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New Moon 1

New Moon

Death’s Love

Kimaya Mathew

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New Moon (Death’s Love

From Kimaya:

Hello readers,

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all time support and reviews. Kindly rate and review the work after
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Suddenly, I am going to

The only one, you ever

Oh my love...,


Name, Tris.
Age, Twenty. Blood group, o positive. Specie, human...hmm, so, no
special qualities, ha?” these were the exact words of Mr. Alan, as
and when he had went through my entire portion of portfolio. “You
are the first human who has ever stepped inside the academy.
Joining us in the mid –term. I hope, you are aware of that?” “Um,”
I had said and started to look around the weird office which was
furnished with the mahogany and teak wood chairs and table. My
luggage next to my legs, now and then, would catch my stare and I
have to remind myself, time and again, to keep on looking towards
the chair, where the Dean of the academy was seated. The kind of
glares, he was passing to me, were making me slightly uneasy and
all I managed was a slight smile near my mouth. The man is bald and
the round glasses, seated on the crown of his nose, made him look
so wise then his real image. “What do you mean by that?” he asked
and gave me that inquisitive glare again, “nothing, sir.” I said,
“What do you mean by the thing, that I am the only human who is
entering the academy for the first time?” “Don’t you know?” he
asked with a sudden force on his last words, “Shakti institute for
special children is not for the mere mortals. We have some special
sort of kids in here,” “Special children?” I raised my brows and
re-adjusted my glasses on my nose, “Yes, our kids are gifted, Tris.
We are the academy of special talents,” Silly as it may sound, I
felt like laughing on his words but controlling the urge, I smiled
and said, “I don’t know about the school much, sir. What I know is,
that, I am most fortunate to meet you,” Waving his hand carelessly,
he said, “Look Tris, I am not here to listen to your thank you. All
I want to tell you is, that, no one in my academy, disobeys the
voice of Kali, our power deity. I am her worshipper and she is the
one who tells me the candidate for the next admission.” “Did she
mentioned me , then?” I asked, and saw him smiling in answer, “No,”
he said, “You are the voice of my intuition.”

At that time, I had not
paid even slightest bit of attention, but, at the turning and
opening of the door behind me, I had turned and felt my entire
being going shivery at the sight of that girl! She is
so....gorgeous. My heart said and brain nodded in agreement. Long
straight locks till waist, glittery silver eyes, ballerina gait and
a figure to die for. “Kay,” he said, “Meet Tris, your new roommate.
Show her around the campus. Make her feel comfortable in the entire
setting,” without uttering another word, smiling and indicating
with her fingers to my side, she said, “Come with me, Tris,” “thank
you,” I said to the man and have started walking towards the door,
when he halted me, “Tris,” “Yes sir,” I turned, “Somehow, I don’t
know why, you recall me of my son. Are you sure, you know nothing
about your parents?” “Sir,” I felt the side of my mouth lowering
down and the barricade of cold emotion engulfed me again, “I am
sure, sir. I don’t know anything about my parents,” “Very well,
then,” he said, “Kay will show you around,”



It is true,
then,” the girl says as both of us starts dragging my luggage
beside me, “You are a human?” “Why is everyone asking me the same
question?” I ask, and turn the trolley bag to slider position,
“It’s just that, humans are not particularly keen in this
institution of ours. When Alan, I mean, Dean called me and Lyn, we
were astonished,” “Lyn?” I ask and look at her bag and back both,
“Yes, my twin sister, our fellow roomie. You are going to share the
room with both of us,” she doesn’t really seem too enthusiastic
towards that part, I wonder.

Everything about this
alien place feels odd to me. As if, I have entered a grand castle
and not a school, if one can call it a school! There are huge
stairways and beautiful, mysterious effigies of strange creatures,
mythical symbols, and magical things around me. I am forced to
acknowledge the sheer power and attraction of the place, which is
enough to lure anyone, like a spider trapping the prey in its web.
I heave a sigh and answer, “oh, great,” I am not much optimistic
about this place and don’t feel any sort of connection to it.
Frankly speaking, I am happy to be away from that terrible
orphanage, where, like some animal displayed on the zoo for the
audience to watch, all of us were there for the monthly adoption
process. I am 18, so, naturally, not many people were interested to
pay me any sort of their attention. We were bathed, dressed
properly and then, as the couples proceeded inside the rooms, we
had to be courteous and pretend that we all are pretty well
mannered children. If only they knew...”Ok,” says Kay, “memorise
this entire corridor and the way to it, alright? I don’t want you
to get lost in some weird part of the castle. Nights in the castle
are not always pleasant, you know,” she winks, and I am more
confused than before. “Every floor has 500 rooms,” I gasp and she
turns around with amusement, “What?” “That’s a lot,” I say, “What
do you people do in those?” “Hello,” she says, “We are not the only
one residing on this floor, alright? We have others living here,
too.” “Others?” I ask, “Other student’s,” she says and with that,
we come in front of room no. 500, the last one in the row.
“Welcome,” she pushes the thing inside, “to Shakti Institute of
Special children,”


The room is so wide, with
three beds adjacent to the walls and three windows at their back.
Walls are painted blue and there is a cushiony rug under my feet.
The luxurious and fabulous look of the room is so great and on top
of that, the sunlight pouring inside is creating a simply
magnificent view in the sight. The room is any girl’s fantasy comes
true and I have never been in such an atmosphere before. “This is
beautiful,” I say, and see her keeping my luggage inside the room.
“Unpack later,” she says and keeping the thing near the corner bed,
she points out, “I am hungry and oh, by the way, this corner one is
your bed. Lyn has taken the middle one and I am on the other corner
side of the room,” “This room is so spacey,” I say in awe. She
sighs, “Listen, what is your name? Uh, yes, Tris,” she comes to my
side, “Look, first and foremost, let’s have something, lest the
mess will close,” “Ok,” nodding, locking the door behind me, I
follow her.


