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Pearl's Blaze (Devil's Iron MC #2)


Book Two

Devils Iron MC:

Pearl’s Blaze



I would like to give thanks where thanks are due. To my wonderful and supportive family and friends who are always there with me to work through any issues or problems I was having with the book, some more than others;)

Even when it was something that normal people do not talk about.


I would also like to give a special shout out to all the help I have had with promoting and also getting the word out there about my bundle of love. The indie world has been super supportive and helpful every step of the way. It is surprising to me that women I have never met, are on such a level and have been such a support system every step of the way.  It rocks that y’all have been here for me from simple swag questions to formatting questions to help with graphics as well as promoting, and everything in-between...


Thanks for everythin



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This novella is intended for reader 18 and older as it contains adult themed sexual situations and inappropriate language.


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I thought Tank was going to be the man that would take away the pain. The pain of having a husband commit suicide and leave me with two small children. The pain of having to raise these two children alone. The pain of being alone day in and day out with no relief in sight. Let alone the pain of no longer feeling like the woman I once was, when I was younger.

Tank was so good to me and the girls. I really thought that he would be the one that would always be there for me. I thought we were on our way to the happily ever fucking after. But, I fell too hard, too fast for him and was not rewarded like I hoped. Then that night fucking happened. The night that two men drugged me, beat me, and raped me all at the whim of that fucking bitch, Layla. I still cannot believe that he walked in on it and just left me to those vicious monsters.

Here I am pregnant and alone. Something that I never thought would happen to me again. I can’t even say that I am glad the father is out of the picture because for all I know the father could be Blaze. I’ve taken care of two kids. I can sure as hell take care of three. But, just once, I’d like someone I can trust to be there for me.

Chapter 1- Blaze

After talking with Doc I am even more pissed that it seems like Tank is off the grid. We cannot find a trace of him, his bike, his phone, or anything. We cannot track him down anywhere. FUCK! What the fuck happened between the two of them last night? I hang up the phone and start walking towards my bedroom hoping that Pearl is ready to talk about what the fuck went on. What I find however is not something that makes me happy.

It is only then that I hear the SUV that is parked in my driveway start and a loud groan escapes my lips. She is fucking running away. GODAMN IT. She is even more stubborn than Tank let on. I will let her have a week before I go after her to find out what the fuck happened. She has just been violated in the worst way and needs space at this point. I will talk to her soon because we need to establish some boundaries and her walking away from me without a word is not something that I will ever be okay with. I call Trip and tell him about his new duty for the next week. He is to stay unseen and make sure that she is taking care of herself and those beautiful girls after the shit that went down last night. Whatever it was!

A couple hours after Pearl made a run for it, I find out after talking with Doc, that on the video in the club house someone chloroformed Pearl and dragged her into that room last night. Of course, you couldn’t see either face but, I have a feeling I know exactly who it was- Layla’s brother. Especially after the video of her entering the room and then ushering the two men out of that same room after Tank made his exit.

I have all of my men and Clutch, the Knights’ President, has his looking for those fuckwads and when they are found we will have a long chat and they will be put the fuck to ground. I am so fucking glad that we had peace with the Knights when this shit went down. Having another club as an ally at a time like this is something that works out in our favor, having extra eyes and ears to try and track these fuckers down.

First things first though- getting through to Pearl. I send her a text saying that she has a week to come talk with me about what happened. I’ll leave it at that for now, I know that her head has got to be in a bad place and I don’t want her to freak out even more.

As soon as Doc found out that I sent Trip to Milwaukee to watch over Pearl and the girls he volunteers to go as well. I need to know that someone is watching over her and making sure she is safe until I can go up there and confront her about what happened.

After what happened to Pearl, the brothers are falling all over themselves to help her out anyway they can. I had to tell a couple of the others that I would let them know if they could help out with anything because a lot of them were asking.

Each day that passes I send another message to her. Each one the same- a countdown to when she will be talking with me about what happened. I know that she has not gone to work all week and that the girls have been going to daycare giving her the time she needs to heal, which I am more than happy with.

