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Authors: Lisette Ashton

Neighbourhood Watch (20 page)

Rhona and Charlie exchanged a glance.

It crossed Megan’s mind that the couple were unnaturally cautious. She knew she would have to handle the situation carefully if she wanted a hope of getting her revenge on them. If they suspected she was trying to play them, Megan knew they would regroup and foil all her efforts to get her own back.

‘Better?’ Rhona asked.

Charlie said, ‘What did you have in mind?’

Megan drew a deep breath. ‘Charlie reminds me of Max,’ she explained, speaking directly to Rhona. ‘He enjoys dominating and being in control. But I think he’d like it better if we were in control.’ She let the comment linger between them for a moment before telling Charlie, ‘Max has always said, when the control’s taken out of his hands, he has some of the best sex we’ve ever enjoyed.’ She licked her lips, moistening the sultry pout of her smile before adding, ‘You should try it.’

‘Charlie does enjoy his control,’ Rhona admitted. ‘But I don’t think he’d get a lot of pleasure without that.’

‘No,’ Charlie agreed. ‘I can’t see that being my thing.’

Megan could see that her opportunity was slipping away but she wouldn’t allow herself to appear desperate. The couple were wary and would only be won over by a display of indifference. If she tried to press the point their suspicions would be roused. She shrugged off the subject as though it was a matter of no importance.

‘I guess, if there’s one couple on Cedar View who know what they enjoy, it’s you two. I shouldn’t have mentioned anything.’ She stood up and flexed a lecherous grin. ‘I’ll get myself off home and see if Max is in the mood for giving up control this evening. Like I said, he always enjoys those games when we play them. He was the one who encouraged me to learn Shibari.’

Rhona shot a quick glance in Charlie’s direction. ‘We could give it a try,’ she said, standing up quickly and placing an arm around Megan’s waist. She fixed Charlie with a meaningful glare – an expression that Megan knew she wasn’t meant to notice or understand – which she read as a silent warning for Charlie to play along with Megan’s suggestion until they had heard more.

Megan tilted her head and gave Charlie an amused smile. ‘
you want to give it a try?’ she asked sweetly. ‘You’ve paid a lot of money for my pleasure this evening. I’d like to make this an unforgettable experience for you – and I should have a black belt in kinbaku considering I’m so skilled.’

Charlie blushed, laughed and held up his hands in a gesture of surrender. ‘Fair enough. I’m not going to
with both of you. What do you want to do with me?’

Rhona expectantly turned to Megan. Shrugging indifferently, Megan said, ‘Just sit down in that chair, relax and close your eyes. We’ll do all the work.’

‘Work?’ Rhona said the word as though it was a foreign concept. ‘I don’t do work, Meggy. I’m a lady of leisure.’ Hearing that, Megan knew she had the couple’s trust. Charlie didn’t suspect that she was plotting revenge, and Rhona had no idea that Megan had overheard their conversation. It rankled that Rhona had now decided to call her Meggy, an epithet Megan found diminutive and insulting, but she could live with that for the next hour or so. Determined to teach the couple a lesson she believed they needed to learn, Megan felt her good mood soaring. She warned herself not to appear too confident and continued to study the pair carefully as she tried to manipulate the situation to her advantage.

Mentioning kinbaku meant that she might get the chance to tie the couple up later in the evening. But she knew that, if she asked for two lengths of rope now and simply tied the couple to the kitchen chairs, they would suspect something was amiss and she wouldn’t get an opportunity to exact her revenge.

Smiling easily, not letting her thoughts move so far ahead, she encouraged Rhona to kneel at one side of Charlie’s chair while she took the other. ‘Keep your eyes closed, Charlie,’ she whispered. ‘You’ve got to guess which one of us is kissing your cock.’ Nodding in Rhona’s direction, she wordlessly encouraged the other woman to make the first move.

Rhona shifted her head forward, curling one hand in her hair so it didn’t brush against her husband’s bare leg. Extending her tongue, she licked gently against the semi-soft shaft of his spent length, a lazy lap against the semen-sticky skin.

Charlie shivered and said, ‘That’s Ronnie.’

Rhona sat back, grinning.

‘You looked!’ Megan exclaimed. She sat back on her haunches and glared at Rhona. ‘He looked. That’s cheating.’

‘I didn’t.’

‘He didn’t.’

‘You had to have looked to get that so quickly.’

‘I didn’t,’ Charlie insisted.

‘We should do this blindfold until you’ve got the hang of it,’ Megan decided.