What is this
place? I have never seen such sort of school in my entire life.
What did Alan said? Humans are not allowed inside the school and as
per breaking the rules for the first time, being human, I have been
admitted in the school because deity Kali ordered him to do it. I
had shrugged then, but now, as we enter canteen and I feel every
gaze on me, I am shaking inside out and instinctively, start
whispering to Kay in front, “Kay,” I say and pause for the time
being, “Why is everyone staring at me?” “Because you are new,
obviously, silly,” she says, and chuckles lightly. I gulp down the
nervousness and starts making to the table, where she is
proceeding, “Hello people,” she says to a girl seating on the other
side of the table. The girl, when looks up, startles me! She looks
so much like Kay
. Only the
different thing is…her eyes! She has got green eyes. There is a
mole on the side of her neck. “Kay!” she says, “Where were you,
girl? I have been messaging, and calling you…,” “Alan called me,”
Kay says and turns to me, “Sit down, girl. Help yourself. You
belong to this place too,” “Is she the one…?”she asks to Kay, and
raises her brows in amazement. “Yes, she is a human,” Kay says. I
feel everyone around me going all silent and hushed up. Every eye
is looking at my back. Some are turning from their places and some
are giving me cold glares. Loading my plate with some food, I turn
to look at the girl, who is staring at me with her mouth slightly
opened. “Hi,” she straightens herself, “I am Lyn, your room-mate.
Kay here,” she directs towards the other girl, “She is my twin and
we both are fae.”


Fae?” I ask and my hand halts with spoon still rose in the
mid air, “Yes, I mean…,” she shrugs, “I mean fairies,” “fairies?” I
gawk at her, mouth open in surprise. “Listen,” Kay says, “I am
going for the choir practice. Show her around the campus. You are
lucky,” she turns to me, “Not many people arrival in the school is
taken in such a special way.” “But,” says Lyn, “Not many are
humans, either?” again, the stares are directed at me. “Bye,”
blowing kisses to both of us, Kay leaves the room. Many
appreciative male glares are following her, as she passes through
the other tables. Finishing with both of our food, Lyn and I, soon
leaves the room and make it out to the campus. “This is the field,
used for various activities,” she directs towards the open ground.
“Lyn,” I say, “What is this school all about? You people seem
pretty interested in the fact that I am the first human…what does
this all means?” Sighing, she takes me by wrist and we make it to a
bench in the corner of the field, “First of all, know this, Tris.
Shakti is the home for super-natural, like us. For the human world,
we are maniacs, lunatics or the juvenile sort of people. We are not
normal and…,” she shrugs, “That’s truth, by the way. We are…not
human. Not one of us. Kay and I,” she says smiling, “We are
fairies. Shantanu Alan, the dean, is a
, the
telepath,” my eyes go wide with wonder and I am scared for some
mysterious reason. The Dean is a telepath!

Come,” she says, “I will
open some more doors to wonderland for you.” Getting up, she starts
proceeding to the other side of the building. Welcome to the
wonderland, Alice, I think inwardly.


This is the school building,” walking down a path of
forest, with long and shadowy trees surrounding us, I see a tall
stone building standing in front of me. Gates are so tall; they
almost seem like touching the sky. “Holidays are still going on,”
she answers my unspoken query, “many kids have gone home and many,
like us, are here.” “People of Shimla,” I say, “They say that
Shakti is the place for weird kids. I mean,” she nods, as if
supporting me, “they don’t know the reality and we are forbidden to
tell anyone about the reality of the place. This,” she directs, as
we enter from the main door, “the classroom for the new admissions.
For the first years. You are supplied with your timetable,
necessary stationery and documents. It is there, back in our room,
on top of your bed. Check it, alright,” I nod and turn to the sight
of the big portraits, adorning the walls, right and

After one hour of going through each and every
rooms, floors, libraries, study rooms
and other nook and corner of all the building. As we return back to
our hostel building and come back to our room, and while I unpack,
Lyn says, “Do you want some sort of help? Or…you want to be alone?
Want to cry for your loved ones you left back in your home?” “I am
an orphan,” I say, as I open the bag, “Oh,” there is some sympathy
in her voice, “ I am sorry,” “Don’t be,” I say, “ I don’t know who
my parents were so,” I shrug, leaving the topic there, for the time
being. I take out the small effigy of deity Krishna from my bag and
place it next to my bedside drawer. “You believe in him?” she asks,
and I smile in answer, preferring her to guess through that sign.
“I was wondering…,” she starts but I halt her, already, “What is a
girl like me doing here?” I turn at that to her and see her smiling
and flushing, “I am sorry…,” I cut her again, “I don’t know it,
too. The day, Alan visited the orphanage and Sister Martha called
me out to meet this strange but kind man, I knew that things around
me are going to change for good.” She shakes her head and says, “He
has given Kay and me, a file regarding your personal life and, I
think, the same things must have been delivered to you, too. It’s
just that, this one thing about you, really sort of got me curious
and, I was wondering, if this is true…,” the way she is playing
with her intertwined fingers and looking anywhere, but me, alerts
me and I say, “Lyn, don’t be shy…,” “Was your mom raped? Are you a
rapist daughter?”

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