One Mate Five Alphas (Werebear Shifter FMMMMM Menage Steamy Romance) (5 page)


Uneasily, I popped open the shower door, stepping into the hallway by the stairs in a sopping mess.


“Hello?” I called out. I quickly realized how stupid I was being, wandering out while naked, wet, and utterly vulnerable. If there
something going on out here, I would be at a total loss to deal with it.


The familiar face of the mountain lion peered in from the doorway, zeroing in on me.


Oh, fuck me.


It let out a low growl, slipping a paw onto the hardwood floor. The large cat lowered its back, slowly bearing its teeth. It looked ready to lunge…and where was I going to go? Hobble back into the shower? I could possibly get the door closed and locked before it got to me, but depending on how strong the predator was, there was no telling if it could pound away until it managed to find a weakness in the wood.


And where was my valiant stranger? What if he walked in and was torn to shreds?


I steeled myself to get back into the shower as quickly as I could, mindful of the pooling water at my feet. I’d only have one shot at this, and if I slipped against the wood before I got the back in there with the door shut…


But I never found out if I was going to make it, because the mountain lion suddenly turned to face something outside, and was swept out of view by a charging bear.


Oh my god, that’s the
fucking bear.


I heard the animals battle it out with a horrible commotion outside and enough growling to threaten me with a heart attack. Eager to get to safety, I realized that I was frozen to the spot with fear.




But I couldn’t budge. I listened to the howls and the fighting, worrying for my bear defender, until finally the cat’s howls died down. The bear wandered past the door, dragging the limp form of the mountain lion in its teeth, and dropped it somewhere around the side. It came back to the front, paused as it realized it was too big to fit, and lumbered forward to shrink…into the chiseled stranger.


*              *              *              *


The transformation was quick, graceful, and flawless. The fur and mass receded in an instant as he morphed mid-step. He in a stride, he warped from a massive grizzly on all fours into a strong, casual, upright stroll into the building.


But within a few steps, he spotted me dead on, and gave a slight smile as he maneuvered into the kitchen, without skipping a beat.


“You’re the…the…you’re the bear.” I stammered like an idiot.


“I’m the bear,” he agreed, digging around in the cabinets.


“You…saved me earlier. And just now.” I paused, thinking things through. “And when I was wandering, alone in the woods, you brought me here. You saved me
three times


“Today? Yes, I think so,” he nodded. “But I’ve been keeping an eye on you for some time, Brianna. Whenever you’ve come too close to the woods, I’ve always made sure you were safe.”


I stammered slightly.
He knows my
And he’s been


“What…what are you?”


It didn’t mean to be rude, but it just dropped out of my mouth. I realized that I wasn’t feeling any fear or apprehension, just…I wasn’t sure.


Appreciation. Interest. Hunger.


“I am what you might call a
,” he casually remarked, as if it were common knowledge that those were a thing. “I’m a shifter that can change form between a bear and human at will. One of a few,” he quickly added. His gaze turned to the window. “My brothers are still out in the woods. They should be here by nightfall.”


“There are…more of you?”


“Not many more. There’s just the three of us. There were other packs, but we’ve lost contact with them.” He reflected on this for a moment. “I know a few of them have died out. I’m not sure about the rest. We are the only three confirmed bear shifters that I’m aware of.”


“I…see…” I responded, trying to fill the silence. “Why have you been watching
Why am


He turned to me, that sly half-smile on his lips. “You came here when you were young,” he remarked. “I remember it. You must have been 6, maybe 7. Your parents brought you. And you wandered too close to the woods, once. Do you remember what happened?”


I did. I saw my first large cat, slowly advancing towards me. I was too young, too terrified to react. But I never remembered how or why I got away. I always imagined one of my parents pulled me to safety, somehow.


“I was younger then, too. Not as big a bear. But I was big enough to take the cougar on. You were small and weak, and I was strong. And I defended you.”


It all came crashing back. There
been a bear. Not as big as the one from earlier – as my mysterious protector – but it was the same color of dark golden fur. Same bear, just smaller.


“Are you afraid?” He asked, pulling me from my thoughts.


“Of you? You saved my life a humiliating amount of times today. You saved my life before I even
showed up
today. What reason do I have to be afraid of you?”


His hands flattened against the countertop as he gazed along my curves in the dwindling sunlight, his eyes riding my figure with something approaching ferocity.


“My brothers will be home soon. We werebears are rather possessive…and
primal…and we share everything together, even our mates…”


He stared deep into my eyes, and I felt the force of his primal, feral nature. The deepest darkness seemed to swell up within him…a lifetime as both human and bear. Choosing between both worlds at whim, he kept the intelligence with the raw power.


It drew me in quickly, and there was no resisting the urges that came.


*              *              *              *


Before I knew what was happening, I was pressing against him, his fingers curving between my lower lips, massaging my folds. He arced his fingers to find my stiffened bead, rubbing against my hood with his lips locked on mine. My hands clenched his rock-hard forearms, gripping the chiseled muscle as he held me pinned. I gasped into his chest, biting my lip and letting him finger me into submission.