At Charlie’s nod of consent Rhona disappeared from the room and returned moments later brandishing two lengths of black silk. She tied one of them over Charlie’s eyes as he remained in the kitchen chair.

The thrill of fresh excitement stole through Megan’s body. It had been exciting to be fucked by the couple but now, slowly putting her plan into action, she could feel her arousal reaching a new level of subversive excitement.

Rhona saw her sly smile.

‘He looks good in the blindfold, don’t you think?’ Megan asked.

‘Yes,’ Rhona agreed. ‘He looks vulnerable.’

Megan shrugged and wondered if she dared to risk suggesting bondage again. If she mentioned it too often, the intuitive couple would pick up on her enthusiasm and possibly back away. But, if she left it too long, there was always the chance that another opportunity might never occur.

‘He’d look properly vulnerable if we tied his hands behind his back,’ Megan explained. ‘And, if we did that we could really enjoy this game.’

‘What do you mean?’

Megan leaned close and whispered in her ear. Her wrist accidentally brushed Rhona’s breast as she
for her shoulder. The stiff nipple pulsed with the prospect of sexual excitement. When Megan had finished explaining her proposed variation on the game Rhona shifted away. Her eyes were wide and sparkled.

‘We have to do that,’ Rhona insisted. ‘I’ll go and fetch cuffs and rope.’

Minutes later Charlie was secured to the chair. His thighs were spread wide apart, his ankles were tied to the chair’s legs, and cuffs held his hands behind his back. His erection had grown stiffer as Megan and Rhona secured him in place and Megan had to admit that his bound body looked incredibly appealing.

‘This better be a fun game,’ Charlie growled. ‘Because right now I just feel like a hostage.’

‘It’s the same game as before,’ Megan assured him. ‘Only this time you don’t guess whose mouth is around your cock. You have to guess which pussy is fucking you.’

Rhona shivered. Charlie’s length twitched like a divining rod.

Megan could sense that the atmosphere in the room was again charged with electrical chemistry. Taking a condom from the set Rhona had tossed down, she rolled it over Charlie’s stiff cock. Touching him, aware that the shaft was already thick and stiff enough to take her to another plateau of pleasure, she wondered if she dared risk fucking the couple again before putting her revenge plans into action. The only danger with that option was that she might be tempted to simply fuck them and then forget about retribution.

‘You’re aware of the rules, Charlie?’

‘I think I’ve just about followed them,’ he said with a grin.

‘We’re both going to ride you,’ Megan explained. ‘Then you have to say which of us was the first and which of us was the second. Do you think you can do that?’

‘Do I get a prize if I get it right?’

She pressed her mouth close to his ear. Still holding his sheathed cock, and saying the words loudly enough for Rhona to overhear, Megan said, ‘If you guess right, I’ll let you put this thick cock of yours into my tight little anus.’

A broad grin stretched across Charlie’s lips.

Megan kept her hand around the base of his shaft while nodding to Rhona to go first. In silence she guided Charlie’s cock towards the slit of Rhona’s sex. Watching closely, enjoying the sight of the woman’s pussy lips yielding to the pressure of his thickness, Megan knew she would have to have one more orgasm before she completed her revenge.

Charlie trembled as Megan gripped his shaft. Rhona slipped her sex against him, teasing the end of his length inside and holding him there for a moment. Megan saw how Rhona tensed her muscles three times before letting Charlie’s cock fall free from her slit. Megan caught every intoxicating sound of the couple sliding together. She was able to breathe in the sweet and succulent perfume of Rhona’s arousal. It took a huge effort of willpower to stifle her own moan of excitement. Watching the pair, and being so intimately involved as Rhona teased Charlie, was a far greater aphrodisiac than she had anticipated.

‘I don’t know who that is,’ Charlie murmured. ‘But it feels good.’

Megan motioned to Rhona to stay silent and move aside. Taking Rhona’s place, she pressed her own pussy lips over Charlie’s erection. While she had been laid on the kitchen table his erection had felt large, but she had been just about able to accommodate him. Her sex still felt sore and overused but there had been no pain sliding his enormous length inside. This time, in the unusual position of trying to sit on him, she
it would be nearly impossible to fit him into her tight wet hole. Guiding him back and forth, trembling as the contact inspired ripples of electric excitement, Megan couldn’t decide whether sliding on to Charlie would be too much to tolerate or the perfect end to the evening. She lowered herself on to him, allowed the length to fill and stretch her and mimicked Rhona’s subtle clenching. Then slowly, while Charlie was still gasping beneath her, Megan pulled herself away from him. The temptation to remain on his length and simply ride him until he climaxed was almost irresistible.

