One Mate Five Alphas (Werebear Shifter FMMMMM Menage Steamy Romance) (4 page)


"Oh god, you're going to make me cum so fucking hard," I gasped.


"Good. Cum for me, Kinsie. Cum on my thick, hard werebear cock."


I tried my hardest to contain myself, but the ferocity with his movements, and the complete dominance that I had endured up until now, proved too strong for me. I felt the climax build down inside, rushing to eclipse my mind into an empty, brain-numbing burst of complete bliss. As I struggled to form a coherent thought besides
Oh fuck don’t stop oh fuck
, I realized that my lips were parting and shouting the words, and that the mounting sensation was focusing on my cunt until I finally felt the crest tip and the crushing string of orgasms rack my body.


Avery, too, was going ballistic behind me, pulverizing my poor pussy with his thick cock until he gave a few final thrusts. We came together, his cum bursting with a vengeance into my cunt around my third or fourth orgasm, until we collapsed together in the blankets and I finished the final couple of mind-melting orgasms out. I felt his lips against my hairline, and he was whispering something against my ear now, but I was too dazed to focus. I felt him pull free, and I slid onto my back just in time to open my eyes and feel the titanic explosion of four werebear cocks, splashing out rope after rope of cum across my tits, my stomach, my thighs, even some splashing against my lips. They got off one after another, like a fireworks display of hot, steamy cum.


"So, what do you say?" Avery asked, climbing to his feet beside me.


"To what?" I could barely move, but this time it wasn't from drugs or a concussion – it was from overwhelming satisfaction.


"To staying with are free, of course, to leave at any time. But we will keep you safe and cared for, and all of your needs will be met. Including your new thirst for werebear cock."


I slowly pulled myself up to a sitting position, wiping cum from my face and licking off my hand. "You know, I think I could get used to this..." I gave them a wink. "I think I might just stay for a little while..."

A Bonus Story, Just For You!


Where Bears Mate


After a couple of hours of sweating, fighting underbrush, crossing rivers, and admiring what little wildlife I could find, I decided that I had a few immediate problems to consider:


First, despite hiking in these mountains enough to call them my home away from home, I had somehow become hopelessly lost.


Second, the sun was finally arcing back down to the horizon, which gave me a closing window to find my way back.


Finally, I was acutely aware that I was being stalked by a mountain lion.


This last one came as a chilling surprise, mostly because my generous, well-rounded size made even
about dashing away laughable. Getting away from such an efficient predator was
an easy agenda to meet. On top of that, my intimate familiarity with the area reminded me that the large cats around were not only nocturnal, but generally avoided people.
Tell that to this guy.


I could only imagine that I had basically stomped almost right into it, a rotund and sweaty mess, when it decided to follow me. Probably out of boredom at first, but then his instincts told him I was big, heavy, alone, and easy pickings…


Come on, Brianna
, I told myself.
Just relax, don’t make any flighty movements, and just keep an eye on where it is


Easier thought than done. Mountain lions are great at the whole “ambush” thing, after all. I heard a slight rustle to my left, and caught a distant glimpse of fur.
Not only stalking in the daytime, but it’s clumsy. I’m going to be eaten by a stupid, clumsy mountain lion.


I continued to carefully make my way around a few trees, spotting a river nearby with a fallen tree. Assessing a defensive spot in the center, I decided to make my way over as non-threateningly and obliviously as I could. I could be at the base of that log in a little over half a minute at this careful speed.


The rustle suddenly gave a loud SWISH!



Throwing caution to the wind, I bolted. A growl from behind told me the mountain lion had acknowledged my flight the way it knew best – a full charge. I huffed towards the wooden incline, desperate to clamor up the roots and put a few more seconds of distance between us as I figured out a way to deter it…


…And then I heard a new sound. My head turned left to see a massive grizzly bear, bounding into view with one of those deep,
aw shit, I am going to make your skin my hat
sort of growls. Either the bear was going to rip me to shreds, or my deadly chaperone the mountain lion was going to do it. Maybe they’d even team up and split me between them, like a pair of crime-fighting predators that just did predator stuff between toppling dictators and saving the world.


I couldn’t tell how far back the mountain lion was, but the bear was very clearly lunging right towards me. I braced myself for the worst…


*              *              *              *


You know how you think of really stupid stuff when you’re in life-threatening danger?


Well, in that moment, I found it appropriate to rank this as the second-shittiest hike I’d ever had, a close second to that time a few months ago that my fiancé broke things off with me under the stars, right before my Poison Ivy Ass Incident. And I had a
of ass for that poison ivy to bother.


But instead of meeting a gory death sandwiched between a full-grown surprise grizzly and the world’s clumsiest mountain lion, the bear lunged past me. Within about ten seconds, I was clamoring up the roots and climbing onto the fallen tree. For the first time since that last rustle, I looked back. What I saw amazed me.


The bear was
fighting the mountain lion


Well, more accurately, they were having a showdown with lots of growling and swatting, but the bear was clearly between my friendly neighborhood stalker and me. On all fours, he was bigger than any bear I’d ever seen, but as he reared onto his feet, I was awed by his size.


My senses flooded back, and I made climbing further up the wooden, dead incline my first priority. To my quick and utter disappointment, it was less defensible than I had thought – the mountain lion could have probably clawed and pulled its way up towards me, and then close in for the kill at point-blank. There wasn’t any sort of deterrent I could find, no sharp stick or detached root to fend it back off.


I had been dead meat from the start.


But thanks to the oddly chivalrous bear, I could see the mountain lion backing off, growling over its shoulder one last time before disappearing into the brush. The grizzly wandered lazily towards the roots of the upended tree, his eyes locked onto me.


