One Mate Five Alphas (Werebear Shifter FMMMMM Menage Steamy Romance) (8 page)


As I got onto my knees, Sam brushed the loose, matted hair out of my eyes. Appreciative of this, I kept my sight on his own gaze as I kissed my way up his shaft, and parted my lips around his cock on my way down. I heard him groan, and felt his hands wrap around my head, just like Derek’s had before. As he pushed my lips further down his dick, my lower lips slid back towards Derek, just to show him that—while my attention was now divided—I wasn’t ignoring his cock.


The brothers held my head and my hips where they needed them. My tongue slid around Sam’s cock—which was thinner than the last one, but longer, meaning I could throat him a little more—and Derek pumped away at my yearning cunt. I had to pull my head back from Sam for a moment, just to get a firm gulp of air, but he wasn’t having any of that. Back onto his cock I went, loving the domination.


I felt my hips being pulled up, and realized I needed to adjust my balance. My hands held against Sam’s hips, and I grasped them to support myself as I was pulled to my feet but kept bent over. I felt the man commanding my pussy bend over me somewhat, his arms wrapped around under my stomach, and his firm, juicy cock utterly pummeling my hips into submission.


I sucked Sam’s rigid, rock-hard cock as passionately as I could. He was pumping my head up and down on it now, and I lovingly bit my fingernails into his hips. While this was going on, I felt Derek pull out and slap his wet meat a couple of times against my ass.


“I’ve got to fuck your ass,” he growled, and I heard Sam chuckle a little above me. I pulled off of his dick for a moment to reply.


“Start slow,” I relented. Instead of bracing myself, I made an effort to relax, and shifted my ankles a little further apart. Turning my attention back to the man whose throbbing stick I had been polishing, I asked: “Feel good?”


I could barely part my lips around him before he pushed them down to kiss the base of his shaft.


“Yeah,” I heard him groan. “Feels really fucking good.”


I moaned my appreciation and lathered what I could reach of his shaft with my tongue, breathing deeply through my nose and avoiding the water as best as I could. At the same time, I felt my ass-cheeks being lifted apart by a pair of demanding thumbs, the sound of a lube bottle, and then felt his cock slowly sliding into my hungry asshole.


I was no ass virgin, and the water was continuously running down our bodies. So, I guess it wasn’t as incredibly painful as it might have been before. I pushed back slightly to coerce him on. By his third stroke, it was all the way inside me, and I reveled in delight in being absolutely hilted on both ends by a pair of gorgeous, dominating brothers.


As Derek’s fingers clenched into my cheeks and his balls brushed my exposed mound, and Sam applied slightly more force to keep his cock completely down my throat, I felt my eyes wander to the door. I noticed Daniel standing in the doorway, stroking himself and watching with a hungry leer. I pulled a hand free of Sam’s hips to wave him over with my wrist, and took over his masturbating duties with my hand.


It wasn’t too long before a mighty set of orgasms slowly built up and overwhelmed my senses. I knew my role, though. Despite stiffening and moaning like crazy onto the cock trapped between my lips, and my fingernails biting into Sam’s hips in loss of mind, I handled myself pretty well. If the men noticed, they didn’t care, and continued to take me together and pound the living daylights out of me.


The three brothers utterly commanded my body, controlling me between them. After a while, they began to form a sort of rhythm–Derek pushing into my ass, Sam holding my head onto his cock, and Daniel standing tall with my hand pumping his cock. The variances explored always left something inside me at all times as the others were pulling out or pushing in. All the while, the water was drizzling onto us. I would occasionally have to pause on the cock-sucking to take a gulp of air, or cough from inhaling some of the water, but I was still enjoying myself.


After a few minutes of this, I noticed that they were slowing down. Glancing up, I saw that they were communicating with what were probably facial gestures and nods, and all at once they pulled out of my influence. Derek started washing his cock off rigorously before he lay down on the floor.


They were playing the old switcheroo.


I climbed onto Derek’s hips. As I straddled him, easing him in, he took over and forced me down with his hands on my shoulders. My pussy slid down his cock, and I bit my lower lip with a satisfied moan. As I rocked my hips against his a few times, I could sense Sam maneuvering around behind me, and Daniel loomed nearby.


Derek grasped my wrists, pulling me down into a kiss. I breathed uneasily into it as I felt Sam pushing his freshly-lubed cock slowly up my ass.


When I pulled back from the kiss, I allowed the men to rock my hips, deciding the rhythm for me. As this was going on, Daniel’s cock came back into view, and I gladly slipped it into my mouth, finally giving him his own orifice.


As I pulled back a little, I let my tongue swirl around Daniel’s dick passionately, flicking against the slit in his little head. His hands clamped to my head — painfully, I’ll admit, but I knew he was just caught off-guard. My tongue slid around under the rim of his head, and I delighted in the knowledge that I couldn’t close my mouth with his rock-hard rod down my throat.


I pumped my head up and down again, bobbing my lips up and down the delicious dick like a piston. His groans told me everything I needed to know, and so I pumped more furiously. His hands began to guide me in the motions, setting the speed as he took over and face-fucked me, and my fingernails dug into his hips.