Doc told me that Pearl has also been talking with a therapist that helps with trauma and I feel a pang of pride knowing that she is a strong woman and asking for what she needs is something that she does not have a problem with. Trip has said that both him and Doc have been taking shifts at night to watch the house and that nothing had really struck them as out of the ordinary.

I also learned that Doc and Trip have been invited inside to have dinner with Pearl and the girls every night that they have been there. They have even been allowed to stay on the couch each night. Doc told me that Pearl would not have us watching from outside in the cold when we could just as easily watch her from the couch. Startling me because she knows they are there to watch over her and she hasn’t said anything about it. That is followed instantly by a pang of jealously that I am not the one there.

It also lets me know that she knows that I have the brothers watching her but she has yet to respond to any of my texts. I know from both Trip and Doc that she is healing well enough and that she seems to be doing well, especially when the girls are around. When they go to bed however she seems lost and quickly excuses herself to her room when the girls are asleep.

As Friday comes around I send the last message to her- Less than 1 day and I will see you to discuss what happened, Sweetling.

As I drive up to Milwaukee tonight I get to her house right before midnight. Nodding at Trip as I pull up he starts his truck up and takes off. I’ll have it from here on out.

The only way I will be able to talk with her is to take her by surprise seeing that she has not responded to any of my texts all week. I am not sure if she thinks that I am not serious or if I just don’t care, but on either of these she would be dead wrong.

I text her again and ask for her to come to the front door and let me in.

I see her shadow walk through the house towards the front door, and then I hear the turn of the lock and slowly see the door swing open as Pearl is standing in the doorframe.


I cut her off quickly “None of that Pearl, Markus from now on no matter what, until you are” cutting myself off from the dirty fucking thoughts that seeped to the forefront of my mind. I step forward and as I am reaching to pull her into me I stop myself not knowing where her head is after what happened last weekend.

She steps into me and wraps her arms around my back before I can back away and whispers “Markus, thanks for being there that night. I don’t know what I would have done without you.” I engulf her with my arms and my heart is fighting with my head. The care I feel for this woman is beyond anything I have felt before, especially since I am struggling with the fact that she almost belonged to my friend, my brother. I still can’t believe he left her in her hour of need and has not been heard from since. That is why I am here and what I need to figure out before anything else happens between us.

“Sweetling, you never need to thank me for that. We were the reason you were put in that position anyway, we should be asking for your forgiveness not accepting your thanks.” I say walking into her house and shutting and locking the door behind us. “Let’s talk, Sweetling.”

She leads the way through the house to a living room that is set up in the back and gestures to the couch. As I sit down she walks back into the kitchen and asks if I need anything. I tell her I could use a beer and she says she only has Jack. What a woman. After going into the kitchen and pouring us both drinks she sits on the far end of the couch and slowly takes a sip of her drink.

“Sweetling, you have to tell me what happened. The video that we found told us that Tank didn’t do that to you but, we are not sure who or what happened. PLEASE tell me what happened. I have been struggling to keep it together not knowing who or what happened to you on that night.”

Chapter 2- Pearl

I had already been to the OBGYN twice this week to get workups regarding the rape and all has come back clear. The Ultrasound shows that the baby is about 8 weeks along. Since seeing the tiny blip on the screen I have been trying to rack my brain about what was going on 8 weeks ago which only led me to more distress… Eight weeks ago was the night Tank taught me the lesson at the Dungeon! FUCK ME! 

As Blaze gently nudges me back from my thoughts I fall into memories from that night a week ago, flooding my mind quickly as my head drops instantly.

I look up to Blaze who has been patiently waiting for me to relive the worst night of my life. I look away and start where most stories start… The beginning.

“I am so broken, Markus. I cannot believe that Tank walked in on two men raping me and just walked back out. Why did he just leave me? Did he never really care to begin with? Did he think I wanted them, that he meant so little to me?”

