducks, my fist misses him by about an
inch or two.  Fuck, this fat ass knows how to fight.

As I pull back for a new
attack, I feel a sudden pain tighten my chest.  A sharp light beam disables my
eyesight for a few moments.  Heck, is that from a laser gun or something?

I drop to the floor,
gasping.  The aliens gather again, staring at me.  I try to stand up, but my
arms and legs feel so heavy. 

The short alien stumbles
close, whistling a few times to the fat one.   Soon, the fat alien waves his
arm.   The other aliens grab my body and drag me on the floor.

 “I can walk myself, you fucking
assholes,” I yell, struggling. But they don’t pay any attention to me.    



They open a door and drag me
in.  They toss me on the floor, go out, lock the door, and then leave.

It takes me a while to get
used to the darkness.  There is a soft orange light emanating from the ceiling.

It’s a big room.  The door is
made of thick iron bars like in a jail.  The hallway is all dark.

I see some bodies on the
floor.  Are they dead?  I’m not sure.  After a few moments, one of the bodies over. 
Still alive.  There are at least thirty bodies in the room, all sleeping.

Maybe they are Earth people
captured by the aliens like me?

I sit up, rubbing my
temples.  My head hurts like hell.  I stand and walk, trying to stretch out my
sore muscles.

“Ouch!” My head bumps onto the
iron beam on the roof.  The room is barely high enough for me to stand up straight. 
I let out a curse and rub my head.

“Hi, there.” I turn and see a
woman sitting on the floor, not far away from me.

“Hi.” I’m so happy to see
someone I can talk to.  I walk over and sit beside her.

“I’m Darcy.” She gives me a

“I’m Leila.  Nice to meet
you.” I smile back.

“Nice to meet you, too, Leila.” 
She stops for a moment and then continues, “Let me guess.”

“Guess… what?”

“You’re single, right?”

“Right.   How did you know?”

“Between 18 and 24, right?”


“No kids?”

“Ah… no.  How did you know?”
I ask again.

“See these girls?” She gestures
to the prone figures on the ground. “We’re all like that.”

“You mean… the aliens caught
young single women and keep them in this… cage?”


“What are they going to do to
us?” My heart races much faster. 

“They sell us for money.”

“Are you serious?” My eyes

“Yup.” She points at a tiny earring. 
“See this?  They give it to me so that I can understand their language.  They
want me to listen to their orders and pass them to the girls.”

“Oh, my gosh.”  I’m so
shocked.  “Where are they going to sell us to?”

“Don’t know.  Some remote
planet, I guess.”

“What the fuck?” I mumble.

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