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Jasmine Hill

It is never too late to find love…


Forty-five-year-old Lucy Whiticker is an attractive and successful interior designer. Divorced with two adult children, she has almost given up hope of finding that perfect someone—that is, until she meets handsome and charismatic Rhett Hunter. But Lucy believes that, at twenty-eight, Rhett is too young for her.


When Rhett Hunter meets Lucy, the attraction is immediate. She’s sexy, confident and intelligent, and he determines he must have her. He knows that Lucy has an issue with their age difference, but he sets out to prove her wrong. Inviting her to the Valentine’s Ball is the best place to start.


The past collides with the present, however, when previous relationships interfere with Rhett’s plans. Rhett will have to use all his charm and persuasion to convince Lucy that they are meant to be together.





To my husband.


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Margaret Mitchell

Chapter One




Lucy Whiticker studied her reflection critically. At forty-five she had to work hard to maintain her lithe figure. The advancing years and the birth of two children meant that her workout routine was an arduous and daily occurrence. She couldn’t defy gravity, but she could work damn hard in order to keep it at bay for as long as possible.

Now, studying her naked form in the full-length mirror, she mentally thanked her personal trainer. Her long legs were still supple and relatively dimple free. Her stomach was slightly rounded but remained firm, and hundreds of triceps bench dips per week meant that she hadn’t yet developed the dreaded arm sag. Her breasts, though not as perky as they used to be, were not too bad. She supposed it was their size that helped. She had never been big breasted, a detail that had irritated her when she was younger but helped at forty-five. In her opinion, the less amount of skin one boasted, the better. Her ash-blonde hair was cut in a chic bob that feathered softly around her face and highlighted her hazel green eyes. She had good, olive skin and a few laugh lines around her mouth and eyes but nothing too serious. All things considered, she thought she still looked pretty good.

Why then, she wondered, was it so difficult to meet a nice, single man? She knew many of them were already taken. Most men in her age bracket were married, which made things difficult for single women, but surely there were divorcees or even bachelors waiting to meet that perfect someone. Of course it hadn’t been difficult for her ex-husband to find someone. The only problem was that he’d found his new woman whilst Lucy was still married to him. Why did it seem to be so much easier for men to find a partner?

Because women don’t mind older men, but men don’t want older women
, her subconscious sneered at her.

She huffed out a disgusted breath at her reflection before turning to study the contents of her wardrobe. She was meeting with a new client later that morning and wanted to give a good impression.

She finally decided on a charcoal pencil skirt and a grey silk blouse, which she paired with suede pumps. She had always loved lingerie and spent far too much on silky, lacy underwear confections, but she figured it was a fairly harmless vice
it made her feel good about herself. Also, she enjoyed knowing that what she wore underneath her relatively conventional business attire was sexy and sensual. She delved through her lingerie drawer and selected a black lace bra and panty set, then a pair of suspender panty hose with matching garter belt.

When she was dressed, she spent a half hour applying her makeup and quickly styled her hair. She was ready.


* * * *


Rhett Hunter sat at a table in the Oasis restaurant waiting for the interior designer who would be redecorating his father’s law offices. He sipped on a glass of red wine that he had debated ordering, but considering it was eleven thirty a.m., he thought he could get away with it. He drummed his fingers on the tabletop and checked his watch. Ms Whiticker should be arriving any minute. As he looked up, his eyes locked on the form of a woman entering the restaurant.

He watched as she stopped to speak to the maître d’ then looked in his direction. He studied her as she started walking towards his table. His gaze zeroed in on her breasts and he could tell by the soft swell outlined by her blouse that they would fit in his palms perfectly. She had a small waist and hips that flared gently. Her pencil skirt ended just above her knees and displayed toned calves ending in slim ankles.

She was a knockout! As she drew closer, he noticed that she was older than he had first thought, but rather than diminishing his lust, it only enhanced it. The maturity and confidence she exuded was sexy and powerful and he found himself having to readjust his suit pants under the table.

When she reached him, he stood and extended his hand in greeting. She took it firmly in hers and gave him a stunning smile that transformed her face, lighting her up from within and making his breath stutter.

“Lovely to meet you, Mr Hunter,” she greeted him warmly. Her voice was soft and breathy and hardened his cock instantly.

“The pleasure is all mine and please, call me Rhett.” He took his seat quickly, glad of the long tablecloth that concealed his lap.

“Then please call me Lucy,” she said in her husky voice. She settled her handbag and briefcase on the floor next to her seat. “Rhett?” she asked with an arched brow.

“My mother is a romantic and a fan of
Gone with the Wind
.” He grimaced.

“I think that it’s a lovely name.”

It was his turn to raise an eyebrow. “Lovely?” he questioned in amusement.

She flushed. “I like the name.”

He decided not to embarrass her further and remained silent while they studied the menu.

After giving their order to the hovering waiter, she stooped to retrieve something from her briefcase.

“I can’t tell you how excited I am about redecorating your offices. Your father has, of course, seen my portfolio, but I brought it along today in case you wished to view my work.” She slid a professional-looking folder across the table.

Rhett opened to the first page and started to flick through.
Lucy definitely has a great sense of style and she has experience in decorating for businesses and private residences
. Yes, he could see why his father liked her. Her methods appeared to be both eclectic and traditional, and she would perform an excellent job providing the updated look their office needed. At any rate, his father had already hired her, so this meeting was just to iron out schedules and details, and settle on a start date.

“I like your style. I’m looking forward to seeing you in action.”

“Thank you. I have discussed basic design and colour palette with Robert. Do you have anything you wish to add?”

“No. My father knows what he wants and I respect his opinion in such matters. I
a partner, but these types of issues have always been my father’s purview,” he responded with a grin.

He watched as she flicked her tongue out to moisten her full bottom lip. He had the sudden urge to dive over the table, take that lip into his mouth and suck on it. He groaned inwardly and tried desperately to rein in his lust-filled thoughts. Fuck, he wanted her. He knew it was unprofessional but tell that to his cock, the one part of his anatomy that tended to think for itself.

He cleared his throat and readjusted himself, stretching his long legs out under the table. He shot a surreptitious look at her left hand and noticed that she wasn’t wearing a wedding ring. At least she wasn’t officially attached, but that didn’t mean that she wasn’t seeing anyone.

The waiter arrived with their meals and filled their glasses.

Rhett watched Lucy take a delicate bite of her fish.

“Hmm,” she moaned in satisfaction. “The fish is divine.”

If she moaned like that over food, what would she do when she was writhing under him and he was making her come? He shook his head to rid himself of his thoughts and cut into his steak. He needed to distract himself. This woman was working her way under his skin and he had only just met her. What would she do to him when she was working in their offices, when he had to see her every day?

Over lunch, Lucy outlined her ideas and showed Rhett some colour swatches and sketches. He nodded and made all the right encouraging sounds. He liked her ideas, but he wasn’t the type of guy who was interested in decorating. He had agreed to this meeting to help out his father, who was tied up in court all day.

“Well, Lucy. I like your ideas, a lot. Do you think you could swing by our offices later this evening? You can have another look at the space.”

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