One Mate Five Alphas (Werebear Shifter FMMMMM Menage Steamy Romance) (3 page)


"Are you more the voyeur type?" I asked innocently, gasping as a finger slid between my wet folds and into my pussy.


"A strong pack leader lets the others go first before going for the spoils," he murmured, and I felt the rest of the pack begin to move more intensely against me. The sucking on my nipples started to drive me crazy as a second hand against my bush moved a thumb towards my hood, finding my clit and applying varying levels of strength as it flicked and fondled the erect nub. The pair of fingers inside me contorted lightly, instantly finding my G-spot and applying the appropriate pressure. Meanwhile, a face – Henry's – was kissing up towards mine, finally grabbing me by the hair and tugging my face back as his lips crashed against mine.


At once, all hands and faces withdrew from my body, and I was led to the blankets and carefully coerced to my knees. Avery joined them know, with everyone shredding the shorts free to reveal a circle of five thick, juicy cocks that bounced in front of my face.


"Oh my god...I don't know where to start!" I exclaimed. Sam immediately took the lead by grabbing two light fistfuls of my hair, propelling my lips down to the purple bulb of his thick shaft. I parted my lips around it and swallowed it down, eager to please, and he controlled the rhythm with my hair in his fists.


My hands were guided to other cocks as I began stroking two of the other werebears, Adam and Jake. Avery and Henry began stroking themselves off while I worked. I was sucking off Sam's massive cock while my fists pumped the other two, lightly rolling my grip at the top. With saliva dripping down in sagging trails from Sam's cock to my lips, I alternated to Henry's now, swapping out the cocks in my hands for two new ones. Henry groaned with pleasure and held his hands firmly to my head, allowing me a larger level of control than Sam.


"Oh, you've got an incredible mouth on you," he murmured as I fucked him with my lips. I rolled my tongue along the sensitive frenulum just under his bulb, and withdrew his cock to lick down to his shaft. I licked my way back up, stopping to pepper the thick rod with kisses before a kiss against his purple head turned into sucking it back down into my throat.


I switched again, taking Avery's cock into my mouth now. Avery was rougher with me again, thrusting into my throat and practically banging his balls against my chin. His cock was the longest and largest of all, and the one I had the most trouble with. But he was dominant and determined, and I wasn't willing to let him down.


To recover, my hands still pumping cocks to either side, I kissed my way down his shaft and let his musk fill my nostrils. I took one of his large balls into my mouth, lightly sucking on it and teasing it with my tongue, before switching to the other ball. After this, I licked the sack a few times, then took the entire mass into my mouth, rolling them with my tongue lightly and sucking on them gently, before meeting his determinant gaze and licking my way all the way back up. Never breaking eye contact, I gasped as I sucked his cock back in all the way, and he forced me to hilt him with my lips at the base.


I was pulled free and pulled over to the blankets. It was Jake who wound up on his back first, as I was placed down above him. My sopping slit was wet with anticipation, but I nervously took the cock into my hand as I hunched above it.


"Don't worry," Jake told me with a genuine smile, "we aren't going to hurt you. We'll go first."


With renewed confidence, and an eagerness to match his sarcastic barb at the end, I rubbed the bulbous head of his cock against the inner folds of my pussy. Faster than I was probably ready for it, I took the plunge, sinking down his cock with my knees on either side of his hips. I gasped as my eyes went wide, not just surprised at his size and the way that he fulfilled me. I was also caught off-guard by how I was able to take him into my body.


My palms slid into the furry mat of his chest as I began to rock my hips against his, hungry satiating myself and filling a need I had barely known was there. Jake, too, seemed to enjoy the action, and encouraged me with a loud clap of his strong hands to my ass cheeks.


"Ohh!" I yelped with satisfaction. I peered down through my blissful haze at the snarky smirk of the werebear beneath me, and lifted my hips a little higher to slam down
, hilting him all the way. But my retort was undercut by my deep moan, as our voices bounced together in a mutual burst of enjoyment.


"You're hogging her!" I heard someone call out.


"Spread her around!" Another shouted.


"There's more than one hole, boys!" The werebear inside me answered. I leaned back, ready to open my mouth for any one of the werebears surrounding us and furiously stroking their cocks, but Jake pulled me back down to him, pinning me to his chest.


"All yours?" I asked, coyly.


"Just a better penetration point," he chuckled. I tried to puzzle out how I was sucking anyone's cock in front of his face when I felt his hands clap against my ass again, but this time...I felt them pulling the cheeks apart, exposing my hidden star for the group.


"Who's next?" He roared from beneath me.


"You can't – you don't," I stammered.


," he reminded me. "We're
going to hurt you. Promise. But we
going to take you places you've never been...and you're going to have to trust us."


"...Okay," I relented, feeling the pressure of a cock against the forbidden opening. Relaxing my body as best I could, I anticipated the penetration and kept my eyes on Jake's own piercing, green orbs.


"That's right, little one, eyes on mine," he told me. I felt a finger sliding inside my ass, then another, teasing me and preparing me for insertion. They felt wet, as if coated with saliva. Finally, they retreated long enough for the bulbous head to insert itself into my ass, gradually gaining inches. Sometimes, it retreated an inch or two, only to push forward. At the end, I felt a new pair of balls against my skin, and gasped as the two cocks inside me began to thrust against each other's tide, one coming in while one went out.