Meanwhile, his brothers continued to fuck my mound and my ass into a raw, powerful submission. I was the collective mate of these men, used for breeding between them, and they dominated my holes for ages. They were seemingly unwilling to give up their chosen cavities until my body sucked out all of their seed. I felt hands grasping my breasts, caressing my puffy, erect nipples. The animalistic fucking was almost too much for me.


Soon, they decided they were going to switch up again. Derek shoved his pussy-stained dick right down my throat, Sam was on his back beneath me and firmly up my dripping wet, hungry pussy, and Daniel gladly shoved his wonderful cock back up my ass, which was filled with ample lube by now.


My head bobbed up and down on Derek, and I reveled in the taste of my own sweet nectar. Meanwhile, my asshole underwent punishment as Daniel did his best to empty his balls into my ass. Meanwhile, Sam’s furious command of my hips fought me to the edges of my restraint, as his cock pummeled my lower lips. His was the best out of them all, the most magnificent cock of the brothers. Within my demanding slit, his was right where it belonged.


I allowed myself to relax and focus entirely on being their filthy mate. No amount of water was going to wash me clean.


It was Daniel who came first, his balls slapping frantically against me. His body bent over mine as his dick slid in harder, faster than before. His fingers wrapped into my hair and he took over my bobbing speed from his brother, pushing and pulling my head over Derek’s dick as he rode out what felt like a fantastic orgasm.


Something about this was incredibly hot to me—the brother grasping and using my head to get his own flesh and blood off, and I felt another wonderful orgasm slowly building within. While it worked its way up to a crescendo, I moaned into the mouthful I was servicing, and felt Daniel clench onto my body and fill my star with his load. His movements came to a stop, and he stopped using my skull to indirectly jack off his brother.


But it was my turn now. The three brothers mating me, and one using me on the other, was too much. My thighs trembled against Sam as I felt some of the best orgasms in my life take my entire body back.


For a period that threatened to stretch for eons, the wave of chemicals in my head totally crushed me. I rode out the orgasms like a massive wave, crossing the gulf. The feeling built up and almost blinded me, and for a beautiful moment between these three shifters, I was at complete and utter peace.


I realized shortly that Daniel had pulled out of me, found the liquid soap, and was washing off his dick once more. This left me with the last two, who took advantage of the freedom to make me submit to them even harder than before.


Both sets of lips—my mouth and my pussy—glided madly up and down both fleshy, staggeringly hard cocks. The dick pushing up into me from the floor slid against my ridges wonderfully, and the one that was constantly threatening to gag me similarly filled my throat cavity with bliss. No longer completely unable to move or shift, I took advantage of my newfound mobility by sliding my thick, rotund hips around on Sam’s, working to get him going.


Sam came next. As I’ve mentioned, he was able to fully control my hips now that my back hole was no longer filled, and certainly taking every liberty with this. Seemingly eager to ride his own climactic wave, his strong hands clamped down hard on my heavy hips, and he pumped my fulfilled cunt up and down his cock as fast as he could. I glanced down at him with the dick pounding away in my mouth and caught a glimpse of his face below me. I took delight when I realized he was watching the great view of my large tits bouncing, water drizzling off of them and onto his face. In appreciation, I rocked my torso from left to right, wiggling my breasts for him. He gave my ass a few firm slaps with both hands in recognition, and I moved his hands back to my breasts so he could play with my nipples to his heart’s content.


Within just a couple of minutes, his pumping went frantic, he dug down deep into me as hard as he could, and a wave of hot cum poured up into my pussy. He lay his head down on the floor and watched my tits some more, regaining his composure and desperately trying to stop his heavy, mighty breathing.


His juices intermingled with his brothers’ and mine, as Daniel’s earlier gift slid down to my pussy lips, and both streams of passion met and mingled.


However, my mind didn’t stay on that for long. I still had one boy to finish, and he was incredibly close to the edge. As I dedicated my full attention to getting him off in my warm, wet mouth, Derek’s movements became more frantic, and his breathing was faster, his hands clamped harder.


He was the champion out of them, holding on the longest, and I was there to happily and hungrily receive his prize.


Just a little longer…just a little more…


And there it was.


He held my lips clamped to the base of his shaft, his hands firmly holding my head in place, and he gasped loudly as his cock twitched between my lips. I felt several ropes of salty, fulfilling cum pump into my mouth and down my throat. I hummed and slid my tongue around his cock to welcome it all, eager to be his eager slut—just like I had been with his brothers. His load coated the insides of his throat, and I almost gagged, but he wasn’t having any of that. I held it together and swallowed it all down as he held me in place.


Derek let go of my head, and I slowly relinquished his cock, my tongue sliding all around it and lapping off the tip. I climbed up off of Sam, steadying myself against a wall in the shower. Oh, everything ached. Tomorrow was going to be rough.


As I turned to the boys, my muscles well aware of the impending soreness, they smiled between one another.


“And so it is done. You are…ours.” They smiled, reaching to grasp at me more. My arms slid around their shoulders as I felt their touch groping at my curvaceous body, and I willingly surrendered myself to them once more.

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