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Authors: Carolyn Keene

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Model Suspect 3

He’s back!


There was a moment of panic. We all hit the floor and covered our heads as another shot rang out. With my face pressed against the glass bottom of the boat, I had an excellent view of several brightly colored angelfish drifting by beneath us, their gently waving fins showing their complete lack of concern for the predicament of the humans up top. I could feel Bess shaking beside me and hear the sound of Sydney sobbing.

Now what?
I thought desperately, casting my mind around for something to do.
Should we dive into the water and try to swim away? Or—

“Oh, no!” Sydney sat up. “Look—they hit both our pontoons!”

I gasped, realizing she was right. Those shots had been no accident.

It was difficult to tell which direction the shots had come from—based on where the holes had appeared in those pontoons, I was pretty sure the shooter had been somewhere in the thick jungle off beyond the beach to the north.

I scanned the shoreline in that direction. I squinted toward a jumble of large boulders. Had something moved behind there, or was it my imagination? Even if it wasn’t, how was I supposed to tell from here if it had been a bird, a monkey, an innocent hiker … or the wedding saboteur?


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Model Suspect


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This book is a work of fiction. Any references to historical events, real people, or real locales are used fictitiously. Other names, characters, places, and incidents are the product of the author’s imagination, and any resemblance to actual events or locales or persons, living or dead, is entirely coincidental.


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Beachy Keen

Smile! You’re On Camera

Fire and Water

Danger in the Water

Finny Business

Safe House

Burning Questions

Shadows, Sacrifices, and Suspicions

It’s a Jungle Out There

Dead Ends and Discussions

Unpleasant Surprises

Questions and Answers


“So this is what it feels like to live the lifestyle of the rich and famous,” Bess Marvin said, peering out the airplane window.

Leaning over from my seat next to her, I glanced out and saw a tiny, lush island ringed with white sand beaches. The midday sunlight sparkled off the azure waters of the Caribbean, making me squint.

On my other side, George Fayne let out a snort. “Yeah, right,” she muttered, twisting and wriggling in her seat in an attempt to find a comfortable position for her long, jeans-clad legs. “I’m sure the rich and famous don’t have to travel in coach.”

Bess rolled her eyes, and I laughed. Bess and
George are cousins and my lifelong best friends. But any possible resemblance ends there. Bess is what you might call a glass-half-f kind of girl. She has a sunny nature to match her sunny blond hair, and prefers to see the best in people until they force her to do otherwise. George, on the other hand, can be a little too quick to see the dark side of any situation.

“Don’t complain,” Bess told her cousin. “We’re just lucky Sydney wants all three of us to come down and investigate this latest trouble instead of only Nancy. After all, she’s the real sleuth in this bunch and everyone knows it.”

I smiled at the disgruntled look on George’s face. “Don’t be silly,” I told both of them. “The Nancy Drew Detective Agency would be nothing without the little people who’ve supported me all these years.”

I was just kidding around and they both knew it. I don’t really have a detective agency. However, I
pretty well-known around our hometown of River Heights for solving crimes now and then. And it’s true that I probably couldn’t have figured out most of them without help from Bess and George.

And it was a good thing I had their help now. Because the mystery we were facing looked like a seriously tricky one.

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