Soon, this wasn’t enough, and he commanded me to strip out of everything. One look in his eyes, and I did what I was told, eager to let him have his way with me in any way that he chose. He pulled me over to the antique table set, brushing the décor to the floor with a quick, absent-minded swipe, and slipped my buttocks onto the tabletop. Dropping to his knees in front of me, he began to hungrily lap at my inner folds, his firm and powerful tongue invading me, pressing itself against the bead of my passion, his powerful hands keeping me pinned with my back to the table. I swayed my head back and forth, my thick thighs squeezing against his face as he suckled my wet, hungry pussy.

My juices seemed to flow openly with the stimulation, and he thirstily lapped them up into his mouth without a care. They pooled around his lips as he sucked them down, taking in my aroma as he did so. I grew increasingly desperate for him to take me properly, to hold me down and just pump away inside me.


“Fuck me,” I pleaded. “Just take me and make me yours…oh god, I can’t stand it anymore!”


I didn’t know what had gotten into me, but I knew what I
in me.


He only half-obliged, pulling me down to my knees on the floor to take in his thick, throbbing gift. I unzipped his jeans and unsheathed his power, holding the thick, steamy rod in my hands before taking it in. My lips parted around it, and I inhaled what I could, sucking him as my tongue found its way across the ridges of his cock.


His hands were on my head, holding me down as I began to suck him dry. My lips pumped up and down his ferocious cock like machinery, desperate to show him even a portion of the pleasure he had just drawn from me.


But this wasn’t getting the job done, and within minutes, he had forced me up against the table, binding my hands behind my back and my ankles to the chair leg as he positioned himself behind me. Unable to fight the restraints, he lined himself up with my hungry, self-lubed garden and pushed himself deep inside me, filling me to the hilt. I groaned and gasped my excitement as he clenched into my hips, thrusting again and again, powerfully commandeering my body for his own use. His strong, mighty muscles kept me bound in place as he took me, rocketing his hips against my own.


I struggled against the binds as he fucked me into submission against the table. It was almost too much, and I felt the pangs of an oncoming climax earlier than ever before. With my motions bound, I rested bent against the table and let the wave build up until it crested and flowed across my body. The sensation flew across my brain, releasing a mixture of compressed pleasure as it surfed down my limbs. I sighed in contentment as the sensation mounted, feeling him stiffen up behind me. Inadvertently eager to come together, he slammed his hips into my large, pillowy ones in staggered, hardened motions as pumped his hot gift into my womb while I rode out a small handful of orgasms.


After the passion, I felt drained from the entire day. He sent me upstairs with a plate of food to sleep, but not before the other two arrived.


Derek, as his name turned out to be, was the leader of the three. His brothers Sam and Daniel seemed to instantly smell the aroma of our lovemaking, and became eager to join in – but I needed to rest, and Derek enforced this.


But as I drifted to sleep, I smiled on his parting comment: that if I felt up to the task, and if I wanted to remain with them and even join their world, I could breed all three of them at the same time…


*              *              *              *


I spent most of the day asleep to recuperate from the shock of the previous one. When afternoon came, I felt surprisingly rejuvenated, and decided to take my protector up on his offer. With renewed vigor, I mated the men in the shower, eager to take in their seed and join the pack.


It started with Derek. With a big grin, I slipped to my knees in the shower, my fingers finding themselves wrapping around his swollen cock. I looked him right in the eyes and I slowly pumped his dick; I slid my palms across his hipbones and parted my warm, wet lips around it. As I gradually took him into my mouth, swaying my head slightly left and right, I let him place his hands on my head—and then placed my hands over his own, pushing down slightly.


I wanted him to know that he was in charge.


My hands slid to his hips as he held my head and forced it down harder, a little faster than I had imagined. My eyes flew wide open. Thank god I lost my gag reflex! I groaned into the movements as he rocked my head up and down, and after I got my sense of balance, I ran my fingernails up his ripped stomach. I realized then that he was groaning too, and I relaxed my mouth a little to let him get a little further down into my throat.


He pulled himself free after a moment, slipped behind me, placed a hand on my ass, and another around his dick. I watched over my shoulder as he moved to position himself, and then I felt his head pushing around my labia. Hungrily, I anticipated the feeling until suddenly—

Oh yes! There it was, deep and full inside me. The combination of the running water showering us, plus my natural wetness, allowed him to just slip it right in — almost to the hilt. He pushed to get the last inch, and I threw my head back with a smile.


Those strong, firm hands grabbed my soaked ass, and he bucked his hips against mine, over and over. My forearms slipped a little against the floor as my hips rocked back to meet each thrust of his own. I allowed myself to abandon the moment, focused only on the rhythm of our bodies—and the feeling of his thick rod pumping in and out of me.


As if on cue, I heard the door clink open, and I opened my eyes and looked up at him. There was Sam, who took in the sight with unmistakable lust in his eyes. He walked over to me, reaching down to stroke my hair. I returned the favor with his member, my fingers pumping it to life. I lifted myself up on the ground, sure to keep my wet pussy right where Derek wanted it.

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