‘Can you work out which is which yet?’ Megan asked. ‘Or do you want to try it for a second time?’

Charlie said he needed to feel the experience a second time, and then he insisted on a third, and a fourth. Each time Rhona and Megan kept the same order. Rhona slid the lips of her sex over him first, then stepped aside and allowed Megan to ease his thick length into her hole. The atmosphere in the kitchen was thick with tension and excitement, and the scent of sexual musk was rich everywhere. Megan knew that, if she didn’t start getting her revenge on the couple soon, she was only going to fuck them again before returning home to face the inevitable confrontation with Max.

‘You’ve just been inside two pussies,’ Megan told Charlie. ‘We want to know which one of us was first and which you thought was second.’

‘I think I need to try them again.’

‘You’ve been inside each of us four times,’ Megan sighed. ‘Give us an answer.’

‘I’m bored with this game,’ Rhona announced. ‘Charlie is getting all the fun and I’m doing all the work. I don’t do work. I want him to just guess so we can get on with doing something that satisfies me.’

Megan moved closer to her. ‘You want satisfaction?’ she whispered.

Pushing her into a chair, Megan urged Rhona’s legs apart and placed her mouth against the woman’s sex. She devoured the slender lips, sucking and drinking and plunging her tongue deep inside. Rhona groaned and buried her fingers in Megan’s hair. The muscles in her thighs tensed and she arched her back. Megan pulled her face away and shook her head. Gesturing to Rhona to keep her hands by her side, she pushed her face back against the woman’s pussy and gently suckled her clitoris. Her fingers trailed over the soft, flat surface of the woman’s stomach. She slid her hand down to Rhona’s inner thigh, tracing the shape of the well-defined muscles while she continued to taste, tease and titillate her pussy.

‘What are you doing?’ Charlie asked.

‘Megan’s eating my pussy,’ Rhona panted. ‘And she’s doing a damned fine job of it.’ Her voice was breathless. She sounded as though her boredom had been thoroughly vanquished.

‘I want to watch,’ Charlie protested.

Megan lifted her head from Rhona’s sex and whispered in her ear. As soon as she had finished speaking she moved her mouth back to Rhona’s pussy lips and continued to drink the woman’s wetness. Repeating what Megan had said, Rhona told Charlie, ‘You can watch later. For now, you need to work out which pussy was mine and which one was Meggy’s. Until you’ve made your decision you can just sit there like a good boy while we have our fun.’ As she spoke, Rhona’s fingers reached again for Megan’s hair.

Megan pulled away with a frown. She still didn’t like the name Meggy. Reaching for one of the spare lengths of rope, she tied one end around Rhona’s wrist and then encouraged her to put her hands behind her back.
didn’t know if she wanted to go through with her plan to avenge herself on the Graftons or simply play with them as she intimated. However, getting the pair of them tied to chairs in the kitchen was a necessary step towards revenge, if that proved to be what she wanted. When Rhona put both hands behind her back and allowed her wrists to be secured to the chair, Megan realised she could progress with either option. The freedom of choice was exhilarating. She was in a position of absolute control over the couple and she relished the authority.

‘I’m ready to make my decision,’ Charlie announced.

‘You can tell us in a minute,’ Megan assured him. ‘I want to hear Ronnie come before I hear what you’ve got to say.’ Not bothered whether the answer satisfied him, she wrapped the spare silk scarf around Rhona’s eyes and then returned to the delicious chore of drinking the woman’s pussy. Rhona’s sex remained sweetly flavoured with arousal. The musk was flowing in a constant, warm stream. The more Megan lapped at her, the wetter the hole seemed to become. Feeling Rhona’s responsiveness grow with each sultry kiss, aware that she was trembling with the onset of climactic pleasure, Megan finally moved her lips away and turned her attention back to Charlie.

‘I want more,’ Rhona whispered.

‘You’ll have more later,’ Megan assured her.

‘But I want more now, Meggy!’

Megan grabbed the base of Charlie’s shaft and felt his length stiffen beneath her fingers. Deciding she had to feel him fill her from this position, aware that her teasing game hadn’t come close to giving her the fulfilment she needed, Megan stroked his sheathed glans twice against her labia and then held him against the centre of her hole. Bracing herself for penetration, knowing it would combine pleasure and some degree
pain, she urged herself to sit down on his thick, stiff length.

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