“Shh, Sweetling. I have no idea what the fuck was running through Tank’s mind that night. I sure as fuck don’t think that he knew those two men were violating you as they were or he would not have left you to them. You have to believe that Pearl.”

I am so ashamed that I let that man in to begin with and I will not let it happen again anytime soon.

I go back and tell Markus about how I had bumped into Layla on my way to the restroom when I first go to the party. How I walked in on her kissing Tank.

Markus stopped me there and told me that they had found footage of that and that she had spiked my drink with something that they later found out from my blood test on a sample they had taken from me was GHB. I internally groaned and my hand slowly went to rest on the small baby bump that was hidden under the loose fitting sweatshirt I had on. I would have to go to the doctor again this week to make sure that the GHB was not something that could really hurt me or the baby.

Just another hurtle that me and the little angel would have to get over on our own. As soon as I saw those two lines when I took the test I knew that this baby, my baby, was a miracle. My husband and I had tried for so long to get pregnant with the girls and had gone through many years of disappointment along the way, including several miscarriages.

Shaking myself out of that train of thought I get back to the conversation at hand. I continued to tell Markus about running from Tank and then the feeling of arms on me before blacking out. Waking up sometime later finding myself tied to a bed with a gag that was in my mouth making it impossible for me to scream.

I continue with the painful story I had been telling to the therapist daily since it happened. About not understanding what is going on, I look around the room and meet Tank’s eyes before I feel searing pain flaring in my pussy and a scream tries to escape my lips.  I tell Markus how it was then that Tank turned and walked away.

The tears that have been slowly falling now start an onslaught that I cannot control and Markus quickly gets up moving closer to me, unsure what he should do to comfort me. He finally settles himself on the couch near me but, not touching me. I reach over to him and silently pull his arm around my shoulders and sink into his side.

Continuing I tell him that at some point Layla made an appearance in the room and knew the men that were taking turns raping me, one of them she called her brother. She even went so far as telling them to not come in me so DNA could not be used against them, then to go clean up and return to the party. I tell him how as the men left and Layla came towards my bound and beaten body she screamed at me “I cannot believe that he choose you over me. HA! Enjoy your life now that Tank is no longer going to want your stupid fucking fat used up ass. I wonder what hurt him more the texts from your phone that said this is what he deserved or the picture right after that.”

I looked up to Markus and asked what she meant when she said that, adding, “I did not send him any texts or pictures.”

Markus slowly strokes his hand over my shoulder and gently said he was not sure but, he would be finding out shortly. His hand slowly came off of my shoulder as he grabbed his phone out of his pocket and quickly stood up and connected on the phone with someone.

“Doc, yeah it was them and Layla was involved as well. Get the word out to all the brothers. We need to find them, round them up, and take them out to the shed. Call me when someone has them and they are ready to talk.”

His eyes moved to mine as he stepped back towards the couch. “Thank you for telling me Sweetling, I know that it must be so difficult for you.” The look of pity on his face is a look that I am really sick of from all the people who know.

I just want to take away the pain that I am feeling and not think about it for at least a little while.

Markus slowly reaches his hand out to me while saying in a deep voice “Let me tuck you in and stay with you until you fall asleep then I’ll call one of the prospects back over to keep an eye on you until this blows over and the club gets their hands on those fuckers. “

“NO! Markus, I need… more” I shout at him as I think about the fuckers who have done this to me. That their dirty hands, mouths, and cocks were touching my skin marking me as theirs. “I need, I just need to not feel Markus. Please!  Please, help me to not feel them touching me.”

The look in his eyes tells me everything that I need to know, that he does not want to touch me, no man will want me again because of what those bastards did to me. I fall off the couch onto my knees at his feet.

“Please Markus, take the pain away, the memory of their filth. PLEASE? Make me forget!”

As I am sitting there with my head hanging low and tears streaming down my face, I have no idea what to do, what I need, what this man, or any person for that matter, can do to help me not feel them.

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