It was Sam riding my ass, crouched behind me with his hands clasped around my shoulders. Meanwhile, Jake's hands were around my hips, rocking them against his at his preferred speed. He moved them to just under my arms, holding me in place and taking ownership of my body being supported between them. This freed up my hands, which found themselves wrapping around a pair of cocks – Avery and Adam – while Henry took my hair into his hands and guided my lips around his throbbing cock once more.


"I can't get enough of these lips!" He roared with satisfaction.


"Just wait until you can get a taste of this pussy," Jake answered with a groan.


"Or this ass!" Sam laughed, and the werebears all shared in the mirth around me.


It brought me intense satisfaction to please all of these valiant bears at once, but also that they valued me. They had
for me. Me, with my thick curves and sometimes unflattering figure. I had struggled to get the boys before, but these men, these
real, handsome men
...their eyes could not have been more open about their carnal need for my body. That was a complete game-changer for me.


The lack of confidence I felt for every failed relationship, every last rejection, all those years of dismissal slipped away. Gone was the chubby girl who couldn't muster up enough self-assurance to ask out the boy she crushed on. Instead, I was reborn between them, a sex goddess able to take on five werebear cocks at once and walk to tell the tale.


Although, I knew even then that I was going to have some trouble with that whole "walking" part for a little while.


I felt Jake closing on completion beneath me, and I rocked my hips harder onto him, which did Sam the satisfaction of having a rougher ride as well. Soon, Jake's hands dropped to my hips and I had to steady myself between everyone, and he bucked beneath me as he lost control and unleashed every drop of satisfaction in his balls.


He didn't have time to collapse in an exhausted heap, because there was someone in line for a piece of that pie – and that was Adam. He swapped out with Jake, who climbed up and stood near us, watching the ongoing race of "Who can come last?" with satisfaction.


Sam, who had been balls-deep in my ass for some time, apparently benefitted a little too much from my frantic need to get off his partner. With my rocking being to his pleasure as well, he couldn't hold out much longer, and soon began to clamp onto me and thrust harder and harder than ever before.


With one last, deep, glorious thrust, his cock went deep into my bowels and let loose his own warm gift, shooting his cum up my ass as far as it would go. I felt it begin to trail out of me as he pulled free, joining Jake and making room for Henry to pull free from my mouth and take the position behind me.


This let me suck down Avery's cock, coupled between the thrusting machinations of Adam and Henry. He took charge and forced me to hilt his throbbing shaft, my lips dropping down the base instantly. Gasping, I pulled myself free, a stream of trailing saliva connecting his cock to mine as I fought my suddenly returned gag reflex. Instead, he forced me back down, and I fought the fire inside my throat as his cock sheathed itself at the back of my mouth.


The other two werebears had found themselves in the same come-and-go rhythm that their predecessors had struck up, and the intense satisfaction through their pummeling of my holes almost forced me to cum right there and then. But I had determined to myself that it was Avery's thick cock I was going to cum on, feeling it deep inside me as my pussy clamped onto it like a vice grip.


My impending climax, as difficult as persuasive as it could be, was just going to have to wait.


But it didn't have to wait long. With Avery's hands around my head and my hands free to steady myself against Adam's hairy chest, I was welcome to pound down between their hips over and over again, ramping up the sensation. They grew frenzied around me, thrusting into and out of me with increasing fervor until I finally felt Adam go rigid beneath me. Gasping with pleasure, he went stiff as a board, his cock buried as far into me as it would go as he added his own contribution to the cum that was already leaking from my pussy.


Withdrawing himself, I was almost sad to feel Avery pluck his cock from my lips, but I knew where it was going was only bound to satisfy me more. And as Henry pulled me up and kept me bound to him, my pillowy body exposed and ready, Avery slipped beneath me and flashed me the sexiest, most confident smile I've ever seen. Henry lowered me to him, and Avery graciously accepted my puffy lower lips around the purple bulb of his thick, veiny erection.


I groaned in need fulfillment as his thicker, longer cock slid into me almost effortless – after all, I was sopping wet from the utter dominance of two previous thick shafts. Immediately, Avery took charge, pinning me down to him and thrusting wildly up into me. Henry adjusted his footing to be crouched a little closer to
me as he held onto my shoulders and continued fucking my ass, but it was clear that the speed of the thrusts were going to be too much, even for him.


Several minutes of this later, and Henry began to buck more erratically, holding onto me with everything he had as he went stiff and shot his hot, frothy orgasm to mix with the cum already filling my ass. With one final groan of satisfaction and a hard slap to my ass, he chuckled and joined the others as they watched the final lap.


It was just Avery and me now, and he took no time in proving that to me. I was instantly on my back in the blankets, my ankles finding their way onto his shoulders. He growled as he intently gazed into my eyes, his thrusts more powerful and more domineering than any of the others. He was sharing me with them, but it was clear who the one in charge really was.


"Oh god," I sputtered out, my lungs heavy as my breasts bounced. I felt his hands grasp at them, playing with my nipples. I realized that the others were stroking their cocks again, leering hungrily at me, and wondered how they planned to get back in on this.


He flipped me onto all fours and entered me from behind – my favorite position. I practically screamed with delight as he clapped my ass cheeks against his hips, over and over, one hand firmly wrapped around my shoulders as the other snuck down, gliding to my pussy and simulating my engorged clit again.

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