One Mate Five Alphas (Werebear Shifter FMMMMM Menage Steamy Romance) (2 page)


"Don't worry, the drugs aren't going to kill you. They're just there to keep you from getting away, before I drag you down the trapdoor around back. No, what's going to kill you is down there...a number of tools, after you're secured to the table. We are going to have a lot of fun together."


With my eyes wide and my throat constrained, just letting me breathe enough to keep going, he tilted his face down and peered between my legs. "Oh, you were thinking
kind of fun, maybe. I'm sorry...I like them a little...skinnier than you. I'm afraid you're simply not my type."


He reached down and pulled me to a stand in his arms, hoisting me over his shoulder. I was horrified at how easy it was for him to do it – although his frame sank a little as he braced himself, he still got me up off the ground and hanging over his back as he moved towards the door, pulling the bar free with his spare hand.


I heard the door thrown open, and the distant roar of the storm, but then there was something else. A thick, heavy breathing from behind me, but close by. Just outside the door.


"What in God's name..." Douglas started, but his voice was caught up in an intense roar that practically shook the windowpanes. In surprise, my captor lost his grip on me, and I slid from his shoulder.


Just before my head connected with the floor, I saw the hulking form of a brown bear in the doorway, and then everything went black.


*              *              *              *


When I came to, I felt the pounding of my head, but there was something else. My body was moving, bouncing against something, curled up somehow. And I could feel the rain against me, and the lightest, constant brushing against my skin.


I opened my groggy eyes, barely able to move. Everything was dark, so dark. But in the faint light that penetrated the canopy above, I saw four shirtless men, bounding after me in heavy strides, moving incredibly fast. They brushed aside branches and bushes like it was nothing as they raced after me.


I could barely turn my gaze, but realized that I was being carried over the shoulder of a fifth. As my limbs limply bounced against his back, I murmured slightly, fighting with every ounce of strength I had to extract myself. Unfortunately, I was still completely sapped, and it was all for naught.


"Rest now, young one," I heard. "Sleep. You are safe now."


And as the darkness came, I heeded his suggestion. Sleep came and wiped it all away.


*              *              *              *


I don't know how long it was before I woke up. My senses came back slowly, and the first sensation I felt was warmth. A fire was flickering nearby. After a few minutes, I could hear the crackle of the logs, and it wasn't long after that before I could finally open my eyes.


It was true. I was curled up next to a fire, lying in a pile of blankets. My head still pounded from a combination of the impact and the drugs, but I was able to move my hand to touch my head. There was a painful, throbbing bump there, near the temple. I winced audibly in response, and soon, one of the shirtless men from before appeared in my vision.


"No," he told me as he rested beside the flames and me, "you must rest. Let us take care of you. You've had quite a night."


"How long have...I...been here?" I asked, still in a light daze. The unfamiliarity had commanded my attention, and I could see that I was in a small cave. Outside, the rain was gone, and the moonlight shone down from the sky and against the trees.


"You have slept here a day. We have protected you in shifts," he told me, motioning to the others. Four other men, equally shirtless, came into my line of sight, careful to keep their distance. It was clear that they didn't wish to overwhelm me.


I couldn't help but notice that they were all staggeringly handsome – much more so than even Douglas had been. Their broad shoulders and gave way to powerful, rippling arms, and their cut, intensely attractive abs stretched down to the ragged shorts that clung to their waists.


"Douglas," I murmured in frustration.
How could I have been so stupid? Rain or no rain, why had I wandered into a stranger’s home in the middle of the forest?


A factual, apathetic tone entered his voice. "If you refer to the pathological serial killer in the cabin, we have taken care of him," the man beside me explained. "He is no longer a threat to any women who wander these woods."


I nodded, believing the second strange man in the woods that I had met in a day. Or longer, apparently.


"There was a...a bear," I whispered. "Right before..." My head grew painful, and I sank back down against the blankets.


"Rest," he repeated. "We will tend to you."


Lacking the strength to fight, I slipped back into my slumber, chased repeatedly through my fevered dreams by a horrible murderer in the woods, but always saved by a gargantuan bear.


*              *              *              *


My sleep lasted for days, only to be interrupted at times to stop to drink something, or for my head to be checked. On very rare occasions, I wandered outside to relieve myself in privacy, before wandering back into the cave and being led back to the blankets.


When I finally completely came back to reality, I had since utterly lost track of time. It was nightfall again, and the men were crowded around the fire with me, tearing at some cooked venison from the stag that rested on the spit roast.


The one from before noticed me first, and was at my side in a flash. "You're awake," he observed, and I nodded my head. A chunk of meat was presented to me, and I reluctantly accepted it, biting into the flesh.


I must not have eaten in days, because it tasted like the most incredible thing I'd ever eaten. My empty stomach growled for it, and I gave into my needs, tearing at the delicious meat with my teeth.


"Someone has her fire back!" I heard another call out, with a few cheers. Turning my eyes down, I ignored them, focusing on the food instead.


"What is your name?" The man asked, and I looked up into his eyes. They were an unusual piercing green, and the fire reflected off of them in an almost mesmerizing way. His jet black hair framed his face in a handsome way, and I noticed that he was still shirtless, dressed in torn shorts as he knelt beside me.