I fully expected the worst, but the bear came over at a leisurely pace, stood up on his haunches beside the tree, and placed his paws nonthreateningly on the bark. I backed away slowly, eyes wide, and his face turned to follow my movements.


“You are the weirdest bear I have ever seen…but as long as you don’t eat me, I’m grateful,” I found myself spitting out. I was immediately embarrassed, but this bear was acting too peculiar…


The bear showed its teeth.


Wait…that’s not a growl…that’s a…grin?


The bear dropped out of sight into the water, and as I struggled to bend over the side, all I could see were the ripples of the river.
That bear was huge…how the hell did it disappear like that?


*              *              *              *


It was another ten minutes before I felt safe enough to clamor down the large tree. There was no sign of either the mountain lion or the bear, but that didn’t solve my original predicament:


I was still lost, and it was starting to grow darker.


My tired footsteps, now drained of adrenaline, led me for about another mile of wandering before I began to grow despondent. That’s when I heard the voice.


“You sure hate the beaten path, don’t you?”


My eyes darted straight to the source. In the trees was…one of the most handsome men I had ever seen. The stranger was clad in an open, plaid button-up over a dirty, white tee and blue jeans that ended in hiking boots.


“I’m a little on the lost side, yeah…do you know the way back to the main trail?”


The stranger nodded, his piercing eyes on mine. I felt sudden warmth between my thighs as I took in his short, brown hair and dark smile. His sides were cropped short, with a perfect frump of hair atop his head. He was built with broad shoulders, and the button-up poorly disguised what looked like rippled arms and strong pectorals. I could feel myself practically melting, and the heat of the forest was the smaller factor. I became instantly aware that I was hot and sweaty, with my clothes practically glued to my body.


Compared to this mystery hunk, they were probably showing off my thick curves and rotund figure in the least flattering way possible.


“It’s getting dark,” he spoke, his eyes breaking mine to gaze up at the sun. “The path is about two hours from here, and it’s going to get too dark to find your way before then…”


My heart sank in my chest. I wondered what the others were going to think. Like I had any signal out here. I don’t know why I even bothered bringing my cell phone. A long-distance walkie talkie would have been much more practical. Then again, if there were mountain lions prowling around…


He jarred me from my thoughts. “There’s a place not far from here, where I stay when I’m here. You’re free to join me for the night if you’d like.” Before I could utter any objections, he continued, “And separate beds, should you desire.”


This guy practically dropped out of nowhere to rescue me in the middle of the forest. I was ashamed that I’d even allowed myself to get lost out here.


Reverently hoping he wasn’t an axe murderer, I took the only option I could see.


“Not far, you say?”


*              *              *              *


About twenty minutes later, we rounded a corner and saw the place. It looked like a small, two story inn, attached to a small road that cut through the brush. I could see a few ramshackle buildings that were clearly abandoned, with a large shed leaning against the inn. It seemed to be in marginally better condition than the rest.


“Whoa,” I gasped. “What
this place?”


My escort gave me one of those cute half-smiles that men sometimes do. “This used to be a popular spot for hunting, believe it or not. This outpost was established close to a hundred years ago. A little hard to get to, but this dirt road connects to another, then a major road that heads back into the country.”


“What was hunted here?” I asked, huffing along. The hiking kept me fitter than most skinny things I met, but I’d been on my feet almost all day, and even my stamina had its limits.


“You know, I’m not entirely sure,” he admitted, running his fingers through his dark golden hair. “There is rarely any game around here. I suppose that could have been different a few generations back, but there’s no telling now. To me, this is just an abandoned little base for when I’m around.”


I felt compelled to ask what he had been doing here, but I kept my mouth shut. I was more concerned with a shower, and hoped there was one there.


The outpost looked a lot better on the inside. The interior was very well maintained, showing off the rugged, vintage wood and polished countertops. It was surprisingly roomy, with a modest kitchen to the side, generous antique dining area, a renovated shower area in the back, and a large staircase up to the upper level.


Most surprisingly, there was electricity.


“How does this place even run?” I asked, wiping my brow with a rugged towel. I was already hungrily eying the shower.


“Generator. I charge it up when I arrive down here. I’m only here for a few days when I come, and I spend most of my time outside.”


That makes sense
, I thought to myself. I stole a glance at him. His strong, broad frame looked authoritative, powerful. He had plucked his button-up free when we came inside, and my gaze wandered over his chiseled, strong muscles…


His piercing eyes quickly met mine, and I turned, desperate to hide the blush that met my cheeks. Out of the corner of my eye, I swore I could see a smile flicker at his lip.


*              *              *              *


The shower was refreshing. I lathered the soap over my great, balloon breasts, my nipples alert for attention. I hadn’t realized how turned on I’d been from encountering this hunk in the woods, and before I realized what I was doing, I was absentmindedly pinching my nipples and squeezing my breasts. He was powerful in my mind, something fierce and primal, and I wanted him to fling open the door and join me under the water.


Why am I so turned on by this guy?
I wondered to myself, as I continued working my nipples. It’s true that I’d had a few men before — but they were a little too spineless to be considered
, really. And the sex had always been terrible. They were two pump chumps, the lot of them.


Something told her that sex with this stranger would be a lot more…


Wait a minute. I don’t even know his name!
The realization almost snapped me out of my self-fondling, but I was getting too into it now.
Hell, why do I need to know his name? It would be hotter to fuck him and never know.
I didn’t even care that he probably wouldn’t be into my size. I just wanted to taste his cock, feel that strong hands grasp at me, yearning to fill me…


I heard a clamor outside, and switched the water off. Pausing for a moment, I heard the crash again, and grabbed a towel to try and cover as much as I could.

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