"Kinsie," I finally answered. "Who are you?"


"Avery," he told me. "And these are my brothers, Sam, Adam, Henry, and Jake."


Each of the men nodded respectfully to me in kind, a different shade of dark hair to each. Sam had a thick, bushy beard, whereas Jake had a lighter tone, with his fur almost a blond brown.


. I meant to say


"I...I saw a bear," I blurted out, and the men turned to share a knowing glance. Avery kept his eyes on mine. "Are you sure?"


"Yeah...right when he...when that man..."


"Secret's out," the one named Henry called out, and Avery broke my gaze to throw him a filthy glance. "What? She obviously knows..."


, until you opened your dirty mouth," Avery chastised him.


"Know what?" I innocently asked, steadying myself in a seated position.


The men shared another glance, but this time Avery was included. He sighed, motioning to Henry.


"Show her."


"I never turn down an opportunity," Henry chuckled, hopping to his feet. "You're gonna love this," he smiled at me before wandering a little away from us, towards the far wall of the cave.


My breath seized in my chest as the air glimmered around him, and he dropped onto all fours. His hair shot across his body in a burst, and his muscles and sinews expanded to stretch his form. Henry's entire body twisted and contorted briefly, and his face exploded with a snout and a set of sharp teeth. After it was all said and done, what only took five seconds undid everything I knew about the world.


The brown bear pawed over to me, and I recoiled in fright. This time, my body allowed me to kick myself backwards along the floor, and I struggled away from the group as the large brown bear advanced on me.


"I don't think she likes him anymore," Sam observed.


The bear stopped by the fire, looking at me thoughtfully, before the air glowed around it again. As quickly as before, the transformation rippled across his body as Henry emerged from where the bear had stood, his shorts shredded and practically falling from his body.


you?" I demanded, fright peeling at the back of my mind.


"Werebears," Avery told me, and I jerked my fearful gaze towards him. "We are werebear shifters, men who become bears and vice versa. We will not harm are safe here. We had been tracking disappearances in these woods that had been attributed to bear attacks, and we saw that man watch you, how he was planning something dangerous. When he made contact with you, we followed you both to the cabin, and regressed into our human forms. With one of us peering through the window, we watched you fall to the floor and struggle away from him, and made our advance."


My apprehension was dropping, and I felt myself being drawn back towards them. "You were...protecting me?"


"That's right," Henry agreed, and I felt myself growing less afraid of this man who had so recently been a bear not ten feet away. "Avery here was watching you the moment you wandered into these woods. And when he saw that you were in danger, he rallied us to keep you safe."


"It was more than that," Avery cut him off.


"Oh?" I asked. "What was it?"


Silence fell among the werebears, and Avery finally spoke up after a considerable moment of hesitation. "You are...intensely attractive," he finally divulged. "A woman of your youth and have remarkable beauty, and I could not bring myself to allow anything to happen to you."


I was stunned. The werebears looked among themselves, clearly sharing the sentiment. It had been a fight for anyone to show even the slightest hint of attraction towards me, and I had only successfully entered a small handful of relationships over my life – only to have my heart broken within months or even weeks. But there were now
incredibly hot men here, all alone with me by the first, and they were clearly infatuated with me.


All of a sudden, I knew how to reward their chivalry.


"Boys," I told them, rising up from the blankets. "It's about time that I repay you for risking yourselves to save me." I bit my lower lip and stared them all down, aware that all I had on was the large, white shirt and my panties beneath.


"It was nothing," Avery answered. "We only wanted to see you safe."


"Nothing?" I cooed lightly, watching how they faced one another. "No, I don't think it was 'nothing' at all...and since you all find me so attractive, I think I know the perfect way to repay your kindness..."


I started to pull off my shirt, but Avery caught my wrist before I could reveal my large breasts. "Kinsie," he told me, his green eyes glinting in the dark, "you can't have just me, or one of the others. It has to be all. All or nothing."


I stammered lightly.
of them? I hadn't considered the thought. My gaze flitted from face to face as they watched me solemnly, the fire flickering in their green, hungry eyes. They were desperate for me. All of them.


"All of you..." I trailed off. "Well...we'd better get started."


*              *              *              *


They were on me in an instant. Their lips crushed against my arms and my legs as hungry hands grasped at my shirt, eager to rip away the only barriers to my curvaceous body. I heard the ripping sound clear as day as the shirt was torn asunder from my shoulders. Exposed in my panties alone, my large breasts and perky nipples were theirs for the grasping – and the werebears immediately took the opportunity. My arms moving to embrace their heads, I welcomed a pair of werebear faces to suck my nipples, playing with them lightly between their teeth and teasing the stiff nodules with their needful tongues. I gasped with satisfaction while another grasped at my panties and tugged them to my ankles, leaving me completely vulnerable before them. Grasping hands went for my ass and my thighs, with a hand contouring to my pussy, a pair of saliva-slickened fingers caressing my slit as I groaned and gazed into the eyes of Avery. He was standing before me, arms crossed and watching with intensely aroused satisfaction across his face.

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